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Ask to Join Try To Survive - Pokemon RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. The war has finally ended. Everything has been destroyed. So many Pokemon died - but the most important thing: all people are gone. Everybody. And every region has been completely destroyed apart from Kalos. However, Kalos is a very dangerous place to live now - as well as the only one.

    Pokewar II. That's the name of it, and it has just ended. It was a war between people and Pokemon, fifty years after Ash's journey. So many Pokemon have been suffering because of their trainers, and they wanted revenge. It led to this - people are extinct, and Pokemon are the only thing left.

    Pokemon have split up into two groups - the hunters, and their prey. The hunters are the stronger ones who depend on and hunt the weak, just so they can still live. The weak - the prey - are the poor ones who can barely survive in this new world.

    It's sad. This world used to be such a wonderful place - but no. Pokemon made the people go extinct - destroyed everything - all the regions are horribly unsuitable for living in, apart from Kalos. But as I said before, Kalos is damaged horribly as well. There is an ungodly amount of pollution everywhere, as well as many other things. Toxic waste, bombs planted in places, traps pretty much wherever you go...this world has turned evil. And only the weak Pokemon who haven't gone crazily evil...be careful out there. It's an extremely dangerous place outside now...


    ) No Godmodding or Autoing/Bunnying or deciding what happens to other characters that are not your own.
    2 ) No Fakemon.
    3 ) No Mary Sue's
    4 ) Limit of characters you can have is three, and use the character sheet provided.
    5 ) With each reply at least write four lines.
    6 ) Please try as hard as you can to make your replies easy to read and understand.
    7 ) No crazy things happening. Etc, a level 8 Pikachu can't use Thunder to wipe out five Pokemon that are attacking it, etc, a level 57 Tyranitar which is attacking a level 54 Altaria cannot defeat it in one hit by stamping on its foot.
    8 ) Level limit - 60. No overpowering your Pokemon.
    9 ) Shinies are allowed but don't go overboard. They are RARE. And just because your Pokemon is shiny doesn't mean they are special and are ten times stronger than non-shinies.
    10 ) No swearing, keep romance PG and no big violence - so no gore or blood. NO BLOOD. I swear you will be kicked out the RP if you include loads of violence and/or have blood. Also, kid friendly profile pictures.
    11 ) OOC blather stuff only in the Discussion thread. Only RP posts in this thread.
    12 ) Last of all, this is an anime style RP. So no specific levels - just put a rough level of what your Pokemon is in the character bio, just so you can get an idea of how strong it is.


    Type: (Predator or Prey)




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  2. Muffy nibbled on a Pecha Berry in the little cave classed as her home, the little cave on a steep mountain with an unstable staircase of rocks leading up to an entrance. Muffy had put up a little door in the entrance to her little cave, a bit more protected than without a door. She finished her berry and turned around to grab another from the rock bowl she stored them in when she noticed there were none left. "What?" She muttered in shock, staring at the bowl with a puzzled expression. "I swear I had, like, seventeen more! I went on a massive hunt for berries yesterday!" She wailed gloomily, while Arrow snorted with laughter just outside her cave, speedily gobbling and swallowing the berries he'd stolen from her.

    Muffy miserably sighed and trudged over to the other side of her cave, licking some water from a trough made of rocks she'd also made, the trough nearly empty. She frowned even more, sighing again. "Well, either later today or tomorrow I need to get some more water and more food," She murmured sadly, peeking through a little crack in the door she'd made and gasped in horror, quickly rushing to the back of the cave when she saw a large Decidueye laughing and flying off into the distance. She panicked for a minute before peeking through the crack again, relieved to see that the Decidueye had flown off all the way to a distant meadow. Muffy then calmed herself down and relaxed in a patch of grass inside her cave, trying to figure out a time to go on a hunt for water and berries.

    Meanwhile, Arrow was searching for a small, weak Pokemon to fight, laughing to himself evilly as he grabbed a berry out from behind his feathers, threw it up into the air and swallowed it in a second. "WHO WANTS TO BATTLE ME?!" He roared impatiently as all the Pidgey's, Starly's, Fletchling's and other birds from inside the trees quickly flapped away, fleeing the cruel Decidueye as he cackled cruelly.
  3. Leaf was running along the forest, looking for berries and a suitable hiding place. She hid in a log, but that wasn't the right spot for her to hide in. She thought about a better hiding spot. A higher spot. And so she headed towards the mountain nearby, stopping to eat some berries every once in a while. She gathered some water on the way from a pond and tied some leaves and grass together trying to hold the water in, getting a stick to finish that container.
    Once she reached the top of that mountain, she saw a door shape. Leaf was so exhausted, that she ended up shoving berries under the door that was nearby, then fainting from exhaustion.
  4. Halt, hearing the call of challenge from his small cave in the cliff, roared out, causing many small bird pokemon, and prey to scatter. They knew the sound, and it wasn't a good one. Halt lept from tree to tree, until he became in reach for the Decidueye. "You wanted a fight, well your worst nightmare showed up." He launched forward, hand on fire, striking at the pokemon who wanted to fight. "I'm the champion here. No win for you, ever." He said blankly to him, eyes almost burning.
  5. Arrow flipped around to face his challenger, his wing flapping to his side with grace. "Oh, a little burning monkey has come to challenge me, how cute," He sneered, smirking evilly. He didn't waste a second before he turned invisible, (Masking his presence, read it in the Decidueye Pokedex) and flew up into the air, landed on a branch and pulled out an arrow - and in a tenth of a second the arrow zoomed towards the Infernape, Arrow smirking evilly as he told himself he had to destroy his challenger. HE was the strongest and biggest in the forest - the champion and master in the forest. He wouldn't be defeated!
  6. Flame Hid in a Bush, as he Watched An Infernape battle the Decidueye who has been terrorizing All the Pokèmon, including him. He had To do something, but he was too Scared. After a while Of Thinking what he should do, he decided to Help the Infernape. He Got out of the bush and Charged up Shadow Ball and Shot it at the Decidueye. He then his back in then Bush, but you could easily tell were he was because of his Flame, making the Bush have a Purple Glow.
  7. Decidueye turned around in fury as he noticed a Shadow Ball flying towards it, and in a split second, he had shot an arrow at it as it exploded into little purple drops floating down to the floor. He noticed a bush had a purple glow and assumed it was the Pokemon inside, as there were no other Pokemon around - they had all fled - so he flew up into the air and landed on a higher branch before shooting an insanely fast array of arrows zooming towards the bush, a cruel smirk on his face even though he was furious a weakling small enough to hide in a bush had tried to attack him.
  8. Flame Shook in fear as Arrows being Shot at him. He then decided to Run away. He charged up another Shadow Ball and Shot it at the Decidueye. He then ran away as Fast as he could while it wasn't looking. He wasn't able to go that, manly because the Decidueye Arrows wounded him.
  9. The Decidueye growled in fury and speedily sent more zooming arrows off into the distance, hoping that at least one would get the Pokemon. He assumed it was a fire Pokemon because of the glow in the bush, and easily dodged the Shadow Ball, flying to the side with ease as he laughed at the fleeing Pokemon's punyness.
    "Right, now will you fight me punk?" He demanded to the Infernape as he speedily shot more arrows at him with his infinite supply, cackling as he flew down to a lower branch and faced the Infernape.

    (He has a supply with automatically restocks itself, I mean, Decidyueye don't run out of arrows do they? XD)
  10. (His feathers are the arrows. And if we follow the pp game, he has 15.)
    "No chance for you, little birdy. Go shoot your arrows, because soon, your gonna BURN!" Halt said, as he drew in a deep breath, and released a large spew of fire. The trees around him burned, and through the attack, he lept forward, fist blazing with a fire punch.
  11. (It's an anime style RP, so no PP. And I know his feathers are the arrows, but he gets them back doesn't he? XD)

    Arrow flapped his wings and flew straight up into the air, avoiding the large spew of fire and as the Infernape's fist blazed with fiery flames, the evilly smirking Decidueye used Spirit Shackle. Using ghostly magic he stitched the Infernape's shadow to ground, preventing him from moving and then attacked by speedily shooting a ton of arrow quills from his wing, the arrows glowing with purple ghostly power as they zoomed towards the flaming monkey, Arrow balancing on a very high up branch.


    Muffin let out a sad sigh, trying to figure out a time she could get some berries and water when she let out an ear-piercing shriek, some berries being slipped out the door. She screamed again and ran to the back of the cave where a dirt patch was - and although Eevee's weren't Ground types or made to dig, she began to quickly dig a tunnel into the ground, trying to escape whatever was outside that had slipped the berries in.
  12. Leaf woke up from being fainted to an ear-piercing shriek from behind the door. Alert to the sound, she said "Jeez! You're kinda loud..." , pushing more berries under the door and not taking any. She was confused; why would someone shriek because someone was trying to be kind, pushing berries under the door for them to eat? Leaf then decided to pushed the door open with most of her strength, then shut it with the rest of her strength. Seeing the Eevee digging at the ground, she said "I'm not gonna hurt you!"
  13. Watching the arrows fly to him, he let out a long spew of fire, burning the arrows before they reach him. Halt also yanked the arrow holding his soul out of the ground, and turned around. "A good archer retrieves his arrows." He threw it at the flying pokemon, as the arrow caught it's soul, and stuck it into a tree. Halt then lept at him again, with another fire punch.
  14. Muffin looked up from the little hole she had dug and shrieked when she saw a Pokemon inside her cave, but then she calmed down after she saw it was just a Chikorita. "You're not?" She questioned suspiciously, still in her five-inch deep hole, watching the Chikorita carefully. "You're not one of those Pokemon who attack others?" She asked, her eyes still alert and a bit frightened.


    Arrow smirked as the Infernape used his attacks against him, and then when the arrow caught his soul he simply shot another arrow to get rid of the arrow sticking his soul to the tree. He then flew up and then back down behind the Infernape very quickly and cackled. "One does not use one's attack against himself." He hissed before speedily slashing the Infernape with a cutting Leaf Blade. He knew it wouldn't be that effective, but still it had a high chance of getting him directly behind him.
  15. "No, I'm trying to live my life out here! It's hard to live like usual when you're being constantly being hunted, though..." replied Leaf. The aroma coming from her leaf created a cozy, friendly atmosphere around the two. Then Leaf spoke again. "Also, could you try not to shriek? It could give your location away." Leaf played with her red scarf, wishing she could find more of the fabric that it was made of. If she had more, she would be able to make something ouy of it to help her carry more than she could now.
  16. Flare yawned, half-asleep in a tree. She let out a yelp as she nearly fell off of the branch she was on. Catching herself with one paw, she sighed. "Stupid trees," She muttered.

    Flare climbed down the tree, landing safely on the ground below. She padded away from the tree, glancing up at the sky.


    Ace flew about in the sky, scanning the trees below for any signs of Pokemon.
    "Nothing," She said, frowning. She took a sharp turn to the left, and flew down. She landed in a tree, brushing a few leaves off of herself with a wing.
  17. After Flame ran away from the Decidueye For a Long While, he Made it to an Mountain. Once he was at the He was at the Top, he Found a Cave with a With a Door. He Knew a Pokemon lived their as he tried getting closer to ask for help. But ended up Passing out right before he made it.
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  18. Halt quickly spun around with the fire punch, slamming it into the Decidueye. "You need to learn about types." He turned, hanging onto the tree, and spewed out another Flamethrower.
  19. Arrow flew backwards and clutched his face as embers came off it, a scorch mark clear on his leaf mask around his face. "YOU!" He roared IN fury as he flew up into the air and speedily stitched the monkey's shadow to the ground before speedily flinging at it a massive Shadow Ball, the ball of ghostly, glowing magic zooming towards the monkey as the furious Decidueye smirked, really hoping it would hit the pesky monkey as he clutched his scorch mark.
  20. Halt swung a thunder punch at the shadow ball. The attack exploded when they collided, causing an explosion only scorching Halt, but causing some damage. He looked back to Arrow. "Yes, me." He sprung over to the flying pokemon, using fire punch. And if he would dodge it, Halt used a flamethrower around the punch in case he tried to dodge.
  21. The Decidueye swerved to the side and around the Infernape, narrowly avoiding the flaming punch as it burnt his wing a little and then in a second used a sharp Leaf Blade, knowing it would still do some damage even if it was a type disadvantage, the position of the Leaf Blade cutting the back of the Infernape's head.

    ( I mean where he aimed the Leaf Blade, not Autoing )
  22. Halt took a deep breath, and his head flames lept up, causing a raging inferno right where the leaf blade was heading. "Didn't your parents ever teach you not to play with fire?" He spun around, spinning a kick at Arrow. He then used flamethrower around the area where Arrow would go, even if he dodged it.
  23. Arrow quickly dodged the kick, jumping backwards and nearly landing in the fire. He flapped his wings hard and the fire slowly disappeared as the furious Decidueye sprung forward and speedily used Sucker Punch, not responding to the Infernape's remark.
  24. Flare padded further into the forest, her ears alert for any sound of incoming Pokemon. "Huh. Strange, no random Pokemon has come to attack me yet," She mumbled.

    Flare sat down by a tree, glancing around cautiously every few moments. She dug her claws into the ground, waiting for something to happen. But nothing did. She leaned against the tree.

    "Eh..perhaps I'll take a nap for a while."

    'But if I do, I'll probably get caught,' She added in her mind.
  25. Halt shoved back out a Fire Punch, at the same time as the sucker punch, causing them to collide mid attack. "Playing with fire's not good." He looked away, and spit out a ball of fire that caused the ground below him to burn instantly. He turned back, "See what I mean?" He then tried to grab onto the fist, and shot out a pulse of flame.
  26. Lunar watched around the forest, sitting on the edge of a small cliff pointing to the forest of trees & shrubbery. "What a lovely day, Pokemon hunting each other, hogging food, and stealing from each other." She said in a soft voice. She turned her head to a part of the forest where flames were braking loose on the forest. "Great, Fire Types are at it again." She sighed and scowled a bit with stress. She got up and trotted down a rough shaped staircase made out of rock. She was now on the ground and ran to where the fire was taken place. She saw a Decidueye & a Infernape battling each other, a puff of smoke coming her way and covering her face with ashes. She coughed a bit and scowled at the two Pokemon. "Brute forced fools." She growled.
  27. Thrice was running through the thick of trees and shrubbery. For him it was just the usual routine of fleeing disaster without a second guess. The left head of thrice looks to the middle head with an agitated scowl.

    Left: "Why is it every time something is smoking or making noise we run like cowards? We haven't seen any good food in days now! If we head toward the disturbance, would it not be likely we could pluck some fallen berries or something?"

    Right: "But what if we go there and find a scary, and strong bunch of predators instead? Not all Pokemon eat just berries... What if there's a group of carnivorous Charizard and they see us? I don't want to be barbecue'd poultry on leaves beside a pit roasted Grumpig, We've gotta keep running!"

    Middle: "Both sides have a point but I'm going with left this time. We always run and every time we find ourselves run away, granted we're safe from harm... But how long can we keep going before we die of dehydration, let alone starvation? It seems viable to take a risk."

    Left: "About time we had a pair of Hard Stones to carry! Righty, unless you have useful information just keep your beak shut. I swear if I hear you whining the entire time I'm gon--" Left's interrupted by middle head.

    Middle: "He gets it left. We both do. Let's focus more on running, more on scavenging, and less on blustering shall we? Right head, you're not in the weeds. We're going to need you to look out for predators while we focus on foraging, and getting out safely"

    Right sighed with a worried expression on his face. Though distressed he realized he had to do is part if they were going to have a chance at survival.

    Right: "Fine... let's just go."

    Thrice swiveled around and ran toward the smoke and the noises, dodging bushes, trees, and hordes of fleeing Pidgey, Rattata,
    and other distinguished prey shifting their glances at all ends for a sign of any berries, mushrooms, or viable food of any kind. Then, they stumble across a sitrus berry tree. It seemed undisturbed, and distant enough to safely pluck from.
    The left with a smug expression of his brow unable to refrain from having input:

    "Well gents... And the skitty on the right! Looks like we don't have to look anymore! Now let's pluck us some Sitrus!"

    Left: "Wait! this is too convenient don't you think? What if something sees us? What if some ghost type Pokemon just ambushes us from above, and some ground type suddenly digs out from below like an Onix?

    Left: "Oh not this again! Did you forget we share one stomach? Keep lookout! Don't think you can Buizel your way out of responsibility just so you can selfishly stain your beak behind our heads on ground fodder! You have eyes. Make yourself useful!"

    Middle: Seriously, left. Quit using Torment on yourself. Right head, he does have a point. I will focus on getting the berries down from the tree. Left, if it keeps you from pecking our only lookout's eyed out then you just work on getting us full. Right, don't worry, I'll let you scavenge near the end if there's time just so you can have a little enjoyment.

    Left: "I've got a better idea. Brace yourselves! I'm going manual!

    Left head triggers the feet to start working up speed and then springs up and slams into the tree with a Jump Kick. The tree shakes, twigs snap, and berries drop all around them. Left wasting no time upon feet landing on ground starts shoveling down berries with his beak sloppily yet leaving little scrap grounded like a hungry Hippowdon.

    Middle: That was effective. Let's just hope whatever disaster nearby is making more noise than we just did.

    All three start pecking into the fallen food and gaining the nourishment they long needed, when suddenly the tree cracks and tumbles in front of them. Right head is the first to act alert and shifts his gaze toward the path beyond the tree and notices in the far the Infernape and the Decidueye surrounded by smoke which was spreading widely.

    Right: "Okay, this is our chance to run! Smokescreens are coming in and no glances in our direction yet, let's keep it that way?"

    Red: "Oh come on, it's not a Steelix fight. We're not that bad off, we can store some leftovers!"

    Middle: "I think right head is on straight left, we should probably wrap this up and go quickly."

    Left: "Great now you're going Cottonee soft on me too? Last I counted we're a 3 mon speed legged machine... Well to be fair 2 and a half mon."

    Right: "Look just because I would rather live than be dinner doesn't make me less of a mon! Did you forget we share a body? We're really just one mon! 3 heads won't matter if all they want is one body! Even your hot head with lack of basic counting knowledge should be able to get that!"

    Right: "I'd have no problem plucking you off and going back to being an odd looking Doduo if it means no more cowering like a baby in a bush every time a noise occurs! Or every time a Pokemon is in the off distant scenery!"


    The cawed out instigation amongst Thrice own three selves had echoed through what seemed now a strangely quiet thick of trees. They all turned their gazes toward the scene to which the two Pokemon seemed to slow the fight down. Had they heard the blustering? The shout of dismissal? Was Thrice now a target? They slowly stepped back away from the spreading smoke as they could no longer see the two fighting mons. It was too quiet from where they stood and the lack of ease was now amongst them as a whole.

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  28. Lunar shacked the ash off of her fur, but she was still a bit dirty. "Too much smoke.." she coughed. She tried to navigate through the smoke that seems to spread like fog. Lunar stepped back, not knowing where to go in this smoke, but it seems that her back leg got stuck in a Bunnelby burrow. She tried to shift he leg out of the burrow but it was really in there! Lunar looked around, hoping she wasen't an open target to much bigger predators or gangs of prey. "Great, My leg is stuck in a Bunnelby's burrow, and I can't see in this smoke." She growled. A glowing heat was in her mouth that then busted into a Flamethrower at the burrow. The fire of the attack made the fur of her leg soft and smooth, making it a bit more easy to slip out of the burrow. "Those two are dead meat when I find a way to get up there!" She yelled. Not being aware of the Pokemon around her.
  29. The Infernape grabbed the Decidueye's Sucker Punch fist, and as a counter the even more furious before, if that was even possible, Decidueye flung the fist with force over his head, flinging the Infernape over his head as the Decidueye smirked at his witty counter, dodging all the fire around.

    (Remember, you can not fly over the Decidueye's head, but you can't dodge everything you know.)
  30. (Same with you.)
    Halt got slammed into the tree, which soon got caught on fire. He was becoming more in his element. "All your doing, is making it easier for me." He grabbed a flaming vine from the tree, and lashes forward with it like a whip, hoping to hit Arrow with it.
  31. Arrow shot off into the sky, dodging the flaming whip as the Decidueye smirked furiously and stitched the Infernape's shadow against the tree while floating in the sky. It then changed into an arrow position and shot down, charging into the Infernape, using Brave Bird.

    (Remember, you can dodge it if you want.)
  32. Halt knew to only move at the last second. So he waited, hand on the arrow holding him to the tree. When Arrow was close, he snapped the arrow, freeing himself, and lept up higher onto the tree. When the Decidueye was close to the tree, the threw the arrow to stich it to the tree, and swung down to use a fire punch.
  33. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Remember: You may launch an attack in the general direction of another person's character, but you have no right to actually force the hit without the other person's approval in advance. That's called Autoing, and is strictly forbidden according to our rules.
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  34. Arrow quickly flipped himself around to avoid smashing into the tree, his feet now kicking off the tree and shooting him backwards, although he slightly lost his balance as he started flying away from the Infernape, just narrowly dodging the Infernape's Fire Punch as an ember from it burnt his wing, the Decidueye flying up into the air and landing on a branch. "Here's a tip - improve your aim!" Arrow bellowed as he used Spirit Shackle, stitching the Infernape's shadow to the tree and shooting off into the opposite direction, now bored of fighting the Infermpe, as the battle was getting long and tedious with neither getting anywhere, and Arrow was hungry anyway, his stomach growling as he flew off into the distance.
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