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Open Tunnels (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LizzyDraco, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Ah, @Kibago, didn't you mention that scientists can work in Serah's lab?
  2. Yes but... the door to the laboratory is quite secure however. (Plus she doesn’t exactly know a lot of people since her place is a bit secluded from the other areas.)
  3. Okay, just wanted to clarify a bit!
  4. I mean, you can always have your character knock on the door or something if you want them to come in. (Fun fact, the entrance is almost like a door hatch that is on the ground.)
  5. Im busy for a while, but hope to post soon. Sorry!
  6. I'll take that into account, Kibago :)

    Mr.Glaceon, it's okay. Don't rush yourself
  7. Alright, I suppose it’s time for me to shift perspectives and focus in more on my other character I’ve yet to reveal. (The one that helped Serah convert the lab into a more friendly place and was gone and not back yet.)

    *Sarniur sneaks over into the discussion area and steals a couple of packets of kelp noodles before flopping over to his tank as fast as he can*
  8. Is iT Ok If I make a gym so we can stay strong
  9. @Redgamer076 Well, gyms most likely wouldn't exist. People rarely battle as everyone's focusing on surviving without proper light or a good way to grow food. Sorry about that!
  10. I've updated the info on the role play, and also have added a new character! Also, I'll work on my reply as soon as I can :)
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  11. I’ll be putting in the other bio for my other Pokémon character once more information has been revealed to where everyone can clearly identify who he is and such.
  12. If the ground Will break what do we do then
  13. Is someone gonna post?
  14. Ah, sorry about being gone again, guys. Still trying to sort out family things :'|

    @The fighting boss, I previously had posted the link, and you're accepted!

    @Redgamer076, in the event of the ground collapsing, everyone is evacuated into another town immediately.
  15. I'm working on a post for another RP real quick, and then I'll finish the one I've got here.
  16. Ah, @DragonFlye, take your time. I'm actually putting my new character in that's in the same area as yours
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  17. For the most part, I finished the bios of my new characters. Hope you guys find them to be a fun addition! (Please note that I'm no longer considering their Pokemon to be characters by themselves, only exception is Kiju since he's important to Bezai)
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  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "the fighting boss" has turned out to be a sockpuppet of a banned user and has thus been removed from this RP (and the rest of Pokecharms). Carry on as though they never existed, please.
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  19. Okay, thanks for notifying!
  20. @DragonFlye Could you possibly post another response? I posted mine a while ago and have been waiting ever since.
  21. A little quite dont you think sorry that has been so long I whas bizzy with school
  22. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Caven Duggeon known as the Underground Terror
    Age: 40 (something)
    Gender: Male
    Job: Former Scientist/Miner (He doesn't really have a job now as it'll be explained later that he will be very much a villain)
    A strange looking man with black and brown flat hair, strange mining goggles, armour, a ruined cape, dirt and mud covered chest clothes, sometimes wears a miner's helmet
    Personality: Harsh, mean, stubborn, determined to win, viscious tempered
    History: Originally, he was a man who lived peacefully in the underground settlements. He became a scientist, becoming extremely interested in geology and the rocks of the underground. He helped advance the position of experiments significantly and explored much of the underground with an expedition team. One day, he found an enchanted stone within the earth deep inside one of the darker caverns. He believed the stone had strange powers, indescribable to most. Some of these would be the immunity to diseases and the ability to live to old age. He brought a small piece of the rock back to the lab. He fell out with the rest of the scientists when they disagreed with him. They believed it was a load of mumbo-jumbo. Duggeon tried to prove he was right but the rock had been moved by those scientists. In a rage, he attacked the laboratory and compound and deserted it, taking many useful supplies and devices with him. He became mad. He believed that, in order for society underground to do well, they needed to unite together and find the stone. A small group of rebels followed him as he left the main town and went into the darker and deeper areas that the stone had come from. This group came to be known as the Cult of the Earth, otherwise known as Team Terror. Duggeon became known as the Underground Terror. He and his cult specialises in rock, ground and steel pokemon. He specifically focuses on the ground type. One of his most beloved pokemon, the fakemon Terrearth, befriended him when he was in these unknown regions of the underground.
    Pokemon Team: Terrearth (Fakemon), Dugtrio, Excadrill, Claydol, Garchomp, Golurk, Rhyperior. This is his current team. If any of these pokemon somehow die, he will replace them.

    More information coming soon!
  23. Name: None, most call him "Catastrophe".
    Gender: Male
    Job: None, he just wanders around.
    Species: Meowstic
    Appearance: A normal male Meowstic wearing a bandana as a lopsided headband.
    Personality: Catastrophe is usually a chill Pokemon, always caring for an egg he found. If you hurt the egg, you're pretty much dead.
    Move Set: Barrier, Calm Mind, Substitute, Assist
    Extra Notes:
    - He found an egg from somewhere. It's rumored he stole it from the lab, but there's no solid proof.
    - The egg in question is pink with two large brown spots on either side.
    - It's painfully obvious he's a natural teamsweeper.

    Name: None, she goes by Charm.
    Gender: Female
    Job: None, she follows Catastrophe.
    Species: Purrloin
    Appearance: A shiny Purrloin with a small amulet. She calls it her "good luck charm", hence her nickname.
    Personality: Charm is a natural thief, yet outside of thievery, she's a calm and sweet kitty who depends on her charm for luck. If she lost it, she'd beg Catastrophe to find it for her, and won't stop until it's found.
    Move Set: All of Purrloin's natural moveset plus Dark Pulse and Thief.
    Extra Notes:
    - Her amulet is a jade necklace. The Pokemon she grew up around treated jade as a sacred gift, granting even more luck than clovers, hence her dependence on it.
    - Her favorite pasttime is running around and trying out new methods of escape.
    - She really wants to see the inside of the lab.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here are my two kids! Play nice, you two.
  24. Hi! Two thing! :
    1. for some reason I can’t find the rp thread? If someone where to link it to me, that’d be great, thanks!
    2. Job proposition:
    pokemon babysitter! (name can be changed)
    It consist in taking care of other user’s pokemon in safe places specially built for keeping them, kind of like pokecenters. However, that’s the only pokecenter service they offer. This job works on trust and publicity is mostly made by reputation. They get paid by the day and ocs who have this job can get asked, out of or in rp, by other people, to take care of their pokemon!

    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Job: thief
    Appearance: A 1m78 girl with dark skin and black, long, wild and curly hair which stops at her waist. She has very little curves giving her a very rectangular body shape. He face is squared too and her eyes (brown) are almost always frowning with a wide smirk giving her a constant look of determination. Overall, she looks very neglected and dirty. She likes wearing long wholly white socks and large ugly christmas sweater.
    Personality: A very upbeat, excitable yet nervous bundle; she’s always looking for something to do to stimulate her wild mind. She dreams of being a daywalker and does anything to chase it. Eve is actually very sensitive too and cries easily; but she is particularly stubborn and holds long grudges— making her cry, however easy it might be, may not be the best idea (unless if you want to make yourself an enemy!).
    History: She was brought up in a normal family and left her home at the age of 17 to have a successful daywalker career. Eve lost contact with her family now because she doesn’t dare to tell them that all she became was a hungry homeless thief.
    Pokemon Team: A chesnaught (I sadly can’t remember his name since he comes from a game I played a while back so I’ll fill this up later thanks!)
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