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Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by LongArmProd, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Somtimes things happen and somtimes they arn't so great. Have you ever lost or broke a pokemon game? Mabye it was corrupted or even stolen. how did you feel and did you replace it or move on?
  2. My stupid friend restarted my sapphire when I told him not to.I lost a level 100 kyogre,lvl 100 blaziken,lvl 100 tentacruel and 2 shinies.
    My friends platinum game was stolen and my cousins 6-man mewtwo squad was obliterated when his red was restarted.
  3. A long time ago on my Emerald version game , I caught a level 40 Wailord that took me about ten poke balls until I caught it and my gameboy turned off before I could save . And to this day , I'm still wondering if that was a good thing or a bad thing ...
    Catching a Wailord or wasting ten poke balls ? ... XD
  4. those arnt a bad as mine. My Pokemon Soul Silver with tons of legonds and starters and the game was stolen, and my DSI!!!! So now im back to silver verson on the GBC.. :(
  5. Well, my sister stole my Silver, Blue, and Sapphire versions. Then I lost Ruby and Yellow. Crystal wouldn't save anymore, and Fire Red just vanished. Pearl was washed, and the only excuse my mother could say was "Oh, it's only this big. It can't cost too much, so here's $5 to replace it.". Yes, I've lost a lot of games.

    One bad move that happened was that I had managed to capture a level 17 Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest, when I show my sister. She then got mad and took the game out, without turning off the system D: What are with these Barbarians?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I spent 5 days soft-resetting my Pokemon Emerald to get a shiny Groudon.
    I finally got my shiny Groudon ,caught in a regular pokeball. I was so proud of my self for pulling off such pwnage!
    And then the batteries died...
  7. One day, my Diamond decided to erase itself. I didn't do anything to it (at least from my view), but one day, it said the file was corrupted and had to be deleted. There went about 500 hours of gameplay. :p
  8. I had my Crystal stolen. I was going for all 249 obtainable pokemon, when it got stolen I wound up with 186.
  9. I once deleted my Diamond save file, because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, I had all legendary Pokemon at level 100 though ;_;
  10. Once I lost my DS and all of my DS games. Still haven't managed to recoup *lesigh*.
    On Pearl, I had a lot of my 3rd Gen rares and even freaking Pokerus.

    But other than that, my other games work/aren't lost... Very small consolation though :/.
  11. When I had Pokemon Leaf Green for my DS (Gameboy games can go in DSs) I was really young, and didn't know what the word 'delete' meant. You can kind of tell what happened. :p

    Also, you know you can migrate Pokemon to Pokemon Pearl? I tried doing that with my Pokemon Leaf Green, and my save file got deleted. I had LV.100 Blastoise, LV.95 Primeape, every single legend, and more. Then when I completed the game AFTER that for the second time, I tried migrating again. And it got deleted again. D':
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