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DPPt/HGSS Trick-storm team; looking to perfect with your advice.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by GodlessM, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So I decided the other day that now that my main team is done I would next like to do a Trick-storm team. Here's what I've got.

    Bronzong - Relaxed @ ???
    Stealth Rock
    Trick Room
    Gyro Ball

    Golem - Impish @ Focus Band(???)
    Sleep Talk
    Rock Slide

    Tyranitar - Adamant @ Iron Ball
    Rock Slide
    Aerial Ace
    Thunder Punch

    Exeggutor - Relaxed @ Leftovers
    Trick Room
    Leaf Storm
    Leech Seed(???)

    Omastar - Quiet @ Life Orb
    Ice Beam
    Ancient Power
    Earth Power

    Hippowdon - Relaxed @ Leftovers

    Bronzong is the opener. Focus Sash allows him to initiate the Trick Room and then set the Stealth Rock before getting beat down. Should he survive longer, he can chip away with his Gyro Ball and just before he falls go out with a bang.

    Golem and Hippowdon and the main walls. Golem's defense will be huge once the Sandstorm kicks in, either from Hippowdon or Tyranitar. He will be able to heal up any damage he does take while still being able to strike out with powerful enough STAB attacks. Hippowdon is the annoying type of wall; Stockpile builds up the defenses and can be used to heal. Toxic is used to wear down the opponent while they struggle to take down Hippowdon, and Earthquake is the STAB move of choice.

    Tyranitar and Omastar are the sweepers. Omastar is a basic special sweeper. Not sure on his fourth move. Tyranitar is a funny one. I was training one up before conceiving this idea but wanted him to be able to participate here as well, despite his 147 speed. He won't outspeed much, but just to be sure I figured I could stick a Macho Brace on him to lower it to 73. Not a very good choice but I really want him in there without having to train a brand new one (it's shiny too). Is there a better item to lower speed, or is 147speed ok for Trick Room.

    The last Pokemon, Exeggutor has too functions. He can reset the Trick Room, and is also there to help counter the water and grass weaknesses of the team. Leech Seed can help him get back the health lost from the sandstorm. I wasn't sure of his EV's so went with Defensive and Focus Sash to insure he doesn't faint on a switch in.
  2. Mkay lessee. Your Bronzong's set looks fine, but if I must say, Bronzong nearly NEVER gets One Hit K.O'd. In fact, I've been sweeped by a Bronzong under Trick Room because it wouldn't die. So, you may just want to place on something like an Iron Ball or Lagging Tail on just to make you even faster in Trick Room, and just in case you run into a set that focuses on Trick, so it can hurt your opponent too.

    As for Golem, I may not be educated in the Stats and sets of Golem, but you may want to invest in quite a bit more EVs for Special Defense, because Sandstorm raises SPECIAL Defense, not Defense. And you can very well replace Rock Slide with a stronger move, like Stone Edge. There isn't much I can say about Tyranitar, because they're so goshdarn diverse, so I'll leave that to the other members.

    Exeggutor seems like a nice concept, but Leech Seed isn't a reliable source of HP gain if your opponent decides to switch out, so you may want to take off the Sash and switch it with Golem's Leftovers, as Leftovers cancels Sandstorm damage, and I've seen Golems go down quickly even with Sandstorm in effect. But, if you don't want to do that, there are other Trick Room resetters who are Ground, Rock, or Steel, such as Claydol, Lunatone, and Solrock. Actually, in general, you can slap any Pokemon into a Sandstorm team if you give it Leftovers, as I do see that Eggy keeps the Water types away, so you may want to think about that.

    Omastar's really creep me out, but I can say that I nice last move would be Earth Power, and as for Hippowdon, I can't say much for it, as that looks like a nice set in general.
  3. Stark

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    Small point here, but you could lower your Tyranitar's speed EVs with the Happy Berry of choice... I think its a Tamato berry? Not sure. You only need nine of them though.

    You should also give it the Iron Ball too if you want it slow.
  4. KoL

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    Tangrow's point on Bronzong is dead-on - OHKO'ing Bronzong with an unboosted attack is nigh impossible, which makes Focus Sash almost completely useless on it. Also, your team breaks Item Clause twice as it is, and since almost every battling community uses Item Clause, your team will be illegal in a lot of places.

    Only a few things to say aside from that, really. Exeggutor using Sludge Bomb is no good since Poison has absolutely awful coverage. Either HP Fire or Psychic are the best options. Also, with 252 HP and 252 DEF, the odds again of you being OHKO'd by a non-Bug physical attack are near zero, so the Focus Sash ends up again looking pretty spare. If you're going to use the Sash, you may as well stuff 252 EVs into Sp.Attack to at least get some use out of the Sash.

    Earth Power, again, makes for a good choice on Omastar, since it gives you an attack to pound Empoleon with - note that Empoleon won't mind either your Sandstorm or your Trick Room either, making him a notable threat otherwise.

    Watch out for Skarmory, Weezing and Bronzong with Hippowdon, as with your current set all three of these guys will be able to wall you forever. Also, since you have both Toxic and Stockpile running, consider Rest over Swallow, that way you don't have to worry about you being hit with Toxic yourself, plus you can retain your defense boosts when you recover your HP.

    Finally, and I say this with all Trick Room teams, make sure you know you have an effective way of fighting back should everything go to hell and you're left with no Trick Room and no way to bring it back into play.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, very much appreciated.

    A few points;

    LoN, the point in the Tyranitar is that I really don't want to train up a new one, and since I use him in another team with Specs dropping his speed EV would mean I have to. The idea of Iron Ball to drop his speed however is a good one. I'm assuming so that Iron Ball and Lagging Tail work with a Trick Room and allow you to attack first? I wasn't so sure whether they counted or not.

    Tangrow, thanks for that, I misread Sandstorm's description, so I may rethink Golem's EVs alright. And if he doesn't work out, I'm not glued to him. Thing about Rock Slide is from experience I have found that Stone Edge is way too inaccurate; I have it on my Salamence and it hardly ever hits, and Rock Slide does enough damage usually.

    KoL, I thought myself that HPFire would be better than Sludge Bomb, but getting it can be hard. Do you know what IV's make HP Fire?

    Also about the items, I had two of some because I have honestly never faced someone with an item clause. In my main mixed team I have two Leftovers and it was never a problem with anyone, but I will keep it in mind.

    I am going to update the OP now with some changes from yer suggestions. Thank you so much guys.
  6. Stark

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    Easiest thing to do is just check it - Veilstone Prize House with Platinum, or just battle things to work it out.
  7. Easiest thing to do is just check it - Veilstone Prize House with Platinum, or just battle things to work it out.

    Yea but that means that I will have to constantly breed until I get the IV's and Relaxed nature and I don't know what IV's I'm looking for each time. Either way, I'll need to actually get an Exeggcute first.
  8. Looks like I have some competition in the Trick Room Environment.[sub] :) [/sub] First of all, have you seen Gigatitan's Youtube Battles; He's the God of all Trick Rooms.

    Per Gigatitan's strategy, have you tried mega-explosion? Teach Bronzong Explosion, EV it in Attack, and give it a Life Orb. Explosion Overloaded! Though your own Pokemon could take a beating.

    Protect could work, and Golem could surely out-live a Bronzong-Explosion. Remind me to ask you for a battle someday; I'm formulating my own Trick Rooming Team.

  9. Yea I've seen Gigatitans stuff, but I don't want to just copy his stuff.

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