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Two New Pokemon Games Have Just Been Revealed

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Mr.Munchlax, May 7, 2014.

  1. Since I can't post a thread in the official news thread, I wanted to post here that two new pokemon games have just been revealed for the Nintendo 3DS & 2DS. I'll let the link explain itself, but I will say it only shows the box art and it says it's coming worldwide November 2014:

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    Seriously, I jawdropped.. And teared.. I hope there are trumpets in!! And that it's true.. :p
  3. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    My heart and my feels are bursting with joy....FINALLY!!!!!
    I can't wait to see gameplay! ^w^
  4. I am so ready for this. Hoping for the return of following pokemon (cries), secret bases, dive, contests, TRUMPETS, etc. Also, more mega pokemooooooon. (MEGA WAILORD LET'S DO THIS.)

    One thing we're debating on reddit is whether these are mega forms for Kyogre/Groudon and I'm not totally sure-- there are definite differences (extra lines on Kyogre, black spikes on Groudon) but they're not different enough. I'm leaning toward maybe active/passive forms like Xerneas (i.e. cosmetic glowing vs non glowing forms). Legendary megas are not unprecedented (mega mewtwo, lati@s) so we'll see.


    Much more interesting to me is the yellow energy under Kyogre's skin in the closeup, the ones on its fins kind of look like the Team Aqua symbol:

  5. Time to dust off my Pokenav and head back to Horren!
  6. I agree, I'm not sure if these are mega forms (though with all of the surprises Game Freak's thrown at us so far I'm not sure what to expect anymore). But if they're not megas, they do look like either Neo-forms or just simple form changes

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