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Tun's Trainer Sprite Tut c:

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Tunolipede, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Well ... hullo. c:
    I'm here to present a tutorial~! A couple of people have previously told me that I should make tutorials, so I decided to go ahead and make one for trainer sprites, and post it here, on 'Charms :D

    There are three parts, all of which I'll present in different posts. c:

    .: Hair :.
    1. So, first, take your sprite. c:
    I'm using the female cyclist from B/W, but you can use whichever sprite you wish~ :>

    2. Shave your sprite's head! o:<
    Get it a nice, round shape, slightly smaller than the amount of hair they previously had~! (be careful, though!)

    3. [​IMG]
    Make sure your hairline is just above the head - don't make it too high up, but keep it small enough~ c: (take note of my writing on the sprite c:)

    4. Make a little colourschemechartthing for your hair :D
    Colour in the gaps of the hair your standard colour (second lightest) and onto the next step we goooo c:

    5. Now, use your third darkest shade to shade in some bits on your hair :3
    Be sure to take note of your light source, which, in PokeMon, is usually in the top left corner. c: (I changed the outline of the hair accordingly, too, which you will probably want to do now c:)

    6. Now, add in the second darkest shade to the very dark spots and highlight the top of the hair~
    I usually do the highlights round about where they are in this tutorial sprite. c:

    And that is that for the hair~!
    Now it should look something like this ... :

    Tune in for part twoooo~

  2. Part two, here we come :D

    .: Clothes :.
    (This part is slightly longer, but here we goooo~)

    1. Draw the outline of your item of clothing!
    (I'm doing a short-sleeved over-the-shoulder shirt)

    2. Colour in the clothes -
    - with usually the lightest shade for textiles :3

    3. Add in shading and alter the colour of the outlines c:
    Make sure to pay attention to creases and folds, and read the writing in the above picture! :3

    4. Add in the second darkest shade in the darker areas.
    Pay attention to the text above :>

    5. Make some black outlines in the darkest areas so it has more depth c:

    Aannnnnd this is what the finished shirt looks like~
    Follow these steps for any other items of clothing~!

    .: Additional Trouser Tips :.

    6. Follow steps 1+2 for your trousers :D
    Read what all the text says on the above picture~

    7. And lastly,
    Once you've followed the rest of your steps, they should be looking something like that. ^^

    Part 3 coming tomorrow (hopefully)~ ♥

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  3. Okay, so, the third and final parrrt~

    .: Finishing Touches :.

    1. Time to touch up the shoes~
    As said in the above diagram, laces are hard, but can add as a nice feature. ^^

    2. Add in some black in the darkest areas; as done before with the clothes (see above post). c:

    3. 'Kay, now we're going to go onto the shirt designs (not needed, but it looks nice :D)
    I'm doing a simple heart-and-rainbow design~

    4. Now, adding the design onto the shirt,
    Don't worry if it doesn't fit! That just makes the shirt look even more 3D and realistic ^^ (especially if the patient's body is turned slightly, not completely facing the focus point)

    5. Now, shade in the pattern/design to match the shading of the plain T-shirt :D

    6. The subject is wearing fingerless gloves, so I'll explain how to sprite them here :>

    7. Shade in the gloves~!
    (Well- ... the picture says it all :V)

    8. If your subject is a PokeMon trainer, and is holding a PokeBall, I always enjoy changing the colour of the PokeBall to suit them.

    (Last step~!)
    9. (the picture basically says all for this last step. c:)

    Now, with all that put together, I'd say it should have changed - something like ...


    toooo ...

    This~! ♥

    If you have anything else you'd like me to cover in this tutorial, just comment below and I'll be sure to cover it~! <33

  4. I just said it in chat, but I'll say it here as well; that is amazing. I am DEFINITELY going to use this tutorial whenever I get into spriting :>
  5. ^ Me too =3 Thank you Tun for putting this up, I shall use it and put it to good use. Thanks!
  6. Hey Tun! This tutorial is great. It actually helped me quite a bit in touching up some of my skills like the creasing and the hair. I think that maybe there should be one more step on how to change a trainer's pose just to add that extra layer of personality. Keep up the awesome work!
  7. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    From a fellow spriter, I also find it useful to make copies of my sprite and put them to the side, in case I mess up somewhere and decide that I want to go back (and if you use paint, sometimes it won't let you undo after a certain number of strokes). Plus, it helps you see how much youv'e progressed from the original sprite~

    Anyways, this was really helpful, Tun! I reallly like what you did with the hair, since that's always been one of my weak spots.

    One thing I would really like for you to cover is probably Frankenspriting or splicing, since I've seen a few people attempt to do it but make the body parts look out of place. And maybe a tip or two on scratching? ^^;
  8. Ked


    Tun, I love this tutorial! ^^

    This has really helped me learn how to sprite trainers, and mughshots! Using red to outline the hair and cothes really helps me~

    Instead of rounding the head right below the original hairline, I like to just finish the actual head and add on the hair later.
    Also, I like to use three colors for the highlights in the hair. I just like how it looks when I finish :V

    I mostly follow this tutorial, but I just add my own little twists here and there ♥
  9. That's so convenient ! I should really start to make my own sprite work soon ....
  10. This tutorial was really simple! I went from that first sprite you started with, to this:


    And, for a bonus, I wanna give you this Nidoqueen I recolored for making this awesome tut =]:

  11. This is really useful! I got a question though: what do you use for obtaining your sprites? Is there some sort of database that you have knowledge of? Enlighten me please 8)
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  12. I generally use The Spriters Resource for mine, seeing as they have enough PokeMon sprites to shake a stick at~ Just go onto tge DS bit, then click on P and look through for Pokemon games! They have Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, HG/SS and Black/White. They also have the older games in other sections, too!

    But yeah, it holds trainer sprites, mugshots, PokeMon sprites, backsprites, menu icons, bag/item sprites, maps and rooms ... Almost everything you'd ever need ♥

    And if you get bored of PokeMon, it has loads of other games too! Or if it's just the main series you're bored of you can find many a PokeMon spin-off~

    Hope that helps!

    (also, I'm thinking of making another part to this tutorial, covering splicing and scratching. I can't guarantee it'll come soon, but it'll come :>)
  13. Awesome this helps a bunch. Thanks 8)
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  14. You have inspired me. Not only have I been creating sprites using this, I have made my most recent one into a fail animation =D [​IMG] This was made from the Nursery Aide sprite. And yes, I know there's a problem with a backround. I fail :|
  15. This was definitely helpful. I'm a new spriter (as you surely know by the little bit I think I've shown), and this was just amazingly helpful.
  16. well that ought to help me a million! Thanks Tun!
  17. I made my own and I think it is good, but did'nt just change a sprite I fused it with a Snivy.

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