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Tun's Snappity Shots :'D

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Here we go~

    Well, you probably haven't noticed but I used to have a photography thread, now dead, on 'Charms. :> Back then I used my mum's digital camera, which was useful and handy and also very mobile, but the focus wasn't great. :x For Christmas I got a Fujifilm; one of the big black ones with the changeable lenses and the straps and stuff ♥ It's amazingly good and so I've been taking more (and also better) photos~! ♥

    So yeah, here's some. :>

    Ones with asterisks by the names are taken with the old camera ♥

    (Shadow is my lovely 9 year old moggy, whom is very sleepy and adorable ♥)



    Glass Lights

    Blackberry and white

    *Spog's Action Shot*

    *Making a Snow Angel*

    *Just Hanging*

    Lighted Icicles




    Lazy Day - probably my favourite <33

    A Dream Come Brew


    (I love the little rainbowy reflections :> Also yeah I know you don't tune guitars from there. I just ... coudln't think of a name |D)

    I haven't got much photos outside seeing as I haven't taken my new camera outside - or anywhere, really - because there's snow and ice and bad conditions for cameras seeing as I might like drop it or something. :x I'm taking it to school on Friday, though. So maybe I'll get some better photos then. :>

    Comments please? :'D

    ~Tun ♥​
  2. Kyohoohoo O:
    These photo's are wonderdovely Tun!
    "Just Hanging" and "Making a snow angel" would be my favourites. The look on little Drifloon's face is <333
    "Lazy days" would be my second favourite, as I love those sneakers. Keep on capturing these lurvely photos for us!
  3. Oh my~ Some lovely shots here tun (wasn't your last thread called tun tun tun on the radio or something?)

    My favourites are the drifloon ones. The composition in the snow angel one is lovely. In both pictures you've really brought the drifloon to life.

    Lazy Day is also very good. It perfectly captures the feel and is a very interesting picture to look at.

    In some of the photos, I don't think the composition of the picture is interesting enough (although none of them are bad photos and all have their good points). For instance, in Blackberry and white, while the effects on the tree are lovely and the black and white filter is awesome, I'd have gone for a slightly different angle - one that brings more objects and parts of the room into play to get that Christmasy feel.

    Although it may be unintentional, the Nailed picture makes clever use of the 'Golden Point' (or whatever it's called) - If a picture were in 9 segments it would be the segment one below and one to the left of the top right. You've put the '17' of the bottle there and it really makes it stand out.

    Overall, great pictures with some really interesting ideas that could be explored a bit more. Well done Tun :D
  4. ...


    Seriously though, this is all very nice Tun<3 I've seen some of these photo's earlier, while querying you on chat, but the new ones are equally amazing~

    Pawfect and Shadow are adorable, and I love the light in the pictures. (The side of your bed is also really nice olol)

    Of the ones new to me, I really like Glass Lights, Tuned and Tone. Also, the reflection of the camera in A Dream Come Brew gives it a nice touch~

    When I ressurect my own photography thread, it's going to be hard to beat this o:
  5. The Drifloon made me laugh. That has to be the best single photograph you have yet.
  6. Ohmygoodness Tun ^^ Some of these are great! I really love all your shots, you've got a talent Tun, chase it!

    My favorite is probably a Dream Come Brew just because. Actually, no, looking back on it, I really like the ones of the cat. It's just so awdowable and you captured it's cuteness perfectly :'D

    Also this feels like a really, really lame comment. But, really, you've got a great eye. I do agree with Toastie, though, about the Blackberry one. That doesn't mean it's not a nice picture though ^^

    I can't wait to see some more of your work!

    Thankyousomuchguys <333333
    ilu all and I'm so happy to get nice feedback from Cody <333333333333333333333333


    Circuitboard City - Railway Tubes

    Circuitboard City - Skyscrapers

    Circuitboard City - Motorway

    Circuitboard City - Housing

    Reflets Pourpres


    Chien Jours

    Muchlove <3333

  8. TUN :D

    Your work is great, and I love it ^^

    Reflets Pourpres is my favorite this round, for sure. I like the abstract element it brings. I like the soft focus in all of your Circuitboard City ones, too.

    Just curious, what kind of camera do you use?
  9. Wow. Just wow.
    All of your pictures... are just so good! They're so professional! I like them all, but my favorites are the animals <3333 I just love them!
    Keep up the good work~ Good luck~
  10. I just love the cutesy kittehs ♥
    Nice work Tunny ♥
  11. I certainly like the comparison of a city to the bumps and ridges on a circuit board. In a way, a city works in a similar manner.

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