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Ask to Join Tropifield University (Romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Luke The Riolu, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Information :
    Welcone to Tropifield University a school built for young talented trainers to study, the school itself is built on a volcanic island near Alola, don't worry about any thing happening there the volcano is over a thousand years old and is dead it's not one of those which is sleeping. On this very island the soil is very organic to plants making it the world's best Berry Farm. Since that being the case these tropical berries have attracted every Pokemon in the world. The school has fun activities thanks to that, this year it holds a berry harvesting festival. The school has a set of organized dorms for the students funished witheverything they need including a few Pokemon beds and food bowls. Here are some other location of the school : Cafeteria, Park, Movie Theater. And the new theme park working in construction that will be finished in a few days. While students are staying for their studies they can also explore the island as well. They could visit Irukan Village the homes of the island natives and where they hold their natural safari zone. Or they could go to Rygihba Town to visit the Berry Farm itself. We hope you will enjoy your studies at Tropia Island.
    Rules :
    1. Follow the Charms RP Rules
    2. No Autoing
    3. No Bullying
    4. No Swearing
    5. No "CROSSING THE LINE" type of romance, just dating kissing and stuff.
    6. Legends are totally off the limits even if you have permission
    7. Fakemons are allowd if you have permission.
    8. Pokemon must not be fully evolved or it can be a Pokemon that has no evolution the maximum amount of Pokemon you are allowd to have is 3

    Sign up :

    It's a brand new day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was a nice day to head out. Veronica woke up early today so that she could start her new adventure at Tropifield University. Heading out to the airport quickly by bus, she booked a plane to fly to the island using the money that her parents gave her. It was a short flight thanks to Kalos being near Alola. After a while sitting on the plane she looked down to her Pokemon "I can't believe today is the day we start our school year" she said excitedly, sitting by her was her Vulpix named K9, she looked back at Veronica happily "Vulpix !!" K9 cried out. The plane flew down to the island quicker than she expected, while she was chattering with Vulpix it had already landed. "Common K9 let's go !" She said, both of them ran straight down the plane and head out to the bus station. She enjoyed looking at the beautiful ocean view, the wind was blowing her hair back, it felt so relaxing. The bus arrived after a few minutes, without hesitation she got on to it. "I wonder what the school will be like? Maybe it's fancy" Veronica said to K9, K9 replied in a slight disbelief tone "Vul . . . Vulpix", "You don't think so ?" she asked, K9 turned back and nodded.The bus traveled for quite sometime but finally she was at her destination "Here it is, Tropifield University" she said. One step in and she was already amazed of its size and architecture "This looks amazing" she thought. She walked around for a little and finally found the receptionist. She head to her and asked for her dorm keys. The receptionist needed to take a look at her ID, after doing so she handed the keys over to Veronica. "Thank you miss" She said to the receptionist. She was still amazed by her surroundings, she made her way to the dorms thanks to some of the school's convient maps hanged on the wall. She gently opened her room, room 1A. She was astonished of the well furnished dorm. "This is so fancy, looks like someone was wrong" she said turning her eyes to K9, K9 ignored her and was a little upset that she was wrong. Veronica messed around a little and got tired she jumped on to the bed and lied down for a moment "Arceus, this bed is so comfortable" She said as she used some blankets to wrap herself into a cocoon.
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  2. “Looking into the sea was a mistake,” Nico said to her Shiny Eevee, Jack, as he stared into the sea with a peaceful set in his eyes. Being on a ship for two days wasn’t helping the fact that she hadn't had sleep in a few days nor was it helping her seasickness. Jack only adopted a playful look in his eyes and her reached his paw over the ship. “Jack! Quit it!” She yelled in frustration then put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from becoming sick on the wood. “I see the island!” A call came from the opposite side of the ship and Kuro turned around to look at a distant green island. Breathing in a sigh of relief, she picked up Jack and walked into the females cabin. Taking a shaky breath, Nico set Jack down on her bed. Sifting through her bag that she kept her necessities in, Nico grabbed Jack’s sparkling blue collar that tracked him on the Shiny Eevee’s neck. “We’re one step closer,” she muttered to Jack, resting her forehead against his. “What are you doing in here?!” A female voice shrieked as it entered the medium sized cabin. “This is my bed and this is the females cabin, right? I’m a female,” Nico said, glaring at the other girl. The girl looked shocked, only to try to cover it up as if nothing had happened and walked to her own bed. “We’re here!” Nico heard a deep and gruff male voice say. Springing up, grabbing her things and Jack, Nico ran out the door and looked at the beutiful island. She walked carefully to the dock, feeling herself becoming sick. Once on the docks, Nico ran to Trooifield University, asking directions on the way of course but from a suspicious male. Trying to catch her breath, she reached a kind receptionist that asked for her ID so she could get her dorm room. Once looking at the expensive artifacts and walls and the beautiful paintings, Nico reached her room and plopped onto the bed Jack falling beside her. Zero, her other Shiny Eevee, and A.J, her Houndour decided they were going to come out as well. Nico, being as protective as she is, immediately put on A.J’s black tracking collar and Zero’s black and bright blue collar.
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  3. “First ones should be ‘ere by now,” Lloyd muttered as he looked up at the clear blue sky. The sun stood high in the heavens, showering the fields behind the university with its rays – the perfect weather for tending to the berry trees. This garden was his domain – his classroom if you will. There’s a certain appeal to teaching in the open air, as long as you can keep the attention of your students. If not, it’s only harmful to the cause. Lloyd knew this very well – it wasn’t his first year here after all. Regardless, it was a new year and he would try to get to know the students first – before taking them out into his preferred scene.

    He’d been out here not only for his own enjoyment, but also to collect a few berries for the first class – keeping them in a wooden crate for easy carrying. The contents were exceptionally colorful due to the wide variety of berries growing in the fields – though, not nearly as many kinds as in Rygihba Town. Lloyd held onto the sides of the crate and lifted it to his chest. “Lucy! C’mere missy!” Lloyd’s command was loud, but yielded no response. Sighing, he looked around the fields for a sign of his pink furball – but without success. Lloyd adjusted the crate and held it underneath his left arm alone – pressed against his side, so he’d have a free hand to whistle.

    Setting two fingers against his lips he gave a loud, sharp whistle. “Lucy! Don’ make me call ya trice missy!” Finally – response. Rustling from the bushes followed by a pink blur rushing over the dirt path to Lloyd – stopping at his feet. The shiny Furret seemed excited – not so much about the calling, but more so about the crate underneath Lloyd’s arm. Lloyd took note of the wanting gaze of his Pokémon and chuckled. “These arn’t for you, ya glutton.”

    The Pokémon responded to the statement with an almost disapproving glance before brightening up as Lloyd fished a Salac Berry from the crate – and tossing it to Lucy. “’Ere ya go, didn’ think I’d forget ‘bout ya, did you? But the others are for class, got it?”

    With the seemingly understanding gaze of the Furret duly noted, Lloyd set out – back into the university with his pink partner trailing after him. He was somewhat hoping he could get out of the dirt-covered overalls before running into one of the student – he’d prefer to make a more decent first impression as a teacher after all.
  4. Atty stretched as she walked onto campus territory, feeling the warm sun hit her exposed skin, arms held up high. She smiled and gave a deep breath, pulling her suitcase along and readjusting the box tucked under her arm. Deciding to transfer schools to somewhere so close to the tropics of Alola was a good choice, she absolutely adored the warm weather. As her sandaled feet gently padded against the sidewalk, she made her way into the lobby of her assigned dormitory, handing her ID over to the receptionist. After about a minute, she took it back, along with a new key for her room. "Thank you!" She exchanged smiles with the woman behind the desk, once again pulling her things along as she stepped into the elevator and up to her floor.

    After a short time of putting all of her clothes, makeup, books, and decorations away and up in her room, Atty took the liberty to head right back outside. "There's no way I'm missing out on such amazing weather," She mumbled to herself, picking up her shoulderbag and slinging it over herself. She could feel her balls twitch against her hip, her Pokemon anxious to come out and see the new scenery as well. "I know, I know! Gimmie a minute!" She gently patted them, once again feeling the warmth as she stepped outside. Atty walked around for a few minutes, examining the landscape of the university before finding a nice little bench to sit on. She sent her Pokemon out, the Bug types greatly appreciating the temperature, too. Her Venipede sat in her lap, while her Heracross sat daintily on the bench next to her and her Cutiefly flittered around, occasionally nuzzling against her trainer's face.
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  5. Tessa quickly tossed a nest ball into the air. "Quick, Wing!" She said as her Pidgeotto launched forward. Bag across her back, Tessa climbed onto it's back. Being how lightweight she is, Wing can hold her up over long flights. "Can you take me to Alola?" The bird shook it's wing, showing it was ready. As soon as the girl was situated, Wing launched itself forward at a surprising rate.

    Wing touched down at the gates of Tropifield U. "Thanks." Tessa said as she returned her pokemon. Glad I didn't need to take the boat. Tessa had Thalassophobia, or she was afraid of the ocean. Pidgeotto flew above the clouds, so Tessa couldn't see the water. The girl walked to the dormitory assigned to her and handed in her ID. A key was given in return. "Thank you!" She said excited to begin her studies, Tessa tossed her stuff in her room and made her way outside to admire the landscape.
  6. Nico, not being able to keep herself in her new room, walked out of her dorm into the hallway, her Pokémon trailing beside and behind her. After exploring for a while, she saw a male with dirt covered overalls, a crate in an arm and a Shiny Furret beside him. Immediately grabbing her Houndour’s collar, the growling dog staring at the Furret. “A.J, quit that this instant!” She scolded her Pokemon before looking at the teacher. “Im sorry, sir. A.J has a thing for hunting small things but he doesn’t harm them, he just likes to play with them,” she said, chuckling nervously and kneeling down to her Houndour’s level. Jack and Zero, her Shiny Eevee’s, were both just shaking their heads in disappointment, Zero making some sort of noise sounding like a sigh. Nico’s bright purple eyes gazed at the Shiny Furret and its Trainer apologetically while still holding A.J.
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  7. Florem was smiling as she carried a basket full of berries from the garden to her classroom, for Economics later, with her Furfrou walking along side her as well as her Joltick sitting happily on her shoulder enjoying the nice weather. "Today is so beautiful, I'm tempted to make my other Class outside today in the park, what do you think Oliver?" she asked looking to the Dandy Trimmed Pokemon next to her who yipped in approval also enjoying the clear weather of today. Florem giggled in response to her pokemon before looking around her in confusion, "that's strange where's Spookz gone to now?" she questioned looking around for her Gastly who seemed to have disappeared again before spotting a glimpse of her mischievous ghost type heading towards a girl on a bench with her bug types. "Oh dear not again..." she sighed heading after her Gastly before it could play it's prank with her Furfrou right behind her and her Joltick holding onto her shoulder. Gastly came out of hiding appearing in front of a girl and her bug pokemon and laughed hoping it had surprised them as Florem ran up the the girl. "I'm so sorry are you alright?" she asked hoping her ghost type didn't frighten or surprise them too badly, "My Gastly likes to play pranks, I hope he didn't disturb you too much" she apologized again as her Furfrou and Joltick glared at the Ghost.
  8. Atty was perfectly fine minding her own business and enjoying the warm breeze, when suddenly that warmth had turned into chills down her spine. She looked up from rummaging around in her bag, trying to find a couple snacks for her Pokemon, when a menacing grin and two accompanying eyes appeared in front. "Oh jeeze-!" She was startled to say the least, holding back a swear as she clenched her chest and quickly sucked in a glup of air. The moment passed quick enough, though, the trainer quickly recognizing the apparition as a playful little Gastly. Her Pokemon yielded the same result, aside from her Cutiefly, who had been frightened enough to duck down into the front of her trainer's shirt, the little fuzzball tucking herself away in Atty's bra for safety.

    She watched as- who she presumed to be the Gastly's trainer- ran up, apologizing for the behavior of the Ghost type. Atty could only laugh it off, knowing how mischievous Ghosts tended to be. "It's alright! I wasn't doing anything important, he's fine. I know my- uh- Cutiefly here could be a bit better, but she'll come back out soon enough." Atty awkwardly looked down into her shirt, feeling the little Pokemon shivering against her.
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  9. Chaud rode on his motorcycle while Tyler sat on the sidecar with Chaud's bag being under his cushioned seat. The motorcycle of Chaud's was primarily white, with the back reading in bold blue letters, "EUPD." Tyler focused on the crimson red shading of Chaud's bag, since nearly everything around him appeared to be as blurry as a fuzzy picture snapped with haste. Chaud kept his hands at the handlebars, occasionally shifting between gears if the situation demanded. He turned towards Tyler and asked, "So, my friend decided to have you come over with me, and I was wondering how you're feeling right now."

    There was no response from Tyler, as Chaud continued, "Well, older brother... or umm, I guess I should maybe say little brother now since you're practically a baby at this state... you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I can already see that you're looking a bit nervous with the shaky body and the loud breaths of your's."

    Tyler emitted a groan towards Chaud, as Chaud replied, "You can always go back into your ball like little Jigacho did since he's asleep, or like well... uhh, I suppose I should say your other self since he is technically you after doing some research last week. Try to relax, we're almost there."

    Tyler crossed his arms and moaned sullenly while recalling his prior moments at other academies with his previous trainer he was with. He knew that she would need to care of her newly befriended Pokémon due to its injuries it had, as he took in a deep breath and jotted some notes in his clipboard.

    Once Chaud was near the school, he parked in the legal space near the university and got off of his motorcycle after putting on his backpack and picking up Tyler. Tyler folded his clipboard and placed it in his pocket, while noticing his trainer pushing a button on his keys to put the motorcycle in secure mode: Making all open areas enclosed and arming maximum security systems. Chaud placed the keys back into his bag and gave a quick check to make sure that Tyler was comfortable with his somewhat hard grip. Tyler gave a hesitant nod towards Chaud after taking another deep breath, as Chaud made his way towards the university.

    Chaud walked towards the Receptionist and gave her his ID card for validation, as the Receptionist kindly handed the card back along with a set of keys for his room. He placed the ID back in his bag while silently dropping the keys into his pocket. Knowing that exploration was a first priority before getting some rest, he decided to walk around the university while Tyler attempted to maintain his composure.

    After passing several hallways and moving past the Nurse's Office without Chaud's notice, he stopped in his track when he noticed a man in overalls covered with some dirt along with a girl near the man. Tyler's eyes watered up when he saw a dog-like Pokémon appearing to look rather threatening while it appeared to be that it was grabbed by the collar earlier. He covered his teary eyes while one of the Poké Balls from the holder on Chaud's backpack opened. A blackish orb came out of the ball, as it made its way towards Tyler while orbiting around him for a brief moment. The orb began to descend towards ground level, as it settled next to Tyler seconds later.

    The orb swiftly formed itself into a Pokémon that looked exactly like Tyler, though its colors were quite different to his in comparison however. A faint black aura emitted from the Pokémon, as it stated in its infantile voice, "I smell a disturbance... it must be erased immediately! I won't let myself be disturbed!"

    A brief snap reverberated from the Pokémon, as a purplish-black floppy disk appeared in front of it and had the picture of a raging fist on the center area along with the number ten in the upper right corner. The aura gradually became stronger after the floppy disk harmlessly disappeared into clear, dissipating gas, as the Pokémon took a deep breath and focused his glare towards the dog-like Pokémon. Tyler concealed his face full of tears while Chaud thought, "Wait... this guy can talk? This is beyond remarkable! He sounds like how Tyler spoke to me yesterday, though I suppose I'd better find a way to control his evil part before it gets out of control or something even worse happens..."
  10. Candi shambled up the main path of the university, a heavy rolling suitcase behind him, a box filled with his personal effects under his other arm and an overstuffed white backpack hanging from his shoulders. Behind him, his team pattered behind, following behind him happily, his Mudkip and Yungoos' feet tapping against the ground, his Mimikyu bringing up the rear with more of an excited scoot across the ground. He was thankful for solid ground. Being on a boat for so long had made his legs feel like jelly, so he was thankful for some solid ground, and to be here at last. He got to the dormitory that was designated for him, setting his box on the counter so he could fish out his ID, hand it over, and get the key to his room. Once he had gotten his stuff set down on the ground, he flopped onto the bed, letting out a relieved sigh.

    His Mimikyu tugging on his sleeve finally roused him to stand up, his team eager to explore the grounds. Not wanting to disappoint his team by keeping them in his dorm room while he tried to shrug off the sea-sickness from the hours-long boat ride, he rose to his feet, dumping extra stuff out of his bag and walking out with his team, independently following behind him. "Alright, let's go." Walking out again, he supposed some of the fresh air on the University grounds would help settle him.
  11. Veronica finally got up and took out her art kit, "Common K9 let's finish that drawing" she said as she took out a drawing she had worked on for a while 1516945284225.jpg
    She went out of her dorm noticing alot of other people were their. She came to an outside area of the University where there were benches. "Alright Dino ! Help out with the scenery" She said as she sent out her Bayleef. The little dinosaur like creature began to form a flower patch behind K9, K9 stood still and posed for a while, drawing is Veronica's dream she wants to be a famous artist one day and she's really interested in Smeargles, she read a magazine once that said if trainers finds mesh or puddles of paint in the wild, a Smeargle was there, it took her a while but she was just done drawing K9 she still needs the background. But as she was going to continue to draw the bell of the school chimed. "Looks like it's time to start class." She said as she ran to the school board where a schedule that was glued on it "Let's see . . ." She said as she reads the schedule carefully
    1. Pokemon Raising (Lloyd Abner)
    2. Math
    3. Music
    4. Physics
    5. Drama
    6. Science
    -Students are free to use Computers in Room 45 to do extra studies-
    1. Farming Basics, Agriculture & Forestry (Lloyd Abner)
    2. Art
    3. Battle
    4. P.E
    5. Geography
    6. Economics
    School Ends

    "Looks like we're going to go train you to behave first" she said glaring at K9, K9 stared at Veronica giving out a light sigh while Dino looked at her and grinned to tease her. Veronica quickly headed back to her dorm and took her books and keys. She locked her dorm and ran as fast as she could to her classroom, there was still nobody so she sat down a seat close to the windows and waited for everyone to come with K9 and Dino by herside. She wanted to send out her third Pokemon but there wasn't any water nearby so she had to keep her in her Pokeball.
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  12. Candi walked out into the main courtyard, scratching his forehead with his thumb, looking around. Students shimmying about, teachers trying to enjoy their bit of free time before the semester started, and... and some little brunette, letting out the biggest giggle at a Gastly, waddling around on flip flops in a cute little cutoff and shorts. He blinked, adjusting his glasses, watching her bugs waddle around and cherish her. He felt his face turn up in a smile, watching her talk to her Cutiefly, nestling against her for safety. He looked to his team, seeing if they were seeing the same thing.

    He paused. "Wait, one, two..." He pointed, counting out loud as he pointed at his team- his Mudkip, his Yungoos, and... He looked up, and saw his Mimikyu racing towards the poor woman, apparently having more drive to investigate than his owner. "Sunuffa-" He picked up the pace and started running after him, ending up looking like a poor, confused man charging towards it.
  13. Atty was about to introduce herself to the owner of the Gastly, but another sudden intrusion caused her to look down. The source was but a little Mimikyu, childishly poking and prodding her leg like it wanted attention. "A Mimikyu...?" She thought outloud, squatting down and giving the fake-head a little pat. "Where'd you come from, huh? Geeze, I feel like a Ghost magnet today." She giggled. Her Cutiefly wriggled her way out of Atty's bra, now peeking over the hem of her shirt, curious about the other new visitor. Her other two Pokemon looked over her shoulder, interested as well. "Aren't you a cutie, though?" Her hand moved to scratch under the neck of he head, enamored with the little rag monster.
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  14. Florem looked at the poor Cutiefly that was still frightened by her Gastly's prank and looked apologetic, "I'm still sorry about Spookz he always plays pranks on anyone he wants even me at times..." she confessed before digging into a side pocket of her basket and handing the girl a few PokeTreats that smelled like honey. "My name is Ms Florem Nagi and I'm a teacher here though as an apology for my Gastly please take these, their my special recipe I use for Bug types like my Joltick" she smiled politely as her Joltick pouted a bit from her shoulder at the loss of his snacks before she saw the Mimikyu run up the the girl and giggled at what she said. "So it would seem, though where did this cutie come from?" she wondered looking at the adorable ghost type as her Gastly levitated closer to it happy to have another Ghost type near him.
  15. "Hey! Hey, Pots-" He huffed, panting, stopping in front of the girl, looking like a mess, his shirt a bit disheveled from the jog and his hair tufted, fixing his glasses as he stopped to look at her and the teacher she was speaking to, leaning over a bit to try to gesture his Mimikyu over. "Oh, Uh... S-sorry." He swallowed. "He's uh... curious sometimes."

    The Mimikyu made a happy noise, probably liking the sweet smell wafting off the woman, and scooted forward, hugging her leg with endearment. Candi pursed his lips, nodding at him, trying to not feel humiliated.
  16. Atty stood, watching as a tall boy came jogging over. Judging by how distressed he looked, he surely had to be the owner of the Mimikyu. She let out another laugh, brushing off the interruption so easily. "It's fine- It's fine, really!" Her smile was bright and warm, looking between the other student and the teacher as the Mimikyu- or "Pots" was his name- clung onto her leg. "He probably likes how I smell. Like Ms. Florem here was saying, Bug Pokemon love honey. So I'm around that and a lot a flowers most of the time." Her Cutiefly fluttered out of her shirt, buzzing over and floating around the Mimikyu curiously, giving the trainer time to introduce herself. "My name is Atty. I transfered here from Unova, and I'm majoring in Ent- En-... Entom- ...Y'know! That word! The study of Bugs!" Her face lightly flushed as she tripped over her own words.

    "I would really love to keep talking, but the first class is starting pretty soon... But thank you for the treats! I'm sure my Pokemon will love them." She gave an apathetic look towards Florem, hoping she as a teacher would understand that Atty needed to leave. On the other hand, this new guy seemed to be in the same spot as her. "Hey, you! Since were going to the same place, wanna walk together?"
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  17. To be honest, he knew what she was talking about but not the word. Her face turning pink and beaming that big ol' winning smile made him not really care, though. He rubbed his face, watching 'Pots' wave at the Cutiefly strafing around him, enamored and entertained, making happy chirpy noises at it, the trainer waking up and looking at her once she asked if they wanted to walk together.

    He paused at her, nodding, his hands resting by his sides, his mouth turning up into a smile. "Uh, yeah, sure. Totally!" He reached down, and gestured the Mimikyu away from her. The little Shroud Pokémon waved happily at the Teacher and her Gastly, then scooted between Atty and his owner. Candi waved as well, then turned to walk alongside the woman. "My name's Candi. I'm from Hoenn. I just got here less than..." He brought his arm up to look at his watch. "Half-an-hour ago." He looked it, too. "My team didn't wanna just sit around, so they had me go outside to look around a bit." He pointed down at his little squadron, happily trailing alongside and behind Candi.
  18. Lloyd had been on his way to the pre-assigned classroom he was supposed to give the first lecture to the new students – starting the day off with an introduction to raising Pokémon. Yet, he was delayed – stopping dead in his tracks by the somewhat threatening sounds of a growling Pokémon. A Houndour to be exact, who had put its sight on Lloyd’s pink furball Lucy. While Lucy, being the intended target, seemed somewhat apprehensive, Lloyd seemed to be unimpressed by the Pokémon- mainly because it seemed like the girl holding onto the Houndour had a firm hold on the Pokémon’s collar.

    “Feisty one, arn’t ya?” Lloyd tightened his hold on the crate underneath his arm and knelt down, inspecting the Pokémon for a brief moment – before looking back up to the apologetic trainer. “Don’ worry missy, ya handled the problem didn’cha?”

    Lloyd smiled reassuringly and got back on his feet before Lucy got a chance to steal another berry from the crate. “See that? Looks like we’ve both got troublemakers ‘ere.” He shot a quick, meaningful glance to the Furret before continuing, “One of the new students I take it? Name’s Lloyd, though, s’pose Mr. Abner is more appropriate huh?” The chime of the school bell interrupted the introduction by drawing Lloyd’s attention away to the quickly emptying hallways. “Why don’cha introduce yourself on the way too class? Given that ya are in my class, ‘course.”
  19. Florem giggled softly at the two students enjoying their company before also remembering that they needed to get to class, "well it was nice to meet you both and I hope to see you both in my classes later as well as your wonderful pokemon" she said with a soft smile as she and her pokemon gave their goodbyes. Florem then began walking to her own classroom with her pokemon by her side making sure to keep a close eye on her Gastly to make sure it didn't wander off to prank others again, as she walked the halls to her classroom she said her hellos to others as she passed them to her assigned room to set up her classes of the day.
  20. Atty waved goodbye to Florem and her Pokemon, particularly keen on the adorable little Joltik she owned. As she walked with Candi, she slowly placed herself into her comfort zone with him, trying to make a good impression. "Ooh, Hoenn! I've been there, just for a little bit, though. It's nice, isn't it?" Her team was present as well. Cutiefly was buzzing along next to them, while Venipede scuttled along at Atty's feet, her Heracross waddling next to her and holding her hand like a child. She decided to make a little bit of small talk as they walked to class. "What are you here studying for? I already told you my major. En-..." Deep breath. "En-to-mo-mology! There! Said it." She looked proud of herself if anything, just barely overcoming the struggle to say her own major.
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  21. His Mimikyu saw her Heracross holding his owner's hand, and did the same thing, reaching a slim, black appendage up to grip Candi's hand, which he looked at, then decidedly accepted. Yungoos and Mudkip kept waddling behind him. He looked at her, smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, it is nice. S'where I got this little guy." He leaned backwards, and pointed at the happy little mudfish, who gave a big grin at getting pointed out. "Uh, I'm researching the Social Relationships between Pokémon and Humans. There's no real word for it, but, uh, basically, I wanna make a thesis for Pokémon to have more societal rights. I mean, we depend on them for everything from medical to construction needs."
  22. While Veronica was sitting in class, she heard chattering between two people nearby getting louder and closer. She already knew that they were students but she had that impish, shy feeling inside her. "You guys wanna make new friends ?" She said as she looked down to her two Pokemon. Dino smiled happily, he was her most socialble Pokemon while on the other hand K9 is really shy and doesn't want to meet strangers. "I wonder where the teachers are ?" She thought in her head as she looked at the Island Map. She had never seen tropical berries of this part of Alola before so she thought of visiting Rygihba Town. Nonetheless, she's going to visit every part of this wonderful tropical island, full of wonders and Pokemon.
  23. Atty raised her brow. "What do you mean by "societal rights"? Are you talking like... The right to vote? Or more mild like Retirement Funding or something? But I gotta agree with you, we as humans depend on Pokemon a lot. I'd be fine with stuff like that for working Pokemon, like a Chansey or Machamp... What about a "pet" Pokemon? Like someone who spoils and pampers a Glameow, or something." It was an interesting topic to get started off on, to say the least. Atty wasn't 100% sure how to feel about it, but she did consider her own Pokemon to be family and lifelong partners.
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  24. "More or less." He nodded. "A salary, or at least some insurance. Chanseys work round the clock to help other Pokémon out of pure desire to help but that doesn't mean we shouldn't compensate them. Feels a little unfair." He waved his other hand around in a circle. It was a rather odd stance to have, but, if he felt it necessary to come all the way out here for it, it was important to him. "As for family Pokémon, or pets, well... Yeah, they're just there, defending you out of love, not out of obligation. Although, I never really think of my team as pets. Makes me feel like they're below me." His Yungoos looked befuddled by what his owner was talking about. Candi glanced at Atlas' team. "What are your Pokémons' names?"
  25. Atty nodded, understanding his views a little bit clearer and finding that she was agreeing with him. "Yeah, I like that! As for names, well, let's see..." She glanced around her team, her Heracross tugging at her hand and wanting to be introduced. "Alright, to start off, this is Tilly. She actually really likes battling, probably in part of her Fighting type. She's a real sweetheart, though. Next is Pandora- My Venipede down here." She nodded down to her feet, the Venipede glancing up when she heard her name mentioned, antenna twitching. "She's a bit more quiet than the other two, but she's just as clingy. And lastly is my Cutiefly here, Honey. She's my most recent. I actually went to Alola last summer for a little vacation and picked her up on Mele'mele Island."
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  26. Sensing a sudden change in his priorities, Chaud said, "Tyle, there's nothing bothering Tyler right now. He was just a bit startled from that Pokémon there. Come back in the ball now and you'll get something nice."

    "Did someone just say something nice? Move over people, I'm coming back!" Tyle replied while condensing himself back into a black orb and going back into his Poké Ball. The aura of his decreased back to normal levels after he was back in the ball seconds later.

    "Hmm, I'm surprised he actually listened. Usually he's disobedient from what Serah told me earlier, but I suppose that he might have had some lessons on manners it looks like," Chaud thought while heading back to his dorm. He went inside his room and placed any extra articles serving no purpose for his classes on top of his desk. After checking to make sure that he had everything need for his classes of the day, he stated to Tyler, "Alright brother, listen carefully. I know that you're a baby and all that right now, but you need to be good. We're in a university, so try to act like how you were before. I'll try to help you out if anything happens alright?"

    Tyler nodded and used his hands to make a gesture for drinking, as Chaud replied, "Alright, let's go... and here's your bottle." Chaud handed Tyler his bottle of milk after reaching into his bag and closing it after giving him the bottle. He noticed Chaud locking the door to his room before walking over to the first class of the day.

    He took in some deep breaths and attempted to control his emotions, since he knew that Tyle would likely come out at a trivial situation if he couldn't keep himself together. His heart started racing the moment when Chaud was approaching towards what he swiftly deduced to be the first class of the day. He gave back the bottle to Chaud after finishing about half of it, as Chaud placed the cap back on and deposited the bottle back into his backpack. His breathing became noticeably louder and quicker, as Chaud looked down at Tyler and stated after clearing his throat, "Come on, don't be so nervous. I'm sure that everyone in every class is nice. If anyone makes fun of you or anything, then I'll deal with it."

    Tyler covered his teary eyes after getting a glimpse of a girl sitting in the classroom, as he started to sniffle the moment when Chaud took the seat next to the girl's right side. Chaud maintained a firm grip on Tyler, as he heard Chaud saying, "Please don't mind him, he's a bit uneasy around other people he doesn't know too well yet." Tyler gave a tentative nod towards the girl, as several tears came down his face with a mewling cry following up soon after.
  27. Veronica noticed another trainer sat next to her with a weird Pokemon who seems to be crying. She thought it was rude to reply right away so she introduced herself. "I'm Veronica it's nice to meet you, I see you have a Pokemon, what kind of Pokemon is that ? I've never seen it before" She asked curiously, looking at the tearing creature. While she was talking to the trainer next to her, she barely noticed K9 and Dino going out the classroom. The two were playing, chasing each other through the school halls, they stumbled upon two trainers that were chatting, A girl with cinnamon-brown eyes and dark brown hair and a boy with blue eyes and messy brown hair. K9 immediately stopped when she saw the trainers but Dino wasn't noticing he was still on to K9, but then he ran passed, while trying to turn around he bumped into the girl's feet. He got up and glanced at the female trainer
  28. “O-Oh, I’m Nico,” Nico said politely, standing up a bit hesitantly. She lightly pressed on the Houndour’s Pokéball, causing him to quickly go into his Pokéball. A.J shook the Pokéball in protest but he couldn’t leave it. Zero, jumping onto Nico’s shoulder, looked at Mr. Abner with kind eyes. Jack only glared at the male trainer, being as suspicious as always. “This is Zero and the is Jack,”’she pointed out her two Shiny Eevee’s, the only difference being the color of their collars. She hesitantly started walking, not knowing where to go since she hadn’t spent enough time exploring the huge school.
  29. "Hiya, Sweetie." Candi said, in his nicest voice, giving a little wave. "What a friendly little buncha bugs you got." He started looking around his own team. He spun around in place, walking backwards to look down at his Mudkip. "That's Muddy Buddy. I got him back home in Hoenn. He's a bit of a doofus but he's got a lot of spirit." As if to prove his trainer's point, he hopped up on his back legs to waggle his front feet at him, then fell forward onto his face. He sat there for less than a second before popping up again and catching up. Candi grinned and spun back around, pointing at his Yungoos. "That's Crockett. I picked him up getting through Alola to get to here." The little mongoose looked up at Atlas, a vicious gleam in his teeth but a happy expression in his eyes. Maybe they just always looked sour. "Aaaand this is Potsticker." He smiled, and hoisted up the Mimikyu, who looked overjoyed to get swaddled like a child. "We just call him Pots. He's a big baby." He smirked. "When I was out there -" His thought was cut short as he staggered at the two stranger's Mons suddenly circling him and Atty.
  30. Atty was very entertained by his Pokemon, all three of them adorable in their own unique way. Though, she had to admit she had a soft spot for Pots after their previous encounter and the precious way he clung to her leg. She was listening to her fellow student, when suddenly he cut himself off, and Atty realized why. Two Pokemon- a Vulpix and a Bayleef- found their way over to Atty and her new friend. The Vulpix stopped in it's tracks when it saw the trainers, but the Bayleef kept running- right into Atty's legs. She stumbled a little bit, not expecting yet another Pokemon coming up to her. "Woah- Hey there!" She laughed, watching the Grass Pokemon fall and get up. She looked down, offering a hand out for the Bayleef to smell, glancing over at the Vulpix as well. "And where might your trainers be? Or, just trainer I suppose, if you belong to the same person."
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  31. "Bayleaf !! Leaf !!" Dino cried out happily hoping to lead the two to Veronica, K9 was still standing their looking, when she noticed a Cutiefly that belonged to the girl. She shivered in fear and started to run. K9 wasn't the bravest Vulpix, she was born a crybaby, when she first met Veronica she was froze of fear, but the two got close over time. Dino turned around and saw her running she turned around giving eye contact to the girl wishes her to follow and ran of with K9. Back in class, Veronica noticed K9 running fast back to her, she jumped and hugged her, "Aww what's wrong girl ?" She said as, she looked to the boy "Sorry about that, this is K9 my partner, she's a bit shy" she added as she held Vulpix in her arms. Following behind was Dino, he walked back to Veronica's seat and gave out a big yawn, closing it's eyes and took a quick nap.
  32. Atty understood that the Bayleef wanted her to follow, starting to walk ahead and nodding for her friend and the rest of her Pokemon to follow. She soon realized that this was the way they were supposed to be heading anyways, as their first class of the morning would be taking place in the same location. "What do you know- Right on time, too!" She made her way in, watching as the two Pokemon she had just met with returned to their trainer. Next to her sat another boy, cradling what looked like a Pokemon she had never seen before. Atty took her seat a row behind the two trainers, her bugs and the the young man she was talking to making their way over as well. "So- What were you saying about your Mimikyu?" Her bugs got comfortable around her, making themselves at home. Her Heracross sat in a seat next to her, her Venipede sat in her lap, and her Cutiefly simply landed on the desk in front of her, flopping over and resting her little fuzzy body.
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  33. The man lumbered down into the seat next to Atty, deciding the older kids better hang together, and let his team clamber over. Pots took his place on Candi's lap as he sat at his desk, and within a minute, the Shroud creature had picked up a loose sheet of paper and a pen and had started making scribbles on it. Crockett and Muddy Buddy had claimed an adjacent desk, and were trying to sit up, trying to get high enough to see over the surface of the desk. "I was, uh..." He snapped his fingers, trying to get his memory to jog. "Oh, yeah. When I was out there on the island, this guy had managed to steal my wallet and run off with it." He glanced down at Pots. He glanced back up at Candi, then turned back to his drawing, apparently not knowing or caring what he just said. "Then he tried to offer it back to me. I suppose he wanted attention and for someone to take him with them, and well... it worked."
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    (Well, crapbaskets) Alton entered campus with Torchic and Totodile out of their Pokeballs and walking next to him. Bulbasaur was out too, but he was sleeping, so his trainer was walking slower than usual to keep his Pokemon asleep. He checked in with the receptionist, "Would you happen to be Mr. Mathers?"
    Alton nodded, "Yep, that's me," She smiled and let him go on, he looked around at his surroundings, happy as ever, as Torchic and Totodile were checking out the scenery as well.
  35. As the boat from Seven Island docked, Robert got his stuff and prepared to leave the ship. Once he got off, he put the hood of his jacket on and made his way towards Tropifield University.

    Once he arrived, Robert was amazed when he entered. He then went up to the receptionist, showed his ID and got the keys to his dorm. "T-Thank you...." He said shyly to the receptionist. He made his way to the dorms with his head a bit down to avoid eye contact with anyone.
  36. Noticing two trainers arrived, Veronica turned back and greeted them "Hey ! Are you two in for schools too, my name's Veronica, this is K9 and that sleepy buddy down there is Dino", K9 was still in her arms , staring at the other bugs, frightened in fear "It's ok, they're just other small Pokemon like you, not a Garchomp or a Salamence" she said as she put K9 down. She once again took out her map and looked for other fun activities to do on the island. "Looks like there's a themepark almost done in construction. Wanna head there girl ?" She said as she looked down to K9, K9 looked up and nodded whole giving out a big smile. Dino woke up and was bored, so he decided to make new friends, he walked to Atty's Pokemon which seems to be a Cutiefly, a Heracross and a Venipede. "Bay !!" He cried out, giving a smile hoping to make friends.
  37. Atty watched as the Bayleef from before walked up to her little team of three, hoping to make a good impression on the bug-types. It was well received, at least by her Venipede and Heracross. The two gave excited chitters in response, where as her Cutiefly simply looked up, then flopped right back down. She seemed to be too tired for social interaction at the moment. Noticing this, Atty held her hand out, gently fluffing up and rubbing her tiny tummy with a single finger. "Looks like someones tired..." She smiled, cooing at her Pokemon, turning back to Candi afterwards. "That's a really cute story, y'know. I'd hate to suddenly change the subject, but..." She leaned in close enough, dropping her voice that no other student would hear. "Is it just me, or does everyone else here seem a little... Y'know. Young?"
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    Alton saw Robert in the distance, but he didn't seem to be the type who wanted to talk, Totodile and Torchic were wandering around, looking for other Pokemon. Bulbasaur finally woke up and joined his friends in looking for new Pokemon. Alton got his book out and started to read, drifting off into his own little world. Bulbasaur was to a Bayleaf and walked toward him, as Totodile and Torchic looked for other people. The boy looked at the time and realized he needed to get to class, as in, right now, He returned his Pokemon to their respective Pokeballs and ran to class.
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  39. Melody sat in the back of the classroom quietly. She wanted make a good impression on the teacher, but something was off, her twin brother hadn't arrived at class yet. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to her brother, saying it a nigh about time for class to start.
    Danny awoke to the sound of his phone ringing. He looked at the time as he opened his phone. He was almost late for class. He saw his messy dorm and threw on and old pair of gym clothes, it's not like he was going to have to dress fancy. He grabbed his bag and sprinted out of his door, almost biffing it on lip in the carpet.

    After a solid 7 minutes of an all out sprint, Danny arrived at class. He opened the door and sat next to his sister.
    Melody smirked as her brother arrived," How'd you like the reminder."

    Danny took a second to catch his breath," Thanks sis, that honest to goodness woke me up."
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    Alton burst into the classroom, leaving a trail of papers that students dropped flying in the hallway, "Am I late?" He asked the teacher, who shook their head. He sat down and went on his phone, waiting for class to start and to calm down at the realization of him not being late.

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