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Try the Pokécharms 15th Anniversary Quiz!

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    As we're celebrating our big ol' 15th anniversary today, we've put together something special for the occasion: a Pokécharms 15th Anniversary Quiz Game!

    Head on over to the website Quizizz.com/join and enter the game code 114413 to play the quiz. We have 15 questions lined up for you all about the staff of Pokécharms, our various site features, and Pokécharms' history.

    Once you've entered the game code on Quizizz, choose a nickname to take the quiz. Be sure to use your Pokécharms username so that we can recognize who you are! You may be rewarded for your efforts~

    Now for some pictures! As previously mentioned, using Quizizz is a very simple task. Just write our game code - 114413 - into the field that says "6-digit code" and click the big PROCEED button.

    Quizizz Screenshot 01.png
    After you've successfully done that, enter your nickname and click the START button. From there you'll have one more chance to get ready before beginning the quiz. When you're good to go, click START again and do your best to answer our 15 multiple choice quiz questions!


    Quizizz can be played on both PCs and mobile devices. The default game settings include background music, sound effects, and random meme images between each question - but if you detest any of these things, you can shut them off by clicking the "Settings" cog at the top left of your screen.

    The Pokécharms 15th Anniversary Quiz will playable starting right now until March 19th at 11:59 PM EST. If you have any technical difficulties with the quiz, or still can't figure out how to play it, let us know in the comments and we'll try to help!

    But with all of that chatter aside - have fun!


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Mar 17, 2018.

    1. 5DigitNeb
      I was the first to try it! :D got 66%. 2 thirds. not bad for newbie
      Linkachu likes this.
    2. Andrewski
      “Be sure to use your Pokécharms username when taking the quiz so that we can recognize who you are!”

    3. 5DigitNeb
      I didn’t even notice that when I did it. Good thing I still used nebulix
    4. Linkachu
      Yeeeah. Unless you use your username, we have no way to connect who you are re: the quiz to your Pokecharms account. XD

      That being said, what username did you use for the quiz? I’ll take note of it. :)
    5. 5DigitNeb
      Aww man. Why did I have to be noob. Do I at least get reward for being first?
    6. mochietea
      I got second! I’m surprised I know that much about Pokecharms
      EDIT:nuuuu I’m 4th nowww
      Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
      Linkachu likes this.
    7. Andrewski
      Eh, its fine. I did so bad on it I’m not really expecting a prize XD

      I used “Triangle Head” :)
      Linkachu likes this.
    8. Linkachu
    9. 5DigitNeb
      XD okay that's fine. I just can't help feeling I could've had a chance to get a title ;-; i wanted to be like all the cool kids...
    10. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Wooaaaah, I sucked at this. I got the obvious ones, but I messed up on the multiple choice one and a couple of dates, and numbers, and what the trainer card one was, and wow, has it been a while. Still a nice test of my memory though.
      Linkachu and Mockingchu like this.
    11. Kiraru
      *Axew hides himself under a freeze-proof blanket while feeling a little embarrassed*

      Okay, so I think I might be a crack shot with 46% accuracy there... Some of the questions really got me thrown off quite a bit like a Sheer Cold striking me with 100% accuracy...
      Linkachu likes this.
    12. mochietea
      Um, I wanted to check my rank and it made me redo the quiz and I put the same username but it counted my former score and my new score as 2 different people. Is there a way to fix it?
    13. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      80% accuracy. I won't reveal my answers or the questions I dun goofed because I wasn't paying attention to the numbers but I'll accept my loses where they are.
      Linkachu likes this.
    14. Swirled
    15. 5DigitNeb
      you're supposed to use your pokecharms name
    16. Stargrounds
      %73 percent accuracy. Oh well. I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.
      Linkachu likes this.
    17. Linkachu
      I can delete scores if necessary. :)

      However, if you went in as two different people that’s alright. Do you remember what nicknames you used for both attempts?
    18. Mockingchu
      33% beat that! Oh wait, you can't. Guess I'm just a genius :?
      Linkachu likes this.
    19. Fraseandchico
      13%... I am dumber than I thought.
    20. 5DigitNeb
      but I did. I beat it before you even did it. (technically that's true)
    21. Kiraru
      *Axew frowns a bit while knowing that a 46% is technically an F, as he hides himself from Stellarwind for not knowing what was not his favorite type*

      Yes, you even beat me at the lovely quiz before I even started.
    22. Swirled
      46% accuracy, that' pretty good for someone who hasn't even been here for a full year.
      Linkachu likes this.
    23. 5DigitNeb
    24. Kiraru
      *Axew drops his translator*

      Axew... A- Axew Axew?

      You do realize I’ve been here longer than that right?
    25. Swirled
      That is correct but I have much to learn about this site, you know more about it than me.
    26. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      *immediately knows the answer to a specific question* man good to know I'm a part of Pokecharms histor-

      Linkachu and Psycho Monkey like this.
    27. Stargrounds
      I educated myself on most things around here. But I failed some questions too, which means... THERE IS MORE INFORMATION FOR ME TO FIND.
      Mockingchu and Swirled like this.
    28. Kiraru
      *Chiral Piplup drinks a bottle of warm milk while sighing a bit*

      If I had anything to take from the quiz, it is that I should maybe talk to the staff more since I only know about three of them at most.
    29. Mr Fishykarp
    30. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      I did it, first place, only took me 4,000,000 tries, but I did it...
      Linkachu likes this.
    31. mochietea
      For both, I used DaCerluanPerformerDawn you can delete the one with the lower score
    32. Kiraru
      *a blue question mark forms above Axew's head*

      Wouldn't the scoreboard be filled with your 3,999,999 other attempts then?
    33. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      ...uhm, they were deleted, totally! *neveous grin*
    34. Kiraru
      *Axew glares at you while preparing to use Scratch IX*

      Axew, Axew Axew... A- Axew Axew? (So, you're telling me that you or someone else deleted it even though it would take a lot longer than just an hour?)
    35. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      Y-Yeah, it look the entire Charms crew to delete them All, hehe, please dont kill me...
    36. Kiraru
      *Axew looks a bit upset, as he rushes towards you and uses Scratch*

      Axew Axew? Axew Axew... A- Axew, Axew. (The entire you say? I highly doubt that they would be able to manually delete every single one in an hour.)
    37. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      Ahhh, mah face! OK I lied, if only took 4 attempts!
    38. Kiraru
      *Axew looks over at you after managing to find his translator*

      I'm not sure if I can buy it since the previous statement of your's earlier led to a huge drop of trust.

      Quick Edit: I might give this another go, though I feel like I might do worse since I think that the questions might be randomized here...
    39. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      They aren't randomized.

      And I did try four times

      Try 1 - Nova
      Try 2- Super Nova
      Try 3- Super Nova*
      Try 4- Super Nova**

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