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Private/Closed Unaltered (Undertale RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GalacticDeg, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/unaltered-undertale-rp-discussion.21632/
    @EeviumZ @Lazy Millenial @Shadow_Pup @dratz

    The mayor- a human with white, balding hair on his tanned scalp, a small and slim appearance, and the most formal black jacket (lined with golden buttons) and black pants- was stood on a giant turtle-like monster's back, ready to speak to the city's crowd. Everyone was in the crowd, through various methods, they had gathered everyone. This massive gathering was to listen to the plans to aid in stopping the war. What this city could do, what the country could do, what the government planned on, yada yada.

    The meeting was in the city centre, a rather large opening of space, surrounded by shops and countless roads out- however the roads nearby were shut off, so that more space could be used. The pavement was a mocha colour, and rather hot for those with bare feet due to the blazing sun from the bright blue, cloudless sky, present on the beautiful Summer day. Various plants sat around the centre, symmetrical to each corner. What was most noticeable was the giant fountain with a statue of the seven souls in the center.

    As the president began talking, Citrine and Oaken listened on, intently wanting to aid in the war with their Wizard powers. However.. this wasn't really the Justice-souled human's thing, he soon after became very bored, and began to fidget with some yellow bullets. He turned to Oaken.

    "I was really expecting this to be something interesting, but I can't lie these are all no-brainer-" he was cut off.
    "Shush... I'm trying to listen. You might not want to, but I really do.". Oaken quietly responded, not looking at Citrine.

    Citrine focused his eyes around. "Hmm....". He tried to look for anything in the centre he hadn't seen a thousand times, having lived in Ebott City for his life. How about a van? The vans for the event were still open, and as he focused in.. he spotted something odd.

    What was it? There were pairs of lights.. colourful lights. This surprised him.. and put him off a bit. They seemed almost.. scary.. he looked away. Back to Oaken. The nerdy monster was of course, still in a bit of a trance to absorb every detail from the speech. He sighed heavily.
  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Sam was already thinking of things the government could do, like for example: not start a war? Talk things out? "Eh, this is the government, they always want war, monsters are pretty nice tho..." he thought, as he started tapping his foot on the ground.

    Kal listened carefully, he didn't want a war to break out, he wouldn't be able to finish his books and probably would be forced to war, that's a no-no . He hoped this was a joke.
  3. ~~~Vixie~~~
    Hidden in the depths of the crowd was a small pixie-like monster, smiling mischievously. Giggling to herself, she threw a handful of purple glitter at the human in front of her before darting off - avoiding being seen.
    She eventually settled behind a human - a Justice soul, she figured, from the yellow bullets he'd been fiddling with - and decided to play a small prank.
    She darted up to the side of his head, and whispered "Psst! I'm watching you... hehe!" Before she was seen, she darted to a not-so-hidden hiding spot behind another monster next to him.


    Meanwhile, a dark-haired girl watched the speech intently, her blue and black hair brushed behind her ears and her Integrity-blue eyes glimmering in the sunlight. Her expression betrayed nothing, but her mind was a storm of confused and nervous thoughts.
    What if war breaks out? Will my friends be okay? Why do we need to have violence?
    She glanced down nervously, her calm expression slowly breaking.
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam was sat near Citrine and Oaken, they were always nice to be around, he watched as the pixie, whispered something to Citrine and attempted to hide, this made Bam chuckle slightly, his right eye was glowing as he was currently sitting on a box made of his soul power. He looked around, this talk of war was ridiculous, why did monsters and humans have to fight, I mean look at Citrine and Oaken they seemed fine, if war did break out though, he was sure he would protect anyone who needed his help.

    Toran was on his way back from visiting Gaster, the man was basically his father, so it only seemed reasonable to visit now and then. He spotted the meeting taking place, damn, what had he missed, he jogged over to Paige, "Hey Paige, what did I miss, what's going on you don't look to pleased with what ever it is" he said in his over jolly manner, as his one orange eye, lit her ace up slightly.
  5. ~~~Paige~~~
    The pre-teen sighed, twirling her blue hair with her fingers. She shifted side to side awkwardly.
    "It's just... a bunch of talk. About war. Between humans and monsters." She bit her lip. "I don't understand... why does it have to be violence? Why can't we just get along? You and I get along fine, and so do lots of other humans and monsters. What's the point?" She kicked at a stone, although it barely moved - not hitting anyone.

  6. -Victor-
    At one of the edges of the crowd stood three similar individuals, all had tomato red skin, ink black hair and pointy elf like ears as they listened to the speech, Victor and his older sister Valerie cared little about what was said while their father did his best to pay attention, clear thanks to the smile on his face. Victor would rather relax near one of the park while Valerie would rather spend time with either her best friend or her little brother... and this wasn't what she had in mind when it came to the latter. "This is boring..." Victor muttered while Valerie silently nodded in agreement. "Victor..." His father said in mild annoyance.

    On the opposite side of the crowd, Debbie watched the speech with her hand in her pockets, due to her patience, she simply stood almost as still as a statue.
  7. Citrine turned around in a panic, after hearing a creepy whisper. He looked around himself rapidly. Soon after, he became scared to see no-one, and held onto himself. Oaken was still as boring as ever with his interest in this plan thing.

    It soon became less boring though, when he'd noticed the glowing lights in the van were gone. This freaked him out a lot, although he didn't know why. He took a step closer to Oaken.

    An explosion was then heard. And seen! There was an explosion at the back of the crowd. A nervous noise came from Oaken, he was glowing blue! A few other monsters began to glow blue too. This was when panic spread, and everyone began to run as fast as they could out of the arena, something was attacking the arena.

    "Oaken! We need to run!"
    "I can't! I'm like.. locked in place! It's- is it Integrity magic?". When Oaken had said that, Citrine began to panic. Them lights.. they had something to do with the souls! Wizards! He still couldn't work out what it was that they were, but he panicked anyways.

    Citrine grabbed onto Oaken, and attempted to pull him along, but it was no use. With no warning, all the monsters were thrust into the air at full force, although now they weren't blue, they were falling to their death. Citrine began to really panic.

    (Just to make it easier, I'll summarise what happened. A small explosion happened at the back of the crowd, and then a bunch of random monsters began to glow blue and soon after get thrown into the air. You can choose if your monster gets thrown into the air or not since it wasn't all of them.)
  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Kal listened, when suddenly he heard that explosion, his eyes widened as he turned blue and got flung into the air , he used his blue magic to get back down, he also used his own blue magic on other monsters so they wouldn't get flung "what the hell just happened?!"
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam jumped up as the explosion occurred, he then on impulse put his hands out and created a barrier to stop the monsters from falling to far before gently lowering the barrier to the ground, (this would only be able to help a small section, not all of those affected). He then started to look around for what was going on.

    Toran was about to respond to Paige when he started to float into the air, he was glowing blue, but only for a bit before the blue faded and he started to plummet to the ground, he started to worry not sure how to save himself, none of his powers would help him, now he just prayed that someone would help him.
  10. She reacted almost on instinct, throwing her palm outwards. Her soul appeared in front of her as her eyes glowed deep blue. With panicked speed, she caught Toran with Integrity magic, slowly lowering him to the ground.
    "Are you okay?" she asked, electing not to leave until her friend was safe.


    Vixie was one of the few not affected by the magic, but what she saw horrified her. The small pixie-like monster fled the crowd, a trail of purple glitter showering behind her.
  11. Through all the commotion, all the humans on-stage had vanished. Emphasis on the humans, as the monster figures were left there.

    Oaken suddenly stopped, when he nearly hit the ground. The cat-taur (as he called himself) instantly spotted a human-like figure with space-patterned skin. Before he could launch at this person, Citrine stopped him by blocking him off.
    "Dude, I think he saved you. Mostly because I see a human in wizard clothing over there flinging their arms upwards, with a pretty sinister smile."

    The wizard clothing composed of a black bodysuit, with two lines matching the Soul's colour going down the side. Wizards would also wear leather boots with a metal rim, and occasionally a puffer jacket, with the lines just like the bodysuit down the side. It was necessary for a wizard to wear these to be identified as such.

    Oaken immediately realized something was up. Wizards were attacking monsters- no humans had been picked up by the blue magic. Was the war.. starting? No, surely not. His mind began racing. He knew something was up, but why were Wizards attacking the monsters- no, it must be something to do with the war. Was this 'meeting' all a trick?

    He grabbed Citrine, and began to run. He felt something creep behind his back, and a light blue wall appeared in front of the two, which luckily the Justice soul had used his bullets at the wall to slow down Oaken. Before they knew it, the two were trapped in a prison of light blue magic.

    Oaken watched as the monsters on-stage were having an issue escaping, being a major target for these Wizards, but Citrine was too busy firing away at the barrier to break it.

    (Feel free to control some wizard characters, don't make them anything big, they're there simply to attack.)
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Toran nodded quickly, "Yeah, I'm fine" he spotted some of the wizards coming towards them, he trapped two in a box made of his soul power (basically, the wizard has to keep moving or the box hurts him, @GalacticDeg is this ok), he then turned, keeping most of his focus keeping the box, and fired several pieces of electrified toast at two other wizards, there were still more, "what's going on, he asked straining slightly.

    Bam ran over to Citrine and Oaken, he pushed away some of the wizards using his shields, and then creating shields inside the light blue prison, he started to push his shields out hoping to break open the prison, he grunted as he focused entirely on breaking this prison.

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