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Private/Closed Unaltered (Undertale RP) Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. “What's meant to be will always find a way.”

    This roleplay will be taking place within the world of Undertale- before and during the war of humanity and monstrosity, except with a few plot changes. This war will take place in 201X- modern life, however wizards are still around- having a soul power can easily fire you into a career as a wizard. Monsters are equally as powerful as humans- unlike the canon war where every monster together can only equal the power of one human. Some monsters can come with soul powers too. Although equality is thought to exist, it really doesn't, humans rule monsters overall- this will be shown further on.

    NOTE: For this roleplay, our characters will all live in Ebott City, USA- a fictional city located minutes away from Mount Ebott.

    The holder can create orange magic from their hands in various shapes of their choice- if the target isn't moving they will feel immense pain.
    Justice: The holder can fire bullets out of their hands at fast paces. They can be charged into slower, orb-like shapes, but the user cannot move during charge.
    Kindness: The holder can create green magic from their hands in various shapes of their choice- it heals the target's wounds and pain.
    Patience: The holder can create light blue magic from their hands in various shapes of their choice- if the target isn't stood still they will feel immense pain.
    Integrity: The holder can lock onto something using their eyes, and move it with their hands. (You MUST have permission to lock or move somebody with them knowing EXACTLY what is to happen.)
    Perseverance: The holder can create purple magic from their hands in various shapes of their choice- it is solid and is very effective to be used as a shield.

    1- Follow ALL the regular Pokecharms Rules + General Roleplay Rules.
    2 - Gore is allowed, remember monsters don't have blood though, dust makes up their body, not their blood system. They basically can't bleed anything.
    3 - Romance is allowed, but nothing past a kiss.
    4 - No canon type of monster is allowed (Boss (goat), Skeleton, etc).

    Each player must create a human AND monster character of an unused soul. You don't have to have both of them as the same, either, you could have a Kindness Human and Integrity Monster.
    Bravery: Human: Sam (@Lazy Millenial ) Monster: Toran (@Shadow_Pup )
    Justice: Human: Citrine (@GalacticDeg ) Monster: Victor (@Red Gallade )
    Kindness: Human: Roman (@dratz ) Monster: Vixie (@EeviumZ )
    Patience: Human: Debbie (@Red Gallade ) Monster: Kal (@Lazy Millenial )
    Integrity: Human: Paige (@EeviumZ ) Monster: Kleys (@dratz )
    Perseverance: Human: Bam (@Shadow_Pup ) Monster: Oaken (@GalacticDeg )


    Age/Power: (Remove Age for Monsters, remove Attack for humans.) (A power is what they can do that a human can't (minus soul power). Two is the maximum)

    Name: Citrine Thompson
    Species: Human
    Soul: Justice
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Citrine has dark brown hair in spikes, no fringe covers his pale forehead. His eyes are a deep yellow, an unnatural colour given by his soul. He is rather small for his age- only 5'4" but is in fit shape due to his love of being outdoors, physically active.
    His clothing choice is often just a graphic t-shirt, jeans and for when outdoors, he likes to wear a yellow puffer jacket and yellow converses.
    Personality: Citrine is not afraid of much. He will challenge anyone to their ideals if he sees them as flawed or wrong. It's hard to make him stand down to any debate. He's very social and talkative, and could discuss for hours on a topic he likes, which can make it easy for him to make friends.
    Background: Him and Oaken's mothers were friends, and this linked them together for their whole life. Citrine and Oaken would always be together, although they had contrasting personalities- they are now unbreakable. Hearing about the potential war, Citrine feels it is very wrong and evil, and is considering his options to make sure he can stay with Oaken and possibly stop the outbreak.
    Name: Oaken
    Species: Monster
    Soul: Perseverance
    Ability: Oaken has generally super swift movements, being able to run faster and jump faster than the regular human. He is also able to create portals within eyesight, as his primary Monster ability.
    Appearance: Oaken is a centaur-like monster. Where the horse part would be has been replaced with a cat, the body is similar to that of a human- not particularly athletic, but not overweight or underweight either - with no arms, and the face could be compared to Ralsei (Deltarune). The body is entirely covered in a dark purple fur.
    For clothing, he has over-sized full-moon glasses covering his wide, black bead-like eyes, and a t-shirt- often a red one with a cityscape of New York in the center. He doesn't wear anything over his cat body.
    Personality: Oaken could be compared to Ralsei. He's introverted and a bit shy to new people, but is really willing to be brave and go out of his comfort zone for a friend- although he doesn't particularly like being outdoors, he's willing to do it for Citrine. Being a Perseverance soul, though, he has a bold trait of it, and will always attempt to find a different way to solve a situation if knocked down, never wanting to give up.
    Background: Him and Citrine's mothers were friends, and this linked them together for their whole life. Oaken and Citrine would always be together, although they had contrasting personalities- they are now unbreakable. Hearing about the war, Oaken has a really bad feeling about it, and hopes it won't happen. Although he's at a lack of an idea of what to do, he's still attempting to devise a plan to ensure the war won't happen and him and Citrine can be friends forever.
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  2. EEEEEE!
    I can't do much right now, but here's part of my human bio. The rest of it and the monster bio will be completed later. Can I reserve a Kindness monster soul?
    @RenzFlintrock, you might like this~

    EDIT: Backstory change, I copy and pasted this from somewhere else and forgot to change the background.
    Paige Evans
    Species: Human
    Soul: Integrity
    Age: 10 (Turning 11)
    Appearance: Due to her Integrity Soul, Paige has royal-blue eyes unnatural for a human. She has long brown hair with a blue streak near the right side of her face (think Alina/Jessica from Glitchtale) and the tips of her hair lighten to blue near the bottom. She wears a light pink leotard with a white skirt reaching down to her mid-thighs.
    Personality: Paige is a bit socially awkward, but is very kind and sweet - in fact, you'd probably assume she was a Kindness Soul upon first meeting her. She cares for her loved ones deeply and is always willing to stand up for her ideals.
    Background: Being as young as she is, Paige's history isn't very interesting. She's a relatively average child, doing the typical things that you'd expect of any ten-year-old. She's a bit of a laughingstock at school, which is one of her biggest insecurities.

    Species: Monster
    Soul: Kindness
    Power: TBD, any suggestions?
    Appearance: She is a small fairy-like creature, with her body being a see-though lavender color. She is approximately 1'6 tall and tends to fly rather than walk. Her eyes are bright green, due to her Kindness Soul.
    Personality: Though she's mischievous and rather immature, Vixie has a heart of gold. She only uses her power in self defense, and her pranks are always harmless (albeit a bit annoying).
    Background: TBD
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  3. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Name: Kal Ma
    Species: Monster Spirit
    Soul: Patience
    Power: he can fly , normally usin blue magic on himself would hurt, but not him (I'm sorry i suck at making additional power ups)
    Appearance: he is a 6"6 humanoid figure with galaxy themed color pallete (think of the fortnite galaxy skin but without hair and clothes) , white eyes
    Personality: like his soul, he is very patient and will wait for however long he has to. Quiet
    Background: he doesn't remember

    Name: Sam Slack
    Species: Human
    Soul: Bravery
    Age: 14
    Appearance: he has a dark green vest with alot of pouches to store his small belongings, baggy blue jeans and light brown sandals
    Personality: hyperactive, he HAS to be doing something, he is dumb but cam do some very smart and genius things in battle.

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  4. @EeviumZ I can't just accept the human bio yet, please read the lore and then modify your character to fit. I like the twist on your Monster character, how although she's a prankster, she's really nice. Once you get the power and backstory for her, she's ready to be accepted.

    @Lazy Millenial For the human, I don't see what the background is supposed to mean, can you expand? And in the monster's bio, the power of having a stronger soul ability isn't really what I'm trying to look for, I'm meaning more of an alternate thing to their soul. And would you mind expanding on the appearance, too?
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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Toran the Living Toaster
    Species: Monster
    Soul: Bravery
    Power: Can control electrical currents and create infinite supplies of toast.
    Appearance: He looks like a toaster but with arms, legs and a face. He is about 1'5" tall and has one orange glowing eye due to his soul.
    Personality: Calm, kind and peaceful. Toran always tries to be kind and helpful. Toran never backs down from a fight, even when severely hurt. He shows no fear, mostly due to him being mostly a toaster, but also because of his strong sense of bravery.
    Background: Toran was created by Gaster in a random experiment, he lived with Gaster for a few years before leaving to live on his own, but he still visits his creator from time to time.

    The 25th Bam
    Species: Human
    Soul: Perseverance
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Bam is 6'5" and pretty muscular, he is Caucasian with short brown hair and golden, yellow eyes (his right eyes glows purple when he uses his soul power). He wears a black t-shirt under a black and red overcoat, that reaches his feet, black jeans and dark grey boots.
    Personality: Bam has a very protective personality, he tends to care for those younger than him and likes to make people feel better. He is kind and gentle and loyal to the bitter end. He is scared of heights. Bam never backs down from a decision, he will always protect his friends and fight for as long as he is able, to best of his ability (unless it is some where up high).
    Background: Bam grew up surrounded by pain, his family grew apart, to the point where his mother left and his father killed himself, Bam decided he would not let any one else go through pain and sadness alone like he did, and started to help people whenever he could, when talk of war came about, he grew worried about what that would mean, would he be forced to fight due to his soul power.
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  6. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Fixed! Thanks for letting me in

  7. Fixed. I'll figure out Vixie's power and backstory as well.
  8. I might consider making a monster char for this later. I’d do it now, but I’m busy.
  9. @EeviumZ You are now accepted.

    @Lazy Millenial You haven't changed the appearance and power of the monster which is what I was looking for, and why is the background for Sam needed?

    @Shadow_Pup You haven't mentioned anything about bravery in Toran's bio, but I really like the creativity and how much this monster fits the theme of Undertale.
    Again, you haven't mentioned Perseverance in the personality for The 25th Bam, either.
  10. Monster
    Victor Nerwin
    Species: Monster
    Soul: Justice
    Power: He can create and manipulate yellow crystals which seem to behave like missiles that follow their target, although their turning isn't very sharp (unlike the edges of his crystals) or make them protrude from the ground.
    Appearance: His figure almost resembles a human, the difference is his Red skin, full pupil-less Black eyes and long, pointed ears. He has smooth long Black hair that is tied into a thin ponytail. He wears a Light gray zipped up hoodie underneath an ankle long Black trench coat, only the hood of his hoodie rests above his coat with Dark blue jeans and Brown shoes.
    Personality: Victor is normally a calm and laid back individual with a love for relaxing in quiet areas whenever he can. He also enjoys doing dangerous stunts as it 'gets his blood flowing' which means he tends to be a thrill-seeker. He is friendly with most people, but talks back to anyone bad to him regardless of the consequences. When in battle, he sometimes displays a bad habit on smiling horrifically or making cruel threats to his opponents and despises losing no matter how minor the loss is. When there's someone getting hurt/in trouble, he rarely stands by and watches to the point where helping someone in need is second nature to him.
    Background: Victor grew up with his older sister, Valerie and his father who was an ambitious scientist who specializes in learning about magic... and his pet cat, Simba. Nothing too interesting happened in his life as of yet, but he and his sister grow suspicious about what his father is trying to learn.

    Species: Human
    Soul: Patience
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Debbie is rather tall for her age, standing at a total of 6'2" with tanned skin, Blue eyes, short spiky Blond hair and a very fit physique. Despite her elegant makeup and beautiful features, her attire is rather lazy; Wearing a Purple hoodie with a lion's face on it, slightly torn jeans and dark Blue trainers.
    Personality: Debbie is an easygoing, yet sometimes lazy person. She takes her cleanliness very seriously and knows she's likely to get dirty, which is half the reason she wears such rugged clothing, so then she doesn't wear what she's worried she'll ruin. She isn't afraid to help someone in need, just as she doesn't mind waiting... even if it takes a whole day.
    Background: Debbie is Valerie's best friend since childhood and often at times hangs out with Victor who she sees as 'the little brother she never had' while the feeling is partially mutual. Debbie is the only person outside of Victor's family who is aware of his father's potentially suspicious activity.
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  11. @Red Gallade although the monster is nearly perfect, please mention about his Justice trait in the Personality section. You also need a human, too.
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  12. Didn't realize having one of each was that important. When I have the time, I'll be sure to edit the stuff in.
  13. Above the player list is "Each player must create a human AND monster character of an unused soul. You don't have to have both of them as the same, either, you could have a Kindness Human and Integrity Monster.".

    This is because I want a soul trait belonging to a monster each and a human each, but 12 different people might be too ambitious to be hunting for.
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  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I have edited the bios, tell me if they still need fixing.
  15. And done, lemmie know what you think.
  16. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    damn really wanted a soul that isn't lovey-dovey but here we go
    Name: Roman Kata

    Species: Human

    Soul: Kindness

    Age: 11

    Appearance: Roman stands at 4'7, and as a link to his soul, his sclera has a very slight shade of olive, as well as green eyes. After all, eyes are a window to a soul. Also, Roman has very fluffy black hair and is caucasian. He wears a peach-colored heavy jacket and a dark green polo shirt and beige shorts.

    Personality: Roman is confident and as you may guess, kind boy. He is prone to acting, healing, and defending, and is tolerable to rude people, trying to befriend them. He tends to be polite, but when things are going south, such as he has to fight an absolute unredeemable person he becomes a pretty good and clever fighter. He's a bubbly moral compass.

    Background: Roman, pretty often, gets himself in danger a lot, mostly because his relatives are powerful people- though Roman wants nothing to do with that. Roman, because of this, tries to be the best he can and not be a fan of war. He tends to wander and loves finding people to do misadventures with.
    (question, shields for kindness?)

    Name: Kleys

    Species: Monster

    Soul: Integrity

    Power: Standard blue magic. Can fly with his 6 WINGS.
    Appearance: Kleys has dark brown straight hair, pale skin, pointed ears- standard elf traits and has pure black sclera and orange irises. He
    wears a pair of jeans, black shoes, and a white sweater. He also has 6 WINGS EMERGING OUT OF HIS BACK.

    Personality: Kleys is a person tied on his own beliefs; those beliefs being as long as something huge never escalates, all is good. Above all, Kleys is a pretty chill person but can be extremely competitive when it comes to friendly fighting/competition.

    Background: Kleys lives a normal life, goes to school, does normal stuff and tends to scavenge, using his MANY wings to explore, though the people of Ebott City sometimes scold him for this though he doesn't really care. The rumors about war don't bother him, but a little bit of him is a bit off-put. He's a bit acquainted with Roman.
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  17. Accepted with both characters!

    What do you mean by shields for Kindness? Do you mean you're suggesting them? If so, I did originally plan on it but had no ideas for Perseverance so changed it up a bit. Green attacks do heal the player in Undertale though, so it does make more sense for that.
    And what would Kleys' power do? What are the effects of adding kinetic energy to it?
  18. I didn't think we'd get all the slots filled, but I'm really glad that you all joined.

    With that, expect the first post to the roleplay thread soon! The starting point will be at a whole-city meeting in the city square, every single person in the city is there. It's supposed to go over the potential war and how we, as a city, can stop this war that is nearly assumed to be happening.
  19. @Lazy Millenial I realised, I still asked you a bit of editing to your bio, you haven't changed the appearance and power of the monster which is what I was looking for, and why is the background for Sam needed?
  20. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    @GalacticDeg I meant by like- defense n stuff like in the games.
    Also, the effect would be the Stasis effect in Breath Of The Wild (i.e the object flying with a lot of power and speed).
  21. Wait a second, did you read Integrity's power? He can already literally lock onto and move stuff with his mind already.
  22. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    I see, I guess I just misunderstood. I will change that stuff.
  23. Power refers to an alternate method of attack, is there any other form of magic he has?
  24. I noticed I was being a hypocrite with no power like that in my actual bio, have added a portal power (within eyesight range) to Oaken.
  25. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    I guess the 6 WINGS (he has 10 limbs- if wings count as limbs is a reference to HeraKLEYS' 10 tasks) could have like- air boosts via blue magic?
  26. I saw his appearance; dratz' char seems like a subspecies to mine. (Not that I'm complaining)
  27. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Alright.. sorry i didn't do that sooner, i got busy
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  29. I'll try and think of a good way to introduce my chars (might lean more to Victor than Debbie) might take a bit of time.
  30. Ah, sorry guys! I didn't get any notification for the RP so I assumed nobody had posted. Sorry to have kept this roleplay on hold for that, I'll respond to the roleplay thread very soon.
  31. @Shadow_Pup Permission to have Paige save Toran with integrity magic?
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  33. Got it, just making sure so I don't get in trouble for autoing.
  34. Is this roleplay already dead or does anyone want to continue it?
  35. I want to continue it, but I have no viable interactions to make until @Shadow_Pup posts.

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