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Ask to Join ▲Undertale - Beneath the Surface ▲ Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, May 25, 2019.


Have you played Undertale?

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  1. Heya!
    If you have any questions about the lore of Undertale, please do ask me, or read up on Wiki for the game. I hope I did a good briefing of the story, and where it's currently at. Please consider joining!


    Ages ago, the monsters and humans lived in peace and prosperity. Even though they lived alongside one and other, the humans became cautious of the monsters, due to the fact they can consume a human soul to gain overwhelming power. This caused the war between the humans and the monsters; and in the end the humans were victorious.
    The monsters were sealed underground with no hope of leaving, unless they were to merge with a human or collect 7 human souls. The king of the underground, Asgore, declared war against humanity. Asgore decided to start collecting human souls to free the monsters, all because his two children (CHARA and Asriel) died on the same night. The queen, Toriel, was outraged by this, so she fled to the Ruins to aid and protect any humans that may fall down into the underground. Some monsters side with Asgore, while others don't mind the underground, and wish to keep peace with the humans.
    Will anymore humans fall into the underground? The monsters must decide whether or not they will befriend the fallen humans, or fight them to claim their souls.

    1. If you wish to choose a human, you can either choose from one of the 6 traits (Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Perservence, Kindness and Justice) or make up your own trait and starting items.
    2. Unfortunately Determination cannot be chosen, as it would mess up the story.
    3. Unlike the game, more than one human can be in the underground at the same time.
    4. Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum. This includes romance.
    5. If you choose a monster, your attack pattern must be reasonable and not too overpowered (i.e Sans, Genocide Undyne and God of HyperDeath Asriel level attacks) unless it's necessary or a boss fight special attack.
    6. The monster cannot be a main character; it either has to be a made up or a common monster (Froggit, Lesser Dog, Snowdrake, Whimsun, Vegetoid, Ice Cap, etc...).
    7. Have fun! (✿´‿`)
    8. Characters such as Alyphs, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Metatton are not born into the underground yet, so please don't involve them in the RP.

    Bio Template

    Age (
    Humans must be under 16)
    SOUL (Human or Monster)-
    Color of SOUL (
    Give the trait too)-
    Items (
    Like Frisk's Bandage)-
    Weapons/Attacks (
    Like the ballet shoes or Undyne's spears)-

    SOUL (
    Human or Monster)-
    Favorite Location-

    Items (
    Like Frisk's Bandage)-
    Weapons/Attacks (
    Like the ballet shoes or Undyne's spears)-

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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name- Lisa Frank
    Age- 15
    SOUL- Human
    Color of SOUL- Gray (Wisdom)
    Personality- She is a MAJOR bookworm. In fact, it is impossible to part her from her book. She also loves to spout out facts at random (and sometimes awful) times. She is also not that talkative and is very quiet when she does speak. She often misplaces things
    Appearance- Lisa has black hair that is in a ponytail that stops a few inches below her shoulders. She is Caucasian and has blue eyes. Her face is an oval shape. She is 5' tall and is a slender build. She wears a blue shirt that has gray stripes that go to the side. She wears blue jeans and gray tennis shoes. She has a blue backpack on her back (item).
    STATS- Attack=2 (bosted to ten from book) Deffence= 2 (boosted to 5 from bag)
    Items- Backpack (Extra pockets!)
    Weapons- Hardcover book (those things hurt!)
    Snowdin will be her favorite town when she finds it.
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  4. @PlayfulFox47 Sorry I added STATS to the bio, so whenever you can could you add it in to yours?
    I'll post the RP now when one more person joins, then others will probably start joining when it's made.

    Oh, here's my bio

    Sir Chorobak IV
    Age- 52
    SOUL- Monster
    Personality- Choro is an antsy gentleman, always trying to be polite and generous. He is determined to escape the underground, only for the sole reason of becoming a butler. He'll do anything to become a butler one day, even if it means claiming a human soul for Asgore. Though he does often get side-tracked, Choro can be quite determined at times.
    Appearance- The classy monster has a black tuxedo, and a red tie made out of his red feathers. His massive white feathered wings poke out of his tuxedo, but he rarely uses them as it's not gentlemanly. Choro is a rooster, so his head is fluffed with white smooth feathers, and he has a black pointy beak. Atop his head are red feathers combed upward, one single thin feather hangs down (No matter how hard he combs it). Choro is 6'0 tall, he has a slightly-bulky normal feathered body but legs of a rooster. His pants are black as well, but he doesn't have any shoes, so his bird feet show. Choro also has an handkerchief tucked neatly in his tuxedo pocket.
    Favorite Location- The Ruins
    STATS- 5 ATK - 5 DEF
    He carries an umbrella, not because he doesn't like rain, but because it looks classy. He also has a book titled "15 Easy Steps To Becoming A Gentleman" which is torn due to it being found in a pile of human trash.
    Weapons/Attacks- Choro turns the enemies SOUL brown. When the SOUL turns brown, it takes on the traits of a rooster, attracting all nearby hens that Choro creates. This gives the enemy the ability to fly small distances and glide for a short amount of time, also letting the enemy run faster. Choro's basic attack is a rapid spray of eggs that hatch when they land. The newly hatched hens are explosive, and they charge towards any brown SOUL in sight, exploding when they get near it. Choro also has the ability to cause harsh winds with his wings, sweeping every enemy off their feet, forcing them to glide to maneuver his attacks.
    Other- He is really susceptible to complements.

  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I have updated my bio. One quick question, can we play as more than one character?
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  7. I’m tempted to make a bio for this, maybe even reuse my attempted Deltarune char.

    P.S. Do I have to have played Undertake in order to be accepted?
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  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name- Sam Sak
    Age (
    Humans must be under 16) 13
    SOUL (Human or Monster)- Human
    Color of SOUL (
    Give the trait too)- Orange ((BRAVERY))
    Personality- he is a brave boy with a pure heart, he'd do anything to save someone
    Appearance- he has blue eyes and light brown hair, he wears an orange hoodie and some blue pants
    Items (
    Like Frisk's Bandage)- Steak
    Steak, picnic basket with full meal inside, and gun bullets
    Weapons/Attacks (
    Like the ballet shoes or Undyne's spears)- GUN
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'm going to RP two siblings
    Name- Vixie Finnik
    Age- 23
    SOUL- Monster
    Personality- Vixie is very timid and is easily scared. She honestly feels sorry for the humans and tries to have her brother care more for them. Vixie can also be very crafty and twist her word to mean something else when she is helping a human.
    Appearance- Vixe is a foxlike monster that stands at about 5'. She has red fur with her neck and chest being white and her hands and lower shin being black. She has amber eyes. She wears a blue dress and goes around barefoot. She has no other accessories other than the basket (Item)
    Favorite Location- Snowdin (Where she lives) and Ruins (Nice place to get away from other monsters and have pie)
    STATS- 1 ATTK 10 DEF
    Items (Like Frisk's Bandage)- Basket (The more to carry with my dear)
    Weapons/Attacks (Like the ballet shoes or Undyne's spears)- Can make Souls Dark Green (Like Pine Green) and this will force them to move in the opposite direction they want to go in. She also has a faux-fire (Fake fire), which won't hurt anyone.
    Other- Uses magic to twist words
    Name- Sly Finnik
    Age- 25
    SOUL (Human or Monster)- Monster
    Personality- Sly is best described as a con man. He has a store that he never tells where anything came from. He doesn't care who buy at his shop, as long as they got G to spend he is on their side. He often overprices his items and claims they are enchanted (none of the items are enchanted)
    Appearance- He looks like Vixie, but is 5'5" and has a different outfit. He wears a Black suit with a White button-up shirt underneath. He has a red bowtie. He is also barefoot. He has a cane that never leaves his side. (Item)
    Favorite Location- Snowdin
    STATS- 5 ATTK 10 DEF
    Items (Like Frisk's Bandage)- Black Cane (What is so important about this cane)
    Weapons/Attacks (Like the ballet shoes or Undyne's spears)- Like Vixie, but has a boss fight version. If you steal from his shop he will appear outside of said shop and attack you. He will take everything from your pockets and force you to buy them all back and he will keep the stolen good. He will also summon stars, that actually hurts when you run into them.
    Other- Uses magic to twist words and takes stuff from people
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  10. @Red Gallade Of course not, you don't have to play the game to participate in this RP. But, please do study up on the locations in the game, if you have any more questions please ask away!

    @Iazy guy who loves to eat I like the bio, you're accepted. Please remember to write grammatically correct posts, welcome to the RP.

    @PlayfulFox47 These are wonderful! Both are accepted, I like the concept.
  11. I only ask because I may not have played it, but I did watch a lot of gameplays.
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  12. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    I posted on the roleplay! :p
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  13. @Red Gallade Oh, that's perfect then!

    @Lazy guy who loves to eat yeah only Asgore and Toriel are the only canon main characters currently, all the other main characters aren't yet born into the underground. But all the common monsters (Froggit, Snowcap, Snowdrake, etc...) are all involved.
  14. I'll try and think on my bio (even if I'm reusing an old one).
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  15. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    I almost used flowey! I'm glad i waited
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  16. Lol whew!
    Yeah so Toriel is still in the Ruins, and she basically acts the same. But Snowdin isn't home to Sans or Papyrus yet; Monster Kid and Undyne aren't in the Waterfall areas, and Alphys isn't the royal guard yet. Meaning Gaster is the current royal scientist.
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  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Does she like having pie with human supporters?
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  18. Goat mom loves pie with human supporters (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    Oh by the way Toriel hasn't yet started to wait for humans to fall, so she won't be there to greet anybody.
    You have to go to her house in order to meet her.
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  19. Name- Victor Nerwin
    Age- 16
    SOUL- Monster
    Personality- Victor is normally a calm and laid back individual with a love for relaxing in quiet areas whenever he can. He also enjoys doing dangerous stunts as it 'gets his blood flowing' which means he tends to be a thrill-seeker. He is friendly with most people, but talks back to anyone bad to him regardless of the consequences. When in battle, he sometimes displays a bad habit on smiling horrifically or making cruel threats to his opponents and despises losing no matter how minor the loss is.
    Appearance- His figure almost resembles a human, the difference is his Red skin, full pupil-less Black eyes and long, pointed ears. He has smooth long Black hair that is tied into a thin ponytail. He wears a Light gray zipped up hoodie underneath an ankle long Black trench coat, only the hood of his hoodie rests above his coat with Dark blue jeans and Brown shoes.
    In Genocide (Something similar to that), his attire changes from his casual style to a type of Gold-ish armor decorated with small spikes on the shoulders and an elegant long Purple scarf with a few tears at the end. He also carries a pair of scabbards on his back which each hold a hook sword.
    Favorite Location- Waterfall (Nice and peaceful)
    STATS- 10 ATK, 10 DEF (Ready for some thrills).
    GENO STATS- 75 ATK, 75 DEF (Do not make him angry).
    Items- Locked journal (Doesn't look like you'll see what's inside without the key)
    Weapons/Attacks- He can create and manipulate yellow crystals which seem to behave like missiles that follow their target, although their turning isn't very sharp (unlike the edges of his crystals). His special attack involves him snapping his fingers which causes your SOUL to turn blue and have to run out of the way of crystal spikes that rapidly protrude from the ground. The closer he is to winning or the stronger his attacks become, the wider/creepier his smile becomes.
    In Genocide, his crystal attacks seem to be more aggressive yet focused and faster, anticipating where the human SOUL would go and shoot ahead of it in an attempt for a direct hit. Other times, he'll vanish and cover a large portion of the area with many quick slashes, lines will appear where he will slash and have to be avoided at all cost. His Genocide special attack is similar to his regular one, the difference being that the spikes protrude even faster and he will slash ahead of the SOUL in an attempt to slow it down, either cutting it up with his hook swords or violently impaling it upon his crystal spikes.
    Other- His home is a well decorated tree house somewhere in Waterfall with no ladder/stairs, he can use his crystals to create a floating platform if necessary. He has an older sister named Valerie and his late father was a once honorable assassin who died during the war, his armor and weapons rest in a secret part of the tree house whilst Victor only took the hook swords out from time to time to train with them.
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  20. Yaaaay I can finally use my UT OC!

    Name: Azul/Dent. Dent in Genocide Route, otherwise Azul.

    Age: ?

    Personality: Extremely Shy. Azul will be very timid around others, but will become more calm when they are with people they trust.

    Appearance: A Blue Slime, usually takes a humanoid shape.

    Favorite location: None (yet)

    Stats: ATT: 5 (1), DEF 10 (5), HP 250

    Items: None

    Weapons/Attacks: can fling acidic slime.

    Other: Azul is dumped into Waterfall after being dumped into a river full of trash by the human scientists who created them.
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  22. Now the real question is where can he start off, perhaps in Snowdin looking for things or just relaxing somewhere near one of the waterfalls?
  23. Well he could be at the at the exit to the Ruins, in Snowdin, kind of like how Sans first got introduced. But it's your choice.
  24. That could work, like Sans, he'd tend to take breaks, so maybe he got tired on a shopping trip and went to the door of the ruins for some peace and quiet... I didn't say any thoughts about humans and I don't plan for him to warn the king about them (on the fence if he shouldn't do it yet or at all.)
  25. Sounds good! Yeah some monsters are also undecided if they want to turn the humans in or not.
  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Like Sly, (Wait! he just doesn't care! Unless they have some nice jiggling G, then they are to be protected)
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  27. Two more things about Azul. They are highly prone to Fight or Flight, and since they are a slime, they cannot speak.
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  28. Oh I see, cool!
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  29. Also, I’m not sure how to bring them into the story....
  30. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Question, I'm assuming if Sans and Papyrus aren't born then Gaster is still alive.

    And Grillby
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  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Look above!
    I think that will answer your question.
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  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    What about Grillby
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  33. @Shadow_Pup Yeah Gaster is alive and kind of well, so Mettaton and other inventions of Alphys aren't yet created. It's safe to assume Gaster hasn't fallen into the CORE he created, so he's probably in his lab or in the CORE working on it. Gaster is super ominous and creepy though, so it'll be hard to make contact with him.

    I think Grillby is alive, given that we don't know when Grillby's was made, let's just say it's already built and he's running the bar.
  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name - Toran the Living Toaster
    Age - 22
    SOUL - Brown
    Personality- Calm, kind and peaceful. Toran always tries to be kind and helpful.
    Appearance - He looks like a toaster but with arms, legs and a pair of eyes and a mouth.
    Favorite Location - Grillby's

    STATS -
    ATK - 7 DEF - 15 HP - 500
    Items - None
    Weapons/Attacks - Pieces of toast and electricity.
    Other - he works at Grillby's
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  36. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wow, I messed up real bad. Sorry about alerting anyone by accidentally posting the bio in the rp thread, I thought I had the discussion thread open instead. ^^

    Name: Gaz and Oz

    Age: Both are 45

    SOUL: Monster

    Personality: Gaz and Oz are Miners and Brothers. While Oz is the more serious, hard-working of the bunch, Gaz takes his work easy and lightly, still getting the job done at the end of the day. Gaz jokes around while Oz is more focused on work and missions set by other folk in the mountain. They were present when the monsters came into the mountain, being part of a hidden species in the mountain that resembles Gnolls called 'Gnollmers' (Gnoll + Miners) The gnollmers are the common miners of the mountain, helping obtain the minerals and ores needed to build things such as the Lab, or even simple kitchen appliances.

    Appearance: Being typical gnolls, Gaz has a light-blue/grayish colour to his skin while Oz has a light-brown/grayish tone. Both are pretty tall and muscular, coming from all the hard work they do, what with the swinging and carrying of hard metals and rocks. They're nine out of ten times covered in dust (not monster, but dust you'd get from swinging at minerals) and pebbles, and their hand grip is hard and rough, like you'd expect from a miner. Due to the fact of being hyena-based monsters, the most danger in them is their strength and magic. They can take things light-heartedly and are rather peaceful, but ticking them off can lead one thing to another that causes a battle to erupt. They sometimes even fight among eachother, though those fights are just brotherly quarrels.

    Favorite Location: Waterfall, Ruins, just about any place that isn't out in the open and filled with rocky terrain/walls.

    Gaz: 65 ATK, 40 DEF, 1150 HP (5+ to Attack and Defense from Equipment)
    Oz: 45 ATK, 75 DEF, 1300 HP (5+ to Attack and Defense from Equipment)

    Items: (Equipped) Shovaxe (A pickaxe with a shovel at the other end, both heads being made out of silver with the handle being the pine wood carved from the trees in Snowdin.), Mining Outfit (Brown thick leather shirt with light-blue overalls and leather boots).

    (Inventory) Rock Candy, Crystal Water. (Rock Candy increases little health when eaten, but boosts a bit of the defense and regenerates a little health for five turns. Mineral Water adds a bunch of HP. Both are puns and their taste/looks is based on their pun origin.)

    Weapons/Attacks: Their magic is focused on the earth and combined with their strength and tools they can do nifty attacks such as:
    Stalactite Falls: One hits the wall/ground with the pickaxe head, causing rocks to fall from above.
    Roundabout Boomerang: One throws their tool, which spins towards the enemy and come back to them like a boomerang.
    Spike Stomp: Summons Stalagmites from the ground via a stomp that follows the enemy. Simple enough.
    Geothermal Press: Walls of Stone erupt from the ground, moving in on the enemy, trying to trap and squish them. The walls themselves dont do any damage, however, being squished inbetween does.

    Other: While they do seem pretty good to fight on their own, the most effective way for them to fight is together, as both balance eachother's stats out. On their own, they can be taken out with the right amount of stats, equipment and patience.
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  37. @Deathstalker62 Oh it's alright, we can't say it hasn't happened to us before.

    What amazing characters! Accepted.
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  38. I should probably explain how combat works.

    Basicailly it functions the same in-game.
    If you choose to FIGHT, the damage done is dependent on how effective or powerful the hit was and your stats. To keep it simple if you land a direct and powerful hit your ATK is doubled.

    If you choose to ACT like a good human, it would sound something like this: "He complements the monsters hair, the monster appreciates the remark."
    There are endless things you can say when you ACT, it depends on how well it works, if it does work, then the monster will SPARE you.
    Hope that cleared it up.
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  39. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Okay yes,

    Pretty sure every undertale fanatic knew

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  40. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lisa will be a good human, she is one who tries to run from conflict.
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