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XY/ORAS UndeadRaptor13's Trading Thread.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by UndeadRaptor13, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. UndeadRaptor13

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    I give up on the GTS, too many people want event Legendaries that can't be traded through the GTS :@ So I decided to make a trade thread here.

    (I always prefer if they were competitive to.)
    Shiny Eevee (Preferred female)
    Shiny Umbreon (Preferred female)
    Weevile (Competitive)
    Shiny Zorua
    Shiny Greninja with Protean
    Shiny Gardevoir (or shiny female Ralts/Kirlia)
    Absol (Competitive)
    Froslass (Competitive)
    Mightyena (Competitive)
    Shiny Fennekin
    Barbaracle (Competitive)

    (Dont be Afraid to ask me if I have something that isn't listed here, I'm only listing my shinys, Legendaries, and Event Pokemon. If you're looking for a regular Pokemon with a certain Ability or something, feel free to ask :D)
    Shiny Dratini (GTS): Level 11, Gentle nature, Shed Skin Ability
    Shiny Gyarados nicknamed "Red Death" (GTS): Level 55, Quiet Nature, Intimidate Ability
    Shiny Gigalith (GTS): Level 54, Adamant Nature, Sturdy Ability
    Shiny Beedrill: Level 63, Timid nature, Swarm Ability

    Yveltal: Level 71, Relaxed Nature, Dark Aura Ability
    French Xerneas (GTS): Level 100, Modest Nature, Fairy Aura Ability
    Zekrom: Level 73, Brave Nature, Teravolt Ability
    Moltres: Level 100, Hasty Nature, Pressure Ability
    Rotom (He's a legendary right?): Level 59, Rash Nature, Levitate Ability
    Mesprit: Level 50, Timid Nature, Levitate Ability
    Zygarde: Level 70, Quirky Nature, Aura Break Ability
    Cresselia: Level 54, Serious Nature, Levitate Ability
    Mewtwo: Level 100, Brave Nature, Pressure Ability
    Rayquaza: Level 100, Brave Nature, Air Lock Ability
    Ho-Oh (Nicknamed OH-HO): Level 80, Careful Nature, Pressure Ability
    Tornadus: Level 60, Mild Nature, Regenerator Ability
    French Heatran (GTS): Hardy Nature, Flash Fire Ability
    Kyogre: Level 71, Quiet Nature, Drizzle Ability
    Xerneas (GTS): Level 59, Relaxed Nature, Fairy Aura Ability
    Regigigas: Level 68, Serious Nature, Slow Start Ability
    Zapdos: Level 100, Hasty Nature, Pressure Ability
    Kyurem: Level 100, Hasty Nature, Pressure Ability
    Entei: Level 50, Docile Nature, Pressure Ability
    Suicune: Level 58, Adamant Nature, Pressure Ability
    Raikou: Level 56, Lax Nature, Pressure Ability
    Articuno: Level 100, Relaxed Nature, Pressure Ability.

    Deoxys: Level 100, Careful Nature, Pressure Ability
    Jirachi: Level 100, Naive Nature, Serene Grace Ability
    Celebi: Level 10, Serious Nature, Natural Cure Ability
    Japanese Mew: Level 59, Lonely Nature, Synchronize Ability
    Gourgeist (Spooky2014): Level 51, Relaxed Nature, Insomnia Ability

    (Also if you want the know more specifics about some of these Pokemon, eg. their stats, don't hesitate to ask, I won't bite :))
  2. BlackoutSLM

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    Hi. Would you take 3 or 4 competitive pokemon for the french Xerneas (modest)? Can you tell me it's IVs?

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