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Under Lock And Key (Warning: Rated M)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    Very tentative title. Anyway, yeah. I really struggle keeping to stories, but whatever. The bits in italics with speech marks are out of canon-speech. The character which the chapter revolves around is speaking directly to you, the reader.

    Chapter One - Sebastian

    "Hiya. My name's Sebastian. I'm a teenager, still in school. Well, college. It's basically the same thing, so who cares? Except, it's not your typical school. They call it a school for 'special individuals', which is a cover for 'clinically disturbed or dangerous'. In some cases, even that's a cover, but I wont go into that. Anyway, it wasn't always what it looked like on the surface."

    It was a pain first thing in the morning. Every single morning at six on the dot, the alarm sounded. The alarm that everyone had taken to mean 'get your ass out of bed or it's twenty laps around the campus'. No matter who you were, you got up on the bell and got dressed as quickly as possible. Any laggers were spotted, chewed out and made to run around the campus with no breaks. Any laggers running would be given an extra five laps. Only the newcomers to the school were late now. Everyone had been trained to wake up, get dressed and make their way to morning registration. The same routine, every day. Even the weekends, they were forced to rise before any sane person despite being allowed to do as they pleased for the rest of the day.

    Sebastian groaned and rolled over, willing time to move backwards so that he could have an extra hour in bed. No such luck, so he dragged himself out of bed and made his way to the bathroom in his room. Every room was equipped with a small bathroom, toilet, sink and shower. Sebastian turned the water on in the shower, cold as always, and stepped under the jet. Most people just brushed their teeth and hair before leaving their room, but Sebastian was not most people. The cold water woke him up better than a cup of coffee would, and he preferred feeling clean all day. Stepping out of the shower, he shook his blonde and black hair and glanced around for a towel.

    Five minutes later, he stood with his group for registration in the courtyard of the dismal place. In this place, the sun never shone. Sebastian glanced up at the bleak, grey sky. There was barely any life growing around the campus, and what little life there was had given up. Dry, brown grass and trees devoid of any leaves. Even the weeds had no desire to live. Sebastian stood obediently in the line and answered his name like everyone else. As per usual, the headmaster spoke briefly but Sebasian tuned him out. They were given half an hour before lessons start. With no hesitation, he sought out his friends within the school.

    It was rare for people within the school to form friendships, so Sebastian considered himself and his friends slightly above the rest of the students. The student body was made up of mostly parole offenders or violent teenagers with the odd mental case thrown in. Sebastian and his friends were among the select few that could be civil to each other.

    "Well, it was difficult to get lasting friendships. It was mostly just talking to people out of convenience. You never knew whether someone was gonna stab you in the back, or whether they were just using you or whatever. Some people managed it, there was this couple who rarely stayed away from each other. Just goes to show that love conquers all or whatever. Me and my friends though, we were special. We stuck together."

    "Hey guys," Sebastian greeted the group, two girls and a guy. They all nodded in response, the guy fist-bumping Sebastian.

    "Were you listening to the head?" Charli, one of the girls asked. She had bubblegum-pink hair, a heart-shaped face and constantly perfect make-up.

    "Do I ever listen to the head?" Sebastian replied. The other male laughed at this.

    "It might have been worth it this time," Dave, the boy commented. He had a buzz cut and a severe chin, giving him the impression of a thug.

    "Yeah, there's a few new students this semester," Rachel, the other girl added. She had short black hair that she mussed up often, giving her what she described as a 'edgy, sexy look'.

    "New students, eh?" Sebastian asked. "Wonder what they're here for."

    "If they're like most people, they wont share their backstories," Charli replied. Dave nodded in agreement.

    "Did you get a look at them, though? That blue haired one is hot and the dark haired one has this whole edgy, hardcore look," Rachel chipped in, excitement in her voice. Sebastian grinned a little. No matter what, Rachel always had some of her wants first. He wondered silently how long it would take her to bed these two boys.

    "The girl looks nerdy. She doesn't look capable of breaking any laws," Dave added. Despite his outward appearence, Sebastian knew he was one of the more thoughtful students. His imposing, six foot five well built physique scared most people away but Sebastian sought Dave out if he had anything on his mind.

    "Maybe she's an arsonist," Charli replied. "You don't have to look threatening to burn down a building." Charli considered everything. She was the planner of the school, she always came up with the best schemes to acheive everything. Sebastian enlisted her help when he decided the weekly social event was abysmal and needed an after-party.

    Sebastian looked across at the three individuals. He had to agree with Dave on the girl. Her large round glasses framed an oval face, and her posture was very introverted with her shoulders hunched and hands clasped in front of her. As per the dress code she was wearing all black but it was a neat dress, unlike some of the scruffs that most students wore.

    The dark haired one was an enigma. His hair looked black to Sebastian, though he considered that everyone's hair looked a few shades darker in the dysmal surroundings. His eyes were dark and slightly bloodshot. Sebastian assumed a stoner.

    The blue haired one looked a bit like an anarchist, he decided. His body was lithe and built like a gymnast, but his t-shirt with torn off sleeves and his worn and ragged jeans said that he was more physical than just gymnastics. He caught Sebastian's eye and grinned.

    Then he flipped him off.

    Sebastian smirked back and shook his hand in a 'tosser' motion.

    "Look who's already making friends," Charli commented slyly, watching the exchange. Sebastian stuck his tongue out at her, making her giggle.

    "The funny thing is, those three were way more influential than we thought. Not in a social way, but 'cause they managed to change everything. They never meant to, it was just kind of... the side effects. Or aftershocks, however you wanna look at it."

    "Betcha they are friends in a few weeks," Dave said to Charli in a stage whisper. Sebastian punched Dave lightly in the shoulder.

    "If you are you have got to give me his room number," Rachel demanded excitedly. Sebastian just rolled his eyes at her.

    "Yeah, right, and you guys aren't convicted criminals," Sebastian joked, earning a playful slap on the back of the head from Dave.

    Unfortunately, that was when the alarm sounded for first lesson. Sebastian rubbed his temples, wondering why they couldn't just install a bell like normal schools as he made his way to his first lesson. Calling them lessons was a joke. They had teachers who all specialized in their subjects, but there was no one who even bothered to pay attention in classes any more. Sebastian contented himself with doodling for hours at a time and he knew for a fact that Rachel folded paper into shapes he didn't even think possible. Part way through a lecture in History, an intricate paper aeroplane flew to his desk. After a few minutes of trying to unfold the paper without tearing it, he finally got to the message inside.

    Turn around, that blue haired guy's sat behind you. Get his room number for me!


    Sebastian grinned and mouthed 'fuck off' to Rachel, mouthed 'dickhead' back to him. She immediately got started on another note. Sebastian knew already that he'd be receiving notes the entire lesson until he relented and asked the blue haired guy what his room number was. Instead of replying to any of the messages, Sebastian started doodling again and ignored the next three planes that came his way. The next one nearly hit him in the eye. Rachel had perfect aim, so he knew this one was important. Or, at least, important in Rachel's mind.

    Oi, fucktard, stop ignoring me. Seriously, get his room number! Or at least invite him to the social tonight. Well, the after-social. Then I can get his number myself! I'll hit your eye next time if you don't turn around and ask him right now


    Sebastian sighed and tore a spare sheet of paper out of his notepad. He scribbled a hasty note inviting the blue haired teenager if he wanted to come to the after party, specifying that is that Rachel who wanted him there and demanded that he ask. Without bothering to look, he threw the note over his shoulder. Seconds later, it came back to him.

    Sure, why not? Thanks for the invite. The name's Yoshimitsu, by the way

    "This is kind of where everything started. For a newcomer, this Yoshimitsu guy was too well-adjusted. I thought at first that he'd been here before and he broke parole or something, but no one could figure out his backstory. Not at first, anyway."
  2. Sem

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    *totally missed that blue-hair was Yoshi until the end >->;;; is obviously slow.*

    Nice chapter, I like the description, which was quick but flowed nicely into everything. Yay for more Yoshi-origin-stuff.
  3. This is an interesting chapter. I am left wanting more. I really like the idea of a "school" for cons. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
  4. Sem, freaking ALL of El's hot guys have blue hair. The fact that they're all the same guy is, uh, easily missed >.>;;

    Despite all of your stories being seemingly Alternate after Alternate Universes, they usuall end up pretty interesting. This has slight echoes of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but that may just be me. I can only wonder how this 'school' has not become a recipe for disaster, but my guess is because of the strict timing regime if not brainwashing them into apathy ( :O It's a conspiracy!).

    Not really much to say on the actual construction of this, you're a good writer. The fourth-wall breaks are bit odd but that's more from me being unused to the breaks than them being badly done.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    An interesting start, A school for the Mentally Insane... Isn't the proper term Asylum?

    please don't yell at me...
  6. I'm liking this. Can't wait for more.
  7. Yoshimitsu

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    Chapter Two - Yoshimitsu

    "'Sup. I'm Yoshimitsu. I'm a bounty hunter, kinda. Freelance. Mostly. Sometimes I work for one of my friends, but most of the time I just do my own thing. Anyway, I got landed in this school for 'special individuals'. Yeah, right. For teenage law breakers who were beyond help legally. I wont lie, though. This bounty was a lot of fun. Not the bounty itself, but the journey leading to it."

    Yoshimitsu's first day and he had already been invited to a party. He might have felt proud, under different circumstances. However, considering his first interaction with this blonde and black haired guy in front of him, he was inclined to believe it was not the boy's plan originally. The fact was confirmed, as far as he was concerned, when he saw the black haired girl in his History lesson wink at him. He smiled back politely but as soon as she looked away, he rubbed his temples. As much as fun little diversions entertained the blue haired boy, he had every intention of just blasting through this mission he had and carrying on with his real life.

    The lessons, predictable, dragged on. Yoshimitsu found it particularly difficult to sit still for such a length of time. The structure of the day was ridiculous, in his opinion. A twelve hour day split into four lessons and an hour for lunch. No free periods and heavy punishments for any truants. Yoshimitsu sighed and settled himself in for the rest of the lesson. He would have much rather preferred to not do this mission incognito, but the bounty posting specified that subtlety was the most important aspect. Something about the target being nearly impossible to identify without prior information.

    Somehow, he managed to last until the dinner break. Students were allowed to do whatever they wanted in the hour as long as it was legal and within the campus. It was nearly impossible to leave the campus anyway, with electric fences and barbed wire stretched both under and over ground. Unless you knew the secret routes in and out of the school, everyone was stuck until they either graduated or died. Yoshimitsu settled for sitting in the courtyard over dinner instead of the cafeteria. He rapidly came to regret the decision, however, when that black haired girl bounced over to him.

    "Hello," he greeted her politely.

    "Hiya, I'm Rachel," she introduced herself, extending her hand. Yoshimitsu gripped and shook her hand, but let go fairly quickly.

    "Yoshimitsu, it's a pleasure," he replied. He knew already that this girl was going to be a constant headache.

    "Wow, cool name. Are you from Japan?" She asked, taking the seat next to him. Her tone was enthusiastic and Yoshimitsu couldn't bring himself to disappoint her. Not yet, anyway.

    "Not quite," he replied. His eyes flickered over to the doors at the cafeteria. "Your friends are looking for you." Rachel looked over to see the other three of that group of friends scanning around the courtyard. She waved them over.

    "Guys, this is Yoshimitsu, the new boy," Rachel introduced him, completely missing the look of annoyance that flickered over his face.

    "The guy who flipped Seb off this morning?" The pink haired girl asked. "I'm Charli."

    "Name's Dave," the big guy added. He punched the blonde and black haired boy lightly on the shoulder. "This is Sebastian."

    "Nice to meet you," Yoshimitsu replied politely. He considered his options briefly. As far as he could tell, most of the other students were more of the loner types. There were a couple of groups like these four, but Yoshimitsu doubted that they had particularly strong bonds. Maybe joining these might help him.

    "Is flipping people off your version of 'let's be friends'?" Charli asked skeptically.

    "It's traditional. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood," Yoshimitsu replied.

    "Didn't we all?" Sebastian chipped in, grinning. "So, what're you in for?"

    "Arson, theft, assault. It was totally self-defense though," Yoshimitsu replied. Technically, he wasn't lying. He just never got caught for any of those crimes in the first place. "What about you guys?"

    "I'm in for being in one too many fights," Dave volunteered, ignoring the looks of his friends. They all seemed a bit reluctant to say anything, though they eased up when Dave spoke. "Too many people put in hospital. They slapped me in here to stop me."

    "And it didn't work," Charli commented, smirking.

    "I've never started a fight here," Dave argued.

    "Yeah yeah, whatever. I'm in for property damage," Charli said, flipping her pink fringe from her eyes. "Some fucker scratched my car so I wrecked his house in return. Then I got a bit carried away and wrecked a few more. And a shop."

    "They chucked me in here to calm me down a bit," Rachel said in a very blasé manner. "Said I was a bit too wild. It's not my fault if I like to have fun."

    "Rach, your idea of fun involves a gun and a bottle of whiskey," Sebastian commented. Rachel tried to slap him, but he stepped back to avoid the swipe.

    "Better than being a bit of a freak," she retorted. Sebastian grinned, completely unashamed.

    "A bit of a freak?" Yoshimitsu asked, his eyes shifting to Sebastian. Now that was something that people didn't usually get in trouble for.

    "Yeah. They couldn't pin me with anything but I leave a trail of destruction behind me," Sebastian said with a wink. "They shoved me in here to contain me."

    "That right there interested me. Someone got shoved in this dive for being 'a bit of a freak'. He didn't explain what he meant by a trail of destruction, so I wasn't completely sure whether he was some kind of extreme arsonist or something else. Still, the way he worded it was interesting enough."

    "So, arson eh?" Charli asked, and her eyes seemed to light up. Yoshimitsu was wary about this, wondering if the pink haired girl had some secret fetish for either burning or just arsonists. He glanced at Sebastian, who was looking at Charli with a confused expression.

    "Uh, yeah?" Yoshimitsu replied cautiously.

    "That's perfect, we've been trying to think of a decent prank to pull on the staff but we didn't have anyone with the balls to pull it off," Charli explained in an enthusiastic voice. "You're just the kind of guy we need!"

    "Charli, are you seriously considering burning the staff to death?" Dave asked incredulously. Charli laughed.

    "Of course not, but just something to give them a shock," the pink haired girl replied.

    Right on time, in Yoshimitsu's opinion, the alarm sounded for afternoon lessons. He had no ambitions to get involved in an arson attack on the teachers, no matter how boring he found them. After excusing himself, the blue haired teenager sought out his next lesson. Biology. His weak hope that biology consisted of something practical was destroyed when he walked into another classroom exactly like all the others. Desks and chairs. The same boring routine for a lesson. As the biology teacher droned on, Yoshimitsu wondered vaguely if this was what university lectures were like. He doodled idly on his paper for the full lesson, this time no notes making his way.

    Far too long later, he found himself in his room again. The school was starting to set his body on to auto-pilot already and he could not remember walking to the dormitory block nor finding his room. After dumping his bag, which he also could not justify carrying with him since he only carried his notepad and a pen, he glanced around his bathroom. For some reason, the powers-that-be had decided to put his luggage in there instead of the main body of his room. This place was weird. The blue haired teenager rummaged for a few minutes in the big black bag and pulled out a few things. A poster of some band, a picture with some celebrity, a few CDs and a small CD player.

    The sound of pop music filled the small room as Yoshimitsu placed a clock on his bedside table. Based on the note he had received from Sebastian earlier, the after-social party was at eight. As it was his first day, he did not have to go to the social. It was completely fine by him. The induction woman had babbled about it being once a week out of lessons for students to enjoy a film or a book or something but it was compulsory and sounded boring. Yoshimitsu had no intention of sitting through it, despite registration that happened. He had much better things to do with his time. For now, he had about an hour to himself before he had to make an appearence.

    Predictably, in his opinion, someone knocked on his door. Yoshimitsu had just settled in comfortably on his bed, and someone was interrupting his peaceful time. Putting on his best bitch-face, he walked to the door and pulled it open a crack.

    "Of course I wasn't allowed an hour to myself. It was stupid to think I would be. Especially not with that Rachel girl stalking me. She was nice enough but I was not going to sleep with a girl who slept with every pretty boy who walked past her. At least I had some standards about that. I thought maybe it might have been Sebastian or Charli, since Charli wanted to burn something and Sebastian was totally enigmatic. Whatever."

    "'Iyurr," Rachel greeted, grinning. She easily pushed the door open and bounced into the room. Yoshimitsu's bitch-face was erased and replaced with one of mild surprise as Rachel revolved on the spot, looking at the room.

    "Hi Rachel," he said, hoping to snap Rachel's attention elsewhere. Such as himself.

    "Not going to the social?" She asked, looking at the poster. She was nodding her head in time to the beat.

    "Nope," Yoshimitsu replied, still stood next to the door. "I don't have to this time. First day and all that. Are you?"

    "Of course not!" She said, seriously sounding as though it was the stupidest question in the world. "Me and Dave usually ditch, but he's gone in for whatever reason. Something about 'Wuthering Heights is the best book ever'." She put on a false deep voice and pulled a disgusted expression. Yoshimitsu stepped away from the door and skipped the track on the CD player. Rachel nodded as though his music tastes met her requirements.

    "So you came to bug me?" Yoshimitsu asked, note rude but not impressed. Apparently the tone did not go unnoticed, because Rachel took a second to scrutinise him before replying.

    "Okay, maybe I won't try it on with you," she decided. Yoshimitsu smiled internally. "You're cute, but this whole intolerant thing isn't really me."

    "Intolerant? I am so not intolerant," Yoshimitsu replied, stung. He supposed, actually, he was being a bit intolerant. She just looked at him. "Okay okay, maybe I am a bit. I'm a jerk. Like, flipping whatshisface off this morning."

    "Sebastian," Rachel chided playfully, but she was grinning. Yoshimitsu flipped her off, making her giggle. "So whatchu doing with your free time?"

    "Well, I was trying to relax," Yoshimitsu replied, completely unashamed. "But since you're here, well..."

    "Want a beer?" Rachel offered cheerfully, reaching to a small satchel bag that Yoshimitsu had somehow not noticed.

    "You have beer?"

    "Of course! What did you think the after-party was, a birthday cake and pass-the-parcel?" Rachel asked incredulously, handing Yoshimitsu an unlabelled bottle and a bottle opener. Yoshimitsu opened his beer and took a swig. "Anyway, the social's in my room this time. Stop by in an hour or so, we'll raise the roof or whatever."

    "Whatever," Yoshimitsu repeated, nodding. Rachel winked at him, then let herself out of the room. The blue haired teenager glanced at the clock, thanking whatever upper deity that might be out there that Rachel hadn't stayed for very long and he still had time to just chill before the party. Guessing that all the rooms would be roughly the same size, he wondered just how the entire school was going to fit into somewhere that could double as a closet if it was bigger.

    The time came for him to find out almost alarmingly quickly, though Yoshimitsu could not figure out just what had triggered this acceleration of time. He definitely had not fallen asleep because his hair was still just messy, not untamable messy that would take at least half an hour to fix and he simply did not have time for that. Or patience, right now. Figuring that the party had no dress code, he decided to change into something more fashionable and probably a little bit slutty. An impossibly tight, white t-shirt that clung to his body like a second skin and had too many rips for it to be subtle and some tight jeans that may as well have been painted on and clung to his hips in the most suggestive manner possible.

    "Okay, I admit it. I'm a total slut. I shouldn't give Rachel shit for it... though I think I have a fair bit more class than she does."

    The solid wall of noise almost threw Yoshimitsu off his feet when the door opened for him and several hands grabbed him and dragged him into the party. Someone had somehow got a super-powered speaker system and just plugged an iPod into it, playing out random dance and pop music and there was an entire table just covered with booze waiting to be drank. The lithe boy wasted no time in mixing himself some horrific vodka-whiskey-rum-coke concoction that he drank to general astonishment. He didn't even bother to check out the room as he poured himself another drink. The booze was more important, especially since the pounding dance music was just his thing.

    "Yoshi!" Rachel's voice sounded over the music, her hand coming out of nowhere and dragging him through the mess of bodies and over to where she was sitting. Her bed with Dave, Charli and Sebastian who all looked a bit tipsy but like they were having fun and Yoshimitsu thought that was okay. He'd already been included in this exclusive gang.

    "How do you fit everyone in this room?" He asked, making Rachel and Charli both grin.

    "Some people can pull a few strings and get the bigger rooms, so Rachel did," Dave explained briefly.

    "And the booze?"

    "That's all Charli," Rachel said happily, throwing her arm around Charli's neck and laughing. "She can get anything. She's a planner, this girl. Best girl I've ever met." And okay, Yoshimitsu decided that his judgement was a bit out and Rachel was more drunk than he thought. He also didn't care, since that concoction was hitting him hard and he was already getting a tiny bit tipsy.

    Rachel suddenly declared that she was going to teach Dave to dance and dragged his unwilling body to the dancing mass. Yoshimitsu lost sight of them in the people.

    "Didn't think you'd come," Sebastian admitted, just after he grabbed Yoshimitsu's wrist and dragged him on to the bed. Did no one at this party let people stand still? Yoshimitsu thought that he was going to have bruises from all the people who had just pulled him places.

    "Oh yeah? What makes you say that?" Yoshimitsu asked skeptically, checking to make sure his drink was still intact. It was. If any had gone, he would have been so pissed off.

    "Dunno. Rachel told us she was gonna stop trying to fuck you," Sebastian replied, shrugging. His own drink was some strange neon blue colour. He sipped it.

    "That looks like toxic waste."

    "It tastes like happiness," Sebastian replied, grinning. Charli stood up.

    "I'm gonna go make sure Dave's not killed anyone with his dancing. Look after- wait, shit. I was about to say look after him, but I don't know who I'd be asking. Just don't- don't die or kill anyone or something."

    Yoshimitsu and Sebastian both saluted Charli.

    "Try a bit," Sebastian offered. Yoshimitsu, skeptical, did.

    "Holy shit, it does taste like happiness."

    "And that's when the party really started."
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    Oh but then he drinks it anyway. D:< Anyway, I really really like this story. And this Yoshi one is making me have the case of the boggles, with the whole hunting and the bounty. Nyan, Sebastian too, moreso because I barely know who he is anywho.

    Kay so, er, keep writing, cause it's really pretty. I am also to be wondering why Rachel can not has the doing of the person.
  9. If my mind lived anywhere but The Gutter, I'd say there's a fight coming up, but it doesn't, so I'm not.

    However, knowing you El, there probably is.

    Also, you've managed to capture the ennui of the school and the way it's rallied against, but it does seem to be glossed over in parts, I think mostly for the fact that everyone our blue-haired bounty-hunter has run into has been bouncy (read: insane) so far.
  10. I...really..REALLY like this. It's my kind of story, fer sure. You got my attention, El~ Can't wait for more.
  11. It's gotten my attention too. Can't wait for the next chapter. I love how wild people are in this.
  12. I saw, I read, and I enjoyed.

    So now we know what our little group is in for. I must say, I like Sebastian's reason the most. A trail of destruction...reminds me of my two brothers...and myself.

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