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Two Days of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Anime

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [img align=left]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/ExplorersofSkyAnimespecial.png[/img]
    If you're one of our North American viewers, have cable, and actually liked the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Anime specials, you're in for a fun time this weekend on Cartoon Network and YTV.

    On October 9th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, Cartoon Network will be airing three Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Anime specials back-to-back - two of which we've already seen, and one based on Explorers of Sky. The interesting part about the Explorers of Sky special is that it follows Piplup and Chimchar again, two of the main characters from the previous Time & Darkness special.

    As for Canadians who don't receive Cartoon Network (me being one of 'em), YTV is giving them a special treat Saturday morning, October 10th. According to their daily schedule for the 10th there will be four episodes of Pokémon airing back-to-back from 10AM to noon during their CRUNCH segment. Then, from noon to 1 PM the second and third Mystery Dungeon specials will be airing. It should be a nice morning for Pokémon Anime fans.

    Remember to check your local listings for exact times if you're interested, and enjoy your Anime.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Oct 8, 2009.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      That screenshot would make an awesome wallpaper.

      I have nothing else to contribute to this topic other than basing my opinion solely on the first special - these are crap.
    2. Abnaki_Knight
      I never saw the first two. So beside Oak though on the first one what were they like?
    3. Linkachu
      The first two specials suffered from grating dub voice acting, and Sunflora's VA in the second PMD special came close to scarring a friend of mine for life. Beyond that... they're nothing outstanding, but it's still kinda fun seeing the PMD world animated.
    4. Master of Dragons
      Master of Dragons
      Bloody heck (by the way I'm not British) this is going to be wicked cool! I really loved both of the PMD specials ,In fact I even named my team in PMD blue rescue team "Team Go-getters".(I didn't name my PMD explorers of time team "Poke-Pals" because I didn't like that name)I just can't believe the TV producers did not make any futher episodes of the PMD anime
    5. Lucario454
      Grr, missed it! Well, I guess that's what the internet's for. I've seen part one and two before in Japanese. I really wanted to see the third at least. :(
    6. Pokefreak13388
      I saw the special, it was awesome!!!!!!! :) This episode was way better than the other two. Even though the other two were cool. I hope there is one more episode for Explorers of the Sky to see what happens next. ;)
    7. Abnaki_Knight
      I take your words for it it. I missed it as well. Got hung up in family matters.
      still can't wait for the next time it comes on.
    8. Linkachu
      I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the latest special, too. It focused on the final chapter of the Time & Darkness saga, which was pretty cool to see (and I adored the music). Not having Sunflora tagging along again was very welcome, too. Grovyle's a cool character.

      I think that's the first special yet that I'd enjoy rewatching.
    9. Johto-Master
      it was awesome!
      except it'd be a little confusing for people who haven't played the games, not to mention a spoiler (the piplup-future thing)

      i still like Go-Getters the best, just because it was more interesting and i HATE piplup and chimchar with a burning passion. couldn't they have put in turtwig? (if they had to include 4th gen pokémon main characters, i dont really like it as much as the others)
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    10. RoxasLovesCookies
      aww... really? -time travels back to october 9th- lol jk ill just go look on youtube xD
    11. **BeginwiththeEnd**
      Hmmm, maybe there is hope for Pokemon Company have decent dubbing for a Pokemon game?......NAH
    12. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak

      I mean, complaining about the dubbing of the anime is one thing (and pretty irrelevant now too - the dub has been on a steady improvement since the dub changed studios for the start of Battle Dimension) - but the games? Almost none of the Pokemon games have ever had any dubbing within them, 4Kids or otherwise. The closest so far has been the announcer for the stadium/PBR games and Pokemon Channel - which was a bunch of stock effects and the dub of the Pichu short.

      If you're going to complain about something stupid, at least complain about something stupidly relevant.
    13. jameszone208
      i wish they would make a mystery dungeon show, not just a dub of the games but a varying story, like team go-getters out of the gate with the pikachu and pichu.

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