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Type the name of the one above you without looking!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by 13InHeaven, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. PrincessPika

    O damn, I'm good (A)
  2. Squir;e:omer

    Eh, close enough
    Wait what that's an emoji?
  3. PrincessPika

    Damn, done is again :)
  4. Squirt;e:over Why am I pressing the colon/semicolon key instead of the 'l' key? I haven't the slightest clue.
  5. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Close enough I guess???
  6. Vixribinope

    Close enough
  7. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope


    Oh come on
  8. Vicrininope

    So close...
  9. Princesspioa

    Damn, it hard on my phone
  10. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

  11. kyuukeysu

    So close, yet so far away
    kyuukestu likes this.
  12. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    SS-I Never
    I'm a magician
  13. SS-I Never, that;s the same mistake twice now xD
    SS-I Never likes this.
  14. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled


    D A N G I T 5
  15. SquirtL[cer

    Erm... Close enough
  16. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

  17. SS-P Bdvdf

    Er... I thought I did much better than that...
  18. Tarak0na

    Tarak0na Guest


  19. Taramakuia01

    Um... wow, I guess I'm out of practice... very out of practice....
  20. Princrsdpima

    Well... That could have gone better. A lot better.... Guess I should just use my laptop instead of my phone
  21. SqiutkeLover

    So close! Wait I forgot the 'r'...
  22. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope


  23. Vicgibopd

    Darn, I got the wrong line for the 't' and 'e'...
  24. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope


    It's always the o's!!!
  25. Vixtinope

    So close!!!
  26. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Previously catolotl

    ...I spend far too much time online.
  27. mhaoruhood

    LOL XD
    VaccineKitty likes this.
  28. SqyurleKoxer

    I have no idea where that 'y' came from.
  29. Swirled

    Swirled Previously Swirled

    Wow, still got it.
  30. Swrilrked

    Ahhh, so close :'|
  31. PrinvessPika

    :'| Almost got it.
  32. too blu 22

    Almost got it. Messed up numbers and misspelled. Also, spacing and capitals don't count, right?
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