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Travel to the Pokémon world

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by daxx0r, May 10, 2006.

  1. I am almost certain that the Pokémon world really exists, and that we will be able to travel to it in the future. This may be a bit long, and sort of hard to follow, but give it a try! I'd like to know if you guys think my idea is plausible

    Allright, let's start out by proving (at least theoretically) that the pokémon world exists. First of all; scientists of quantum physics claim that there are an unlimited number of parallel worlds co-existing with ours in an infinitely large multiverse. Each world has the potential to vary a bit from the others.
    Because there are an unlimited number of worlds parallel to our own, there are also an unlimited amount of diffrent variations to how our world looks. At least one of these must have the same properties as the pokémon world we all love! (continents look like kanto, hoenn etc. and pokemon evolved instead of animals, etc...)

    Basically, you could explain it like this: If I have three marbles, one blue, one red and one yellow, and pick one up at random, what are the chances that the one I picked up will be blue? One in three of course. Now if I have an infinite amount of tries to pick the ball up, I have to randomly pick the blue one up sooner or later. the chances are thus one in one.

    Now, continuing, it has recently been proven that black holes seem to "eat" energy. One of the most fundamental rules of physics however, is that energy can never be created or destroyed: only transformed. Since the energy drawn to black holes seems to dissapear, scientists have concluded that black holes are gateways to parallel worlds (such as the one we want to travel to)

    Because of human ingenuity, it is only a matter of time before this knowledge is utilized for travel to other worlds. (all we need is a black hole and a way to decide which world we want it to take us to)

    If this is done during our lifetime, there would be no problem to travel to the Pokémn world. It is however unlikely that this will happen. All hope is not lost though: Cryofreezing is being developed and will soon be perfectly safe to use. Anyone who wants to go to the pokemon world simply needs to wait a minimum of 20-30 years before freezing is considered perfectly safe and then chill out until travel is possible between parallel worlds! YAY ;D
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  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    There are some logical and scientific points in that there that work both in practice and theory but there is one little barrier.

    While there can be infinite multiverses, Pokemon is a game - not a variation of Earth. :/

    Though if there was a way to recreate them into our reality though then a 'virtual' Pokemon world meshed into our own would be great.

    Personally I'd be happy if it were possible to create Pokemon in a similar way to the Mirage Pokemon from the recent special.

    This also reminds me of my old fan-fic where the Pokemon world was opened up StarGate like and began to interact with our own.
  3. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think I'd prefer a virtual reality pokemon world to be honest - a bit like, oh, who was it? Alex's or Dave's fic, can't remember which one. Some sort of Matrix-like joining with the pokemon world anyway, accessed via virtual reality (as far as I can remember). Since virtual reality is one of my ultimate goals in life, I would love to meet and greet pokemon with you guys over the Internet with our very own fully-immersive virtual reality suits/helmets/insert component here. Yay for the Internet!

    Also, on another note, I don't particularly want to be stretched apart into my seaparate atoms and slowly but surely reassembled when going through a black hole. They tend to stretch everything apart a bit.
  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    That would be my fic. Adequately called The Pokematrix.
  5. Scientists believe that there is an infinite number of possibillities for everything so wouldn't that mean that anything anyone thinks is a possibility no matter how slight the chance. :-\
  6. Yeah, that's pretty much the basis of my entire theory. Anything is possible. ;)

    The virtual reality idea is also pretty neat. wouldn't mind that at all... Or how about a machine that can pre-program our dreams? We spend 30% of our lives asleep. Id rather take those 20-30 years and spend them in the Pokémon world, than in the weird, scary places I usually end up in my dreams ::)
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  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Haven't you watched TV/read books/watched anime? Dream worlds never work out ;)

    My ideal Pokemon world is probably something similar to Dragon Drive... which in turn is similar to the .hack series. Or better yet, Digimon - 'cause then the Pokemon would be more than AI creatures (although, that's also what Dragon Drive is like once you watch/read further in the series...). But I'll never stop dreaming that somewhere in this messed up reality Pokemon are real. I like to believe miracles are possible, and my grip on reality isn't that strong to begin with :p

    Hey. Maybe Satoshi didn't create Pokemon from scratch. Maybe they already existed, and he just somehow discovered them... then conveniently forgot that he'd ever met them and was only left with an idea, which led to the wonderful games/anime/etc. that we slave our lives away to. Eh? It could happen ;)
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  8. if you ask me the posibility is there maybe satoshi was some how peering into the pokemon form of reality. what he thought was his imagination was some form of esp though i do like the idea of a computerized pokemon mmo vurtual reality.

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