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Type the name of the one above you without looking!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by 13InHeaven, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. I'm surprised no one did this yet.

    So basically, you type the name of the person above you, without looking!
    Let me try to type my own as an example:
    (Oh gosh I failed horribly)

    Have fun and go!
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  2. 13InHraven
    What is 'Hraven'?
  3. Mexka Who

    Welp, I was close I can say.
  4. Me nxc snk (I didn't look at my keyboard)

    I think I did good....
  5. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Auragolt97 WOW I DID IT NEARLY PERFECTLY and I'm on my iPads keyboard lol
  6. CosmicDreans

    What the heck?!? I had my frickin' EYES CLOSED!!!!
  7. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    LOL hax confirmed
  8. Cosmic Dreams
    Almost perfect. This space always get me.
  9. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Mecha who OMG does it count cuz I was using my phone so I couldn't put the capital thing
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  10. CosmicDreams. Somehow I managed to do it.
  11. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    GreninjaTrainer013 ez. who's next?
  12. Cosmicdyejd
    Well... uhhhh Close enough
  13. GdJbf 75
    I'm at my phone...
  14. Mechs Eho

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  15. Aurabolt97

    ...Close enough?
  16. Ironically, I was considering having the V be a B instead.


    Change your name RIGHT NOW, because that was embarrassing.
  17. AureVolt07

    Oh no, I have failed!
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  18. Sgunneribg

    Nailed it
  19. 779__drit
    Nailed It.
    I think.
  20. Shimering
    So close, but no biscuit.
  21. Glaceon trainer

    Whoa, did not expect that to work :p
  22. ndrewski2000

    So close.
  23. Shimmeribg

    NOOOOOOOOO!! I was so close!
  24. Glace on trainer

    Super close.
  25. Shimmering

    See kids, this is why you pay attention in computer class
  26. Abdr32dku2000

    God........that was horrible
  27. skull le kid

    I'm so awesome

    i swear i had nothing else to do
  28. Ribeeeimmee

  29. Peridot Pikipek

    It's almost perfect!
  30. shunnerubg

  31. Clemrntina

    #35 Random boi, Oct 1, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  32. Skull le kid

  33. Whimmering, huh came pretty close
  34. Koipa7000

    I'm almost giving up of this thing
  35. Skull le kid


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