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Travel in Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by BloodTrustKill, Jul 4, 2007.


How do you get from place to place?

  1. Walking

    0 vote(s)
  2. Running

    20 vote(s)
  3. Riding your Bike

    23 vote(s)
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  1. I actually run. I'm pretty sure the winner of this is going to be the bike.
  2. I like running... I don't know why. That, or I use my flying Pokemon to get from city to city.
  3. I think I run more than bike. It's hard to say since I haven't controlled the game myself in years. But I do like the bike music.
  4. huh. wow. i was pretty sure almost everyone rode a bike. xD

    Renorrin- yeah, the bike music owns.. i dont know why i like it though..
  5. Ah, that's probably why I run- I really don't like the bike music, especially since Sky Pillar. I mean, I'm in this tower to catch a legendary, the music's all dramatic... Then I hop on my bike and suddenly everything's chipper.

    Plus, I just prefer the route music to the bike music.
  6. I like to run. For some reason I don't like the music to change to the bike music. And that's in every version. Pre-R/S/E I had to deal with the bike music because you couldn't run and walking was slow go.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm another person who generally prefers the route music to the bike themes, but I still tend to find myself hitting that trigger button to bring out my bike every chance I get. Music or not, running's just too slow for me at times.
  8. i also use the bike every chance i get, though i didnt really noticed the bike music until now that its been mentioned
  9. I run. Generally, I have a hard time maneuvering on a bike. If I'm going straight, like on Cycling Road, it's fine, but if I have to turn things get a little imprecise.
  10. then just downshift if your talking about d/p, but, personally, ive been riding mach bike style so long that im used to the turning, its just small areas where i cant afford to go down the ledge/get in the vision of a trainer that i downshift or get off my bike
  11. I usually ride the bike in the second shift. I downshift like when King of Rhinos said, to avoid accidentally jumping over a ledge, but I usually won't get off the bike.

    Running's just too slow and I can avoid the bike music anyway by turning off the route/whatever and coming back most of the time.
  12. That's what I do the times I actually use the bike except that the stupid gate building entrances and tall grass force me off the bike. So sometimes I still don't bother. But I've noticed that I use the bike more in Diamond that I do in R/S/E. That may be because there are more places in D/P where a bike is a nessecity. And the fourth gear bike is easier to steer than the Mach Bike was. But the vast majority of the time I run because (and this will sound incredibly stupid) I like watching the character run.
  13. That brings me to a question - Third gear is control and fourth is speed, but what's first and second?
  14. There is no first and second gear according to the guidebook.
  15. there isnt a 1st and 2nd, thats just what i and orangen call it, 2 meaning 4, and 1 meaning 3
  16. NMR


    I'm usually running to my destination its alot more simpler for me.
  17. I never use a bike unless I need to, running is much easier to control...
  18. Aside from flying, I run instead of biking. With the bike, I constantly run into things because my reaction time is just slower than the bike's speed. ;D Also, it is much easier and faster to stop and start running than on a bike.
  19. well, it all depends on what bike you have/what gear its in. in GSC, they didnt have multi-mode bikes, so it doesnt count, but in RSE, you could choose your bike.

    The mach bike was faster and harder to control, so many beginners would probably go with the acro bike, one that is, if i'm correct, not faster than running. but easier because you dont have to hold B down, and you can do weelies. :D

    But in DP you have the lower gear, which is a slightly faster version of the acro, w/o weelies D:, and the higher gear, which is almost exactly like the mach bike.

    To sum this all up, the acro/lower gear, is as easy to control as running, and the mach/higher gear, is faster and worth the bad control if you can master it/ practice with it.
  20. I bike more often than I run but the bike theme is sometimes really annoying. That and I mostly fly from place to place. When the bike theme was used in Red and Blue, it kept on going with no stop, even if you changed routes. It was really annoying then.
  21. Usually, I just fly everywhere. Then after I fly I usually run. Sometimes I bike but mostly I think its not worth it if it's like twenty steps. :p
  22. I run most of the time. To me, either the Bike's fast setting is too fast, or the other one is too slow. Also, when you're running, you can try to avoid trainers. And also, it's easier running, so you can use the Poke Radar when you want to.
  23. It's a mixture, really. I generally fly everywhere and other then that I'm in a group/in buildings most of the time. But I generally like to get to places fast and I got used to mach bike speed since R/S/E. (Although I despise the bike music)
  24. I either run or use my Flygon to get from place to place. I occasionally use the bike, but only when I need to get up one of the sand slides.
  25. i used my bike, but for the other parts where you couldn't use it, i ran
  26. [​IMG] I jus fukn sprint em any body like battle right now biches
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  27. baratron

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    Argh, reviving thread that hasn't been posted in since August! That be gravedigging. *locked*
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