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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Trevlac, May 19, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Rock Lee - Konohagakure's Beautiful Green Beast

    Without the background and crap: [​IMG]

    Updated for more sprites:

    Yondaime Hokage - The flames were hell, pun intended

    Konohamaru Sarutobi - Naruto's number one fan holding a fake Rasengan (Shippuuden pallet)

    Naruto Uzumaki - Doing the Kage Bunshin and Rasengan. Not a good edit, I saw a better one somewhere.
  2. Good Job on Rock Lee and Konohamaru Sarutobi. Naruto and that other guy are alright. You could have made Naruto a little more his age.
  3. Yeah, Yondaime turned out bland and Naruto could have been better. I'm working on some more conversions right now actually.


    TenTen - With supah-ultimate-awesome-crazy-millions-of-weapons jutsu!

    Without all the extra crap: [​IMG]
  4. I like how you make them doing those moves.

    TenTen is very good.
  5. he doesnt MAKE them he just recolours and adds stuff to a pokemon trainer sprite -.-
  6. Oooh! Very nice! I'm liking Lee the best. Tenten is played out very well too, though it seems almost like she's barefoot. Keep up the good work! I'd love to see how you play out Ino or Temari, or even someone like Shino or Kiba.​
  7. Pyronautics, your lack of intelligence doesn't surprise me. It's what is called an "edit". First of all, most new spriters only start with recolors, not being experienced enough to handle edits yet. They then try small edits like ears, logos on tee shirts and minor accessories. Graduating yet still to larger edits such as whole sprite makeovers like these. And finally, a good spriter can do accurate fusions and scratch sprites.

    I'm a new spriter. I started with full-on edits. Go back to Gaia. Obvious troll is obviooooooooooous.

    Spriteon, she is barefoot XD
    DAMMIT, I didn't notice that. Egh, I'll add the sandals in later.
  8. I didn't say he made them. I just like the background things on TenTen and Rock Lee.
  9. Random Ghastly ball. XD


    Also, request from tpl2000, a Luxray with small ears. Sami is right, it looks like shite.

  10. I'm Lovin' that Lee! "Beautiful Green Beast", haha.

    *Naruto spoilers*

    Have you seen that episode in the Tsunade arc where Guy convinces Naruto that the Suit, the UGLY GREEN JUMPSUIT, made Lee tougher? Classic, Excitable, Naruto. ;D
    Sorry for going all off-topic on ya there.
  11. I've seen them ALL.
  12. Whoa. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!
    [size=5pt]Even Shippuden...?[/size]
    Wasn't it FUNNY, though?
  13. ALL of them. Even Suppuuden 15.
  14. Your sprites are AWESOME I admire the work
  15. You should draw a Haunter and a Se.... I mean Ninetails together.
  16. HAHAHAHAHA, Maybe I will ^^

    Edit: I decided to grab some sprites, do some minimal editing, and come up with SEXIvulpix being licked by Haunter.

    Sem Edit: Pic removed Trevvie, that belongs in a more appropriate website, not here.

    A cookie for anyone who knows why. ^^;
  17. Theres only 15 Shippuden!? Drat...Tell me, is Naruto funnier in Shippuden?
  18. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Right then. Uh, Mr. Trevlac? Pics like that have no place on this site. I'm going to have to warn thee. :/
  19. Links to them?

    Actually I can't find anywhere in the rules where that picture would be disallowed, help me find that please.
  20. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Well. You're correct, there is no rule. But it is common sense, not everyone on this site is above the age of 18.

    But yeah, I guess a rule will have to written in about that, just so people know. And I'll take the warning off, since you really can't be warned for a rule that does not yet exist, even if it IS common sense.
  21. Thanks, won't happen again. I knew I hadn't read that XD
  22. meeer i don't feel like making one right now but i'll enter my stone pokemon later is that fine?
  23. ....What? You'll "enter" it? Into what? There's no competition in my thread. Right now I'm having to excersize immense self-control to not wig out on your noobity.
  24. The Rock Lee amuses me *evil laugh*. But I personally think the eyes should be rounder and the eyebrows fuzzier (unless you can't go into such detail)

    Naruto is also cool, but his legs look a little...stubby?

    Great job on all of them. Rock Lee still pwns the others!
  25. I could have made the eyes more Lee-ish but the problem was that I'd have to use semi-transparencies which would create more colors than a standard pokemon trainer pallette. Simply adding white eye and black pupil wasn't possible at the pixel level alone. Gradients of color were needed.
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