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Umbreon and Espeon's Symbols

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by DayU, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. As most know, Umbreon and Espeon were made to be like the sun and the moon, and I'm not here to talk about that. What I'm here to bring up is what I've noticed about their designs.

    When I was looking at pictures of the two kinds of eclipses, Lunar and Solar, I noticed that Umbreon and Espeon show the opposite of them. The Lunar eclipse it a big red moon, which Espeon has shown by the red dot on her forehead. The Solar eclipse looks like a yellow ring of light, which Umbreon is covered in.

    After noticing these I kept thinking, "Why would they have the opposite eclipses on them?" Which, as you can guess, left me at a stand point that I can't figure out what it means. So, if you have any ideas at all why this is, I'd love to hear them.

    Before I hear it, yes, I know I'm looking way too deep into it, but I'm still curious and you know someone of you out there are too.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

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    Obviously the creator of Espeon and Umbreon didn't notice these things, and therefore it's just ironic that they have the opposite eclipse pattern. But besides that...

    My guess is that, in the solar eclipse, the moon goes in front of the sun, making it closer to the Earth. Therefore, there's some darkness, and as Umbreon is a dark type, that kinda fits. As for the lunar eclipse thingie... well, the sun shines somewhat on the moon, therefore the light is still superiorer to the darkness.

    But isn't the solar eclipse... well, isn't it a red ring, not yellow?
  3. Maybe it was an accident but what Shiny says make sense.

    Here is a picture of a solar eclipse.

    It does look yellow, but I've seen pictures where it looks red.

    And by the way, if there is a lunar eclipse, moonlight can't reach the earth (Umbreon won't receive the moonlight). And if there is a total solar eclipse, sunlight wouldn't reach the earth (Espeon won't get any sunlight). That's how my twisted mind makes sense of it. And I apologize if any of it is incoherent. It made sense to me.
  4. It surprises me that for being the SUN Pokemon, Espeon isn't grass/can't learn many grass moves. Espeon is supposed to be Umbreon's opposite, but PSYCHIC really isn't the opposite of DARK. It just kind of bugs me that certain types do that, especially with Espeon and Umbreon. It also APPEARS that Espeon is superior to Umbreon because it's about "light" and Umbreon is about "dark", signifying good and evil. I don't think they're about day and night, I think they're about good vs. evil.
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