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Underrated or unloved Pokemon that you like.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by KoL, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    After slapping together a team for the Eevee friendly one of my chosen team members got me thinking about Pokemon that I myself am quite fond of, but everyone else seems to hate either due to unappealing appearance, being utterly useless in battle or just being outclassed by something very similar.

    In my case given what I've already said, it should come as no surprise that I'm talking about Flareon here. Flareon has long been considered the "shit" Eeveelution of the bunch and the only thing that's changed since Flareon's arrival is that it now shares this title with Glaceon. Personally though I find Flareon to be better in battle than his detractors would have you believe - granted, he's far from perfect, and his horrid speed is a massive limiter to his ability - but he's far from the worst Pokemon in the world and if he wasn't an Eeveelution and thus being naturally compared to his brethren (at least half of which are some of the best Pokemon in the game at what they do) I think he'd see more appreciation than he gets. Plus I quite like his appearance, it's simple but effective to me, and even though it may seem uncreative to some I find Flareon's "fire-coloured Eevee" design to be all that it really needs to be.

    So there you have it. What Pokemon do you really like that everyone else seems to hate for whatever reason, or is just ignored and unappreciated by the masses? And no, it doesn't have to be an Eeveelution - it can be anything.
  2. Honestly, at least in the games, it seems as though Ampharos is unappreciated. They use one for labor up in the Olivine Lighthouse, Lt. Surge didn't use one despite it's power...
  3. Or he just doesn't use one because any part of its evolutionary line cannot be found in Kanto.

    I feel as if Vivillon is a hugely underrated Pokemon, competitively. Not only does it get Quiver Dance, but it also has two insanely strong moves in Sleep Powder and Hurricane, BOTH of which get accuracy boosts from Compoundeyes. Always accurate Sleep Powder and Hurricane? YES PLEASE. Yeah, it's 4x weak to Rock. Doesn't stop Volcarona.
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  4. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    There's always Giratina, and Sceptile... I prefer the Pokémon that others seem to hate.
  5. Everyone knows my love for Kecleon, even before the Protean hidden ability it was still a great special tank as long as you could have some decent prediction skills to avoid color change blowing up in your face. It has a large movepool with lots of options as well as a cute and quirky design. People dismissed it due to its ability but I found that if well applied Color change could be a great ability depending on the challenger.

    Then Protean came along and made Kecleon even better.
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  6. Kingler gets it for me I've always liked its simple crab design and physically it has a nice attack and defense stat and average/passable speed. It also has pretty nice abilities and moves it's just a shame too much attention is put on it's lesser qualities than it's good ones
  7. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    For me. . . Crawdaunt.
    I just love its awesome design and it's making me reconsider my plans to get Mudkip in OR/AS.
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Speaking of Glaceon in the first post... since it was revealed, Glaceon has been my favorite Eeveelution and I definitely still like it to this day. I dunno why, but something about its design just kind of... sits well with me? I dunno <<

    Also yes, Ampharos. Not very common in the competitive area, probably because there are better electric types to use and/or better megas, but I had one on a team and it was pretty amazing~ It's my favorite mega evolution for a reason. :'D

    I guess others that make my list are Sandslash, Venomoth, Lanturn, Aggron, Flygon, Gallade, Lilligant, Mienshao, and Clawitzer. I guess competitively I've really only used Lanturn, Flygon, Gallade, and Mienshao before (and they've all worked to varying degrees), but the others make my list simply for not having enough love in general I guess? XD
  9. When I say Lt. Surge didn't use Ampharos, I meant in the G/S/C after-game. Erika uses a Bellossum and Jumpluff, why can't Lt. Surge use an Ampharos?
  10. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Because Hoppip can be found in Kanto and Bellossom evolves from Oddish, which is also from Kanto.

    It is worth noting however that even in instances where he has the entire National 'Dex available to him, such as the HG/SS rematch and the Pokemon Stadium 2 Gym Castle, he still never uses Ampharos at any point in any game, going as far as to use Pokemon that aren't even Electric-type over Ampharos in Stadium 2, such as Victreebel and Porygon.

    Both Wattson and Elesa use Ampharos at certain points though, so it's not neglected throughout the series by its Gym Leaders.
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra for me. They have really cool designs and can make devastating Special Sweepers if used right. Plus seahorses are such awesome species in general ♥
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  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Does Marowak count? I'm not sure if it would fall under underrated or unloved because plenty of people do love it design-wise but I personally really loved using my Marowak competitively back in Gen 4. The power boost offered to it by Thick Club was brilliant and its defenses aren't bad. Assuming that Thick Club is currently available in Gen 6, which I admittedly have yet to look into, I'd be very tempted to rebred mine for perfect IVs and give it another go. If anything, its 3D model looks awesome in X/&Y. :)
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Considering I've not seen Marowak used once by a player since Gen IV I'd say it counts.
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  14. I'm not really the competitive type, so I'm not really gonna talk about that much in this rant. Anyway, when I look over my favourite pokemon, I saw that I love a lot of pokemon that everyone seems to hate or are underated:
    Xatu - I adore Xatu, but a lot of people say he's frail.
    Exeggutor - People hate him because of his design and it's complications between seeds and eggs in Exeggecute. I love it's design, probably in my top 10 best designs just because how funny it is.
    Watchog - First, it's eyes look horrid to some people. I like it's eyes.
    Dragonite - This is a little iffy, but people hate it because it's not as mythical as Dratini and Dragonair, it's fat, and it looks like Barney. I love Dragonite better than it's pre-evolutions, and even better than the rest of the Dragon-Types.
    All baby pokemon - People say there's no point to them. I say it just adds difficultly (In a good way) to training them.
  15. I'll second that. I've yet to see one used by someone other than myself competitively. I use mine mainly for my Trick Room team.

    I like Arbok and Butterfree. If I need/want a dedicated status damager then I usually roll with Butterfree. Compound Eyes is amazing for this guy. Arbok can wreck shop if you can squeeze a Coil or two in. Top that off with Sucker Punch/Crunch for the Psychic & Ghost types, Earthquake, and Poison Jab/Gunk Shot and you can take on a pretty large variety of Pokemon. A little frail perhaps, but I find Arbok very workable.
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  16. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    Cubone, Hitmontop, Nidoqueen, Ariados, KECLEON [♥] and Porygon.
    There are many others but these were the first to come to mind.
    [Sometimes, I feel Scizor doesn't get enough love either but I may just be bias.]
    #16 mhairigood, Jul 23, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2014
  17. I personally like Haunter, He has the coolest sprite for a pre-evolved poke, & I've always liked him since I was 5 y/o
    I like to name him DEATH and give him evs in speed, and sp atk, Then train to Lvl. 100.
    Item; Focus Sash
    Move set; Hypnosis, Curse, Dream Eater, Destiny Bond.
    The Name - "Death" pertains to the move "Destiny Bond", & it is useful to take the pokemon that gives you the most trouble to its inevitable doom, its pretty much like a *free kill* :D
  18. Noctowl, he is actually my favourite Pokémon but everyone overlooks him for Pidgeot, Swellow, Staraptor AND Talonflame. I wish this Owl would get more Love...
  19. Another under appreciated favorite of mine is Grumpig. It is a great special wall and has some really interesting tricks in its move pool. Access to Heal Bell, Wish, Whirlwind as well as the basic status moves of Toxic and TWave give it some great support moves to work with. There is also Taunt, screens, Mirror Coat and Magic Coat as well as Snatch. Snatch being one of my favorite moves in general I love surprising people with it.

    With the advent of Assault vest I also have a Grumpig set up for it with a variety of moves and some great sp. def. (currently Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Psychic and Focus Blast.)
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  20. Yes, I love Noctowl as well! My favourite Flying type pokemon! It's pretty good in Special Attack, and can learn a great amount of Psychic moves, like reflect, hypnosis, and even psychic! It's also pretty decent in defences too.
    Oh, I thought of some other underrated pokemon:
    Delibird - Sure, Present sucks at points. Where's the Christmas Spirit? If used correctly, you can actually beat down tough opponents. Seriously, I saw someone actually beat GARCHOMP with a Delibird!
    Beautifly - I don't really see people talk about Beautifly much. It's actually a great special attacker, with access to moves like Giga Drain, Silver Wind, some other good ones.
    Flareon - Probably the most underrated of the Eeveelutions. It has good attack, but of course due to the lack of physical fire moves, it can really only learn Fire Fang and Flare Blitz. Oh well, I kept Fire Fang with him through White 2 and he was perfect! Heck, I even had Flamethrower on him and used it, still fine.
  21. Froslass and Pachirisu. They need more love
  22. (because of those gen1ers i have alot that i think are underrated, though im going to list 3)
    klefki: im probably one of the few that likes it. i know its pokedex entry is stupid (and shaking keys doesnt do a thing when your getting chased by a hippo) but it can be kind of powerful in battle
    gourgeist: another kalos pokemon. i dont know why people hate it but its one of my favorite pokemon and i know its somehow underrated
    electrode: in pokemon black (or white i forgot which) 2 it helped me alot on the the last few gyms. alot of people think its design is quite stupid but i think it has an ok design. i really like it but its not near my top 10 favorites
  23. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I absolutely love Klefki and adore it a lot. Prankster is pretty nice on it (though it doesn't get taunt, sadness) and it's kind of adorable~

    I've recently taking a liking to Camerupt, though I have yet to test one competitively. I'm not even sure what route I'd take with it, but it seems like a fun Pokemon to use regardless~
  24. Virizion is very underrated in my opinion, so is Cobalion and Terrakion, Keldeo seems to be a lot more loved though. I just wish Virizion and the other swords of justice would get more love.
  25. Hmm, for me it would be... Porygon2..
    Just because I like it...
    Next up would be Sandslash.It just needs more luv ♥ :3
  26. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Tropius. I've never seen them in battle. Ever.
    It needs more love.
  27. Ghostly-Hedgehog

    Ghostly-Hedgehog Formerly Colleen

    IVYSAUR- it has to be my favorite 2nd stage evolutionary line of all starters!
    My facination began when i was 5 or 6 when i restarted a old red version and picked bulbasaur for a change instead of my usual charmander. Once i saw the sprite for ivysaur i loved it and i still have her on that red version to this day. I've trained one I named Ivy (I know how creative) put a evolite on her and she's pretty tough to beat in competitive. The best moveset is synthesis,toxic,sludge bomb, and vine whip.
  28. Maybe Zangoose? Or Shiftry? I like both of them, but nobody I know bothered with them. I had a strong Zangoose in Pearl, it was one of the few Pokemon I trained in a competitive way.
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  29. I would say Lickilicki, now I know he's derpy looking and people love him for that, no one ever seems to use him in competitive and when they do, he's a stall with Curse, Amnesia...you know the whole speel, but Snorlax can cover that way better so what's the point. However I do know of one strategy that seems to work well...but I shan't reveal it you...MUHAHAHAHA
  30. When someone asks me who is my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon, my answer would have varied depending on the period of my life you have asked me. But now, my answer would have to be the flying type.

    No, not Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot.

    No, not Farfetch'd.

    No, not Doduo/Dodrio (though I like them).

    Geez, is it so hard?


    Okay let me explain.
    Personally, I have always prefered Fearow over Pidgeot. And I have never changed my mind, ever. Fearow was on my first Kanto team, it will be on my last, and every other in between.
    And yes, Pidgeot is way better than Fearow. But it depends on what you are looking for, really.

    I am surprised no one has remembered Fearow. But at the same time, I'm not. Weird?
    First of all, Fearow doesn't suck. And at the same time, Fearow doesn't have the best stats. But who cares? But I like it! And it needs way more hearts than it gets.

    So help us out.

    Donate to the Save Fearow Foundation today, and get a free Spearow egg, that will becom a majestic Fearow if you treat it with love and respect.

    Be a good person and help the poor bird Pokemon.

    Help us beat Pidgeot and show the world how great Fearow is.

    Donate at www.SaveFearowFoundation.pkmn
    Thank you.

    Whoa what a twist, amirite?
    Don't donate. This was a joke ( to all you people who didn't get it)
    Well, off I go! Bye~
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  31. Magikarp. Nobody knows how destructive that fish is capable of...
  32. I absolutely love Snubbull. It's probably my favorite pokemon. Although not great or always useful in-game, there is something adorable and endearing about it. The fact that it got the new fairy-typing made me really happy, and I think it's appearances in the anime (which often do the pokemon more justice than the games can) was what really made it stand out to me.
  33. The only person who I have ever seen use a Purrloin is N and that Lass girl on Route 2 at the beginning of the Black and White games. And I've never seen anyone at all use a Liepard except for a few Team Plasma members. Those two are kind of just left in the corner, completely forgotten about. I'll admit their shiny forms aren't that big of a difference (yet not as bad as the 'Chu evolution line) but I adore Purrlion because it's so cute. I know, the Pokedex says it's a trick to fool people and steal their stuff. That's why I always nickname my Purrlion 'Devious'. ;)
  34. Hmm... underloved? I would have to say either sandslash or typhlosion. You never see them on competitive teams, and I've made them quite useful back in the days of diamond/pearl/platinum.
  35. I'm gunna agree with KoL here... If it isn't evident from my forum picture, Flareon isn't just my favorite Eeveelution, or favorite UU pokemon. Flareon is my favorite pokemon. Period. And while it's true, it gets outclassed by other similar pokemon with better hidden abilities and more sensible stat-spreads(I'm looking at you, Ninetales), I feel as though I've made Flareon very useful for me. I'm not super-competitive these days, but I still know a thing or two about how to set Flareon up to mess up half of someones team. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Uber-users in Random Matchup (I hate those guys). One successful Flame Charge makes a Flareon deadly, and I do mean DEADLY because then it becomes able to outrun most things, and if you manage to successfully land two or three Flame Charges, whoo, its a rap. With its newfound ability to learn Flare Blitz (which it should've been able to learn since the move was introduced, but gamefreak hates Flareon as much as the general pop. does), its ability to learn Super Power, and the fact that it can learn Iron Tail again (it hasn't been able to since Gen III), being boosted by Flame Charge (or a baton pass agility, dragon dance, or quiver dance -if that's possible-), makes Flareon an absolute monster because of its great attack stat. It becomes a threat to the fairy-types that plague your dragon-types (funny how that typing isn't as OP as it used to be), it's even more dangerous to the ice, bug, steel, and grass types that should've already feared it's fluffy adorable self, and now the normal-type pokes and rock-types that used to boast an advantage towards it have to be careful too, lest they take a Super Power to the face and get OHKO'd. And it's true... Flareon is FAR from perfect, but it definitely doesn't deserve all the hate it gets... It's not super amazing, but it is decent. And again agreeing with KoL, if it didn't have to compare to the likes of the broken Umbreon or the speedster, Jolteon, Flareon wouldn't receive half the hate it does.
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  36. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I feel the need to single this out for how utterly wrong it is.

    Last time I checked Pokemon.com's stats for Garchomp's use on Battle Spot in Gen VI, less than 10% of them had the Mega Stone as their hold item. That means 90% of players using Garchomp don't use the Mega Evolution at all.

    Generalizing an entire group only succeeds in making you look ignorant.
  37. ... It was just a joke. ._. I just wanted to throw the most powerful dragon-type I could think of out there, and make fun of how it can't do much against a fairy-type... I didn't know the actual numbers... I didn't want that to sound serious, I wanted it to sound humorous. Sorry. ._. I fixed it for you.
  38. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I can barely contain my amusement at your sharp wit. Also pick Mega Salamence next time since he's the one players cry "OP" at.

    Anyway, since choosing to dabble in the TCG over the last few months, certain Pokemon have managed to stand out for me in interesting ways due to certain species' usefulness in the card game sometimes vastly outdoing their usefulness in the video games themselves. For me the most glaring and hilarious example of this is the Spinda from the Primal Clash set. It doesn't seem like much, but for one energy of any colour it can either confuse opponents or hit every Pokemon on your opponent's side for 10 damage each, which can allow Spinda to quickly be very disruptive and/or spread a lot of damage very quickly if not stopped right away. Using this card for a bit made me appreciate Spinda as a species in general a lot more, both as a card and in the video games.
  39. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Eevee and Flareon, BECAUSE OF STUPID TWITCH PLAYS POKEMON RED!!!!!!;_;;_;;_;
    [​IMG] But I still like Eevee. It's cute and Fuzzy and was my most reliable pokemon in my first run of pokemon ever, pokemon y. Ever sience, Eevee and its Evolutions are my favorite pokemon.
  40. As much of a Generation III buff as I am, I really like some of the more obscure Generation II Pokemon that no one else seems to (mainly Mantine and Dunsparce). Pumpkaboo is also a favorite, and my all time favorite Pokemon can be seen on my trainer card.

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