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Private/Closed Trapped In Galar Snowpeak

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chachi, Dec 7, 2019.

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    @AceTrainerGold @EeviumZ @BurbleBurble and myself

    Sunni, was a fit slightly overzealous young man. He has never been one to shy away from a challenge or be persuaded by the fear of others, but after his night at the inn during his celebration dinner with his Pokemon and the other trainers he felt slightly hesitant to proceed onto his next adventure.

    Many a story he's heard from that nights celebration amoungst everyone. “People have gone missing, and their Pokemon appear at the base of the mountain with crushed Pokeballs” said the hotel manager. “Some say, you can still hear the screams of the victims that have frozen to death up there” said the woman across the bar.

    As he walked the fresh wet trail, he found himself in a bit of a daze, constantly cycling through all of the warnings: the stories. His mind had wondered so deep, he had not realized that the trails surface had changed from wet slightly stiff dirt to frozen, stiff ice and snow. The wind gusted slightly strong, not enough to bother others, but enough to falter Sunni from his subconscious. He swayed to the left, then the right, being slightly confused on when he had entered the base of the mountain. His honey dropped eyes peered beyond his messy hair scanning his surroundings then he glanced upon the mountain. It was as tall as the lord of darkness, Giratina; as big and strong as a Hariyama. He sighed and ran his hand through his scarlet red bowl cut hair. He kicked his front foot, rustled up some snow under his shoe and began his climb towards to peak of the mountain.

    hours had past, the sun had become tired, it begun to set and the wind had picked up hours ago. Sunni held his arms against his forehead to shield himself from the assault of the wind, it had been followed up with a thick blanket of snow and hail. The boy had found himself in a pretty dangerous situation, he was against the wall of the mountain and he was so far up, the weather had completely shielded the grown from his site. A bead of sweat raced down Sunni's face as he squinted to find some sort of structure for his site to grasp, but nothing was clear enough for him. His body shook and goosebumps raced up his back to his rather frozen neck. He knew he was in trouble, but didn't want to admit it. His mind raced back to moments of when he was stuck in certain areas and his brothers would always come bail him out.

    Sunni pushed forward slow steady steps, but in a instant he lost his footing on what he thought was sudden ground. He slide off a ice rock and fell back, thankfully his reflexes reacted quick; he managed to catch a rather piece of sturdy rock. He took a deep sigh and let out a breathe of relief. "All the training paid off, what a relief and a drag at the same time" he said to himself as he looked around. As he hung their and pondered, a beam of light escaped from one of the pocket balls around his belt. "MAAAA!" shouted Torn, Sunni's Machop and his closes friend. The muscular Pokemon grabbed him by the wrist and lifted up with ease. "phew, .. Thanks Torn" he said as he leaned against the snow and blew a sigh of relief. With a confident pose Torn patted his chest and stood beside Sunni as he transcended upwards onto his feet. The two have always been a perfect pair.

    Sunni and Torn trucked on together through the blizzard. They aided each other perfectly, they covered each other as if they've been together for years.

    As Sunni and Torn got closer to corner, he became excited, he felt as if they were almost done with the mountain. The boy begun to move quicker, his legs picked up speed, almost to a sprint with Torn behind him. As he rounded the corner he felt a hard thud against his legs and chest. The sudden forced sent him flying back; landed on his butt. Torn ran towards him, he held his back. "Ouch, what was tha-" as Sunni opened his eyes, his sight was met with the harsh and irritated faces of a gang of Sneasel. He looked around, three to his left and three to the right, in the middle a much smaller Sneasel who's arm seemed to be hurt. Probably from his careless excitement, he had accidentally injured the poor thing. "Oh.. I'm sorry, this was my fault, let me hel-" as he reached into his bag to get a berry and a potion, he felt another familiar pain hit him from the side. One of the Sneasel had hit him with a move called Ice Shard. "ahh! hold on I'm trying to help." Sunni rushed to his feet as quick as he could, Torn had jumped in front of his trainer, ready to attack when needed. The Pokemon were hostile, and did not want to listen to Sunni's pleads. Again one of the Sneasel sent another Ice shard towards the duo. "Alright! if you don't want to listen.. Torn use counter!" Torn held his arms together in an "x" formation and charged forward, he took the hit from the ice shard and collided into one of the Sneasel and sent it hurling into the wall. "Quick Torn let's go!" As the other Sneasel were distracted by the badly hurt one, Sunni and Torn took the opportunity to escape the hostile situation. As they ran further up the mountain, Sunni turned back to see three of them had followed suit. "This isn't good, I don't want this fight." he said to himself. As they go up more, the mountain steadied out from a slope and further forward between two trees had been a cave, maybe it would be the best cover. "Maybe over there.. QUICK! Torn, into the cave!" he said. Sunni quickly reacted and grabbed his Machop's arm, he pulled him in close and sprinted to the right as quick as he could. Sneasels, had been close behind saw the pair bolt into the cave. The three stood side by side and together let out a massive onslaught of ice shards. By a hair, Sunni had managed to dive into the cave before the collapse of snow, rock and ice sealed them in.

    The impacted caused the whole cave to shake, rustled up many a Pokemon. Sunni, who had been shielding his Machop, unfolded from his fetal position. It was dark, he reached into his bag and pulled out a lantern, which he had purchased back into town for when he needed to setup camp. He held the lite flame out and circled himself. "huh.. I wonder.. where we are.." he asked the dark.
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