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Open Typical [Role Play Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by donald.duck, Apr 30, 2018.


Should Battles be settled in Pokémon Showdown or chat

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  1. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Introduction: This is typical. My name is Sea Urchin [it will be]. This roleplay is a spin-off of Thief!, one of my other roleplays. It's dead by the way. This roleplay is a breath of fresh air for me because I recently have been absent because of school, but expect more of me in the summer.

    Roleplay: This roleplay is about a former gang of heist members living as typical people to hide their identity. Some have forgotten about the gang and found love, had children, a family, have a job, and attended school. Others have been paranoid ever since. Worried the police will come for them. Their Pokémon are there to assist them in battle or in typical doings. A new gang has sprung up, and the former gang were called up by the police to investigate around. The gang must form once more to work under the protection of the government.

    Character Sheet:

    Position: (Police, Former Gang Member, New Gang Member, ext.)
    Age: (Not too old if you are in the new gang.)
    Pokémon: (Maximum of six.)

    My Character Sheet:

    Name: Bo Yin
    Position: (Police, Former Gang Member, New Gang Member, ext.) New Gang Member/ Heist coordinator
    Age: (Not too old if you are in the new gang.) 16
    Appearance: Bo is a tall African and Chinese boy. He wears a highlighter green Adidas hoodie and grey Adidas jeans. Bo wears blue Convers and a Yin and Yang necklace.
    Pokémon: (Maximum of six.)

    Croconaw: Water

    Karablast: Bug
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  2. Name: Nick Lawrence
    Position: Police officer
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Nick is an average european man with a slim figure, standing at about 1.80m. Has brown eyes and black, short hair. Wears a black parka, dark trousers and a bulletproof vest when on-duty
    Backstory: Nick was born in a poor district, full of thieves, thugs etc. Making the world a better place was his childhood dream. As a police officer, he was doing his best to fight crimes, therefore local gangs forced him to move out of his hometown.
    • Skarmory
    • Lycanroc (Midday)
  3. Is this still actual?

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