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Open Trainers in Wonderland

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Pen-and-Parchment, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. This is my first rp on this site, so I hope you guys are interested in it!~ ^3^
    You were minding your own business, when suddenly, a bunnelby raced by, wearing a fancy jacket and carrying a pocket watch! To your amazement, you heard it say, "I'm late!" before it hopped into a hole... You decided to see where it could have disappeared to, when you fell after it, down the bunnelby's hole! To your shock and surprise, you land in the middle of a strange room with a bottle and a box labeled "eat me" and "drink me". Curiouser and curiouser....

    In case you haven't guessed, this rp is basically pokemon crossed with Alice in Wonderland. The land you trainers will find is only inhabited by pokemon - talking pokemon, no less! - who have never heard of humans, let alone trainers or battling! What sort of adventures await you here? And how do you possibly get home?

    Before I list the form for bios and make my own character, here are the rules:

    - The rules for pokemon rping that PokeCharms has put into place apply, obviously.

    - Don't make yourself op. No Mary Sues here. They're uncreative, unoriginal, and just plain boring.

    - Although this is sorta like Alice's adventures, don't feel the need to restrict yourself to events that only happened in Alice and Wonderland! You can dabble a bit obviously, because if we didn't, everyone would be stuck doing the same things! At the same time however, don't go too crazy. Make sure your events that you create would work within that universe.

    - This isn't a mature rp, so no graphic violence and no graphic romance. Romance and violence are allowed, but don't have your character get their arm chopped off with blood spurting everywhere and/or have an extremely touchy and passionate makeout sesh with someone somewhere.

    - Please use proper grammar and spelling! If you mess up and have to go back and edit it, no biggie. But if you constantly rp as if you're texting your best friend and you leave it like that, that's not acceptable.

    - Use paragraph form and not script form when you rp. Give your characters personality and have fun interacting with this strange new world. Don't just give a quick one-liner.

    Now then! Time for the bio form and my character!~

    Nickname: [if any]
    Region: [What is the region your character was born and/or raised in?]

    Physical Appearance: [Include your character's typical outfit as well as physical characteristics]



    Team: [1-6 pokemon]
    Name: Alma Sparks
    Nickname: Sparky
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Region: Unova

    Physical Appearance: Alma has electric yellow hair that goes to her lower back. Many have remarked that her hair works well with her last name. Her eyes are a bright green, and she has a tanned brown complexion. Alma usually wears black shorts with a green t-shirt and a white vest over it. Her pokeballs are stored in the vest's pockets. She wears white sneakers as well that have yellow highlights.

    Personality: Alma is very curious and imaginative, which oftentimes gets her into trouble. She has a habit of starting certain tasks and moving on to the next without finishing the first necessarily, so she is known to be a scatterbrain. Alma is a proud ambivert - happy to be surrounded by others or by herself with only her pokemon at her side.

    History: Born and raised in Unova, Alma was always dreaming big. At 12, she started out on her pokemon journey, and she completed said journey successfully. Deciding to see the world for herself, she left home and traveled throughout the other regions for a few years before returning home to Unova.

    Team: Cincino, Vanilluxe, Scollipede, Serperior, Zebstrika, and Swanna
    I hope you guys find this interesting and have fun with it!~ ^_^
  2. Name: Proxy Stenson
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Region: Unova

    Physical Appearance: Proxy is a strange-looking kid. For starters, he's short for his age, standing at a solid 5 feet tall. He has a slight tan, which is strange considering he burns easily. His hair is the strangest part of him. Most of it is golden brown, but there exists a section styled in an almost Colress-esque loop that is auburn or ginger colored. He adamantly insists it's naturally colored the way it is, but he has no proof of it considering his reluctance to cut it (that said, there exists no evidence of him dying it). His common attire consists of a desaturated maroon sweater, an ivory colored vest that almost resembles a life vest, coffee brown jeans, a brown leather belt with a silver buckle that has his initials engraved on it (P.S.), and a pair of dark orange and gray sneakers.
    proxy trainer.png --- A sprite I made of Proxy ^~^

    Personality: Proxy tries to get along with people, really, he does. It's just that he can't stand "incorrect data" as he calls it. He has a tendency to assess people's intelligence based on several criteria before meeting them, then changing said assessment as time progresses - if he even bothers to stick around you. He can't stand stupidity at its core. If he makes the assessment, and your intelligence does not meet his standards, he will not care about you until you prove to him that you're worth something. With those he cares about, he corrects them at every turn if he needs. He likes to call himself a human computer sometimes, but not around others. Yes, he is intelligent, his knowledge sometimes seeming all-extensive, but there are some things he doesn't know. Such things will drive him over the edge when encountered, causing him to shut down. Also, he tries (again, tries,) to be somewhat humble. He won't brag about his own intelligence, but he will make it a solid point that yours is inferior if you test him.

    History: Proxy was raised to be a scientist. Science and logic are as natural to him as blinking and breathing. His parents both drove him to persue a career in the scientific field since he learned his first word, which if asked, his parents will say was "invention." Since he could remember, Proxy has been obsessed with inventing machines are gadgets that enhance Pokemon and human coexistence and life in general. His partners - a Porygon given to him by his father, a Klink given to him by his mother, and a Blitzle that he caught himself - all helped him continue chasing his dreams, and they still do to this day alongside new partners, even after some things he's been through.

    He was born and raised in Nimbasa City, but he spent a short amount of time in Alola. His parents were going through a divorce, and his mother took him away to Alola, specifically Malie City, where he stayed for a solid two years before returning to Unova. He didn't like Alola much, as the Aether Foundation seemed to have essentially monopolized scientific development there and he was not looking to join their cause. When he started his legitimate Pokemon journey, he started off in Alola, then quickly boarded the next flight back to Unova alone. Throughout his journey, science and logic have been his focuses, as well as bringing Pokemon-human symbiosis to a whole new level. He has many gadgets (some of which work, some backfire) and a strong bond with his Pokemon under his belt, and is ready to take on any challenge... so long as things make a semblance of sense...

    Team: Zebstraika (male, Servo), Klinklang (genderless, Drive), Porygon-Z (genderless, EXE), Salazzle (female, Heartbleed), Beheeyem (male, Linus)
    Hope this is alright~!
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  3. @Hisseki You're approved! He sounds perfect for this sort of place...~
  4. Oooh! Although I have not seen Alice In Wonderland...Meh.

    Name: Astral Kenzaron
    Nickname: Wolfy
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Region: Kalos

    Physical Appearance: Astral has long black hair which goes to her thighs. It goes to blue then to lime green. She has bags over one of her red eyes, and she also has an ahoge. Astral has light skin. She has a black shirt with blue cyber patterns, and a bright red unzipped jacket. Astral has silver shorts and black boots. (She is a werewolf but in this RP she isn't. Also, I have drawings of her.)

    Personality: Astral is quite carefree and at times, she can be really sarcastic. She tends to get stubborn in a way, but usually she is nice and humourous. She likes to use her phone a lot, hence the fact she doesn't talk much when she's using it. Astral is a born leader, when she is playing games, she tends to think of strategies and attemots to get everyone to do it, to see how it will work. She is extremely loyal and her friends only consist of those who she thinks are loyal to her as well. She hates backstabbers. Because of this, Astral usually doesn't have many friends. She is a huge tomboy, and she is mistaked for a boy on intefnet games a lot.

    History: Astral was born in Kiloude City of Kalos. She has a younger brother named Ryker, who takes a great interest in her Pokemon. Astral often took care of Pokemon at the Pokemon Daycare centre. She met her partner, Sandy, when her friend, Ace's Pokemon gave her the young Growlithe. She loved her. Astral became friends with many Pokemon at the Daycare. She loves riding skateboards, so she gave Breeze the Glaceon a skateboard, Breeze loves skateboarding now. Astral was quite distant, for Kiloude didn't have many kids her age when she was about twelve. She did enter in many tournaments.

    Team: Sandy (Female Growlithe, Blue Flower on Head ((Partner))), Swifty (Female Linoone), Fiera (Female Zangoose), Breeze (Female Glaceon), Longtail (Male Liepard), Firestar (Male Flareon).


    I hope this is good~!
  5. Name: Samuel Vermo
    Nickname: Sam
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Region: Johto

    Physical Appearance: Samuel is of slightly taller than those of his age. As for his other physical characteristics, Samuel Vermo has light blue dyed hair, which is worn in no particular fashion, though it is somewhat short and slicked to one side. This trainer has a slightly pale complexion. For his usual attire, "Sam" as those who are acquainted with him address him, he wears a short black vest with a star pattern about it (This is where he keeps his Pokeballs, inside the vest), a dark gray t-shirt with a Gengar silhouette, the only part being seen being its grin, jeans, and black sneakers.

    Personality: Despite his usual quiet tone, Samuel is a smug and sarcastic individual, a smirk being splayed on his face at most all times. He loves when people get a laugh out of his comments, and although he doesn't want to admit it, this is one of the only reasons he does it. Despite his cynical demeanor, Samuel has a kind heart and does always tries to do what is right, although that is not what he would like you to believe.

    History: Samuel grew up in an orphanage, and due to his lonely and joy-drained childhood, he has used humor to cope with reality. After he was old enough, Samuel left the orphanage to pursue a passion of his. Pokemon battling. This is how he led to meeting his first Pokemon. A Golurk he calls "Goliath." He met Goliath not long after he took his leave of the orphanage. The Golurk, a Golett at the time, was being harshly trained and abused by another trainer. Samuel rescued Goliath from this fate, and has looked after him ever since.

    Team: Golurk (Nicknamed Goliath), Haunter, Shiftry, Tentacruel, Heatmor, and Glalie.

    I believe that's good.
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  6. @WolfyPop You're approved! It's alright that you haven't seen Alice in Wonderland. I will be leading some of the events near the beginning of the rp so people can get a feel for how silly and strange it'll be there~

    @ProfessorSticks You're approved~ ^_^

    I think one or two more people will do...then I'll open up the main thread and we can start!~ ^_^
  7. Alrighty then~!
  8. I don't think joining another RP is a good idea for me, but I can't pass this one up! I really like the idea of it, especially since it's your first RP! Can't wait to see what you come up with in the future! Anyway, here's my form~!

    : Domino Grove Propper
    Nickname: N/A (Just call her Domino.)
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Region: Alola

    Physical Appearance: Domino is a rather pale young lady with dark freckles littering her face. Her skinny form is covered by her usual outfit, which consists of a black t-shirt, navy blue jean vest, black leggings, black lace-up boots, and a dog tag around her neck. Atop her head sits a mop of messy white hair, sticking out in mostly all directions with no specific part. Her blood-red eyes are covered with a pair of black, X-shaped contacts.
    Remember this, m'dude? xD

    Personality: Domino basically acts like she's had too much caffeine on a 24-hour basis. She's jumpy, energetic, and often gets into trouble for annoying others. Of course, she doesn't care much about this, and will continue to do whatever she wants until her life is on the line. If someone else is bothering her, Domino tends to be quite forgiving, and she loves helping a person in need. The only time she slows her roll, however, is when she's overtired. Then, she'll be overly lazy and refuse to do work, saying that she'd rather sleep for a week than do anything physical. She can also be quite immature and childish attimes, and the reason behind this is explained below.

    History: WARNING: THIS IS PRETTY DARK, I GOT TO ADMIT: PROCEED WITH CAUTION (Although other than it being dark, I will admit that it's kinda awful. I can add on to it, which I'll most likely do...)
    When she was a child, Domino would always play with her older brother. He was always quieter and more antisocial than she was, but he'd never turn down an opportunity to play with her. In fact, Domino seemed to be the only person he'd open up around.
    Having been abandoned by their parents could not have led to a more devastating loss.
    The teen was Domino's only parental figure.
    One fateful day, however, he was found hanging by a vine wrapped around his neck in a nearby tree, when she had woken up.
    On that day, Domino vowed to herself to never let his life be forgotten. She's acted the same way she had with him ever since, as a way of keeping his memory preserved. That's why she acts childish and immature at times.

    Team: Fomantis (partner, female, Folami), Salandit (male, Salami (She's so creative, isn't she?)), East Sea Shellos (female, Shoney), Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (male, Och)

    If there's anything I need to add or change, please let me know, alright? I'm excited to see just where this RP can go~! >3<
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  9. @Il Fantasma You're approved~ And don't worry about the backstory...I've done some messed up backstories for OCs before...! xD

    Thanks for believing in me, btw. It actually took a while to think of a good story for this thing, believe it or not...! :)

    (P.S. I thoroughly enjoy that meme under the last spoiler xD
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  10. Alrighty! I think we have enough people, so I'm gonna start up the thread!~ ^_^
  11. @Il Fantasma, good ideas are overrated anyways. :p

    • Name: Anthony Madden
    • Nickname: Tony
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Male
    • Region: Blackthorn City, Johto (Birthplace) and Goldenrod City Johto (Raised Ages 2-17)
    • Physical Appearance: Tony's most prominent feature, is his calloused hands and feet, and thin wiry frame. His hair is a mop of thick black hair, while his pupils are a light lavender. He stands at about 6'1" and weighs 124 lbs. His skin is a mixture of peach and a light olive. He has a thin face, and his front left tooth is chipped. His body has a bit of muscle and little fat, but it doesn't really look like he has either of each. His normal clothing choice is based around clothes he can be outside, and work in. He wears a light red plaid button up, that he wears open, with an old black grubby shirt, that advertises the Goldenrod Radio tower, which he received from his father a while ago. He wears light blue denim jeans, with cuffs on the end, and faded black hiking boots.
    • Personality:Tony is the kind of person who works his butt off to do whatever he has in mind. He is a hard worker, and is stubborn. He never gives up until a job is done, which often is perceived as being bull-headed. He doesn't really care for how he looks, and just does whatever is comfortable. He has a good understanding of his Pokemon's feelings, and often works with them to accomplish jobs. He can seem a bit antisocial, but is always assessing situations and trying to figure out a plan. He's the guy, who is cool-headed in a crisis. He doesn't angry easily, but his pet peeves and the things that anger him, are liars, thieves, cheaters, and people who don't work for what they have. He is loyal, even to a fault. However, gaining his loyalty isn't always easy
    • History: Now, Tony was born in Blackthorn City, which is known for producing Dragon Type trainer. Tony's mother was a Dragon trainer, named Samantha. However, by the time, Tony was only a year old, his mother died of a mysterious disease. His father, Jacob, wanted to move on, after Samantha's death, and couldn't stay in Blackthorn because of the memories. So he uprooted himself and his son, and they moved to Goldenrod, where Jacob got a job, working in the Goldenrod Radio Tower, editing the programs and recordings. The family barely got by, but where happy. However, Jacob's heart still ached, after Samantha's death. Tony saw, how his father hurt and was struggling, so on his 9th birthday, he got a job, as an intern at the National Park. Now, he may not have gotten paid, he hoped he d he could rise up into a paying position. However that job ended up being a bust considering his age. However during this time, Tony had met a Scyther, whom he befriended. However he wasn't able to get a hold of a Pokeball, as him being a child and having no money, and was afraid his father would deny his request. So after he lost his internship, he began spending every spare moment at the park, playing with this Scyther. One day, when he was 12, he learned about the Bug catching contest and quickly developed a plan. He would enter the contest and catch his Scyther, which he had already nicknamed, Cutter. The biggest problem was the fact that to enter the contest you would need to already have a Pokemon to enter. After some bargaining, he managed to borrow one of his friend from school's Pidgey. However, Tony agreed to give any winnings to his friend. Tony caught Scyther with a Park Ball, and he won a Chesto Berry, which he gave to his friend. Tony was just happy to have Cutter. Tony kept Cutter a secret, from his father, until he was 15. However, day to day life, was becoming hard, so he revealed to his father the truth, telling him all about Cutter and showing him the Pokemon. Then the boy went on a trip to the Kalos region, to get away, and raise some money for his dad, by winning battles, and other odd jobs, like cutting and moving limber, and working at a cafe, when they were short on staff. One day, he ran into a Goomy, and decided to catch the dragon type in memory of his mother. He named the slimy thing, DJ, and continued his day to day work, until he was 16. He then headed home. On his way, through Johto, back towards Goldenrod, he met an old Tauros. The Pokemon soon took a liking to him, and he added him to the team, naming him Crusher.
    • Team: Cutter (Male Scyther), DJ (Male Goomy), Crusher (Male Tauros)
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  12. (Don't forget me!!!!!)

    Name: Fawn Kay
    Nickname: [if any] Ms. Fawk (she doesn't like it at all though..)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Region: [What is the region your character was born and/or raised in?] Born in Lumiose City, Kalos, and currently lives in Alola
    Physical Appearance: [Include your character's typical outfit as well as physical characteristics] Fawn usually wears a dark seafoam green colored t-shirt, with a black skirt. Also wears grey leggings and wears slip on shoes and sometimes tennis shoes. She has unusual purple eyes, which look okay, but don't match at all. She also has light tan skin, with a Z scar on her forehead. She has black hair that reaches down to her back, which she plans to cut soon.

    Personality: She defends herself like a cactus on who ever harasses her, bullies her or even messes with her. However if you don't, then she'll be fine and possibly earn yourself. However, she is usually found spying on classmates and people she meets a lot. She is a bit shy, but always will get over it.

    History: She was born at a very wrong time: when Pokemon where invading Lumiose, and it happened until she was 3, when she got kidnapped by them. She got hypnotized and her eyes turned purple instead of that happening. After that, her parents decided it was so dangerous, so they moved to Kanto for 1 month. However, they didn't really like it, so they moved to Alola for a very long time, even to this day.

    Team: [1-6 pokemon]
    Seel, M
    Mudsdale, M
    Rowlet, F
    Eevee, F
    Alolan Ninetales, M
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  13. @Seal Pup and @Ry_Burst You are both approved!~ ^_^

    Ok, so I'm putting a limit on this RP of 10 people. So far, we have 7, so only 3 more spaces are left! Feel free to invite people if you guys want, but remember to tell them that there are only 3 spaces left!~
  14. The first event of the RP is the famous "rabbit scene" from the original Alice in Wonderland story, where a white rabbit dressed in human clothes and holding a pocket watch rushes past Alice, with her hearing him say that he's late for something. She follows him down a rabbit hole and her adventure ensues!

    Due to all of us being in different locations, I'll have the bunnelby visit each region so everyone can get into "wonderland". From that point on, it's possible for everyone to meet up!~ ^_^
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  15. Hi! Haven't been able to find a rp as great as this one! I really like the thought. I love Disney too!
    Name: Jenson White
    Nickname: [if any] N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Region: Born and Raised in Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh Region. Goes to Santalune City, Kalos every Summer to stay with dad. (You'll find out why!)

    Physical Appearance: White Hair with one blue highlight. Blue and White Hoodie, Khaki Cargo Shorts, Blue and White Sneakers. About 5'10. Blue eyes. Cute

    Personality: Known to blush a lot. Jenson is a mixture of shy around people he both meets and or has a crush on. He doesn't have many friends. He's a fun-loving, caring guy. He's great to have as a friend.

    History: Jenson was only 3 when his parents divorced. His mom managed to get full custody of him. Jenson's mom wasn't very fond of his dad so she purposely lost contact with him when he moved to Kalos. Jenson was 10 and his dad came to visit because he couldn't bear missing his son for 7 years. Jenson's parents arranged for Jenson to visit his dad every summer. When he went to Kalos for the first time he met a wild Skiddo. Unable to catch it and bring it home because it's not a native Pokémon Jenson befriended the Skiddo. When Jenson was 11 he received a starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan. He took off on an adventure with his Chimchar. That summer Jenson and his team of 3 Pokémon went to Kalos. With his Infernape, Espeon, and Staraptor in hand, he went on an adventure in Kalos. He caught the Skiddo he befriended and not even much long after it evolved. Infernape and Gogoat always compete for Jenson's attention because they're his best friends. When Jenson was 16 he came back to the Kalos region and challenged the League. The day before he challenged the Champion he... (I hope that's where he goes to Wonderland! :):

    Team: Cinder (Infernape, M), Solaris (Gogoat, M), Evea (Espeon, F), Soara (Staraptor, F), Vespen (Beedrill, M), Blu (Marill, F)
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  16. @DizzyKing23 You're approved!~

    Now there are 2 spots left and the thread is officially up! Remember it's paragraph form!~ ^_^
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  17. @DizzyKing23, just going to mention, that a Mega requires Staff approval. There is an entire protocol one has to go through before getting one.
  18. I was just going to mention that! If you do not have that approval, take the mega off your team, please. If you don't, I will unfortunately have to take back your approval.
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  19. Yep, they need approval. Threads sometimes close due to that. Just a big warning, and if ask a mod even you can get declined by the one you ask. Read the PRP Rules, of course. Unless you've already asked a mod, ignore this part.
    My post shall be up shortly :)
  20. Got it! NO MEGA!!! I put the ? there for a reason. Wasn't sure. Thanks for making it clear.
  21. Dang, that post was long! I wanna say "I'm sorry," but mostly everyone else's have been that length, too, so. xD

    I just want to give you a quick word of advice, from one RP creator to another. If you keep the RP thread with the Open box, people will most likely assume that it's alright to simply jump in without coming here to make a form. To ensure interested people do that, I advise you change that box to Ask to Join and add a link to this thread at the beginning of your first post there, so people are able to see it. Just a little tidbit~! :3
  22. Wow...You guys are posting super fast! I'm loving it! xD Glad to see you are enjoying this thing so far!~ ^_^

    @Il Fantasma Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely do that! ^_^

    As for uber big events (like this opening scene), I'll introduce them and all so everyone knows how it goes. You didn't need to reveal the shrinking food, @DizzyKing23, but it's fine that you did this once :)
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  23. Sawry!! So let's um fix my shrunken body
  24. No need to fix it! Just remember that you don't need to introduce big events from now on if you don't want to. Leave that to me!~
  25. This Roleplay is going pretty good, my question is, will there be any battling? Like against each other or other stuff, if that's something I'll have to wait to find out then ok! I really like this.
  26. Actually, in this "wonderland" (I need to find a better name lol), the talking pokemon have never heard of humans. So by elimination, they haven't heard of trainers, either. They don't really "battle" in the usual sense that trainers think of either, so there won't be much battling so far as I can see! When I RP, my characters take control of situations beyond me, I feel (I know, very deep xD), so it just depends on how the RP goes, really. xD
  27. I'll get a response up soon. I'm about halfway done with it.
  28. Everyone's doing great so far, but I'd like to ask something of everyone if it isn't too much trouble...!

    If everyone's posts could be a bit longer, like a paragraph or two, that would be great! (Not gonna lie, there are so many posts going on that I am started to get buried when I respond sorta...! :'|)
  29. Was mine long enough? I'm on a phone so the size may be different from what I see it as.
  30. Yours was fine, but you might wanna check your comma usage. The way sentences are broken up makes them choppy (this is an easy fix, though. And don't worry - I used to be sporadic with commas, too!)
  31. Ok! So sorry for me disappearing for a bit...I got caught up in YouTube and other writing things...! xD Anyways, as of now, you guys can introduce major events and stuff for posts! And don't forget that posts should be at least a paragraph long. As in 4-5 sentences. Short paragraphs from everyone is a bit too rapid-fire for me...! :'|
  32. Are Magmar and Electabuzz ,Twedeeldee and Twedeeldum? Or is it Plusle and Minun?
  33. I dunno actually...I would say plusle and minun cus they look similar in design. I know that a gengar is the Cheshire cat when he shows up, though~ ;):p
  34. Hey guys!

    Uh...Is this thing dead already? I kinda wanna keep this going... Anyone else agree? .3.
  35. Welp, you already know my answer, m'dude! I'm down for continuing this! :3

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