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Tun's Arty Basket of ... Stuff.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Yes.
    It is happening.
    I am starting up a new thread.

    /crickets and tumbleweed and stuff

    ... anyway, I guess I should post some art to go here? Yeah. That'd be nice.

    So ... most of these will be sketches for mine and Dark Soul's RP, Battle of the Bands. Because that's what I've been feeling like lately |D

    Lee! In love with Lucas. And stuff.

    Another Lee - but this time she's being bad at giving pep-talks! Yaaaay!

    If you've been on the front page recently, you've probably seen this, but I'll post it 'ere anyway ...
    Srs business.

    ... yep.
    You can comment if you like.

    ... please comment D:

  2. Yes, my dastardly plan has succeeded!

    In all seriousness, nice to see this back up again. Of course, I've seen pretty much all of the BotB art you've made already, but that doesn't make them any less awesome<3

    I do love that special style you used for the first two pictures, with simple but well-proportioned linework, shading the one colour on special parts and the scribbled text. Wether you acknowledge it or not, your talent for shading and proportions is simply amazing.

    Maybe you should upload some older artwork as well, including some sigs? We all love your prize-winning sigs.

    Also, because you forgot to add it- Unless you changed your mind, in which case, do correct me- Tunduli is not taking art requests at the moment. Sorry, guys |D

    Keep up the good stuff ^^
  3. Tun, I'm so glad you started up a new art thread!

    So, to the first two pictures. Seeing as they're in similar styles and have the same character, I'll lump 'em both together.

    I really like how you used colours only on the character's expressions and item of clothing. It looks a bit like a template with a new layer of that colour, meaning that some of the colours (e.g. the polka dots) don't quite fit on and go outside of the lines. However, I'm sure this was intended, and it gives a really nice pastel-y look.

    Also, it's great how you've chosen the colours to correspond with the emotion of the character. It works particularly well on the second one where you've even coloured some of the words blue for emphasis. The way that they're handwritten really makes it feel like that character is talking.

    On to the Mafia picture:
    You've used a classic film noir look and interspersed it with bright red blood. Because someone looking at the picture is drawn to this blood first, the picture leads them on a kind of journey - after seeing the blood, they notice the guy getting shot.

    They're then drawn to the guy he's looking at, and finally the backdrop of the scene. Instead of bombarding the picture with things to see, you've made it quite calm and serene so those looking at it slowly notice everything in the picture.
    It's a fantastic effect and really accentuates the usual calmness of a film noir scene.

    I also love both how you've used quite cartoony characters to contrast with the setting of the picture, yet made them look neutral, a bit like those anonymous profile pictures you have when you first sign up to something and haven't added a profile picture. It makes it seem like it could be anyone.
    Despite this, you've put some great details in it - I love the light pouring through the open door in the background.

    These pictures are great - they use some interesting themes and they're executed really well. I look forward to seeing more :D
  4. ahh thank you two ilu ♥

    Ah, yes! This is trueness. Thanku for reminding me |D

    prize-winning sigs pshhhchchtffftt.
    ... here they are, nonetheless! :D


    I suck at making sigs and I'm not very used to all these fancy brushes, but I try! Honestly, I do~
    I have some weird obsession with rotating things.

    Okay, that's all for now, I'll update with moar drawings next tiiiime ♥


    EDIT:: Oh, here's one I made a week or two ago for Dark.
    It's totally crowded and silly. |D
  5. Nyeeeeeee ♥

    So much win, but I'll start off with the opening pictures first c:

    So I like the sketchy style of the first two, and the use of colour works well with the amount of text and whatnot. And as I said on chat last night, the Mafia picture looks all lovely and Homestuck-y~

    And those sigs :o
    I wish I had such skillage as thee! They're all fantastic, but I just can't pick one that I like best >//w/<

    More of everything :'D
  6. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Oooooooh~ Sigs. :3 I really like the companion cube one (probably because I'm a sucker for scan lines XP). The colors are nice and the brushwork is subdued and draws focus to the render, as it should. The text is nice too, not too big of a fan of that particular font, but I like the placement of it and size and whatnot.

    Some of your other sigs you got really crazy with your brushes. I totally get that, you can just look at my early sigs and see the mayhem that went down with me and brushes, but you should really try to tone it back if you can. I get that negative space can look a bit "eh" at times, but there are other ways to fill it up. :3 Like taking part of another render/stock and placing it there, changing the opacity to a lower setting and/or changing the layer type and then erasing what looks bad/covers up your render/stock. C4D's are also helpful, and add a fun effect to your sigs. :3

    Also, some of your sigs (namely the Samus and Squirtle ones) you seem to really subdue the renders. I'm going to guess that it is to make the images seem to "blend in" with the rest of the sig (that's what I used to think/want to to do XP). But you can get that same type of effect by doing things like smudging the render (after coping visible and pasting into a new layer) to make things blend together more. Also, Gradient maps are your friends. :o They can also help to make your sigs seem to blend together more. (One of the best things I can say is to do LoN's tutorial on the Cloud signature. It will teach you a bunch of techniques and really help to get a basis down for making more advanced sigs. ^^).

    Above all else remember, the render/stock is the focal point of the sig. You don't want to subdue it so much that it just seems to blend into the background (which is what is kind of going on in the Samus and Squirtle ones).

    Your sigs are looking good, Tun. You certainly have natural artistic ability and it shows with all of your artworks. You definitely are farther along than I was at that point in my sig work (hell, your doing stuff that I haven't even bothered to work with yet XP). So just keep working at it. -^^-
  7. Ayayayayaaaah, thank you guys ♥
    I've already talked to Red about his comments so I won't spam in here and instead I'll just say thaaannk yoouuuu ♥
    And Indie! Thank you too c:

    okayso this is that Lucas guy that Lee's in love with. It's for Dark, seeing as Lucas is his character, but I mainly just drew it for fun |D
    Hope ye like it :>

  8. O.O



    So good...


    I quite like your last picture, the one of Lucas, it looks, well, nice~

    And that's all my half-awake brain has come up with, so, yeah.

    Keep up the good work!
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I have said this many times: Lee is adorable. Absolutely adorable.

    And you know I love the Mafia picture, it's definitely brought a few more people to the game by itself!
  10. Oh god you made this thread on my birthday :D.


    great art, I like those character pictures, especially Lee's bad peptalk. That Mafia picture is class too. I think I should get one of those hats. Those sigs too are pretty good, I liked the Glados one most, it just blended and looked the best to me. They're all pretty cool though. My least favorite out of them is the Scizor one, since he looks a bit out of place with the background, while the subjects in all the rest blend in great.

    And that's that, wow brief. I guess I'll wrap up there and say good job with those, and I hope to see more soon

  12. Here have <333
    Loving that style of drawing Tun~!
  13. Oh, jeez. I didn't notice this. How come?

    Wow. You truly are multi-talented. Love that anime style you've got going. That latest one is brilliant, the drawing is perfect, the text is excellent. You surely know how to do art. ;) Excellent.
  14. thanku Indiieeee ♥

    ahh Myth Busted you truly are too nice to me ~ thank you so much :'D

  15. ...In case you didn't notice, Tun and I are big fans of Leecas shipping. xD

    As always, excellent work on the proportions, colourwork, linework, shading, and... Well, everything else. Best part is Lee's bracelet, though- So beautifully made.

    And content!Lee with an OK GO quote at the side. I do love that picture, in the same style as the other three but with even more line/colourwork, making it even better- If such a thing was even possible.

    You really managed to capture Lucas's essence, too, with the beautiful all-emerald shading and simple yet stylish linework.

    What can I say? Keep the good things coming<3
  16. Nyeeeeeeee~♥
    I am loving this so, so much!
    Let the shipping begin :'D
    *Indie adds this to an extra big spot on his shipping wall*
  17. The Most Interesting Lee in the World.


    I get bored sometimes.
  18. This is what happens when you're bored!! What happens when you try you're hardest, the Mona Lisa!? Creation of new life!? *Head explodes from Tun's awesome*

    All joking aside, I love this style here.
    I can't tell exactly what it is, but I find these all extremely charming.
    I also really enjoy the facial details, I have a hard time looking away from these.
  19. Thank you Dinova! You're too kind <33

    so like here have some traditional arrrrrt.

    This is Toru's PRP character Tobias and my PRP character Terri sleeping in Terri's Whimsicott's hair. Of course.

    And this is Tunduli braiding Toru's hair! (the only reason Tobiichan looks kawaii is because he is when he gets his hair done. okay? D:<)

    and finally, this is Tunduli and Sir Red making a cake together ♥

    yeeeeeeeep. ♥
  20. These look adorable Tun :3 I wish I had someone to braid my hair D: and is the cake for everyone? :3
  21. Well, not if Fi and I swoop away with it! I hope it's chocolate chip...

    I love the cake-making picture the most. It has a cute, sketchy style combined with decent anatomy. The only qualm I have is the cake. It looks a bit lopsided, though it could just be a messy cake. :p
  22. So much kawaii :'D

    I wuffles them all Tun ♥
  23. bluh bluh bluh.

    I've been super busy and stuff, but I have two pictures I drew on my iPod:

    Pirate Girl:

    Random Blonde Girl:


    It is super hard to draw on such a small screen. |D


    ~Tun ♥​

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