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DPPt/HGSS Two things to ask yah, Doc

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Weavile, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Ok, so, one is, I'm trying to make a Seel egg hatch, what's it's best movest for it? I dunno anything about it, it's an egg. The second thing is, I'm trying to catch a Moltress, my team is, excluding the egg....

    Sneasel: Jolly Nature, level 31 (Training it, so it doesn't really matter), Kabutops level 58, Lovely Nature, 160 HP, 181 Attack, 132 Defence, 91 Special Attack, 101 Special Defence, 133 Speed, Movest: Waterfall, Slash, Surf, Cut (My HM Slave/Crazy thing), Charizard level 58, Jolly Nature, 170 HP, 127 Attack, 114 Defence, 136 Special Attack, 112 Special Defence, 155 Speed, Movest: Fire Blast, Fly, Wing Attack, Earthquake, Zapdos, Level 59, Lax Nature, 191 HP, 123 Attack, 134 Defence, 164 Special Attack, 105 Special Defence, 127 Speed, Movest: Shock Wave, Detect, Drill Peck, Thunder Wave, Raichu, Level 59, Gentle Nature, 155 HP, 138 Attack, 71 Defence, 123 Special attack, 129 Special Defence, 174 Speed. Well, that's my team, what do I do to catch the Fire Bird? Oh yeah, I used my master ball already.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Well, I'm not the Doc, but I can help... First, get a lot of Ultra Balls. I guess 20-30 will do. Go to Moltres' location. Save before you fight it. Just keeping knocking off chunks of it's HP, the lower you can get without KO'ing it, the better. For the catch, I recommend Paralyzing or making it fall asleep. I discourage poisoning it. Once that has happened, just keep throwing balls at it. You'll catch it eventually, just be patient.

    If you accidentally KO it, or run out of balls, simply restart the game and try again.

    As for a Dewgong move-set... Sem isn't really good with movesets, but he's gonna take a crack at it to see how he does. That way I can see the better move-sets so I can improve myself. So wait till someone better than Sem posts a good move-set, then you start training it.

    Hold Item: Leftovers/Chesto Berry.
    Nature: Hardy/Docile/Serious/Bashful/Quirky.
    -Ice Beam
    -Substitute/Double Team
    -Signal Beam/Some water move like Surf.
    Also, that paragraph of stats and attacks is scary. Next time do this:

    -Jolly Nature,
    -level 31
    (Training it, so it doesn't really matter),

    -level 58,
    -Lovely Nature,
    =160 HP,
    =181 Attack,
    =132 Defence,
    =91 Special Attack,
    =101 Special Defence,
    =133 Speed,
    (My HM Slave/Crazy thing),

    -level 58,
    -Jolly Nature,
    =170 HP,
    =127 Attack,
    =114 Defence,
    =136 Special Attack,
    =112 Special Defence,
    =155 Speed,
    -Fire Blast,
    -Wing Attack,

    -Level 59,
    -Lax Nature,
    =191 HP,
    =123 Attack,
    =134 Defence,
    =164 Special Attack,
    =105 Special Defence,
    =127 Speed,
    -Shock Wave,
    -Drill Peck,
    -Thunder Wave,

    -Level 59,
    -Gentle Nature,
    =155 HP,
    =138 Attack,
    =71 Defence,
    =123 Special attack,
    =129 Special Defence,
    =174 Speed.
    You forgot Raichu's move-set...

    Anyway, just spread everything out so its easier to read. You don't need bold, italics, dashes, anything like that though, Sem just likes to be fancy. ^^
  3. Thanks Sem, and now, I have ANOTHER Question to ask, except this one's for Pokemon Emerald. Well, my Starter is Treeko, I have a Taillow, Poochyenna, Ralts, and a Marill, well, what should fill my last roster spot? I plan for it to be a Torcoal, Either that or a Slakoth, what should I chose, Doc?

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