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Private/Closed Trapped In Galar Snowpeak

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Chachi, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. RP IS UP

    Current openings: 0, all full now. c(:
    Full Teams are okay.
    Basic rules:
    No Legendaries
    No god moding
    Must be complete Paragraphs, nothing less than five sentences
    ***^ Basic Pokecharms roleplay rules ^***
    You and three other trainers have been trapped In a hidden cave after spontaneous encounter, undiscovered by others. As you travel deeper into the mountain by cave, you discover a hot spring only used by Pokemon of the Galar Region, and it is guarded by a strange golden aura Avalugg and Abomasnow. The team must find a way to escape the cave or risk being frozen to death, or meet there demise by the hands of the Spring Guardians who will not stop until the intruders have been disposed of.
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  2. Hey, so this looks pretty interesting! Is there a character form I can use, or should I make my own? About how old do you want the trainers to be?
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  3. Hello! you can make your own, I welcome all types of characters and all ages. since it's pokemon, I mainly use my 15 year old named Sunni.
    everyone is allowed one shiny and a team of any type. (as long as it follows the pokecharms rp rules of course)

    if you like you can post your character form here as well for me to see it.
    also everyone is expected to come up with a scenario that in some way or form had them end up in the cave

    chased by a pokemon
    needed shelter
    running from an avalanche
    treasure hunter etc.
  4. Okay, got it! I’ll put up my form tonight ^.^

    Do you mind if I have two characters? They’re a sibling pair so it’d be fun to have them together =)
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  5. if you can handle two at the same time that’s fine. I’ll make the role play once we get one more trainer in so at least we start with three (:

  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’m interested in this. So what will be the main goal of the rp, to get off the mountain?
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  7. forgive me for a late reply long day at work, (will be focused tomorrow because I have it off). but yes the main focus is to
    escape the mountain
    as well as discover the secret behind the hot spring and why these two golden aura pokemon are bent on basically destroying the trainers.
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  8. A'ight! Here we go~

    Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: She has shoulder-blade length blue hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'6. She has a slim build and is of caucasian descent.
    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and filled to the brim with charisma, Allie's the person to talk to if you want to smile. She's a sweet kid, with a love for life and an unmatchable determination. She's a touch rash, which tends not to work in her favour. Very little can deter her from a goal, a trait she inherited from her sister.
    How she got in the cave: Out of pure curiosity. She wanted to go in and explore, only to be trapped.
    Relations: Talia Silverstone (Sister)
    Eve the Eevee (F)
    Moon the Shiny Ralts (F)

    Name: Talia Silverstone
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Appearance: Unlike her sister's technicolor hair, Talia has a natural shade of brown instead, cut to just below her shoulders. Her eyes, however, match her sister's. She stands at a height of 5'9, has a slim build, and is of caucasian descent.
    Personality: Unlike Allie's bold and brash personality, Talia is calm and collected. She's quite modest, and tends to understate her skills. She is an intelligent person, and very bookish. On stage, she is bold and excited, but she tends to be somewhat reserved when she isn't performing.
    How she got in the cave: "It was Allie's idea. On any other occasion, I would have gone with my gut and said no, but for some reason, I decided that following Allie was a lovely idea. Oh, how wrong I was..."
    Relations: Alison Silverstone (Sister)
    Harmony the Togekiss (F)
    Melody the Altaria (F, Holding Moderator-Approved Altarianite. I can provide photographic proof of approval, if you desire.)
    Cadence the Meowstic (F)
    Blossom the Lilligant (F)
    Soprano the Lapras (M)
    Treble the Gardevoir (F)
    Other: She is a well-known celebrity, known across the regions for her music and her performing skills. She is very easily recognized. So is Allie, for that matter.
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  9. Nice, I'll have mine up as well in a bit. I'll age Sunni just a bit, I usually push him between 15-18 depending on the graph of the roleplay
    since this might become pretty violent I'll usher him to 18 with his 4 man team.
    but I love how both characters aren't polar opposites (as in super happy and super sad yenno?)

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  10. They're intended to be counterparts to each other, while still sharing the same personality traits deep down. They're sisters, after all. Their dynamic is really fun to write for. I don't like doing polar opposite pairs that much. ^.^
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  11. name: Sunni Tachibana
    nickname: Sun
    age: 18
    gender: male
    sexuality: he's just in the moment.
    appearance: short red "auburn" hair, slightly shaved in the back to resemble a bowl cut that covers his eyes when unkempt [Reference one], Usualy parts to the side to give himself two bangs [Reference two]. He stands at 5'11 with honey kissed hazel eyes. He's of Islander decent, so his skin is as well sunkissed brown.

    personality: He's a very energetic, head strong young man, who has always been to himself. He grew up with two twin older brothers, who have made names for themselves and have become well known for beating leagues in record times. He lives in their shadow, slowly trying to find out his own path which has made him very strong mentally and physically. He's able to carry his own weight in his journey.

    relations: Heo and Tora Tachibana

    Machop-M- named Torn. His childhood friend: was given to him by his grandfather once he reached journey age. he's stubborn in nature, but big hearted and strong willed.
    Doublade (shiny)-M- named Dios. Very happy, springy. Sunni found him during a foggy night through a dense forest. Dios was defending a lone Snom from a group of mischievous Panchams.
    Corviknight-F- named Senai. This protective mother saw the raw potential in Sunni during their battle and has become his right hand protector ever since.
    Mystery egg- Sunni was given this egg on his journey after helping a injured farmer. Unknown Pokemon.

    "Sunni and Torn were chased into the cave after the calm snow fall weather turned into a violent blizzard. The boy accidentally kicked over a Sneasel, after the storm brewed. The gang became hostile even with Sunni's pleads. Once in the cave, Him and Torn took shelter as the Sneasel sealed the entrance with a Ice block created by the move Blizzard."
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  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Name: Ryu Satou
    Age: 15
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Black spiked hair (in a similar style to Blue in S&M) and hazel coloured eyes. He stands at around 5’10.
    Personality: He always ready for a battle and is a very competent battler. He cares for his Pokemon a lot and treats them like partners.
    Realations: Kenji Satou (Older brother)
    Grovyle was his starter Pokemon and the two of them have been together ever since. Grovyle is brash in nature and quite immature. His moves are: Leaf Bladd, X-Scissor, Quick Attack and Dual Chop.
    Arcanine-M- He ran across this Pokemon on his trip to mount pyre and it followed him for ages, eventually he caught and evolved it into Arcanine. Arcanine is a lot like most dogs in real life: happy, energetic and playful. But he is still pretty powerful. His moves are: Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Flame Charge and Fire Fang.
    Sandile-M- A Pokemon given to him by his brother after his trip to Unova. Sandile is always wanting to battle, he is often disappointed when not chosen for a battle and will try to jump in on the action. His moves are: Dig, Bite and Sand Tomb.
    Egg (Will be a Sneasel)- An egg that he found just sitting on the mountain, it was about to go off a cliff so he grabbed it and took it with him.

    Ryu went to save this egg from falling off the cliff edge, he chased it for a while, eventually getting lost in the snowstorm unable to see. He eventually found a cave and decided to use it as shelter for both him and his Pokemon.
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  13. alright! that’s great, we can start the rp.
    I’ll be sure to get it up soon (: !
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  14. Alright forgive me guys, I've been typing up the RP for a few hours now, my introduction is a little long hopefully a nice read. wrapping it up shortly.
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  15. Rp up!
    place your introduction replies, then we'll go in order

  16. Out of curiosity, is there still an open slot for this? There's four characters but only three RPers, and I'm not sure which you meant in particular.
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  17. yes there is,
    there is 4 characters because one of the rpers is going to use two characters which is ok if you can handle that.
    but yes there is a empty slot!
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  18. Oh yeah, that's no problem for me. Trust me, I'm used to a large cast :p Though I do like the smaller cast that this is going for. I'll make a profile as soon as possible, if you don't mind me hopping in.
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  19. no problem my friend.
    I prefer a small cast as well. makes things a little more smooth in my opinion. Yes please go ahead. you’ll be the last.
  20. everyone can now post in the actual thread and we’ll use this as scene ideas to move the rp along. then we’ll go in order by who ever posts first me being last.
  21. Just so you know, a post order can get really annoying. I've been in RPs that had post order before and they died relatively fast.
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  22. true, ive been in both cases where it ether dies or it does really good. a role play doesn’t last forever, but I also find frequent post without giving someone else an input causes a lot of confusion especially if someone is in the middle of a lengthy reply then someone else replies then they have to add more and more to their response.
    but i’m open to suggestions on what we should do.
    but for now I just want everyone to type up their intro as well as their scenario that got them into the cave.
    (my cave entrance is rather blocked off unless you made it in before me which is also a probability)
  23. Ah, thanks so much!

    Name: Daryl Angelo

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Appearance: A tall and intimidating man, around 6'8". Daryl's got fairly long black hair, tied back into a ponytail. He's missing an eye on one side, covering the injury with both hair and a bandana. His clothes are, at the moment, is a jacket over his shirt, tightly zipped up- a badge patched on the sleeve. He wears cargo pants, a which are a dark green, and some boots. I'm pretty terrible with descriptions

    Personality: Daryl's appearance and personality seem rather tied. He's cold and blunt, and genuinely doesn't seem to like people. In all honesty, he's just stuck in a rut he hasn't clawed out of for a long time due to his own personal losses. Daryl really does try to care about people, but struggles thanks to those losses from before. Thus his coldness. He's taken on ranger work as he doesn't need to interact with people at length- Usually opting into solving stuff that could eventually cause problems in the long run than anything that involves directly interacting with people.

    How he got in the cave: He, as a ranger for snowy route of Galar, heard of an outbreak of Pokemon attacks near the snowpeak. In the interest of seeing whether or not these were isolated or connected events, he travelled up the mountainside himself. However, the snow storm forced him to take shelter, and potentially see how deep the rabbit hole of these attacks goes.

    Relations: A brother he doesn't talk to often. That's the last alive relation.

    Doris the Houndoom (F) - Lifelong friend of Daryl, and intensely loyal to him. He'll cite Doris as a friend much faster than anyone else.
    Vaus the Archeops (M) - Daryl doesn't like Vaus, nor does Vaus like Daryl. However, they shared an admiration for something now lost, and thus are stuck with one another. Vaus may be an annoyance in the moment, but when push comes to shove the Archeops will indeed listen.
    Holly the Hattrem (F) - A recent capture for Daryl, Holly doesn't much appreciate the man's attitudes and emotions. But he's also got high highs, regardless of how rough and tumble he may seem. This is enough to keep Holly around- for a good while.
    Gatrie the Feraligatr (M) - Another recent capture. A rare find, though Daryl guesses that it was a released Pokemon due to being both foreign and evolved. Even more of a wild card than Vaus, he only uses Gatrie as a very last resort.

    I'll admit I need to get better at writing down personalities and appearances, but that's my dude. He's a bit older than the rest of the cast, but I think it could make an interesting contrast.
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  24. It should be, Daryl seems like my other characters type too lol! he gives me a rustic mounty marine. I love those kinds of characters, they always bring a mystery to them, I like to pick at mysteries.

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  25. Is it okay if I had the Silverstone sisters already in the cave and reacting to the collapse?
  26. yes that's fine. as long as long as no one discovers the spring early or the golden aura pokemon than its legal. ((:
  27. No, I won't do that. I like doing plot-related things after integrating my characters anyway ^>^
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  28. checking in.
    everyone been busy with school or something?
  29. *sigh* Bingo. Isn't ninth grade just lovely? /s

    I'll post as soon as I find the time, it should be today.
  30. lol its ok take your time, I have the luxury of being available with my own timing.
  31. You lucky human being...

    good news is, my homework load isn't that bad this week. i'll be able to post tonight. =)
  32. alright! take your time tho.

    and ofc Im lucky, Im.. just a man whos old LOL
  33. I'm so sorry for taking a million years with my post, I've been clogged down with stuff lately x-x I promise it'll be up soon, I have it written like...50%? 60%? Beats me. I'll have it up soon though.
  34. lol, take your time, can't rush these things.

    Admin edit: Really, child? really? Fix your typos. Did it for you this time, don't expect me to do that again.
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