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Ask to Join Ultima Hunters (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Clite of Dragonbow, May 25, 2020.

  1. @JadeStar, @LunarSilvally, @Night's Shadow, @CrazyWolf, @Gamingfan, @Spoiled Bread
    Want to join our rp? There is a Discussion thread ^^ https://pokecharms.com/threads/ultima-hunters.22536/#post-859311
    3 years ago
    "Why I had to agree to this!" Jaden cursed as he run for his life. Noise was getting closer, the sound of crushed metal and loud scream. It was a gray, cloudy day in the Forbidden zone. Jaden, 11 years old kid, who was about to become 12 years old after a month was one of many kids that made a bet with his friends to show something crazy.. That he isn't afraid. He went to the zone, where often appeard Nawis. He wanted to show that he isn't a coward, that he isn't afraid of creatures that took his dad's life and now his own life was in danger.
    He ran through the streets, forgotten, old destroyed buildings, shopping malls, fabrics.. This place was once a part of the city. It is now an everyday battlefield for creatures from another world and Hunters. The Noise was getting closer...

    He turned to the left and jumped above the fence of some old house and he quickly ran through this house's garden to another street. But he could still hear it.. He continued to run, but after a while, he fell at the ground. When he got up, he faced the creature. Being didn't seem to have a face, instead it had an eye in a middle of his head. It was around 6 meters long and 7 feets tall. It walked on 6 legs, each one of those legs was ended with a sharp claws, it also had full of spikes, 2 meters long tail. Jaden couldn't move.. He was scared.. Is this how his life will end?
    Then something as fast as lightning appeard between the creature and him. Before he noticed that 'something' was a human. Man attacked the beast with something that looked like knife made from green light, he pierced creatures eye and blue dust spilled from Nawi's eye as it fall at the ground, dead. When Jaden's savior tourned to him, boy noticed that he was probably only 4-5 years older than him. Mysterious teenager had a pin on his jacket, on the pin was written 'Keith Starwall, A-01'
    "Are you alright kid?..." Keith asked

    Jaden Skyscale

    Jaden has been on the bus for 3 hours. The purpose of his journey was the headquarters of the 1st Branch to which he was assigned. He sat next to another rookie who was talking about how excited he was being accepted into the hunters. Jaden because he was quite shy and it was difficult for him to meet new people, nodded or made a quiet "Yhm" when listening to the other boy.
    "ROOKIES ASSIGNED TO THE 1ST BRANCH, PREPARE TO LEAVE THE BUS," said the driver on the radio. "I'll get off soon ..." Jaden said quietly.

    Jim entered the kitchen and saw Keith preparing food. "What are you doing?" He asked.
    "I am preparing food for our rookies," Keith replied, and smiled slightly. "It's nice what you do for them but ..." Jim started and put a huge amount of documents on the table. "... You've probably had enough work right? All of this are informations about our new members. You promised me yesterday that you would take care of them!" Jim said firmly.
    "B-but Jim! You know that I won't survive five minutes behind the desk, working on this pile of documents! ..." Keith sighed and looked out the window for a moment. He saw a bus going in that direction. "They're coming! I'm going to greet them!" said Keith and ran outside.
    "Wha-... Keith, what about-... Aaand his gone.."
    Jaden get out from the bus and looked at 1st Branch Headquarters... It was an old building, its walls were painted not so long ago with light blue and light green colours. It seems that this building has been seeing a lot, but it was still standing on its place. In fact, Jaden was quite impressed by this fact, he looked at the entrence and saw a person waving at him and probably other rookies that was assigned to the 1st branch.
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  2. JC
    She wasn't close to the building at the moment as she messed with the black cross she was holding that belonged to her older brother Shadow who was now currently missing due to the chaos 3 years back but what was left of him was the cross he had woren which she had given to him. The chain of it was broken but she had fixed it to be able to be woren again. She was only seeing the cross under her white wolf blue-streaked mask which she was wearing on her face to hide her facial appearance. She stood up before punching the bark of a tree out of anger hard enough to chip bark off. She lowered her hand before speaking softly to herself. "Where are you Shadow?' she said. "You better be alive...no matter how much blood I saw on your cross...." She added before looking out in the distance seeing a bus pull up towards the building. "Rookies huh....well...time to mentor..." She said before starting to walk back to the building.

    A familiar white husky wolf mix with light blue eyes wearing a vest labeled "Sniper Dog" as under the word it said "Do Not Pet Without Permission" trouted over to Kenith as he went to greet the Rookies. She had left JC's side to greet them in her place since she already knows her line of work ever since she was a wolsky pup. She sat down just next to Kenith looking up for the moment before back at the rookies command ready.
    @Clite of Dragonbow
  3. Ruth

    Ruth get out of the bus. Finally, she became one of the hunter, well, a rookie one anyways. After years of hitting another kids now she can start hitting the real damn things. She couldn't wait to start the training and stood in front of the staff that greeted the rookies.

    Her attention was drawn to a husky that wears a vest with curious sentences printed over it. Do not pet? Ruth kneeled in front of the dog and offered the dog a fish stick from her pocket. She has several cats in her home so she always had some cat treats with her in the form of these small fish sticks.

  4. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane stepped out of the bus and looked at the building while adjusting her backpack on her shoulder. "I shouldn't have packed so much." She said out loud. "Hopefully I get a big closet." She looked around at the others and smiled at the sight of the dog.
    Now she was probably out of place. She had her nails nicely done, her hair well adjusted and her face neatly cleaned. She looked like she was going to the mall, not to join the fight against monsters. She began walking towards the person waving at them, seeing that it was probably the only thing to do.
  5. H was standing in a forest close to the school, fiddling with a knife.
    "Time to mentor some kids, I guess," he said to himself. Being a mentor wasn't actually what he wanted to do with his life, he wanted to be captain of the branch, or atleast of a branch. Suddenly, H saw a stick flying towards him. He walked to the side, and three seconds later there came a stick flying. This was his special ability, his spirit sense. H was able to see things just a few seconds before they happen, and this could come in handy sometimes, while at other times it was useless. He remembered that he had to be at the school soon, so he started walking, still fiddling with a knife.
  6. Dove saw the new rookie girl hand out a fishy treat to her. She sniffed it curiously as she wagged her tail before taking the treat obediently. Her ears rested to the side before gently licking the girl's face until she gently used her nose to push the girl back a bit next to the other Rookies before walking back to sit where she was placed, right next to Kenith waiting for her owner to return back to her who had walked away from her side at the moment rethinking her thoughts. @Spoiled Bread
  7. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Jerias jumped off the bus and looked around. This place looked...interesting to say the least. He walked along, taking note of everything he saw in the building, along with the people also there. He then noticed a person waving at him, with a group of people around them. They looked about his age, so he was probably calling rookies. So, as a rookie himself, Jerias went over to the person.
  8. After a while, Keith saw a group that gathered. Two boys and two girls and it seemed that as for now, nobody else came out from the bus.
    Meanwhile, Jaden was trying not to catch anyone attencion, as he probably could start to stutter. He watched as one of the girls that also left bus give fishy treat to the Husky, that stood next to the guy. He read a pin on man's jacket 'Keith Starwall, S-04'.

    Keith chuckled as he saw the interaction between Dove and the Rookie girl. "It seems that you have already first friend Dove" then he turned to Rookies "Alright! Im glad that all of you could come here safe and sound. My name's Keith and I hope that all of us will get along great! First, I would like all of you to introduce yourself. After your mentors will reach us, We are gonna give you a tour around headquaters. Let's begin with me maybe... I am Keith Starwall a,I am 19 years old and I was assigned to be a captain of 1st branch. You can come to me with any problem you can have." said Keith with cheerful, friendly voice.

    Jaden wanted to introduce himself, but simply wasn't brave enough. He at least wanted to wait for the rest to introduce themselfs. He won't stand out then too much.. He wasn't anti-social, he just wasn't used to so many new faces.

    Jim was slowly making his way to meet with rookies and when Keith wondered when JC will join them. Jim was wondering if making H a mentor was a good decision.. Well, he needed to follow Commander's orders.
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  9. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane cleared her throat as she stepped up. She let her bag fall to the floor as she stood up straight with her hands in front of her waist. "My name is Akane Ito." She began, speaking loudly and with a smile. "I am 15 years old. I really like cute animals, like sharks and alligators or crocodiles, I also like sweets like chocolate, I like pretty accessories like hair pins and little eraser animal figures." She stopped, took a bow and stepped back.
  10. When H arrived at the school he saw a bus, with Keith Starwall standing in front of some kids. The rookies, H guessed. He walked over to them, not saying a word, and just stood on Keith's right side. Fiddling with his knife, H moved his long, black hair away from his face. he could barely see anything. That was one of the problems with his hair, it was always in his face, and it was thick enough that it would make him unable to see, or atleast he couldn't see much. He glared at the kids, wondering how many of them would be failures. H had never liked kids, okay fine, they were teenagers. He still had a feeling that he wouldn't like them, but he basically didn't like anyone. Of course, him not liking them wouldn't get in the way of him teaching them everything he could, since sure, they could be failures, but they could also become masters. He would have to teach them what he could, at least.
  11. Dove howled a bit as she remained sitting as she waited for JC's arrival back. She didn't have to wait long however until she heard her owners voice come close. "So these are the new Rookies I need to teach is it?" She said as Dove's eyes glanced to her direction as she stood up wagging her tail unable to contain her excitement. JC had approached Dove gently petting her to calm her down before she sat again looking at the rookies. "Greetings everyone, I'm JC Wolfa, one of the mentors here, and this is Dove my Sniper Dog but please do not pet her without my permission no matter how friendly she is"she said stern but gently. "I am open to any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to ask" she added as she fixed the mask she was wearing to look up at the rookies as only her dark brown long hair that was pulled up in a high ponytail was visible.
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  12. Ruth

    "Introduction, eh... I'm not good at that." Ruth shrugged. "Name's Ruth. Fifteen. A nawi killed one of my cat so now I'm on a vengeance quest to kick as many nawi as possible, track down whoever send them here and offer their entrails to satan so I can ressurect my cat. Over." Ruth introduced herself while having a deadpan expression.

    Since one of the mentor, JC Wolfa, said they can ask her anything Ruth decided to raise her hand and asks. "Can I get a permission to pet Dove for the rest of my life? Why are you wearing a mask? Are you Jesus Christ?"

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  13. She sighed heavily as she was a bit irritated for the moment about why she wears a mask as that was a personal issue. She took a breath to calm her irritation before speaking. "I'll only say this once so listen carefully Ruth, one, never ask why I wear a mask but it is a personal issue, two no you can not pet Dove for the rest of your life just only when you ask to pet her every time, and three, hehe no not even close...he is more powerful then me" she answered before looking to Kenith. "Should we start the tour with the rookies before training them?" She asked. @Spoiled Bread @Clite of Dragonbow
  14. Jaden took a deep breath and started "Umm... My name's Jaden Skyscale and... I will reach 15 soon... And umm... I have parrot and cat... I like them both.. I like all animals in fact.. And I like to play on a guitar too" he introduced himself shyly.

    Keith nodded each time as someone was introducing themselfs and smile never left his face. "It's nice to meet all of you!"
    He turned to JC "Great idea, JC. Let's show them around. We will lead all of you to your rooms, show the most important place in headquarters and.. I prepared something special for you!" smile wasn't leaving Keith face and it was easy to hear how full of positive energy he was.

    Keith after a while notices H.. He didn't introduced himself at all.. He probably didn't want to, so Keith didn't push it for now.
    "Let's go inside" he said and opened the huge doors to headquarters, he lead the way to rookie's rooms, Jaden and Jim followed him. They walked thought the big hall that had a black-white floor and sometimes green or light brown walls. Seems that some lights didn't work, on their way they saw a big steel doors, that was secured by electronic lock. "Those doors lead to the training rooms, those rooms basiclly make virtual enviroment and can even create opponents based on collected data" Keith said, he opened doors for a while and Jaden could see a completely white room, with computer on the middle and three different steel doors. "Each of the rooms are different in size, as they are for training of various positions" said Keith and walked inside. He clicked something on a keyboard and doors opened. "Give it a try! You can choose one of those room and tell it, where would you want from it to create" said Keith.
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  15. She looked down to Dove confused on whether this "special" thing was for her which she highly doubt or the rookies but whatever it was she followed along side Kenith and H as Dove quickly followed to JC's side. She left the tour to Kenith but still followed along to explain other things that Kenith couldn't explain better to them. She pulled out a wet wipe then a black cross as she wiped it down thoroughly as red stains covered the wipe before she tossed it in the trashcan close by. She put the cross around her neck until hiding the cross in her shirt with her cross. Dove sat down beside her looking at the rookies watching their every step. @Clite of Dragonbow
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  16. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane followed the group as she was told, looking around at the place as they walked by. She wasn't really impressed, but because of their situation it was exactly what she expected. The training room seemed interested, she swore she had read about something similar somewhere. She decided not to volunteer to test it out as she couldn't think of a place she would want to go at the moment. This time she would let someone else step up.
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  17. Ruth

    "I'm gonna try this one." Ruth entered the smallest room out of the three inside were several yellow ultimas which the girl took one at random. "Allright, operator. Give me the hardest challenge! Colossal nawi here I come!"
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  18. H looked at the child with the sword. She really was something else, she seemed to have a lot of energy. That could be both positive and negative, depending on how you used it. The other rookies didn't seem as eager to try the room as, what was her name again? Ruth, right. The other rookies didn't seem as eager as Ruth, but why did she want the hardest challenge she could get? H put the knife he had been fiddling with back in his belt, and took out a new one, this time a kunai. he started fiddling with that instead, spinning it on his finger and doing other tricks. He really had something for knives, and he always had been very fond of sharp weapons, like knives.
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  19. She glanced at H seeing he had switched weapons as he placed one back in place and away and took out a Kanai which in her case, was one of her favored small knives to use for defense. She also did Ruth the new rookie already grabbing a weapon and asking to fight a challenged. She sighed before speaking. "You don't speak much do you H, well sometimes I don't either so I don't need to complain but nice Kanai since I also seem to have one myself..."she said pulling her own Kanai and flipping it around a bit. "Maybe we can train sometime if your interested" she added. "But, anyway Ruth is eager for a challenge....reminds of me when I first came here as a Rookie....I was ....a but of a mess during training but I improved quickly but now I'm an A rank Sniper....well I learn fast.....had no choice....though" she said remaining silent as she thought about her missing brother as she grasped his cross around her neck before hiding it again fudging with her own Kanai with a light blue ribbon attached at the end. @CrazyWolf
  20. Keith glanced for a while at JC as she talked with H and sighed, it was hard to say what he was thinking and why he sighed, Ruth voice bringed him back from his thoughts. "The biggest Nawi doesn't exacly mean the strongest.. Alright, Ruth! Remember to say 'Ultima Activate'! It will swap your real body with spiritual one and you will be capable to use power of your Ultima" explained Keith "Don't worry about getting hurt, spiritual body will instantly regenerate in the training room and your spirit won't be wasted during fight" he said. Then he activated the training room and gave Ruth her practice opponent.

    In the training room materialized a big Nawi... If you ever saw komodo dragon, then imagine something similar, with gray thin armor, three eyes with big blue one in the middle and two red, smaller on each side of his head. Creature's fangs were as big as adult person's palm. Although it waa big, it greatest weakness was the fact that it was really slow.

    Jaden decided also not to walk in any room, simply as he didn't feel confident enough, but he wanted to see Ruth's fight against virtual Nawi. He stood next to Akane and with a little smile he said "H-hi..." shyly to her, as greetings.

    Jim was at the entrence to the training room, watching everyone. He thought about talking a bit with H, but he decided to do this, when they will manage to be alone for a while.

    When Keith set up an opponent, the program started to count.

    Keith walked up to JC and H. He stood up next to JC.

    3..2..1..Battle Start!
    System announced.
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  21. Ruth

    "Allright. Ultimate banzai! I mean, ultima activate!" Hand raised, Ruth yelled the battle cry and a soft yellow light engulfed her body as she was transformed into her spirit body. It looks exactly like her regular body, except she wasn't wearing her tracksuit but a plain white uniform with the hunter emblem on it, which still looks like a tracksuit so she wouldn't complain.

    The ultima on her hand was now a yukinoru in the form of a one edged sword. Yelling 'DIE!!' as loud as she can, the girl charged at the virtual nawi. The nawi opened its mouth and bite Ruth between its jaws.

    "W-wait, restart! Second try!"

    The operator reset the room and they went back to square one. Ruth switched her ultima, now she was holding a short dagger-like yellow blade. The moment the operator gave the signal to start, she once again charged at the nawi. This time however, she didn't charge straight into its mouth and instead sidestepped to flank it from the left as the nawi opened its maw. The nawi was big, but slow, meanwhile Ruth's movement were crude and inefficient, but she was fast and confident, and her spirit body was stronger and faster than her real one.

    Ruth jammed the blade into the nawi's eye and the kick it deep into it until the blade shattered, then she summoned another blade, this one was a little longer. The nawi was now thrashing wildly and started shooting beams out of its mouth but Ruth managed to stay out of harm by clinging to its back while attacking the nawi's back with barrages of slashes. She broke her blades several more times before she managed to damage it enough that the nawi let out a death cry and shattered into pieces of spirit. The girl was sent stumbling into the floor face first.

    "Not enough bloodshed, but okay." In fact, the place was totally clean since both side were made of spirit. Ruth was once again engulfed in yellow light as the simulation ended and she was back in her real body.
  22. H watched as JC walked over to him. The way he responded to the statement of him not talking much was just, silence. Sometimes she doesn't speak alot either? That was weird, since she didn't seem to have a problem approaching and speaking to strangers. It wasn't that H couldn't speak, it was that he just didn't. Sure, he would have to talk when mentoring the rookies, but outside of mentoring he barely spoke at all. He continued fiddling with the knife as he looked at JC, who was doing the same thing. Suddenly she said something about having to train hard, and the she got really quiet really fast. Why was she getting so emotional? Emotions were stupid, according to H, and friendships just got in the way of the main goal, but he wasn't sure of what that was.
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  23. She shook her head to shake the emotion she was having to remain focused. She can't let her emotions get in the way of fighting especially how most of the human race was almost wiped out. She wanted to find her brother yes but right she had to focus on being one of the mentors of rank A. "Forget what I said, I don't want it being in the way not with the way things are now....emotions are just pointless at this point but I get the reason why you don't speak H" she said placing her bandaged hand on her mask. "But, the offer still stands if you want to train together, I won't force you H" she added leaning against the wall as she looked to the Kanai she was holding before placing it away watching how Ruth fell flat on her face seeing Dove approach her with caution but worry as she used her nose to sniff. her. She did finally notice Kenith beside her before looking to Ruth again. @Clite of Dragonbow @CrazyWolf @Spoiled Bread
  24. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Hi." Akane replied with a cheerful voice but without turning around as she watched Ruth's fight. She was a little worried since everyone seemed experts on dealing with such monsters while Akane was just good at following orders. If she were to be left alone with on of those things she couldn't guarantee she would survive. But that didn't mean she was gonna give up, it just meant she would need to try harder.
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  25. Ruth

    Ruth came out of the training room with both her hands folded behind her head in a laidback manner. She displayed a ln ear to ear grin as she walked past the door and approached the other rookies.

    "Hey hey hey!! What's with the nervous atmosphere I'm feeling here? Where's the enjoyment and excitement? Am I the only rookies here who have the balls to try? It didn't even hurt a bit." She was blatantly trying to provoke the other rookies. She let out a snort and add further. "Chickens."

    @Gamingfan @Clite of Dragonbow @JadeStar
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  26. "She's... Strong..." mumbled quietly Jaden... This girl... Ruth?... She defeated her opponent in the second try. Jim also was quite impressed." She may be really talented."
    He thought, Keith facial expression didn't really change. "Hey JC... I want to ask you something..." Keith started, Meanwhile Ruth left the room.

    Jaden listened to her, saying how brave she is comparing to others and as she insulted them... "Chickens..."

    - 3 years ago -
    "Huh, you are afraid of the beings that killed your daddy? I bet that you wouldn't be able to stay even for 3 minutes in forbidden area, weakling!"

    "I-... I am n-not a coward!" said Jaden, loudly for the first time.
    "C-can I go to training room too?"

    Operator glanced at Keith, he was interrupted as he wanted to say something to JC. "Alright, go on" he said.
    Jaden walked to the room and took one of Yellow Ultimas, similar to that Ultima that Ruth used, Scorpio. "U-ultima...Activate!" said Jaden. Just like when Ruth used it, yellow light engulfed Jaden's body as he was transformed into her spirit body. He had also plain white uniform. "C-can I ask for a f-fast kind of opponent, please?" Jaden shyly asked an operator.

    "Maybe give him a Morchias" said Keith
    Jim looked at Keith and it seemed that he wanted to stop him, but operator nodded and added a Virtual Nawi.

    Suddenly, in front of Jaden materialized Nawi, it didn't have a face, instead it had an eye in a middle of his head. It was around 6 meters long and 7 feets tall. It walked on 6 legs, each one of those legs was ended with a sharp claws, it also had full of spikes, 2 meters long tail... The similar Nawi attacked him 3 years ago.
    System announced!
    And before Jaden could react, he was cut in half. His lower half and upper half fell at the ground. "Ugh... O-one... more time!" he said and Operator regenerated his body. Boy tried again... And again. But even with enchanced speed, strenght and durability by spirit body.. Nawi speed was on a whole another level.
    "One more time... One more time..."Jaden repeated as he was losing over and over again.

    "Keith, this boy had enough!" said Jim "Stop him already!"
    But Keith didn't react.

    "One more... Time..." said Jaden and his body was regenerated.. He lost 16 times already. Morchias was a really fast kind of Nawi. Morchias attacked again and...Jaden barely dodged his attack, but he dodge it! Was it just lucky accident? Nawi kept attacking and Jaden kept dodging.
    "He repeats his moves during his attacks... I can see them" Jaden thought, but even if he could see them, his opponent was faster and Jaden didn't want to risk coming closer.
    He suddenly rushed at Nawi and when he was in his attack range. Nawi attacked him again, Jaden tried to dodge, but his left hand was cut off. Pieces of spirit were coming from his wound. He created shortsword made from yellow light as he get closer, but Nawi cut his second hand too... Then he catched the sword with his teeth and pierced Nawi eye with his blade. Nawi shattered into pieces of spirit as it died with a loud cry. Jaden fell at the floor and almost passed out, but he bite his tongue and kept his consciousness. He stood up and left the room. He stood next to Akane, where he stood before he went to training room without saying a word.
    "Aggresive girl and reckless guy" said Jim.
    "Nah, I think that you wanted to say talented girl and hard-working guy" Keith told back to Jim "I bet that all of our rookies are an interesting bunch of people" he turned to JC, as this whole situation interrupted him and he knew that he will need to show the rest of HQ to Rookies. "Umm.. Can you wait for my question JC untill we show and explain to rookies everything?" he asked her and then turned to the rest "Alright everyone!!! Anyone else want to try our rooms? If not, then We are gonna show you rest of a headquarters!" Keith annouced with a smile.

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  27. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    She was right. Akane was not going to enter that training room just like that, no matter what they call her. She watched as the guy next to her entered the room. She now felt way out of her league. Maybe she would need to depend on some sort of long ranged weapon, because close up she would be killed in an instant against those monsters. She watched the boy lose multiple times until he finally won. She felt relieved he had won, which meant sooner or later she could achieve it also.
    "I'm okay." She replied to the question made to them. She wouldn't touch that room, not yet anyways.
  28. There was a reason Caspian Hauler didn't talk to the other Rookies, a very narcissistic one. He simply thought the others were below his level. He had a rather arrogant look to him, and seemed disapproved of most of the others. The only people he could stand were the non-rookies, they must be experienced people. "Well, I could give these rooms a try...," he said to Keith," They seem like something I should do early on." It must of seemed weird for him to all of a sudden pipe up like that, but he had to communicate to them somehow. He grabbed a yellow ultima like Jaden and looked to Keith. "May I have a... more intelligent opponent to face in there? I'm not sure how this system works, but I think I can take on these aliens."

    @Clite of Dragonbow
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  29. Ruth

    "Now that's more like it!" Ruth approached Jaden and slapped his back, playfully hard. A wide smile on her face. "Now cheer up! You leave unscatched and scored a kill."

    @Clite of Dragonbow
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  30. She looked to Keith asking her the question but said to wait on the answer until after the situation of the Rookies. "Of course, well actually I need to go there is something I need to take care of so excuse me but if any of you rookies want a training session with me then arrive at 9am sharp at the training grounds" was all she said before leaving the group alone as Dove followed in pursuit as she seemed to sense something from her that she knew what she was going to do. She felt JC's hand on her head before they both left the building. She arrived at a private training ground before walking over to Dove removing the vest around her. "You need a break from that vest so relax for now girl because tonight....we have some tracking to do....finding Shadow....only your nose will be able to track him down...."she whispered as Dove gently nudged her to agree. "Good girl..." She added before standing up as she continued her physical training then swordsmanship training with her katana until nightfall. @Clite of Dragonbow
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  31. Before Keith managed to say something, JC was already gone. He turned to the the boy that asked for 'More inteligent opponent'. "Well...Sure..." said Keith, he didn't know if they were able to do something with Nawi's inteligence, as those were just virtual beings made from gathered data. "Okay, go inside training room and we are going to add Gimack there" said Keith and Operator nodded. Gimack was a Nawi that wasn't killing his opponents, but catching them into his tentacle-like limbs. He basiclly is a creature big as car with 4 legs and 10 tentacle limbs on the back.

    Meanwhile, Jaden tripped and fell at the floor from Ruth's slap. "Emm... Y-yeah.." he said in answer to her telling hin to cheer up and made a small smile. "I h-hope that I will be able to h-help you all in future..." He said, back to his shy nature, but even when he was shy. He knew that it would be good to get to know everyone better.. As he is in one squad with them now.
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  32. Once nightfall had hit, she quickly changed to her light ninja like black clothing to blend into the dark much easier as she placed Dove's vest back on her back and chest. She left her sniper leaning against the wall as she only took her katana which was placed behind her a bit for easy grab. She fixed her mask before looking down to Dove. "Are you ready girl?" She asked her as Dove gently nudged her to agree. "Alright, let's go," she added before they both left. She removed Shadow's cross that was around her neck for Dove to catch his scent as her nose started to move to catch onto to it. She placed it back around her neck as Dove lowered her nose to the ground to get more of the scent to Shadow. Once she caught onto it, she leaped off as JC used the trees to travel fast and keep up with her. It took sometime to get through until Dove slowed down to lower her nose again. She jumped down behind Dove waiting for her to catch something again until she came across a blood trail. She howled a bit as she noticed the trail of blood. "Blood? No....please no....be alive...!" She thought as she followed after Dove who was following the blood trail. Dove came to stop as did she seeing Dove wag her tail a bit before whining happily see Shadow in an abandoned building but was badly injured on the shoulder which he was holding with his hand along with some parts of his leg, chest and stomach. Dove ran up to him to lick him and make sure he was alive and awake which he was as JC ran up to him. "Shadow!" She called out. "JC?" He said weakly feeling her embrace on me. "I thought I lost you....I was so worried..." She whispered. "Sorry to worry you.....sis...but...I need serious help..." He said. "Your hurt....badly....alright I will get help....Dove quickly run back to the build and get Kenith and others...my brother needs help" she commanded as the white wolsky leaped off and out of the building.

    Dove was pretty quick on getting back due to her wolf trait as she ran inside of the building they were previously in before they both left. She sniffed around again catching scents before seeing the group. She came to a stop as she howl barked trying to get their attention on her whining worriedly. @Clite of Dragonbow @Spoiled Bread @CrazyWolf
  33. Keith turned to Dove as she arrived to the training room with a lightning speed, JC's companion looked nervous, sniffing at everyone and then howling and whinning. Keith didn't have much time to make decision. He didn't know where JC left, he also couldn't leave Rookies alone... Also... If she met a Nawi that was strong enough to be a problem for A rank or something similar.
    "Jim and H, Could you guys stay with Rookies? I gonna go with Dove and check what happend" said Keith to Mentors.
    "Okay" Jim nodded to Keith.
    Keith looked at Dove and said to dog "Dove, lead the way!"

    Meanwhile, In training room where Caspian was appeard four legged Nawi with tentacles on his back, Gimack.
  34. Caspian went inside of the training room, curious to what this Gimack would do. A ferocious beast appeared before him, it was a quadruped, aside from the numerous appendages dotting it's back. Despite that, he wasn't really intimidated by it. He heard something yell," START!," and the Nawi came into motion. Gimack lunged towards Caspian's legs with it's forearms, latching onto his shin. "Ack! Oh yeah, I forgot, Ultima Activate!," he stated, and he quickly gained better performance skills. Even though he had an Ultima at hand, he seemed content with just kicking the beast's forearms, but to no avail. It grabbed ahold of him and quickly captured him in it's tentacles. What felt like it constricting him, Gimack squeezed the living daylights out of Caspian. The system soon reset, causing him to go back to his starting position. "What? Oh yeah...This training room is awesome!," he exclaimed. He lunged at Gimack the second time, though was quickly apprehended and the system reset. "How am I supposed to do this?," he questioned. He ran at the creature's forearms, though it's tentacles were about to trap him. With some sort of instinct, he just jumped over the creature, doing a front flip in the process. "Jesus. Now I get it when they say these things make you stronger." He grabbed onto one of Gimack's tentacles, then tried to vice grip it off with his hands. Instead, it flung him upwards, then used the moment to capture Caspian with it's other appendages. The system reset. He started to calculate a plan to take it down Gimack, though the beast took a more aggressive approach and tried to openly attack Caspian. He tried to punch the Nawi, which only made it angrier. It lunged at him, and the system reset. He walked out of the training room, looking around. Keith and another mentor was gone, odd. "Well, I think that's enough... What other stuff is here?," he asked the remaining mentors.
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  35. Dove tugged his pants to come before leaping off towards the location where JC was at. She was at lightning speed not stopping for anything except to make sure Kenith was on her tail. She leaped through the forest with her tail uncurled riding the wind with her ears to the side. She came to a trout but stop to turn around and whine at Kenith to follow inside the abandoned building. She leaped inside the building that only had dimming lights but not bright enough to light the whole hallway. She made it up stairs before entering the room JC and Shadow were in seeing JC treat Shadow's injuries especially towards the shoulder. JC noticed her with her mask to side of her head with her face revealed. "Dove, did you get someone?" She asked as Dove howled to agree before seeing her move her mask to cover her face again as Dove approached Shadow wagging her tail as she licked his face happy to see him. "I'm glad to see you too Dove...."he said gently petting her. JC noticed Kenith appear at the door before speaking. "Kenith good, I need your help escorting my injured brother back to the base, he needs medical attention quickly" she said stern looking at him under her mask. @Clite of Dragonbow
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  36. Ruth

    "So, you're H. Huh??" Ruth approached the silent mentor after she heard JC called him out. "So what's with the mentor and using initial as nickname? Is it a trend? Should I introduce myself as R too? Does H stand for Hero or Hentai? If I ask you personal questions will you answer?" Ruth just threw barrages of questions at H.

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  37. H looked at the rookie approaching him. That was the Ruth kid, right? She was pretty strong for being a rookie, however she still had a long way to go. When she asked if he was H he just nodded, still silent. He answered her questions by nodding or just staying silent. He did not have to talk, so he wouldn't. Especially not since she was just asking stupid and personal questions, that he certainly did not want to answer. He just looked at her, firmly, and studied her body structure. She wasn't very tall and had a lot of bandages on her, meaning that she probably was pretty reckless. H could probably help her work on that, though. After all, he wasn't a bad mentor and was good at training people both physically and mentally.
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  38. Amare got off the bus with the others. She introduced herself, saying she liked anything cute or cuddly, and also trying help in any way she could. She continued to follow them around for the tour. She decided that she'd rather not do any fighting, as the creatures didn't look like they wanted a hug. She shrugged when they were called chickens. "I'd rather be a small cute chicken than have to fight one of those things. Even if they don't actually hurt, the sight of them makes me sick." Amare looked away. She couldn't help but notice that Ruth would be a pain to have to deal with. For now, she just needed to wait for them to move on. Plus, she could see if the silent guy could talk if she didn't do the training room. She would always get the chance later.
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  39. Jim chuckled as he listened to Ruth asking H questions and looked at Caspian "Well, I think thats enough for a training room for now.. And the rest don't need to worry, we are going to practice here a lot. But remember that this system is just using collected data, if you were after around a 100 attempts of fighting with one kind of Nawi, you would easily see that his moves and attack patterns are reapiting and you won't have trouble dodging them. When you reach that level you will practice with us and we may let you enter some Rank Battles" said Jim.

    "I and H gonna show you the rest of HQ now!" Jin annouced and leaded rookies to operating room. There were many huge monitors, that showed the view outside the HQ, hundreds of cameras and radars that keep in check the huge area. Jaden was quite impressed and when he looked around, he saw around 5 operators working. "This place is quite crowded, isn't it?" asked Jim and smiled to the rookies "Thanks to the work of this people here, we know about anything that happends in the area and we can quickly go to action" said Jim. It was easy to see that, apparently, Jim was really glad from the help and work of those operators. After that he leaded them to Kitchen, that was really huge "We are preparing meals here, if it isn't too obvious. Each day, someone else is gonna prepare meals, but don't worry guys! As for the first week, Mentors and Captain will make meals for you" Jim explained and then leaded to another rooms, Enormous living room, where everyone could meet and talk, bathrooms and etc. Entire building was somehow just as Jaden imagined it to be, yet there was many things that he was impressed by, he also expect some kind of strict, hard enviroment and army rules or something, but it wasn't like that.

    Jim finally leaded Rookies to the great hall with many doors. "Those are your rooms, you can pick the one you like the most. One room is for each one of you. They are pretty similar to each other with slight changes. There is where our tour ends, when Captain return to us. We will go to dinner together" said Jim "Come to me, if you have any questions."

    Jaden walked up to the closest door with nunber '2' and opened them. He entered and saw a simple bed with not too hard, not too soft mattress with light blue pillow and blanket. He had also two wardrobes, night table next to bed, desk and a chair. Well, it wasn't really much in this room and there was a lot of free space. Jaden thought that it was probably up to him and others, how they wanted to decorate their rooms and what to add. After looking around the room, he began to unpack. He put his clothes to one of the wardrobes, his books and phone. He saw that his mother send him a message asking, if he is okay and he replied immidietly, telling her that he was fine. After that, he unpacked his guitar and looked at it for a while. He took it and played on it a bit an old melody that he learned 4 years ago. It was beautiful, but short. After that he left his room and stood in a hall waiting for someone, as he didn't want to walk alone, even if he couldn't interact well, due to him being a shy person. He really wanted to make friends here.

    Keith was leaded by Dove to Shadow and JC. At first, He didn't know exacly who Shadow was, as he never really met him. But he wasn't a person that would leave someone with serious injuries and he really wanted to help JC. He grabbed one of Shadow's legs and slowly, to not hurt him, lift him up, allowing him to lay on his back. "Okay... Let's return to the HQ then. He will receive a good medical threatment there.. I will go first with him and I would like from you to secure our back with your sniper on the way" said Keith and rushed with Shadow to HQ. He was fast to reach HQ quickly, but careful to not harm Shadow in a way. He was quite lucky, not meeting any Nawi on the way and he reached HQ after a while.
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  40. She let Kenith take Shadow back to the HQ for medical treatment as she followed the order of backing him up. "Let's go Dove, attack any Nawi we encounter" she commanded. Dove howled before following JC out to the back. She went on top of the roof as she pulled out her sniper looking through the scope. She saw Dove within her scope searching around for Nawi's. She moved her scope once more until she saw them in the distance, those pests that murdered her mother and father 6 years ago. She placed her finger on the trigger as a bullet shot out hitting the Nawi with a headshot as she saw Dove jump them cutting windpipes from the throat to make sure he was dead. She looked around once more as she saw none others around. She jumped down safety as Dove returned to her side with blood stains around her muzzle and paws. She cleaned Dove up quickly before standing up. "Let's hurry back Dove before more come" she added before using the trees to head back to HQ faster.

    Shadow didn't know what was going on but it was possible that he was getting medical attention due to his injuries. "Sir, you can be me down...I can walk from here...." He said getting off his back standing on his own. "Just lead me to the room for medical help..and then from there I'll wait for my sister to return here..." He added. @Clite of Dragonbow
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