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Twilight RP: Howling Moon

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. So here it is, the long awaited Twilight RP that is going to grace Pokecharms ♥

    I've decided it's going to take place in New York, most likely in New York City due to the fact it wouldn't look suspicious for someone to be nocturnal at all and for the fact its kind of normal for people to be y'know murdered in NYC :x

    But yeah, the plot is basically that vampires are being found dismembered and dead around NYC, no one knows who's doing it and why their doing it at all. So the vampires try to band together to find who's doing it, when they do, it's a lone werewolf trying to get revenge against all vampires for killing his family during the Holocaust.

    I'm going to be the lone werewolf due to the fact I don't want people fighting over him or trying to be a werewolf at all, which brings me to the rules

    -Don't have a over-powerful gift please :x so no gigantic "Bitch I can Teleport!" or "Wooom, I can fly!" powers xD
    -You can't be a Shapeshifters like Jacob, like no-no please
    -I have to add you can't be a halfer like Renesmee Cullen, like GOD no X__X

    Here's the Wikia for Twilight: www.twilight.wikia.com

    Go there for all your needs and questions about Twilight x3
  2. Oh, yay, Twilight.

    I think this is actually a good idea, despite my disliking of Twilight. And people die. Lots of people. *cough*
    So yeah, I'll join, be a vampire, bite people. *thumbs up*

    If I have to have some sort of gift: I will not, under any circumstances, sparkle. That's my gift. But if I must sparkle(that would make me more aggressive, BTW.), I'll have the uncanny ability to convince people of things. Not all the time, but eh...
  3. Er, Kerauno, despite your hilarious gift, I'm afraid you can't have the ability to sparkle XD it's pretty much established that all vampires sparkle so I'm afraid you have to go with your second idea :(

    I'm actually glad people who don't like Twilight are finding my RP interesting ^^
  4. My character will be woman who got changed in her early twenties who is attending a night school (do they still have those)? I haven't decided yet if she feeds on humans or animals yet.

    And if I'm allowed, her special gift is to generate the illusion of heat. The temperature can be controlled to average human body temperature where when she shakes a human's hands they won't feed her coldness or burning hot which can be quite painful to others...Let me know if that made sense <<
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    So in this |D *cuts all judgers*

    I'llllll beeeee a rather "young" vampire, as in, he was turned when he was like, twelve, but I'll have him be... five hundred-ish years old.

    Funny, this vampire kid was actually made up a long time ago and he /did/ have the ability to fly xDD Since that's a no no... I was thinking of phasing as a gift. If that's no good either then I'll get back to you.
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  6. FFFFFFFFINE. Persuasiveness it is. but you can't deny that I'll look good. 8)
    Plus, there's no Edward or Bella. w00t.

    About mah character(Which I totally forgot to put before): Mid-teens, male, and been a vampire for about... Ten years. So, technically, if you go by years, he's about 25. Looks fifteen or so, technically twenty five or so. *shrugs*

    He has a part-time, job working the night-shift at a blood bank. Lol. Not really; he works at a midnight cabaret, playing some jazz on his sax. 8)

    Other than that: Before his shift at the cabaret (9 pm to 2 am), he attends night-class for a few hours. And he's really aggressive.
    I think that's just about it~
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  7. Despite how much I loathe Twilight and it's sparkly-ness, I think I might actually join this.

    The story's interesting, I love nocturnal evil creatures, and miss irritating isn't going to be in it. Boo yah.

    So, my character.

    She (that's right, imma be a girl) was turned around the age of 15, so she looks mid-teenager-ish. She has red hair and blue eyes. Her actual age is around 600-700 years old, and she's somewhat short-tempered. Because I can't STAND sparkly-ness, she's photosensitive, and carries around a parasol so shield her from the sun (and sparkly-ness ;) ). Her wardrobe consists of knee-length skirts and button up collared tees. They're mainly scarlet and crimson, because that's her favourite colour. I unfortunately don't have an idea for her gift, so help would be great.

    She still sparkles, but thanks to her parasol it's not that noticeable.

    *Blazi goes to start reading the series from his sister's book case

    EDIT: If that's the case Zacky, her eyes'll be crimson.
  8. Ooh, I've been waiting for this to happen<3

    I'd love to join this RP as well, Zacky, seeing as I am a fan of the books- *evades attacks from several Charmsians* -And the movies. Making this RP happen in New York is an awesome idea as well~

    My character shall be a male of eighteen years old... Biologically seen, since he got made into a vampire in 1957. His power will be to be able to tell what people's and vampire's mental weak spots are, like haunting memories or fears. He is good at using that information to his advantage.

    EDIT: Changing this. His power will be mostly like Jasper's, being able to change people's/vampire's/werewolves/anyone's emotion; The emotion of fear. In other words, he can intimidate a person with his mind, but not to the point of terrified.
  9. I hope Blazi know's that Twilight vampires have either Golden eyes or Crimson eyes. I suggest you read this article on the Wiki


    @Sem, Phasing is good :p, I just didn't want a flying vampire running around XD

    @Carmen, your Gift sounds perfect actually, I like it. ^^

    And as for my character, I decided I was going to be the lone werewolf so I made him a Holocaust survivor who watched his family get killed by Nazi Vampires and he was changed by a wandering werewolf who survived the slaughter by Caius. So now the newly changed werewolf discards his name and goes by Faust now, starts to search for the surviving Nazi Vampires in America and finds a hoard of them in NYC.

    And thats when the RP starts :p Four days before the Full Moon :o
  10. Sounds fun, I might join :>

    My character will be college aged in appearance but really about 35-40. As a human he was always able to relate to everyone really well and got along with most people he met, so that translated into his Vampower which allows him to use other vampire's powers if he's around them. Useless if he's by himself, with humans, or with no-power vampires, but if he meets a vampire with powers it's very convenient.

    He travels all around, and will drink human and animal blood. He only drinks human blood right when he's about to leave somewhere or if it's an easy grab. He likes to turn people into vampires at random, but hasn't ever stuck around long enough to see them turn.

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