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Triple Assignment! The Magus Sisters Three?

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tailon, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC:As of now, this is a private RP between myself, Blazi, and Dinova

    The massive facsimile of Lord Death’s mask soared high above Joshua “Berserker” Caine’s head as he approached the Death Weapon Meister Academy early one morning. Very few people knew why he had taken on the name when he arrived there, but he certainly looked the part, at least in terms of size. Even at 15 he stood over six feet tall, and was as broad as a medium sized tree. The young man had platinum blond hair and cold, blue eyes. He wore his usual attire that day, an oddly loose fitting, black blazer over a white shirt, jeans, and dark brown combat boots.

    Alongside Joshua strolled his partner, a Demon Weapon by the name of Aeleus. He was not nearly as tall or large as his friend, only standing around as tall as Joshua’s shoulder. Aeleus had dark blue hair and matching eyes, and wore a blue, hooded sweatshirt over a black t-shirt, pants and sneakers. He chattered at a fairly constant rate as they walked along, though Josh didn’t seem to notice much.

    As they approached the door, Aeleus happened to glance upward, and stopped dead. However, before he could say anything, Josh had opened the door, and was splattered by a bucket’s worth of white paint, while simultaneously stepping on a false tile, sending him sprawling onto his backside. Aeleus ran up to check on Josh, but he simply waved him off, sliding the false tile away so he could stand. Shaking his head, he stepped forward, opening the other side of the double doors. He was struck on the head by a chalkboard eraser.

    From behind a pillar, someone giggled audibly. Aeleus called to a passing teacher to supervise before Joshua ordered, “Aeleus. Weapon form. Now.”
    Aeleus faded into red energy, moving quickly into Joshua’s hand, forming a handle, followed quickly by a large golden weight, and an enormous, crimson blade starting wide and axe-like, then smoothly tapering into a single edged broadsword. With a single, massive swing, Joshua sliced the pillar in half, revealing a fellow meister and her weapon partner. There was rage in Joshua’s eyes as he stared them down. His namesake made sense on that day.
  2. Valentine Belrose ran a hand through his damp hair, looking around for his teacher. His best friend and long-time boyfriend, Ezekiel Alucard, or Zeke, as everyone called him, was pouting. "I can't believe you had a shower." Zeke said, and Valentine shot him an odd look.

    "So what if I want to be clean?" he replied, confused at Zeke's antics, who just proceeded to whine.

    "I don't mind that! But you had a shower without me!" Zeke said, and Valentine's look turned to a glare.

    "I swear... If we weren't at school..." Valentine mumbled, punching Zeke in the side, who just laughed. Spotting a familiar red scarf and mess of brown hair, Valentine ran fowards, calling, "Shishigami-sensei!"

    The teacher turned, and smiled at Valentine and Zeke. "Ah, Valentine! Fancy seeing you here!" Valentine smiled at his teacher, before launching into a series of questions, all relating to schoolwork. Shishigami-sensei listened intently, answering all of his questions as they walked, whilst Zeke tuned out, not really caring.

    After walking for a while, Valentine paused, and Shishigami-sensei took this time to put in, "You seemed to be swamped over with schoolwork and assignments. Why exactly?"

    Valentine sighed, and said, "My parents expect a lot from me, and as such, expect me to do a lot of extra work, even though I don't want to. Even though I bring this up quite a few times, they don't really listen. It's very tiring."

    Shishigami-sensei raised an eyebrow, and said, "I can talk to them, if you like." but Valentine shook his head, muttering something about being 'as stubborn as a bloody rock'. "Oh well." he said, before raising his head, apparently hearing something.

    "What's wrong?" Valentine asked, confused.

    "Someone called out for someone to supervise a battle." Shishigami-sensei said, before running off.

    "I'll bet you anything it's Abby." Zeke said to Valentine, grinning. Valentine merely sighed, hiding a smile, before both boys ran off to follow their teacher.

    A little bit of running later, and Valentine and Zeke were standing by their teacher, watching the scene unfold. A boy who Valentine vaguely recognised was standing opposite Abby and Jack. The boy was wielding a strange axe-sword, whilst Jack hadn't gone into his weapon form. "Hey, I was right, it was Abby. Do I get my anything now?" Zeke said, causing Valentine to shoot him another glare.

    "Later." he said, before looking at the boy, and more importantly, his soul. His soul was very large, encompassing both him and his weapon, and was a bright crimson. The soul had a matching hairstyle to it's owner, and had a very angry-looking face. His weapon's soul seemed much calmer, being dark blue with a constant grin. Noting this, Valentine turned to his teacher and said, "He's a beserker."

    Shishigami-sensei seemed impressed by this, and said, "Good! Do you know what exactly defines a beserker?"

    Valentine nodded, before saying, "A beserker is someone who stores up their anger, amongst other emotions, to use as a power boost in battle. Kinda like my Black Soul, except they can actually control themselves." Shishigami-sensei looked very pleased, and shot a grin at Valentine before looking back at where the battle was taking place.
  3. Abby Schneider stood behind one of the pillars in front of DWMA, trying to stay out of sight of the massive boy headed for the front the door. She grinned from ear-to-ear as her "target", Joushua Caine, slowly walked towards her trap. She was wearing her usual outfit of a plaid, navy skirt and a white button up shirt with black ballet flats. Her blonde ponytail sat over her shoulder while her green eyes twinkled as she watched Joshua head towards the door. Abby snickered as she said, "This is gonna be great!"

    Next to her, a boy about 16 and a head taller than her shook his head. His hair was orange with streaks of black, resembling a pumpkin. He wore a black vest over an orange shirt and black jeans. Abby's weapon, Jack, shot his meister a sideways glance through narrowed eyes. "You've completely lost it, you know that Abby? Why does ticking off a guy named 'Berserker' strike you as a good idea?" Jack asked.

    "Because, he's more likely to lose it. It'll be alot funnier if he totally flies off the handle." Abby replied, matter-of-factly. She waved her hand at Jack, signaling hm to be quiet as Joshua approached the door.

    As Joshua opened the door, everything went off flawlessly. The paint cascaded over Joshua's head, he tripped on the rigged tile, and as a last bit of insult to injury a chalkboard eraser fell on his head. Abby slid down the pillar until she was sitting on the ground. She covered her mouth, stifling her laughter to giggling. "Oh man, that was awesome! He looked like he was gonna bust a vessel!" she said, giggling.

    Before Jack could make a comment, the sound of metal on stone filled the air as Joshua sliced through the pillar they had been hiding behind. Abby and Jack froze, not even looking behind them. Jack muttered to Abby, "Forget busting a vessel, I think he's more concerned with busting our heads."

    Jack turned to face Joshua, trying to put on his best "I'm sorry" smile. He might be able to talk Joshua out of killing them. "I'm so sorry about this. I've been trying to get her to stop this kinda thing forever." Jack said apologetically. Abby opened her mouth to say something, but Jack stomped on her foot, hard. The last thing he needed was his meister's mouth making the situation worse...again.
  4. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC:I bet you thought I abandoned this already didn't you

    The meister's weapon partner stepped up to Joshua, apparently trying to appease him, but Joshua simply took a swing at him with Aeleus, slamming the axe-sword deep into the ground inches from his feet.

    "Not talk time," Joshua told him through gritted teeth.

    "You guys are going to have to fight him until he calms down, or get away from here, sorry!" Aeleus's voice chimed in from his weapon form.

    Joshua lifted the Demon Weapon out of the broken earth with minimal effort, crouching slightly into something resembling an animalistic fighting stance.
  5. Abby stepped forward, trying to look as sweet and innocent as posssible. "Are you sure we can't talk this out? Violence never solves anything, after all. I know, I have just the thing for an apology! Come along, Jack!" Abby exclaimed, grabbing Jack's hand and making as if she intended to run off. She turned and began to walk a few steps, her back turned to Joshua.

    Jack gave Abby a sceptical look, which cleraly said, 'Wait... You apologizing, instead of fighting? Um...' His sceptiscism was well placed. Abby spun around whipping Jack around. Jack got the message, and in a flash of white light, changed into his weapon form. A long chain, with a jack-o-lantern shaped weight swung around Joshua. The chain wrapped around him as the weight bit down on itself, securing the chain.

    Abby pulled on the chain, pulling herself closer to Joshua. She pulled back the small hand-scythe on the opposite end of Jack's chain, ready to strike.
  6. Valentine looked between his two classmates. The beserker looked like he was just about to rip Abby's head off, and Abby was being as lethal as always. "Uh... Shishigami-sensei?" Valentine began, causing both Zeke and his teacher to look at him. "They're just going to kill each other if this keeps up. Should we stop them?"

    Shishigami-sensei seemed to contemplate it, before saying, "You're right. Hold on." Then the teacher did something that caused both students on the sideline to facepalm: he walked right in between the two meisters. "Alright, that's good. You can both sto-" was all he managed to say, before Abby flew into him, throwing him into Joshua, who let out a really strong soul wavelength pulse.

    Valentine and Zeke winced as they saw their teacher fall to the floor, but neither combatant seemed to notice. Valentine sighed, before shouting, "Oi!" neither of them noticed, so Valentine just walked over to them, carefully stepping over their teacher, and shouted right in their ears. That got their attention, and so Valentine motioned to their teacher, who was mumbling something about Bell Peppers. "Would you please stop fighting and help us bring him to the infirmary?" he then stood back, waiting for their responses.

    OoC: Tailon wanted me to interrupt, so here I am, interrupting.

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