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Ultimate Favorites List....again

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Well, I don't know if it just disappeared or if it was deleted (and if it was deleted, I'd wish someone would tell me) but anyway, since we have a lot of favorite pokemon, and several reasons (or categories) as to why they are our favorite, I decided to make this list, so poeple won't post specific one-shot favorites....

    And the categories are...

    Favorite Baby Pokemon
    Favorite Pokemon as a Female
    Favorite Pokemon as a Male
    Favorite Duo Pokemon
    Favorite Trio Pokemon
    Favorite Fire Pokemon
    Favorite Grass Pokemon
    Favorite Bug Pokemon
    Favorite Poison Pokemon
    Favorite Water Pokemon
    Favorite Ice Pokemon
    Favorite Ground Pokemon
    Favorite Rock Pokemon
    Favorite Fighting Pokemon
    Favorite Psychic Pokemon
    Favorite Ghost Pokemon
    Favorite Normal Pokemon
    Favorite Flying Pokemon
    Favorite Dragon Pokemon
    Favorite Dark Pokemon
    Favorite Steel Pokemon
    Favorite Electric Pokemon
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon
    Favorite Starter Pokemon
    Favorite Kanto Pokemon
    Favorite Johto Pokemon
    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon
    Favorite Sinnoh Pokemon

    Well, that's about all I can think of, if you think there's a category I missed, I''l add it.

    And now...

    Favorite Baby Pokemon: Mantyke
    Favorite Pokemon as a Female: Mismagus
    Favorite Pokemon as a Male: Gallade
    Favorite Duo Pokemon: Latios and Latias
    Favorite Trio Pokemon: the 3 legendary dog/cat things (Entei, Raikou, Suicune)
    Favorite Fire Pokemon: Typhlosion
    Favorite Grass Pokemon: Breloom
    Favorite Bug Pokemon: Heracross
    Favorite Poison Pokemon: Crobat
    Favorite Water Pokemon: Octillery
    Favorite Ice Pokemon: Jynx
    Favorite Ground Pokemon: Dugtrio
    Favorite Rock Pokemon: Graveler
    Favorite Fighting Pokemon: Breloom
    Favorite Psychic Pokemon: Gardevoir
    Favorite Ghost Pokemon: Banette
    Favorite Normal Pokemon:Eevee
    Favorite Flying Pokemon: Togetic
    Favorite Dragon Pokemon: Flygon
    Favorite Dark Pokemon: Umbreon
    Favorite Steel Pokemon: Lucario
    Favorite Electric Pokemon: Raichu
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon: Kyogre
    Favorite Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
    Favorite Kanto Pokemon: Raichu
    Favorite Johto Pokemon: Typhlosion
    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon: Kyogre
    Favorite Sinnoh Pokemon: Lucario
  2. Well,let's see...:

    Favorite Baby Pokemon: Pichu
    Favorite Pokemon as a Female: Gardevoir
    Favorite Pokemon as a Male: Gallade
    Favorite Duo Pokemon: Mew and Mewtwo
    Favorite Trio Pokemon: The Legendary Birds (Articuno,Moltres,Zapdos)
    Favorite Fire Pokemon: Blaziken
    Favorite Grass Pokemon: Torterra
    Favorite Bug Pokemon: Vespiquen
    Favorite Poison Pokemon: Seviper
    Favorite Water Pokemon: Empoleon
    Favorite Ice Pokemon: Glaceon
    Favorite Ground Pokemon: Dugtrio
    Favorite Rock Pokemon: Rhyperior
    Favorite Fighting Pokemon: Machamp
    Favorite Psychic Pokemon: Alakazam
    Favorite Ghost Pokemon: Spiritomb
    Favorite Normal Pokemon: Lopunny
    Favorite Flying Pokemon: Staraptor
    Favorite Dragon Pokemon: Garchomp
    Favorite Dark Pokemon: Umbreon
    Favorite Steel Pokemon: Metagross
    Favorite Electric Pokemon: Luxray
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon: Dialga
    Favorite Starter Pokemon: Chikorita
    Favorite Kanto Pokemon: Jolteon
    Favorite Johto Pokemon: Espeon
    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon: Kirlia
    Favorite Sinnoh Pokemon: Yanmega
  3. This is a really redundant topic. You can just post these in the stickied "Favorite Pokemon" topic; nobody's forcing you to only post one Pokemon. Topic locked.

    Also, if your previous thread was in fact deleted, I imagine it was for a similar reason.
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