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Private/Closed Two Hearts, One Love - A Gijinka Romance RP {DISCUSSION THREAD}

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Hisseki, Jun 18, 2017.


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  1. [​IMG]
    The Festival of Two Hearts is a traditional festival of Padparadscha Town, a town populated by humans with animal-like traits known as gijinkas. The entire day is like Valentine's Day all over again. Preparations are made, there are parties, dances, you name it! By the time the sun is falling, afternoon skies lit up by the vivid sunset colors, the clear crystal in the heart of the town's central statue is said to glow, casting down a sunset-colored light unto pairs that are meant to be...

    At least, that's what all the stories say.

    It's a week before the festival, and the town is already buzzing with news about this year's upcoming festival, said to be the biggest and brightest yet!~ Where will you fit into this story?
    Hi again~! Y'all are probably tired of me by now, but whatever~! This is a Gijinka Romance RP, as stated in the title.

    Gettin' straight to the point, here are the rules:
    2. This RP is going to be romance-centric. That being said, keep the romance PG, folks.
    3. Gijinkas can have powers related to the animal that they closely resemble. However, these powers cannot be realm-breaking, and while making character weaknesses isn't the most fun thing to do, I'm going to require a character to have a weakness. Hey, if someone's gonna go around abusing their power, everybody knows that a villain has to have a weakness. //shrug
    4. Try to be inclusive. You don't want to be left out, so you shouldn't leave other people out.
    5. I can accept cursing, just not excessive cursing. If someone is uncomfortable with swearing, tell us and we won't do it.
    6. This should be a given, but just in case, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. If your character is mean to some people, that's fine. Just don't be rude to others outside of the RP because of the RP.
    7. If you've read through all of these rules, put your character's favorite song in the Likes section of the character form.
    8. This list is open to modification as I see fit in the future, and if it is changed, you'll be notified.

    Character Bio:
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation:

    RPers List: (There will be an even number so nobody gets left shipless~)
    Get set for adve- I mean romance!... And maybe adventure~!
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  2. Name: Kurai
    Age: 17/18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ice Kitsune
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: He's bisexual.
    Appearance: He is very tall, around 6'2. He has pale skin that is almost pure white and silver eyes. He almost always wears a suit. Silver, plump tails grow from his body and silver ears grow from his head.
    Personality: Cold and mysterious.
    Likes: Twenty One Pilots's song, Doubts and the moon
    Dislikes: The sun.
    Other: Kurai can freeze objects and even people.
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  3. @StarBlitz Accepted~! Kitsune is fine, I'll allow it. ^~^

    Now, for my character:

    Name: Vega Altair
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragonfly Gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Vega is a tall kid (5' 9") that has straight white hair that runs down to his shoulders. His eyes are different in the sense that the sclera, iris, and pupils are replaced by a blue honeycomb pattern (like compound eyes). He doesn't really care much about his apparel, normally wearing a black sleeveless shirt, cobalt blue sweatpants, and his favorite silver sunglasses which he wears to hide his eyes. His shirts have tears in the back because of his pair of large, blue, semi-transparent dragonfly wings. He chooses not to wear shoes, which may bug some people (no pun intended), but he doesn't honestly care. It's his choice. Sometimes, he'll wear some marble-patterned sandals, but that is very rare.
    Personality: Hasty wouldn't even begin to cover Vega's mindset. His mouth reacts faster than his mind does most of the time, and his body reacts at a similar speed. He is prone to clumsiness and what looks to be general stupidity, but he's actually not a dumb kid. When it comes to socializing, he's good enough to keep conversations rolling, but bring up romance and BAM, he can't do anything. He isn't against the Festival of Two Hearts, but - this is something he refuses to admit to anyone - the concept of a love or romance-based holiday makes him quite nervous. When nervous, Vega has a habit to be even less thoughtful of his words and actions, becoming more and more impulsive as his thought speed decreases.
    Likes: "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay, sugary foods/beverages (particularly gummy worms), running or jogging
    Dislikes: Being late to things, him and his big fat mouth, his eyes
    Other: He has enhanced speed, enhanced sight (Only when he takes off the shades), and flight (which is limited, meaning he can't fly forever, but he can fly a good distance in a short amount of time). Also, he buzzes his wings a lot. It's like a nervous habit, but he'll do it both when he is and is not nervous. Final thing, this is more of a headcanon but hey whatever, his voice actor would totally be Vic Mignogna, the voice actor for Tamaki Suoh in OHSHC.
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  4. Ah, so you are going with Vega, then? Welp, then I gotta do this~!

    Name: Kagami Blinn (nickname is Kit-Kat)
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Species: fire kitsune
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
    Appearance: Kagami is a much-shorter-than-usual (standing at around 4'11"), auburn-haired gijinka. Her eyes are a piercing green color that greatly stand out from her darker skin tone, and her hair is almost always done up in a messy bun. Usually wearing a white sweatshirt that reads 'TOKYO', faded grey jeggings, UGGs, and a grin on her plump lips. Seven fluffy tails poke out of her behind and two large ears poke out of her head.
    Personality: Surprisingly loud, very clumsy and awkward in every way possible, Kit-Kat is comfortable around everybody she sees (for the most part). Even though she's not the smartest when her fire-breathing ability is involved, she would use itany time she could if it meantprotecting herself or someone else. While exploring the Festival of Two Hearts, she tends to stray away from anyone she sees flirting with anyone else, and her hopes of finding someone to call her own partner are almost at rock-bottom.
    Likes: F*** You by Lily Allen (the actual song title isn't censored, but for the sake of not swearing too-too much, I'ma keep it censored) (Also worth noting that she only likes this song so much because she thinks it's ridiculous and pretty stupid), warm colors (especially red), being with close friends, wearing baggy clothing, sports drinks like Gatorade
    Dislikes: rain, water in general, being alone for an extended period of time, love based off of appearances alone
    Other: Being a fire kitsune, she can breathe fire with the help of a special stick she was born with (but she doesn't usually have it with her). Kit can fly (but it's very limited), become invisible, and enter people's minds/drive them insane, but she only uses these powers if someone manages to make her very pissed.
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  6. @Hisseki I edited my post so please tell me I'd there is any faults with my post.
  7. Looks fine to me ^_^
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  8. Name: Phoebe Lucii
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hummingbird Gjinka.
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
    Appearance: Phoebe has light green hair that extends down to her shoulders, a bright pink orchid set in it, pinkish eyes, and a constant jolly smile. She also wears a dark green sleeveless dress that extends to her ankles with several red stripes strewn across it. Other than this, she wears ankle-high white socks and dark red flip flops. Phoebe also has two green, fairly small, wings that protrude from around her shoulders. These wings are almost always beating, keeping Phoebe perpetually floating off the ground and making a low buzzing sound. The only other distinguishing feature of hers is a small orange bird-like tail that is separated into ten quills.
    Personality: Phoebe is quite bubbly and fun, always staying positive and joyful. Despite this, whenever the topic of romance is brought up involving her, Phoebe freezes and can simply stutter half-words. Due to this, the only reason that she has come to the festival is to have fun and make friends.
    Likes: To sing, dance, especially to her favorite song, Let's Dance by David Bowie. She also has a obsessive love for her a mixture of hers called "Phoeb's Nectar."
    Dislikes: Any sort of malign acts, rude people, and being still for too long.
    Other: Phoebe's wings have the ability to carry her quite high into the air.
  9. Is this alright? If not then let me know and I'll change it!

    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf Gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Luke has very messy green hair, and green eyes. He wears a dark green shirt, along with a light gray jacket that he almost always has zipped up, light gray jeans, and dark green and white sneakers. He has light green wolf ears, and a light green wolf tail.
    Personality: Luke is calm and quiet normally, not usually speaking unless he is spoken to, or he is speaking to himself. He is somewhat shy when around many people at once, and he prefers being around small groups of people.
    Likes: Mixing chemicals, reading, nature, fruit, and learning
    Dislikes: Being made fun of, meat, the cold, snow, and being indoors
    Other: He is able to make things such as grass, plants, flowers, vines, bushes, and trees grow, however he can only do so when he is in a good mood, or else it ends badly, and he can also only do so during the night.
  10. @Midnight Princess

    This is fine, yeah. Accepted~! ^-^

    That being said, you missed something in the rules... Might want to go back and read through them.
  11. But my character doesn't really have a favorite song, so I couldn't add that to his likes. :'| (Plus I can't decide what his favorite song would be...)
  12. Oh, gotcha. Well, at least I know you looked at the rules and saw that part. Thank you for the clarification~!

  13. Name: Axel Alistair
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cheetah gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearance: Axel has sandy blonde hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a black t-shirt with a cheetah's head on it, dark gray jacket, blue jeans, and dark red shoes. He has cheetah ears and tail as well as the eye markings.
    Personality: Axel is considerate, daring, and fun-loving.
    Likes: Going fast, making friends, chocolate, Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.
    Dislikes: The "dumb blond" stereotype, obnoxious people, jerks, spicy food, bullies, and killjoys.
    Other: Is capable of seeing things up to 5 kilometers (or 3.10685595 Miles away). He can also run at 75 miles an hour in short bursts. Axel cannot do so if he is exhausted and can only keep up his top speed for a few minutes before he is to tired to continue. He cannot climb trees and has poor night vision.
  14. Quick question, and I hope I'm not rushing anything when I ask: when will the RP be started? Are you gonna wait for a few more people, or...? I'm just curious.
  15. @Il Fantasma

    Considering we have six people, I could start it now. Is that okay with the rest of you guys, or should I wait for more people?
  16. Welp, I think you already know my answer to that question. xD
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  17. Aw, yeet like beet! Let's get this party started~!
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  18. And I am saving this now. Because that is amazing. I'm gonna start saying this in real life now, hope ya don't mind XD
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  19. Ay, as long as you say it in your best Russian accent, I don't mind! xD
  20. DEAL

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  21. Name: Gabriel "Leo" Tyler
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lion Gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Leo has long golden-blond hair that sticks out in every direction and hazel eyes. He has two sets of ears, human ears on the side of his head and lion ears on the top of his head. Leo wears an orange bandanna, yellow short-sleeved hoodie, sand-colored cargo shorts, and orange sandals.
    Personality: Lion-hearted(Ba-dum tish) yet proud.
    Likes: The song True Colors, sunsets
    Dislikes: Bugs
    Other: Has a Jeep that looks like it'd be good for a savannah safari.

    Name: Jayden "Jay" Kylerson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Blue Jay Gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearance: Jay sports a brown pixie cut that she sweeps to the right and blue eyes. She wears goggles with black rims and blue lenses, a powder blue scarf, sky blue-and-white striped tee-shirt, overall shorts, and tall blue sneakers with blue laces. Her wings stick out through specialized holes in her clothing, but her feathers cover up any skin that might show. Jay almost always has a bit of motor oil on her.
    Personality: Very bubbly
    Likes: The song Me Too, being high off the ground, singing, working on vehicles
    Dislikes: Confined spaces, silence
    Other: Jay has a blue Moped with white pinstriping. Her dad owns the local auto repairs shop.
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  22. Awesome~! Accepted! The RP has already started, so head on over to the thread when you're ready~
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  23. Name: Seth Dant
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Snake
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Seth is quite tall, with short dark brown hair. He usually wears green sleeveless shirts, and brown jeans. The only indicator of him being a Snake Gijinka is his yellow eyes, which are almost quite literally hypnotic when he wants them to be. He wears a black hoodie to make the eyes stand out more when the hood is up. He has small scaly patches on his body, but he keeps them out of sight and out of mind.
    Personality: While Seth acts suave, cool and charming, he quite often does this just to butter people up, throwing compliments around a lot. He naturally attempts to lull people into a false sense of security, and never really says what he actually means or thinks. The things he actually feels about people are usually pretty bad.
    Likes: Sleeping Bags (they feel natural to him), gullible people.
    Dislikes: The entire concept of the festival, social situations. (Won't let anybody know these.)
    Others: Sometimes randomly rolls his S's. I wonder why.

    Name: Christa Bell
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Tiger
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearance: Christa is short, with tanned skin and orange eyes. Her hair is orange with black tips, and it can get pretty long so she constantly has to sweep it to the side of her face. She has Tiger ears, and wears a light orange sleeveless shirt with cream shorts. Has a small orange and black tail.
    Personality: A warm and energetic person, can get sassy and defensive when challenged. Is naive and honest to a fault, good at figuring people out. Struggles to keep secrets.
    Likes: The Festival, as she thinks it creates a nice atmosphere. Meeting new people.
    Dislikes: Not being around people, Seth (she figured out what he's really like a long time ago.)
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  24. Name: Ashei Grey
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dolphin Gijinka
    Romantic/Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
    Appearance:Ashei has short light blue (Almost Gray) hair that is combed neatly to the right side. His eyes are a lighter gray. Ashei almost always has a smile on his face. He wears a leather coat that's the same color as his hair. He leaves it unzipped and wears a plain white t-shirt under it. Ashei's has cargo shorts that are the same light blue. His shoes are the very same color. Protruding from his elbows, heels and spine(of his clothes) are gray and white dorsal fins.
    Personality: Ashei tries to be perfect, but he knows he isn't. Ashei is a fun loving guy and is quite flirt, but he gets over-emotional alot, and will sometimes even cry over the simplist of his mistakes. Ashei fears failure and messes up more than the average Gijinka
    Likes: His favorite song is Let it Be, by The Beatles. He also likes to sing and swim. He eats alot, and has sweet-tooth. Ashei lives ans dies for shrimp
    Dislikes:Sour Patch Kids, Dancing, Heavy Metal, Dubstep and the cold

    There ya' go, @Hisseki, If my grammar and spelling are bad, just tell me, I'm on a phone right now.
  25. @AstralDarkrai37 @Generation Sect

    Looks good to me~! This RP is now closed, no new members ^-^

    I'll be making a second character to even things out because, without that, we have eleven characters (not enough for even numbers). Stay tuned for that!
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