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Ask to Join Type masters (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Water type, May 5, 2019.

  1. One day, Gregory was just hanging out in his house when he heard a loud bang on the door,
    He wondered what it was so he started walking towards the with his Pokémon: Corphish, Prinplup and Froakie, then suddenly: The church bell rang, it was five o'clock, he was going to be late for the Pokémon Battle Royale and wouldn't be able to see the masked royale!!!
    So he rushed out of the door but bumped into the delivery man who was the one at the door, he told him to leave the package inside and close the door, and ran off to get his money and bike, pedaled as fast as he could and when he got there the show had started, but luckily there was still a man waiting outside the entrance so he payed him and just got in, just in time, he hurried to get a seat, sat down and watched:
    Incineroar, Use darkest lariat!
    Golisipod, Water fall!
    Tsareena, Use magical leaf!
    Electivire, Thunder punch!
    A loud Aah was heard from the crowd when all the moves hit Incineroar, but the masked royale didn't give up:
    Incineroar, Malicious Moonsalt!
    When Incineroar used it and it landed, every Pokémon fainted, except for Electivire who had just disappeared, nobody knew what happened.
    When Gregory got home he opened his package and inside their was a Masked Royale suit and mask he had not remembered ordering it but he was glad. Below that Gregory found three more suits, and realized, that it was for his Pokémon.
    He was so pumped up he needed something to cool him down, a smoothie so he went to a lively, popular and at the same time relaxing bar and got a smoothie, but there was no place to sit so he payed, took the plastic cup with the smoothie and went outside and went back to his house when it started to snow, a cold bitter cold crept upon Gregory's shoulders, it also started to drizzle. Gregory felt lonely...
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  2. (Won't reply again for a while until after 3 to 4pm)
    She had received a package from someone and I am sure Shadow received the same thing. They went separate for a while as she opened it revealing a special wolf mask and hooded cape. She also noticed ones for her partner and teammates as she looked to Blue. "There is one for you too Blue" she smiled to her. "Umbre!" She smiled. She placed on her special wolf mask that was more blue streaked and a black hooded cape with blue streaks also on it. She had placed Blue's outfit on being a wolf mask as well but black and streaked with blue along with a small hooded cape to cover herself. She did so on all of her team members before packing up and headed out the door. "Lets go Blue or we will be late" She said sending out Gem who was also wears a mask but looked dragon like. She and Blue got on Gem before she flew off to the battle royale.

    Shadow on the other hand had the same outfit but gold streaked instead of blue on his wolf mask and cape. Sparkx wore a wolf mask as well but gold and white along with a small hooded cape streaked gold to hide herself. He rode on his Braviary Talon as he flew off to the Battle royale as well.-
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  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    A girl sat in the library. On the table in front of her, books were piled up. Three stacks could be seen, two were high, the other was about four books tall. There were also books just lying on the table. In her lap, there was a book titled Legends of Solgaleo and Lunala. She didn't believe any of the nonsense, but it was always fun to read mythology.
    Next to the girl sat an Abra, who seemed to be asleep. The girl would every once in a while look at the small yellow psychic-type pokemon. When she did, she would take the brown locks of hair that fell in her face, and brush it behind her ear. Then she would continue to read her book. She would get about halfway through the third chapter, then she would pick up a different book and place the book she was reading into the small pile. She hoped she could take some of these home with her, she needed more reading material. She already read every book in her house twice. The book she was reading now was called The Tabus and The Ultra Beasts. More myth, but still fun.
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  4. "Come on, just a little more!" A girly voice could be heard from a small hut. On the roof of the hut, a Vulpix could be seen moving a TV antenna. "That's it! Leave it like that!" The Vulpix sighed happy and jumped down. She went through an open window and walked over to a couch. She jumped on it and sat next to an elf like girl. "Thank you, Vulpix!" Lipora said as she patted the small Pokemon's head. She looked at the small TV, that was on a small table, that was in the middle of the room and continued "The Pokemon Battle Royale is about to start! I can't wait to see... Whatever is Royal about it!" She grinned as a man began to talk about the events that are about to occur.
    In her hut there was a lot of stuff, who were gifted to her by her closest friends. (they were her closest friends because they were basically her only friends, since nobody really acknowledged her existence, because not a lot of people ventured on this mountain.) She had 3 old books on the floor, a pencil case next to the TV, she had some small fans on a bookshelf, which were next to a Rowlet doll. The hut was quite small, but Lipora loved it no matter what.
  5. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck, thunder was heard and all the electricity shut down, this was the begging of a big thunder storm that affected all of the islands.
    Lipora's TV, and Gregory's TV who was just watching alolan detective Lucky.
    Just when he was about to reveal the culprit!!!
    Gregory said in an annoyed voice.

    Once the thunder storm stopped, Gregory flew over to Ula'Ula on a ride Pokémon that was Dragonite, once on Ula'Ula Gregory went to Lanakila and practice for the sledding competition with Prinplup, Corphish and Froakie... He wanted Froakie to evolve into Frogadier, so he walked around to see if any body was there...
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  6. Shadow was going to the battle royale but seemed to change his mind after that power outage. He changed course as he changed to his normal wolf mask and cape. In order to investigate, he needed to see much higher ground and it was Lanakila, the tallest mountain. Talon flew up to Lanakila before seeming to land folding his wings. He got off Talon as well as Sparkx before looking at the scenary. "That power outage must have came from somewhere Sparkx" he asked her. "Jolt!" She answered looking at it as well. "Braviary!" Talon answered looking at it with them.-

    She came to a stop as Blue seemed to see the power going out. She looked up to her trainer before seeing her look down at her. "I saw it too Blue don't worry, I suggest we investigate the area" she said to Blue. "Umbre!" She nodded her head before walking in a different direction as she seemed to have changed to her normal mask and hooded cape.-
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  7. The view from the beach of Hau'oli City was a sight to behold. The beautiful waves of seawater crashing against the sand. Residents and tourists chatter and playing. The beach was rather crowded. However, there was an older teen further off from shore, vigorously stroking through the water. Teresa, with a expression harder than stone, powered through the currents of water, pushing her body to the very limit and beyond. "Faster, faster. Keep going, you're almost done." Thoughts raced through her mind as she powered her workout. "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." A loud beeping sound called from the watch on her wrist, prompting her to stop. Teresa relaxed for a moment before making her way back to shore.

    Exhaustion ruled over her when she finally reached land. Waiting for her was a tiny Budew, excited from watching her trainer return. She took a moment to rest on her towel before a drizzle of rain began pelting her face. "That's strange. I don't remember there being rain on the forecast." Teresa got up to pack her things when a surging shock began coursing through her right leg. Teresa collapsed onto a knee and began clutching her thigh in agony. Budew, along with some surrounding beach goers, noticed Teresa in pain. Some even offered to help her out. "No no. I'm fine. I'm just dealing with a cramp. I can handle it." She waved off any concerned people and continued packing her belongings. Teresa slightly hobbled on, desperately trying mask the pain she was feeling. Budew expressed concern but waddled along side her. There wasn't anything she could do anyways.

    Teresa finally make it home. The thunderstorm raged outside while Teresa showered off the seawater o her body and in her hair. Not much longer, she emerged from the bathroom in a bathroom. Waiting outside was the Budew, bouncing around anxiously. "What's up? Is there something wrong?" Almost immediately, Budew made a dash for the front door. Teresa's leg had felt better but the discomfort remained as did her limp. She opened the front door and immediately notice that the thunderstorm had ended. Without a second thought, her eyes landed on a package at the edge of the door. She pulled in the package and opened with Budew bouncing around in anticipation. Inside were multiple sets of suits and masks, though one set was noticeably larger than the rest. "I remember seeing these. Those battle royale participant people wear these things." Teresa lifted a mask, one that resembled that of a plague doctor's, and an all black poncho that stretched all the way down to her knees. She stared slightly disturbed by the combo but set her sights on Budew, who'd taken it upon herself to equip a silver masquerade style mask. Budew bounced around with joy, which prompted a chuckle from Teresa. "So. They want me to participate in one of the royales huh?"
  8. She and Blue continued to walk around investigating before they seemed to look up seeing the clouds gray. "Hm, looks like it is going to rain soon" "Umbreon?("appears so, should we head back home JC?") Blue asked her. "Hm, if it starts to pour hard then we will head home but for now lets keep looking then we can head back to the battle royale, I have been wanting to battle with my style for quiet a while" she answered. "Umbreon!("Sounds like a plan, I'm always ready for battle hehe") Blue chuckled as she said so. "I know you are Blue, I can always count on you in battle"she said looking down to her giving a smile.

    He noticed the sky going gray before he looked down to Sparkx. "I can smell the rain, maybe if it thunders the power may go on again. What do you think Sparkx?" He asked her. "Jolt! Jolteon!" She said smiling gently as she sat down but Talon was a bit uncomfortable. "You alright Talon? Want to return back into your Pokeball?" He asked the red and white bird. "Braviary!" He nodded no to say he was fine just uncomfortable.-
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  9. Gregory walked and walked on Lanakila but finally gave up and flew back on Dragonite to Mele Mele, and did some training with his Pokémon:
    Froakie, use quick atack on Prinplup!
    Prinplup, use metal claw to counter it!
    Good job! But don't waste time Froakie, use water pulse!
    Prinplup, use icy wind now!
    Froakie dodge and use pound!
    Now Prinplup! Use bubble!
    Froakie, is unable to battle, Prinplup is the winner! Froakie here eat this it will make you feel better said Gregory to his cute Froakie who was licking himself. Hey, Corphish, want to battle Prinplup?
    Cor! Phish! Ok then you two ready? Set, Go!
    Prinplup, use Metal claw!
    Corphish, night slash!
    Now Prinplup, icy wind!
    Corphish knock it off with knock off!
    Prinplup, careful, use metal claw!
    Corphish, protect!
    Now Corphish, finish if of with night slash!
    Prinplup is unable to battle! Corphish is the winner!
    Good job, all three of you. Soon, Froakie, you'll evolve into Frogadier!
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  10. Shadow looked to Sparkx again than to Talon his Braviary. "Hm seems to have stopped, come on Sparkx, time for training with Leo and Manancy" he told her. "Jolt!" Sparkx smiled before getting on Talon as they flew off to an area to train. Once Talon landed he returned him so he wouldn't be hurt by his electric type Pokemon while training. He threw out Manancy and Leo before an Electrike and Shinx appeared out. "Alright girls, its time for your training, are you ready?"Shadow said looking to them. "Jolt!" "Shinx!" "Electrike!" They smiled to him before they started training with each other.

    JC on the other hand was still investigating around the area before she saw it was clear now. "Hm, seems to have cleared, how about some training Blue? "Umbre!("I would love too!") Blue answered smiling before following her as they started training in a secret area with Blade her Absol and Geo her Deino to try and get her to evolve into Zwelious.-
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  11. "Not again!" Lipora yelled angry as the power went out. "Ugh, of course that happens to me! Let's take a stroll outside to pass the time until the power comes back on." She grabbed her Vulpix and went outside, where it was really cold, as usual. They wandered around for a bit, happily waving at the Pokémon who they came across. Lipora knew most of them, since she had lived on this mountain her entire life. She suddenly heard someone shouting commands and whispered to her Vulpix "I think there's someone out there and I don't recognize their voice! Quick, this way!" She went through the forest until she found a guy that seemed a little older than her who appeared to be training. She was watching him from the shadows, not making a sound and not making a move that would reveal herself. "A new person!" Lipora thought with a smile. "I haven't seen them around here before! When the time comes, I'll introduce myself!" She continued to watch the guy with the mask and the cape, waiting for an opportunity.
  12. Gregory now that he trained his Pokémon and decided that he would go back to Lanakila and search, so he went back on Dragonite and flew over, and decided to have a walk, then he thought he heard a voice but it was just him imagining, so he just continued walking until...
  13. He was training with Manancy and Leo for now as Sparkx just watched but her ear seemed to flick at a sudden sound as her nose picked up an unfamiliar scent as if someone or something was watching them. She stood up while Shadow was distracted as she lowered her head down to sniff the ground before the scent caught a bush. She bent a bit before leaping over it feeling herself knock somebody over to the ground "Jolteon!" She said before seeing it was just a girl and her Vulpix. She quickly got off her before she moved her head in confusion. "Jolteon?" She said looking at the girl.

    She was training with Geo her Deino with Blade her Absol while Blue sat down behind her watching them train as she was already trained enough. She was on high alert though ears perking high. "Geo, Dragon pulse! Blade Psycho cut!"she commanded. "Sol!" "Deino!" The girls said using their attacks both dodging. "Well done girls again!" She commanded as Blade and Geo went at it again.-
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  14. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    The girl closed the book in her lap and looked at the white vaulted popcorn ceiling. She could tell it was getting late, she didn't need the clock for that, but she checked anyway, to see if she could squeeze any more time in. The answer was no. 3:15, it was time for her to return home and help prepare dinner. She angerly blew air from her nose, her face still having an unreadable expression. "Abby, it's time." The Abra in the chair perked up at her trainer's voice. The girl picked up a stack of books while Abby took another pile and used teleport to bring them to the 'return to shelves' cart. Abby teleported back to her trainer and picked up another pile of books. "I think I restrained myself this time." The girl said to her pokemon as she checked out the books.
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  15. In the room stood Teresa, Budew, a Grovyle, and a Leafeon, all donning the costumes mysteriously sent to Teresa. She was checking herself out in the mirror, examining every aspect of her costume, somewhat amused at how she looks. On the wall stood the Grovyle, eyes closed and arms crossed. He coolly wore an outfit similar to Teresa's, except in maroon. The Leafeon sat and watched Teresa curiously. She a bandana on her head with holes cut out for her ears and eyes. Budew continuously bounced around in joy with her masquerade mask on.

    "I'm not gonna lie, this 'battle royale' thing sounds interesting but I don't know if any of us are ready. I mean, I've trained you guys but we've never really had so much as a serious battle." Budew and Leafeon let out a slight whine to Teresa's response. Grovyle didn't so much as a reaction. Teresa sighed and stood against a wall to think for a few moments. "I guess nothing could go wrong. But we have to do some serious training if we're really gonna do this thing." Budew went back to bouncing in joy and Leafeon let out a joyful cry. Even Grovyle was prompted to smile.

    Teresa removed her, along with her Pokemons' costumes and returned all but Budew to their pokeballs. She took in a breath of air, grabbed her bag, and left out the front door. In her arms was Budew as she to Route 2. She still felt some major tightness in her thigh but ignored it. Right now, training her Pokemon was her top priority.
  16. Lipora looked curiously at Sparkx, until she knocked her and Vulpix over. She rubbed her back and mumbled "Ow, the ground is hard... Oh wait, I landed in snow. It didn't hurt!" She chuckled and looked at the Pokémon. Lipora gasped as she saw the Jolteon. She immediately began to pet it and said with a smile "You are so cute!!!" She got up, put Vulpix on her head, walked out of the forest and went over to the man with the mask and cape. "Hello, newcomer! I haven't seen you around here before! You have got a cute Jolteon!" She stretched out her hand to him and smiled.
  17. Sparkx smiled leaping over to Shadow onto his shoulders balancing. "Jolteon!" She said smiling to the girl. Shadow turned around seeing the girl as he gave a gentle smile taking her hand shaking it. "Greetings young lady and yes she is adorable isn't she, right Sparkx"he said looking to the Jolteon. "Jolt!" She smiled as Leo and Manancy saw her as well smiling. "Yes I am new around here since I don't usually show myself out in the open like this and same with my sister. There are reasons for it however so she hides herself pretty well then I do and her rare partner that walks along side her when I am not around" Shadow said as Spark jumped off his shoulder to sit down next to him. "However, what's your name young lady?" He asked her.-
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  18. Gregory heard these voices and knew something was happening, so he flung around and saw the cutest thing ever: a vulpix and a jolteon! He ran over to them but paid no attention to the people that were watching, so when Gregory started petting them like mad, he just realized they must belong to someone so he looked up and saw two trainers, He greeted them with a smile,
    I'm sorry I paid no attention to you but I just fell in love with vulpix and jolteon, anyway, my name is Gregory, I've got a Prinplup, a Froakie and a Corphish, what are your names?
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  19. "Hello there! My name is Lipora and I live on this mountain!" Lipora said with a smile to the stranger and her ears moved a bit, showing that she is happy. "Lanakila is a pretty place, it's filled with Pokémon! And the best part is that here is always col-" She stopped when she heard her Vulpix hiss at someone. She looked in that direction and saw a young boy who appeared out of nowhere. "There sure are a lot of newcomers this day! My name is Lipora!" Her elf-looking ears moved again.
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  20. He chuckled. "Thank you Sparkx is quite an appealing lady, I'm Shadow and this is Sparkx my partner and those two girls are Leo the Luxray and Manancy the Electrike. I'm just doing some training with them." He said looking to the boy. "If you seem to like how adorable Sparkx and Vulpix are then you might fall in love with my sisters partner and a pretty rare one indeed" he added as he saw Sparkx walk around the boy named Gregory before sitting down in front of him smiling gently. "Jolt!" She answered. Leo and Manancy smiled as well until Leo shined in a bright light evolving into Luxio. "Luxio!" Leo said smiling. "Leo you evolved! Well done, the training paid off" he smiled to Leo gently petting her. "Luxio!" She purred.

    She was still training with Geo and Blade until her training worked as Geo evolved into Zwelious. "Well done Geo" she smiled gently looking to her through her mask. "Zwel!" She smiled having to heads now. "Umbre!("Congrates Geo") Blue answered smiling. "Sol!("Look how strong you are") Blade said. "Zwel!("Thank you Blue, Blade, and JC") Geo said smiling. Suddenly however a group of grunts appear before her as Blue, Blade, and Geo stood in front of her. "You guys never quit do you!" She said sharply. "Umbre!" "Absol!" "Zwelious!".

    Blue Shadow ball! Blade Fire blast! Geo Dragon pulse!" The girls leaped up as three moves hit directly to their Pokemon. Sparkx suddenly felt tense with a bad feeling as she looked around walking back and forth.-
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  21. "In..... Out..... In..... Out....." Calming acoustics played from a mini stereo while Teresa and her fellow performed yoga, standing on one leg while stretching her other leg high above her head. Leafeon and Budew weren't able to contort their bodies as Teresa and Grovyle were able to due to their anatomy. Instead, they invented their own form of yoga, which honestly didn't accomplish much for them. "3... 2... 1... And stop." Teresa gently lowered her leg before sitting down and sitting on the ground. "Okay everyone, take a moment to rest before we get to training. This isn't going to be like usual. We have some serious competition ahead of us so I have to push you 3 to your very limits if we want to have so much as a chance." Grovyle and Leafeon nodded firmly, understanding the road ahead. Budew was the only one who was nervous. She was easily the smallest and weakest of the bunch and could barely keep up in the regular training she received, often holding up each session.
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    The girl called for her parent's Lapras. She didn't have a flying type big enough for both her and Abby, and Abby was too tired to teleport them all the way back to Poni Island, for they were on Ula'ula at the moment. Abby was able to teleport them to the docks of Ula'ula, but no further. Abby went to sleep soon after. "Nessie! Over here! We need to go home." The girl called to the faithful water type. The girl put her books in a water-proof bag and woke Abby up, so the she could hop on Nessie. She glared at her watch, why did she have to help with dinner?
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  23. Lipora eyes went wide as the little Shinx evolved into a beautiful Luxio. "Wow! It evolved!" She said amazed. Her Vulpix stopped looking angry at Gregory and looked in the direction of the newly evolved Pokémon. They didn't get to admire it much, since it started to snow. Lipora looked up surprised, but then stretched her arms happily. "It's so nice when it snows!" She said with a smile. It was pretty cold now, and others might start getting chilly. But not her; she loved the cold.
  24. Shadow just smiled looking up seeing the Snow fall lightly. This reminded him of the time his sister and himself played in the Snow when Blue and Sparkx were just Eevee's. "My sister and I use to always play in the snow when we were kids, Blue and Sparkx were just Eevee then and had our father at that time....Hm I don't mind the cold really....right girls..." He said looking to Manancy and Leo, his newly evolved Luxio. "Luxio!" "Electrike!" They said smiling but had looked to Sparkx pacing back and forth. "Sparkx? What's the matter?" He asked his partner. "Jolt! Jolteon!" She said turning to face him worried look in her eyes. "Now I have a bad feeling, Sparkx is uneasy and I know why" he said but before he could move a bush suddenly russled before the movement leaped out as the glow of Blue rings came to view then gold eyes in a sudden mist before it cleared revealing a shiny Umbreon with a blue and black flower on her right ear. "Blue! What are you doing by yourself!? Why aren't you with my sister!?"he asked her seeing a slight injury red mark on her leg. "Umbre! Umbreon!" Blue said slightly limping towards Shadow eyes filled with worry.

    He bent down her level gently placing his hand on her head. "I can't understand you like JC can"he said before he pulled out a super potion as she gave him her leg spraying it on the injury as she flinched slightly feeling the sting before wrapping it. He stood up clenching his fist. "Something is terribly wrong and Blue being here injured proves it!"he said his voice a bit angry.-
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  25. As Shadow spoke, Lipora quietly nodded. She wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about, but she was used to that. She was about to say something when Blue limped to them. When he started speaking about a 'JC' and something bad happening, she was even more confused than before. She didn't want to interfere, since the masked man seemed pretty angry. She took a step back and watched the scene.
  26. He realized his anger maybe scarying them as he sighed taking a breath to calm himself. "My apologizes, if I scared you its just went I have this bad feeling about by sister JC's safety and only Blue her partner which is this Shiny Umbreon here is by herself I get angry because I'm literally over protective of her....Damn it....I don't know where she is......and with Blue injured here it may be hard for her to travel on foot...since she only knows the way to her....Leo, Manancy return for now, we will continue training later" "Luxio...." "Electrike..." They both nodded before being sucked into the Pokeball. He put them away before speaking again. "I need your help Lipora and Gregory....I can't do this on my own even if I wanted to. She maybe in danger but I won't know until I see it myself just by feeling where she was last....Blue you think you can run to the area where she was last?" He asked her. "Umbreon!"she nodded before looking to Sparkx. "Jolt!" "You can assist her Sparkx if she needs help with walking" he said before turning her head to them. "If you guys want to help me you can with the help of a friend that is not within my type element" he said pulling out a Ultra ball throwing it revealing a Braviary named Talon. "Braviary!" He said. "Talon, you think you can give us a ride somewhere my friend?" "Brave!" He answered nodding before he let Shadow on.-
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  27. Ouch! I just stepped on an ice stone! Do you want It Lipora?
    You can give it to vulpix so it evolves, here keep it, and when you two are ready, give it to him!
    And I've wanted to evolve my Froakie and I'm sure he's about to do it, do you care for a battle before we leave?
  28. Lipora was about to say something when Gregory spoke. Her Vulpix rolled her eyes and whispered something to her trainer. Lipora nodded and said with a serious expression "We don't have time for that!" She took a closer look at the Ice Stone and said "And this is just some ice!" She took it and threw it to the side. She looked back at Shadow and said "I would be happy to help you!" Her ears moved again, but this time they showed she was determined.
  29. He gave a smile before getting on Talon's back before he extended his hand our to Lipora. "Come on, I need to investigate in the area where my sister was last in order to know what happened" he said as Blue and Sparkx waited for them to be ready before they leaped off.

    She huffed as her mask was thrown off in the area she fled from being slightly hurt as the mask left a smudge of her blood on it. She panted as she told Blue to go ahead and find Shadow so Blade her Absol was taking her partnership for now until she returned with help. All she had was the hooded cape but it was risky because her face could be easily revealed and not only that her shoulder was also hurt from being hit by one of the Houndoom's claws running from these strong grunts people. "Blade we need to stale them until Blue returns" "Sol! ("Don't worry, I'll make sure your unharmed from any hits!) Blade said to her before she saw more Houndoom coming. "Blade Water Pulse!" "Sol!" Blade unleashed multiple Water pulse directly hitting the Houndoom before she and JC ran off again. She knew she needed another team member if she was going to be even able to take them down.-
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  30. "Come on, Budew I know you can keep going! Leafeon, run harder! I've seen you warm up faster than this." Teresa's boot camp was in full swing and she stayed true to her word when she said it'd be difficult. Budew struggled mightily while running laps up and down Route 2. Sweat pour down her minuscule frame as she hobbled her tiny feet back in forth, trying to keep the same stride. Leafeon, on the other hand, endured her workout better. She ran sprints back and forth, down the route with fierce determination. "Okay Grovyle, rest time is over. Time to get back to work." Laying spread eagle just a few feet from Teresa was Grovyle, still trying to catch his breath from his workout. Teresa put some distance between her and Grovyle, holding 3 clay discs in each hand as Grovyle made his way to his feet. "Ready... Go!" With righteous fury, Teresa began launching the clay discs, one by one towards Grovyle. His cunning instincts shined as he almost effortlessly slices through each disc, one by one, using his Leaf Blade. Just as he cut through the disc, Grovyle took off sprint with a burst of speed to a nearby boulder. He reached the boulder and pressed his body against it in an attempt to move it. It wouldn't budge at first, but Grovyle kept digging his feet into the ground and eventually made some progress.

    "Come on guys, you're almost done! Just push through this last stretch." The sound of her voice alone prompted a burst of energy from all 3 of her Pokemon. Budew's strides grew wider, Leafeon's sprints were swifter, and Grovyle powered the boulder further. A beeping sound from Teresa's watch caused each Pokemon to simultaneously collapse onto the ground. A faint, but warm smile emerged on Teresa's face. She was proud of the progress her Pokemon were making. Teresa carried both Budew and Leafeon over to Grovyle. All Pokemon extremely low on breath and sweating from their bones. "You guys did amazing. Here, I have something special for all of you." Teresa's Pokemon watched curiously as she dug into her bag and pulled out a few items. All of their glowed as she revealed lavender incense for Budew, a container of Blue Moon Ice Cream for Grovyle, and flower crown of roses for Leafeon.
  31. Lipora smiled as she took Shadow's hand and got on his Braviary. She patted Vulpix's head and asked "Are you ready, Vulpix?" Her Vulpix nodded and listened to Lipora continue "We will go somewhere that is much warmer than this mountain. Get ready!" Her Vulpix nodded once again and Lipora smiled. She was a bit worried. When she left her mountain the last time, she began feeling very weak and her head started to hurt. But that didn't stop her from wanting to help someone.
  32. He looked back to her. "Hold on to me tight" he said before patting Talon's neck. He nodded before opening his wings and took fliet. Blue and Sparkx quickly leaped off through the forest as Talon could see them clearly in the air. "Follow them Talon" he said to him. "Brave!"he said picking up his fliet speed. It seemed to be awhile before they no longer saw snow. He looked down seeing Blue and Sparkx come to a stop before patting Talon's neck to land. He nodded before lowering himself to the ground flapping his wings to slow himself before his talons touched the ground closing his wings. He got off Talon before helping Lipora down as he approached Blue and Sparkx. "Is it here Blue?" He asked her. Blue nodded to him before clearing a secret path as she walked ahead quickly. "Come, lets go" he said to Lipora before walking ahead with Sparkx following behind him. Blue kept going before stopped at the area JC was last since as she instantly walked over to the white wolf blue streaked mask that was on the ground before she sat down. He looked to Blue seeing his sisters mask on the ground slightly smudged with blood. He walked over before gently picking it up investigating it. "This is JC's mask, something is very wrong, she would never take off her mask unless if it was for a good reason..." He said worry in his eyes but was hidden by the mask. He clinched one of his fists before suddenly punching a tree causing his knuckles to bleed a bit but at the moment he didn't seem to care. He body sudden tensed as tears fell but the mask hid it well. "I need to find out what happened...and I know just exactly how to do it..." He said.-
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  33. Lipora smiled as the Braviary took off. She ignored Shadow's advice and threw her arms in the air as Talon's flight speed increased. When they arrived, she hopped off the bird, making sure Vulpix was still on her head. She was breathing coldly on Lipora, since her body wasn't used to warm areas. She approached Shadow, who seemed pretty stressed out by the disappearence of a 'JC'. "Mr. Masked Man, did something wrong happened? You seem quite sad..."
  34. He raised his hand up to wipe his tears before sighing looking to Lipora. He chuckled giving a smile. "Mr. Masked man huh, just call me Shadow hehe but really I'm fine...just worried about my sister I promised myself that I would protect her and I failed however Lipora..." He glanced to her placing his hand on his mask moving it to the side causing his hood to fall revealing his face before placing his hand on her head. "You look pale, you should take care better care of yourself, a young girl like you shouldn't stress yourself" he said giving his gentle smile to her as it was able to be seen before he removed his hand from her head before taking his mask off his head and placed it on the ground. "Blue I am going to need your help just for the moment with your Psychic then I'll take it from there" he asked her. "Umbre!" She nodded before sitting down in front of him. He took a breath closing his eyes as Blue used Psychic as her eyes glowed complete blue without her pupils. He reached his hand to touch his sister's mask remained silent patiently waiting for it to trigger him. Sparkx sat down watching Shadow having eyes of determination.

    She panted looking back at her as she could see that she lost them. She quickly looked to Blade then back to look around her surroundings. "Lets hide in there Blade" "Sol!" She said following her into a cave to lose them completely.-
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  35. As Shadow talked to Lipora, she nodded slightly. "Shadow, I got it!" She said with a smile. As he and the Shiny Umbreon started talking, she got confused. "Okay... So, what's he doing?" She thought to herself. "He's touching his sister's mask while the Blue is using Psychic. He's waiting for something to happen. Maybe I should say something.... No, I'll interfere in his attempt of... Summoning his sister or something." She just looked at him, waiting for the mask to talk to him or something like that. Vulpix felt that they weren't moving anymore and looked at the scene. Then, Lipora's head started to hurt. She started breathing heavily because of the pain. Vulpix noticed that and resumed breathing cold winds on her, easing her pain.
  36. Fine, if they leave they leave, and I will have to train myself, ok, let's start.
    Froakie, Corphish, you two ready?
    Froakie, quick atack!
    Corphish, use knock off!
    No Froakie! Use water pulse!
    Corphish, use protect, then follow it up with night slash!
    Froakie!!! No! Can you continue? Yes? Then let's go!
    Froakie, pound!
    Corphish use... What? Froakie, that was thief you know, not pound, well that's good you learnt a new move, let's go on.
    Froakie, thief!
    Corphish use... now what? What happened? What's wrong Corphish? Can you use...you used surf? That's amazing! Good job!
    I think that's enough don't you? Froakie! No ok let's do this!
    Froakie, use surf!
    Corphish, protect, and then knock off!
    Now Froakie, pound!
    Corphish, use night slash!
    Froakie and Corphish are unable to battle! Here Froakie, Corphish, take a revive. Good now can I use surf on you, Prinplup? Prin! Ok.
    Froakie, surf!
    Just what I expected, you evolved into Frogadier! I'm so pleased! Now we need you Corphish, to evolve.
  37. Suddenly it came to him the events that happened in this area where JC was placed. Blue stopped her Psychic before watching Shadow closely. He flinched slightly feeling in pain as this was coming to him. He stood up stepping back quite a bit before opening his light blue eye. "I know what happened here with my sister JC, she's being chased and she's injured which explains the blood smudge on her mask....Hm I need Talon's help" he said looking to him. "Talon scout the air, let me knownif you find JC"he commanded. "Brave!" He nodded before flying off.

    Shadow looked to Lipora seeing how pale she was and about to collapse. He gently caught her from falling placing his hand on her head. "You should take it easy for a while, you have a slight fever but don't worry I'll help you with that" he said gently lifting her up bridal style. "Rest there Vulpix, you can use my shoulder if you want to"he said signalling Blue and Sparkx to come as Blue grabbed JC's mask while Sparkx grabbed his following behind. He made his way to a cottage he found to take refuge for nights. He made his way inside before putting her down on the couch. He went to the cabinet pulling out a medication he used for JC when she was sick with a fever. He handed the small cup to her and water. "Here take this, it will help your fever a bit and here's water. Its a bit bitter I'm afraid sorry but this is what a used for JC was she was sick with a fever" he said sitting down next to her as Sparkx leaped on his lap while Blue sat on the floor.

    She panted from lack of breath as Blade kept up with her. She made her way out of the forest before coming to a clear clearing. "We got away...but not unhinged...especially me"she said looking to Blade. "Sol....("Your hurt JC") Blade said worried. "Don't worry Blade its just a small injury" she said looking around under her hood since she dropped her mask back in the forest. She continued to walk hand on shoulder as it was being covered in her blood. She kept looking as did Blade before she saw a male trainer training. Maybe she could ask him for help and about Shadow if he has seen him. She walked up silently watching him as Blade sat down watching with her but was more concerned of her injury at her shoulder which her hand was placed.-
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  38. Teresa and her Pokemon had made their way to Seaward Cave for some quality time away from society. She held Budew in her arms where she joyfully juggled the incense she'd received. Grovyle had nearly finished his ice cream and Leafeon proudly wore her crown, adapting a royal attitude to match. Teresa sat with her legs hanging below a ledge. "Why was I invited? What's so special about me that could make anyone even consider me a candidate for a battle royale? It's so weird." Teresa's toes circled in the water below. She enjoyed coming here every so often, whether to get away from everyone or just to watch the wild Pokemon play.
  39. "A fever? Oh no, that's not iiiiiiiiiit!" Lipora said surprised as Shadow picked her up. Vulpix nearly fell of her head, but she jumped on Shadow's shoulder. As they got to the abandoned cottage and Shadow put her down, Vulpix jumped back onto her head. Lipora felt from that moment that her head was about to explode. "Uh, thanks Shadow Hehe," She said as she took the medicine and the water. "but I think you got it wrong. I don't have a... fever, you said? It's just that this happens when I leave Lanakila." She smiled at him and then drank the water. "Vulpix, a little help here?" Vulpix nodded and froze the medicine inside the cup. "I haven't heard about medicine or bitter before, but I'll trust you!" She got the now frozen medicine out of the cup and onto her hands and began licking it. At the fourth lick, she suddenly stopped because she felt like her neck and tongue died. "Ew! Is this what bitter tastes like! It's gross!" She stood there for a second before she started licking again. When she stopped, she looked at Shadow and said "Thanks Mr. Shadow Hehe! I really enjoyed that medicine! But if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you a question!... How is it like having a sister? I don't have one, or any parents for that matter, but I'd like to know!"
  40. Shadow chuckled. "I told you so and well if your a brother to her its someone you must protect no matter what and always support her. We rarely fight since we have a good relationship unless its about her safety hehe she hates being treated like a kid especially the age she is but once you get to know her she's really good to be around with. She's actually a really excellent strategist and even of I tried to battle her I end up losing because of her battle style, it always changes" he said smiling. "Also your welcome, sorry about lifting you up" he said before standing up. "Once you a bit better to stand, you can go outside and watch me train if you like" he smiled gently before walking outside Sparkx following him.-
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