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Ask to Join Type masters

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Water type, May 4, 2019.

  1. Once upon a time, in alola each island was separated into types, in the modern days that's not true since the Kahunas or guardians usually represent the island's type, but before each island had a different type.
    Mele mele: Steel
    Akala: Ground
    Ula'Ula: Ghost
    Poni: Flying
    But this was re discovered in the Ula'Ula library by a group of 4 kids that found out about this, chose an island, caught 6 Pokémon of that type, trained them and became the type masters of their respective type,the 4 kids were Aaron, Steel master, Marc, Ground master, Katy, Ghost master and Maria, Flying master. They also had a totem Pokémon to represent them: Aaron:Bisharp, Marc: Alolan Golem, Katy: Mismagius, Maria: Swellow.
    But later each island had more types,more people and more totem Pokémon to represent them.

    What you need make your own type master:

    Team: 3 Pokémon (for now of the same type you chose, dual typings count)
    Physical aspect:
    Totem Pokémon: (the same type you chose and as before dual typings count)
    Totem Pokémon location:

    Here's mine:

    Outfit:T-shirt and shorts.
    Personality:Creative, imaginative, smart, sporty, kind and friendly.
    Team: Prinplup,Corphish and Froakie.
    Physical aspect: Flat caramel hair, brown eyes, white skin, 4 feet tall.
    Island: Mele Mele.
    Totem Pokémon: Kingdra.
    Totem Pokémon location: A cave open to the sea.

    And by the way, the totem Pokémon is the whole line of that Pokémon, so for example: Kingdra would be horsea, seadra, and the totem Pokémon is the last stage of that Pokémon, so in this case kingdra.

    1. NO swearing.
    2.dont be negative towards each other.
    3. Have Fun!
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  2. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Oiaʻuhane
    Gender: Female
    Type: Psychic
    Outfit: A red dress with white floral print, Red flats (shoes), can often be seen holding a book that she is reading
    Personality: A huge bookworm, a smart alec, Always seems to know what someone is about to say
    Team: Abra, Ralts (later will catch an Eevee and a Pikachu and evolve them into the psychic evolutions)
    Physical aspect: Brown hair, down with a red hair clip in the front, pale skin, green eyes.
    Island: Poni
    Totem Pokémon: Metagross
    Age: 16
    Totem Pokémon location: On top of a small mountain
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  3. Name: Tabitha (Tabby)
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fairy
    Outfit: 5'1" A pink, long dress that goes down to pink flats, possibly ballet shoes, white gloves that go up to her shoulders.
    Personality: Quiet, but not shy. She's very patient and kind. She loves her friends, though lacking in them.
    Team: Floette (Blue), Cottonee, Comfey
    Physical aspect: Long, blonde hair, and pink contact lenses, pale complextion
    Island: Ula Ula
    Totem Pokémon: Ribimbee
    Age: 14
    Totem Pokémon location: In a flowery field
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Staff Member Administrator

    You do realize this is a discussion thread and not an actual RP thread, don't you.

    Thread moved to where it's supposed to be, and I STRONGLY suggest you read the rules prior to posting anything else.
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  5. Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Type: Dark
    Outfit: White tank with black shorts and black flat samples wrapped around her feet but the straps go up to wrap around her ankles. She wears a silver cross necklace around her neck and a gold and black rubric cube attached to her belt that was given to her by a friend in Unova. She wears a hooded black cape and wolf blue streaked mask to hide her appearance.
    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, Brave, Strongwilled, Strategic, Thinks before she acts
    Team: Blue(F)(Shiny Umbreon), Blade(F)(Absol), Geo(F)(Deino)
    Physical aspect: Light skinned,Dark brown long hair up in a ponytail with light blue eyes, right slightly blind but her bang covers it. She wears glasses upon her face. She is 5"4 in height with a well feminine build
    Island: Akala
    Totem Pokemon: Hydreigon
    Age: 18
    Totem Pokémon location: At the end of a cave appearing as a dead end surrounded by crystal lighting
    Other: Is the sister of Shadow

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Type: Electric
    Outfit: White buttoned down shirt with shorts and comfortable shoes. He wears a silver-black cross around his neck with a watch on his wrist. He wears a hooded cape and wolf gold streaked mask to hide his appearance.
    Personality: Brave, Calm, Overprotective(of his sister), Strongwilled
    Team: Sparkx(F)(Jolteon), Leo(F)(Shinx), Manancy(F)(Electrike)
    Physical aspect: Jet black hair that is slightly long in the back. He had gold-light blue eyes as a bang covers his gold one. He is 5"8 in height with a well masculine build.
    Island: Akala
    Totem Pokémon: Luxray
    Age: 19
    Totem Pokémon location: Near the Power plant that has a huge amount of electric power below the ground that bursts out electricity from time to time
    Other: Is the brother of JC
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  6. Name: Lipora
    Gender: Female
    Type: Ice
    Outfit: She wears a dark brown shirt with light blue sleeves and multicolour buttons. Has a medium length skirt the same colours as the shirt and wears a light brown belt that is holding some pens and pencils. She has high bright purple stalkings and some black boots. Around her neck she has a silver necklace in the shape of a snowflake that she thinks it was a gift from her parents.
    Personality: She is kind and friendly, a bit childish too. She tries to see the best in everyone, although she can hold massive grudges.
    Team: Alolan Sandslash (M), Alolan Vulpix (F), Beartic (M)
    Physical Aspect: She has long twin-tails that are a dark blue and the tips are a light blue (she says it's because of the cold, but no one actually knows why her hair is like that.) She is light skinned, with freckles splattered on her face. Her cheeks, nose and ears are always red, due to the cold. She has light blue eyes and her ears are deformed, which make them look like an elf's (she has the same explanation as for her hair, but no one actually knows why her ears are like that). She is skinny and is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
    Island: Ula'ula Island
    Totem Pokemon: Mamoswine
    Age: 14
    Totem Pokemon Location: On Mount Lanakila, in a cave near Lipora's hut.
    Other: She has been an orphan for as long as she can remember; She can resist the extreme cold, since her Pokemon have taught her how to; If she goes somewhere where it's too hot, she'll begin to have migraines.
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  7. thanks and I will read the rules

    you are accepted

    All of you are accepted!
    Tomorrow I will start the story

    I'm living in Spain so I might post before you wake up in the US or where ever you are
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  8. Thank you!
    Also, make sure to read the Global Rules and the Pokecmon Role Play Rules, so you don't leave out anything! :)
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  9. Do you want me to start now? I don't have much time so like 5-10 mins
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  10. No, take your time!
    A delayed post is always better than a rushed post.
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  11. Sorry but I have to go to bed now it's 22:15 more or less here so until tomorrow at 9-10 here so really early in the US like 3-4.

    I posted mine and then I saw yours, any way bye
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  12. I might consider joining this. And if I do, I call dibs on Dragon type.
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  13. Hm... Then I'll have a fun time freezing them. XD
  14. I chose Dragon because then I can use a recycled character who I think you may find interesting. Also, what are the limits on shiny Pokemon?
  15. Name: Teresa
    Gender: Female
    Type: Grass
    Outfit: Teresa wears purple leggings with double black straps that stretch down slightly passed her knees and a baby blue tank top. Her hands have leather biker gloves that stretch close to her elbows. In her right ear is a stud earring made of sapphire left by her mother (the other one was lost). Teresa often wears flip flops but has a pair of sneakers stored in her backpack if there were an occasion she needed them.
    Personality: Teresa is stoic and rather lonesome to say the least. She doesn't mind large crowds of people but would most prefer her own peace and quiet. When she has free time, she either meditates, performs yoga, or trains her Pokemon. Teresa is someone who drives to be one with her soul and have a deep spiritual bond with her Pokemon
    Team: Grovyle(M), Budew (F), Leafeon (F)
    Physical aspect: Teresa has skin color like desert sand and hair that is rose red. She prefers to have her hair in a french braid. She stands at 5'8" with a slim, yet fit, body of work. Her eyes are the color of chestnut.
    Island: Mele Mele Island
    Totem Pokémon: Ferrothorn
    Age: 17
    Totem Pokémon location: Stationed in an abandoned factory located underground
  16. Name: Iliau
    Gender: M
    Type: Bug
    Outfit: Light green tank top, and tan cargo shorts with black sandals. Sun symbol on the tank top, and also green shades.
    Personality: Upbeat and outgoing, usually saying things like "Sup dude." He's pretty chill, and loves handing out Buginium Z to those who pass his trial.
    Team: AraquanidM, HeracrossF, RibombeeF
    Physical aspect: Blonde, windswept hair with sorta fair skin. Small, but not too small with a fit body and lime green eyes.
    Island: Akala Island
    Totem Pokémon: Golisopod
    Age: 14
    Totem Pokémon location: In a forest that gets a lot of rain, near a lake/pond.
  17. All of you are accepted and shiny Pokémon are only accepted if you like that shiny so basically no limits.
  18. You being the person who is using the shiny
  19. Lliau was chilling with his best friend Shadow in Lliau's 2 hammocks having a coco smoothie, just relaxing, having fun,talking to each other about their favorite types, and why they like them so much. They played with their Pokémon, getting them to know each other, Lliau introduced Araquanid, Heracross and Ribombee to Shadow's Pokémon: Jolteon, Shinx and Electrike.
    They had lots of fun and wondered about a battle, but they left that till a bit later.

    Shadow wanted to introduce his sister, JC and her Pokémon, so they went Shadow's and JC's house and they met, showed their Pokémon, that is Lliau's to JC's and vice versa, Deino had a lot of fun with Heracross, Absol had a ton of fun with Araquanid, and shiny Umbreon had enjoyed playing with Ribombee.
    They also talked about their future Pokémon, Lliau was thinking about capturing a Golisopod, Shadow was eager to evolve his Shinx to a Luxray as soon as possible, and JC wanted to evolve her Deino into a Hydreigon.
  20. Is this like a plot? Or... I don't know what else it could be....:'|
    But speaking of plot, what events will occur that will bring these people together?
  21. Most likely Team Skull will be one good way to get some battles/other events to occur.
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  22. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    How about you need help finding your types, so you come to the library, where Oia'uhane is at, reading away. She could have her Beldum and Abra out (Metagross first form is Beldum for anyone who doesn't remember) and she is reading about actinet legends, and about psychic pokemon
  23. That would be good so let's just delete the comments in between and continue the story.
  24. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    You need to make a RP thread. This is a discussion thread, not a RP one. Sooo, you need to make another thread.
  25. Ok so I just make another thread,
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  26. But Stellar Wind Elsydeon told me he moved this to the right place
  27. I might as well make my bio.

    Name: Sterling Hercules
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Type: Dragon
    Outfit: He wears an open Black coat that goes down to his ankles and has fur along the neck, sleeves and bottom, underneath, he wears a Purple t shirt, Dark blue jeans and Brown strapped boots. When in battle or during trials, he tends to wear a fancy masquerade mask that covers the upper half of his face and makes his eyes look completely white.
    Personality: Sterling mainly comes off as a kind individual with a love for thrills or dangerous stunts, despite this, he can be very gentle and caring if he wants to be, but is never afraid to talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences.
    Team: Fraxure, Jangmo-o, Shelgon.
    Physical aspect: Somewhat Pale skin with royal Purple eyes and short Silver hair. His body appears athletic, but only faint signs of any muscle.
    Island: Poni
    Totem Pokémon: Dragonite
    Totem Pokémon location: In a deep cave within the Vast Poni Canyon with an area big enough for the totem to fly around in.

    Lemmie know if anything needs changing.
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  28. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    This is the right place for THIS thread. For ask to joins, you need a discussion thread so then you don't clutter the RP thread with Bios. Then you have the RP thread for Roleplaying. Sorry if this is confusing for you, but you will find all the RPs that I run has two threads for them one for RPing the other for talking about what to do for the story and joining requests
  29. So I make another thread which is RP, but then I have to type all of what I typed that is the intro to the RP, when Lliau is hanging out with shadow and all that, and will stellar say that the new thread isn't actually an RP like he did with this one?
  30. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    No, but I would refrain from atuoing (controlling someone else characters) it is also against the rules (and is just downright rude) unless LunarSivally gives you permission. That is a big no-no. (you might want to read the rules again)
  31. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    I would have joined, but it seems like every type i like have already picked up... From electric to ice.
  32. You could talk with the people who have those types to see if they let you, if so, it is fine with me
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  33. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Nah, this is fine
    Im not going to bother anyone just because they have type i have.
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  34. So, you joining?
  35. Have I been accepted? I made my bio and would like to know if the Pokemon I have are acceptable, if not, I can make one or two of them go down by one stage of their evolution.
  36. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

  37. Red Gallade you are accepted but I would change your team to not fully evolved Pokémon so like Shelgon hakomo-o and Axew.
  38. So two second stages and one first stage? Fine by me.
  39. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    @Lightning and sparklight list of pokemon types still available: Normal, Fighting, Rock, Poison, and Fire (just realized how few there are left)
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  40. Or 1 second stage and 2 first stages

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