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Two New Pokémon Leaked!

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    While it hasn't been that long since this months CoroCoro leaked revealing lots of new Pokémon, today has brought the reveal of two new Pokémon. One has been revealed through Jeux Video, while the other has been revealed in an IGN interview article.
    The first of our new Pokémon is Aurorus who evolves from the fossil Pokémon Amaura. Aurorus is known as the Tundra Pokemon. Aurorus keeps the typing of Amaura and thus is an Ice and Rock type Pokémon, it also shares the Refrigerate ability with Amaura.


    The second of our new Pokémon is Tyrantrum who evolves from the second of the Kalos fossil Pokémon, Tyrunt. Tyrantrum keeps the ability and typing of Tyrunt and is a Rock and Dragon type Pokémon.

    Along with the reveal of these two Pokémon more details to do with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y themselves have been coming in. It has been stated that no Kalos region Pokémon will have Mega Evolutions in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It has also been said that you'll now earn EXP from capturing Pokémon, although chances are this is only if you actually do battle with the Pokémon and land an attack or two. It has also been said that as well as housing the PokéMart like in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, players will be able to change their outfits in Pokémon Centres.

    Details keep being revealed throughout the day, so we'll be sure to keep this article updated with them as they come. So, keep checking back!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 19, 2013.

    1. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      Man, they are really making the Pokemon Center a one-stop place. Pretty soon they'll also have tall grass in there. :V

      I'm still not super psyched about Aurorus, but it is not bad. But I do like Tyrantrum. I just hope we get some official artwork for it, because that shot makes it hard to properly see.
    2. Magpie

      That's about as good as we have right now, but hopefully the full image of Tyrantrum in all its glory will surface shortly~
    3. Linkachu
      While I'm a bit saddened to hear that none of the new Kalos Pokemon will receive Mega Evolutions at this time, I really, really appreciate this information:
      It's subtle improvements like these that has made me love the progression of the Pokemon handheld series. It might seem like a minor addition to some but for me it simply makes the gaming experience that much better. ♥

      As for the two new Pokemon, I'm just eagerly looking forward to seeing the full body artwork for Tyrantrum. I really like both of these designs though. :)
    4. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Tyrantrum would have continued the trend of awkward jaws the Pokemon of this Gen have if the jaw didn't look like it had a beard. XD

      I like that we now get experience for catching a Pokemon. It saves me the trouble of deciding if I want to catch a Shiny Audino or milk it for every point it's worth. Somehow I suspect that you'll only get half or some percentage of the usual exp since you aren't actually defeating the opponent. Like Dem said, your Pokemon will probably actually have to do damage to get anything.

      What's this? No Mega Kalos Pokemon? So much for my dream of Mega Froakie Evo. :p I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand you're encouraged to use Kalos Pokemon because they're new, but on the other they're at a disadvantage in the Metagame in the face of Mega Venusaur through Mega Genesect. I won't put it past Game Freak to have Mega Kalos Mons as DLC or making proper appearances in the third game/sequel game/RSE remake. Not having any until Gen VII is just too much of a stretch.
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    5. Demelza
      Well, most of the interviews are pointing out no Mega Kalos Pokémon in XY, so chances are we will be seeing Mega Kalos 'mon in the third game/sequels. I doubt they'll be leaving it until the next generation.

      I could see it being DLC as well, but it's more likely just set for the next game(s). Guess we'll see. :)
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    6. Magpie
      Tyrantrum's page has been updated with the official artwork :)
    7. Doubled
      I agree with Demelza about the mega forms being in the games' third/sequel version, but it also makes me wonder just how strong the current Kalos Pokemon are compared to previous gens for them to need mega forms :o methinks they must be crazy strong or something.

      But exp from capturing Pokemon? Freaking finally! I always wanted this, since Legendaries are hard to capture in general, and the battle should give SOMETHING to you besides just obtaining a new Pokemon. And the new tidbits about the Pokemon Center serving as a changing station makes me glad too~ Hopefully there'll be one in the starting town so we can see if we can take off the hat (yesirealizei'mabittooobsessedwithtakingoffthehatletmehavethis)

      Also Tyrantrum and Aurorus look amazing, but I think Tyrantrum is going to win my heart over if I could possibly use one.
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    8. Charisu
      I really like these !
    9. baratron
      I'm looking forward to dinosaur plushies now. Amaura or Aurorus, either will do :D.
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    10. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I really like Aurorus now, though Amaura still kinda irks me. Tyrunt was so cute though... though I guess he does kinda look monarchy-esque. Or tsar-esque or something.

      I'm probably the only person kinda relieved that Kalos 'mons don't have mega evolutions. Having probably 100 or so new Pokemon is already enough, and having Megas on top of them seems a bit much to me, especially when there are Mega evolutions being introduced to older Pokemon.

      Earning EXP through not just defeating a Pokemon but also capturing it makes me really happy, though. I always wondered why that wasn't the case in previous games. Thank goodness that even something small like this was added XD
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    11. ShinyZekrom009
      Well, while I still like the Tyrunt line far more, Aurorus isn't a bad Pokemon, and definitely an improvement over its pre-evolved form. Awesome fossil Pokemon!

      And...we finally get experience for catching wild Pokemon! I've been hoping for this for years, and it's happened at last! I'm interested to see just how this Exp. bonus is affected- it could be bigger or smaller depending on several things, such as how much damage inflicted, status conditions, etc. Either way, I'm psyched for this :D

      It's interesting how much reliance there is on the PokeCenter now. I wonder if the size of the building will eventually be enlarged with all the add-ons to it.

      As for the "no Kalos Pokemon getting Mega Evos." I can't say I'm surprised. I didn't think there'd be any yet, even the starters. When, though, will any Mega Kalos Pokemon appear?
    12. Magpie
      I really do just like them both, I think they're both pretty epic. The only thing that edges Tyrantrum above Aurorus for me is that T-Rex is, of course, a favourite Dino of mine and thus wins on merit xD

      As I've said somewhere else, this is the first time in any Generation where I've liked both fossil Pokemon almost equally, usually my choice is very clear cut in favour of one over the other, but this time it's very close and I do really like them both!

      Also... am I the only person who never really thought about not getting/getting EXP for catching a Pokemon? Everyone seems pretty happy about it and I really never gave it any thought xD
    13. Purpura
      Am i the only one who prefers Aurorus
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    14. ely
      no i prefer aurorus too it's looks strong AND beautiful what can not be said about Tyrantrum it LOOKS only strong :angel::blush::)
    15. Riolux12345
      Tyrantum looks pretty epic, but so does Auroros.
    16. eddiplayer435
      I think I will be getting Auroros. It's like an icy-dinosaur-diamond-long-neck-cave llama!!!!! WITH ZE HEAD WINGS!!!!!
    17. Purpura
      I like ice types
    18. Gliscario39
      Keep in mind, you'll have to evolve it at level 39 at night. That's why I picked Tyrantrum, because he's the complete opposite. And I'd like to mention my Tyrantrum in X version. At level 83, his attack stat is a whopping 260. What a beast.
    19. baratron
      Look at the date of the post you're replying to, @AbominationLucario34. Back in September, no one knew how to evolve Amaura.

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