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TRON: The Legacy Continues FanFic By DragonianKing87

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DragonianKing87, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. The year is 2031 and Sam Flynn, son of the legendary Kevin Flynn, has taken full control over ENCOM and over the 21 years he and his wife Quorra have had a son of their own. Skyler is now 19 years old and his mother and father work together at ENCOM running the company then one day while riding his motorcycle through the town he say his mom and dad on his dads old Ducati heading towards the old abandoned Arcade his dad took him to when he was a kid. I wonder why they’re going to the arcade at this time of night. Curious Skyler followed his parents to the arcade and followed them but his dad saw him in the rear view and sped up and tried to lose him, but Skyler wouldn’t allow that he sped up and followed mirroring his father’s every move then getting a smart idea he pulled out of the chase speeding down the freeway and finding the off ramp to the arcade with his parents on it themselves he gunned his bike jumping over his parents landing smooth and parallel with them when they pulled into the parking lot of the arcade his father glared at him.
    “What I’m 19 I can come here if I want.” Skyler said with a sarcastic grin on his face that caused Quorra to chuckle.
    “Go home Skyler you have no business being here.” His father said with finality.
    “Sam shouldn’t we show him why we came here in the first place?”
    “No my father didn’t want me knowing and I don’t want him knowing not while theres still trouble there.”
    “Trouble” Skyler said. “What kind maybe I can help”
    “No Skyler you can’t besides Quorra what if a Recognizer finds him or even worse Clu?” Sam said
    “He’s your son he can handle Clu well enough to escape besides with Tron with us he-“
    “Tron wait are u guys telling me you guys go to the Grid I thought u said it was a made up place for the stories you told me as a kid?”
    “Yes son that’s where we go where we’ve been going for the past 20 years”
    “I am definitely going now I could kick any programs butt that tried to stop me even that Rinzler guy”
    His parents looked at each other and his dad finally said.
    “Fine Skyler you can go with us but if you get captured by a Recognizer or Clu we won’t come get you, you will be on your own.”
    “Okay that’s fine with me I can handle myself.” And with that the three of them walked into the arcade that was still dusty and strange Skyler watched as his father pushed aside a game revealing an opening in the wall his dad smiles back at them.
    “Right this way” he says then disappeared through the door way.
    “He always does this” Quorra said with a chuckle.
    “Really I hadn’t noticed” Skyler said and laughed with his mother then followed his father through the doorway and is led to a room with a big laser looking thing and a desk. Sam was bent over typing on an old flat panel computer typing in commands then the laser fired up and he was gone.
    “Woah what happened?” Skyler asked frantically.
    “He went to my home world the Grid” Quorra said as she gestured for Skyler to stand in front of the laser.
    “My turn?”
    “Yes I’ll be right behind you.” With that Quorra turned punched in the commands and got out of the way, Skyler stood and watched as a bright blue light got brighter and bigger with each passing second as the beam charged then je was suddenly launched into a strange vortex and he was back in the arcade with his father who was moving him out of the way then a few second later his mother appeared right where he was standing. That’s when Skyler got his first good look at him mom and dad’s outfits, they weren’t wearing their usual clothes they had some sort of armor with strange white-ish blue lights running through the whole suit they also had big discs on their backs that also had the strange lights on them, as Skyler watched them he caught glimpse of a tattoo on his mothers arm a small one but it was a tattoo all the same.
    “Hey mom you have a tattoo I never knew that”
    “You weren’t supposed to know either.”
    “No you weren’t” Sam said then walked over to Skyler.
    “So dad when do I get the cool outfit”
    “You will get one when we get to Gem or if u get sent to the Grid Games”
    “Grid Games?” Skyler asked confused
    “Gladiatorial games fought over in Tron City” Quorra said intelligently
    “Thanks mom”
    “Any time”
    “So what now we got get on our bikes and go to this Gem person?”
    “Only our bikes won’t be here son” Sam said with a chuckle
    “Then how do we get to the Gem person?”
    “LightRunners and LightCycles.”
    “Those are real too no way!”
    “Yes they are Skyler and we’re going to see if you’re as good on a LightCycle as your dad.”
    “Oh this is going to be good.” Skyler exclaimed with a cocky smile and a chuckle. When they walked out to the street Skyler saw that there was nothing there.
    “Hey what gives theres nothing here.”
    “You have to use your baton son” Sam said as he and Quorra ran, jumped and broke a baton in half causing a strange series of lights to come and form a light cycle below them then they landed and looked back at Skyler.
    “Your turn Skyler.” Quorra said to him as she threw a baton at him. With a cocky grin on his face Skyler took off at a sprint catching the baton then jumping and rolling in the air as he broke it and the LightCycle formed. He pulled up next to Sam who was smiling with pride as he spoke.
    “Be careful of the light ribbons that follow the LightCycles they will instantly derez your Cycle.”
    “Got it! Hey mom I’ll race ya!” Skyler said as he and Quorra took off speeding leaving Sam sputtering and smiling with pride at his son. As the three of them sped through the road ways Skyler couldn’t help but admire the world he was in, it was just as he had imagined it in his dreams with tall buildings that had the same light lines that his parents had on their suits, then out of nowhere a big squared upside down “U” shaped thing came flying over them shining a bright beam on Skyler.
    “Shit it’s a Recognizer! Skyler run!” Sam yelled as Skyler gunned his LightCycle and sped up swerving through the traffic on the road just as the Recognizer stopped him he saw his dad stop with a sad expression on his face.
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  2. Wha? I have to say, this is a bit difficult to read. I would suggest separating the dialogue with another press of the Enter key, in order to make more space.

    About the story in general, I find it stiff and a bit unnatural in dialogue. It would be nice to have some more description.

    Also, some more punctuation would be nice. For example:

    "What I'm 19 I can come here if I want."

    In one's head, this sounds a bit odd. One normally writes the numbers down, so it is nineteen instead of 19. In addition, in the natural 'mini-pauses' (for lack of a better word) in normal speech, one often puts a comma. This would turn your quote into:

    "What, I'm nineteen, I can come here if I want."

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