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Open Trainers in Alola!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun_and_moon_lover, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. As Albert looked out the motel window, he thought about how much he could discover in Alola. It was a new experience. “Guys, I am going to the Pokemon Center, get some sleep” Al walked to the pokemon center and over to the video-chat station. “Hey, Al!” said a person in the video. “Hello professor Sycamore” Replied Albert “How is Delphox and Blastoise?”
    “They are doing really good!”
    “What about Kangaskhan?”
    “Great, How about you?”

    “Bye professor.” Albert turned off the video chat. It was getting late. Albert decided to hurry back to the motel. As Albert walked along the trail he saw a lot of Pokemon he hasn't seen before. He also noticed that a lot of the Pokemon were hiding. He didn’t think anything of it since he didn't know the nature of the Pokemon. “Hey Albert, its me Tom! I got something to show you!”

    “Hello this is professor Kukui of the Alola region. I am proud to announce that Alola will soon have it’s very own Pokemon league. For trainers wanting to participate there are only a couple requirements. All trainers must first complete the island challenge by the end of this year. there will be a single elimination tournament with the winner fighting the current champion for the champion of the next year. Also, in the tourn-” Albert turned off the laptop. “So that is finally announced.” Said Tom next to him. “By the way, it won’t be like last time” Albert replied
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  2. He waved. He tilted his head.
    "You did! It evolved so fast!" Since he had been traveling, he had caught a hoothoot he found stranded on his own. "You must've trained it hard."

    Terry smiled at the girl, pushing his brother forward.
    "How many Pokemon have you caught?" She asked. She puffed her chest out. "I got a shiny starly!"
  3. Ella smiled as she walked, whistling to herself. "Geez Alola is so big.." she gasped, taking the fresh air in. She noticed the sun was beginning to set. "Hm, lunala is going to have to raise the moon soon.." she sighed to herself. "I hope it's ok.. after all, aunt told me it had been struggling lately, and eclipses had been regularly occurring.." she said to flame. He nodded, scruffing her hair.

  4. Albert got back to the motel at midnight and all his Pokemon were already asleep. He sat down and looked at a map on his laptop. The map showed that Kiawe’s trial was at Wela Volcano Park. It also showed that he needed to pass through the Royal avenue, the place for battle royals.

    “Come on guys we have to beat Luke and Tom!” Albert walked with his Pokemon to Royal Avenue. The road looked empty. When he arrived at Royal Avenue he saw Luke coming up to him. “Hi Al. I guess you didn’t win this time.”
    “Whatever. Is Tom here yet?”
    “No, which means we have enough time for a battle!”

    forgot to give the rival's bios
    Name: Luke Black
    Gender: male
    Appearance: brown hair, dark clothes
    Personality: somewhat quiet and nice
    Pokemon: Wailmer, Roggenrola,Trumbeak, Litten
    Special items: waterium z

    Name: Tom Reith
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearence: short, black hair
    Personality: nerdy
    Pokemon: pawniard, sandygast, kirlia, Rowlet.
    Special items: waterium z

    For the double battle Luke sent out Trumbeak and Roggenrola, while Albert sent out Dewpider and Vulpix. “Vulpix use icy wind on Trumbeak! Dewpider use water pulse on Roggenrola!” “Trumbeak use gust to counter! Roggenrola use rock blast!” Trumbeak did stop icy wind with gust but rock blast was destroyed by water pulse. Roggenrola got hit and confused. “Let Roggenrola attack first then use the same attacks again!” Vulpix and Dewpider were confused, but did as told. Roggenrola was confused so it's rock blast hit Trumbeak. When Trumbeak was still recovering an icy wind from Vulpix knocked it out. Then Roggenrola got hit by water pulse and was ko’d. “Well” Luke said “We have a winner.”

    “Nice to see you kids again” Kukui said “I wanted to check in” Kukui, Albert, Tom, and Luke sat down in the Pokemon center. “I heard you all passed Lana’s trail.” It was true, Albert beat it first, then Tom, then Luke. “Professor, we saw the announcement about the Pokemon league!” Tom replied “I wanted to ask though, who will be the first champion? Who will the winner of the tournament battle?” Kukui chuckled. “Well, I don't know yet.”

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  5. Alan smiled widely as the warm breeze kissed his cheeks as he walked. He continued onward, and he spotted the grass rustle in front of him as he waddled through. He saw two ears, yellow with black tips. He paused.
    "Pika..." He heard. A pikachu! He picked up a Pokeball, determined to catch it.
    "Alright, Dasher come on out!" He said sending the pokemon out.
  6. “We better get going. I can’t wait to pass my second trial.” Luke said as he walked along route 7. They were headed for Wela volcano park, to Kiawe's trial. “ So how did Lana’s trial go?” Tom said. “Okay, I lost once though. Litten didn’t do so good”
    “Because Litten isn't as good as Rowlet.”
    “Wanna prove it?”
    “Sure, why not?”

    Smoke was rising from Wela Volcano park as Albert walked up. He had never seen a volcano before. Albert knew he was at least a day of walking ahead of Tom and Luke, so he had time to train. Albert headed up to the camping zone of the park. “Everybody, come on out!” Popplio, Dewpider, Hakamo-o, Vulpix, and Raichu came out and looked at Albert. “Hey trainer, we need your help!”

    Albert looked over at the people who said that. There were 2 of them, both wearing white clothes with lots of pockets. One also had a white hat. “We work for the Aether foundation, but we aren't strong enough to take on that Pokemon” said the one with the hat. “A Salazzle is destroying a lot of the wildlife in the park.” Said the other one. Albert looked up the trail. He noticed a lot of burning objects up the trail. “I got nothing else to do.”

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  7. Ella walked around aimlessly for a while, bored. "Oh flame, I'm so worried about lunala.." she said, her eyes watering. Suddenly, a darkness spread across the sky. "N-no!" She gasped, seeming to paralyse there and then.
  8. Name: Karrid
    Gender: Apparently male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: He is always seen in red and black loose clothing, never seen without a flowing jet black cape that just reaches his ankles. The cape has an inbuilt hood that shadow’s his head making his face barely visible. A brilliant light blue eye peeps out from the darkness of his face. Both his hands and feet are concealed by jet black gloves and boots. Both have seen much wear but are taken care of quite well. At his waist is a black utility belt. On the left side of the belt are an assortment of Dusk balls, small pockets that contain Potions, small explosives, and a holster with nothing inside. On the right, there’s nothing other than a mysterious hilt. A passed down treasure and weapon from long ago.
    Personality: Has a cold heart, has a burning hate for other people but has a soft spot for Pokemon. Especially Ghost or Dark types. He shows no emotion in his conquests and will do anything to achieve them. He does not know mercy, compassion, love, or happiness though he did know them a long time ago. He does not respond positively to physical touch and reacts violently. If anyone were to say something that would remind him of his past, he would react with verbal anger. He is determined, loyal, and clever, but his is also sneaky, unhonest, and quick to anger.
    Gengar (Lvl 83, male, nickname: Reaper)
    (Has plenty of other Pokemon that's more than 6)
    Special Items: A Gengarite with a strange purple hue, a mysterious hilt, plenty of plastic explosives.

    Karrid stood on the top deck of the cruiser, his cape slightly fluttering in the wind. His eyes where directed downwards as he stared down at the two girl and the Decidueye. How he loved to teach humans fear! This wasn't a casual lesson however, no, this time he had a score to settle. This time he would not be hasty to challenge people. A mistake he makes one to many times. Observe then divide and concur will be his new motto. His fists clenched as he disappeared into the cabin again waiting for land. There he will strike and he will reveal himself once again.
  9. Name:Ean
    Appearance: looks alot like eevee
    Personality: silly
    Pokemon: egg,eevee,shiny eevee,shiny umbreon,flareon,sylveon
    Special items:fire stone,water stone,leaf stone
  10. Lynn squealed with exictement as she saw her Rotom Dex pop up and said, "Zzzrt! Lillie wants to talk!" "Hi, Lillie! I'm headed to Alola!" Lynn said to her friend. "Are you coming?" she asked. "Yes, I'm not on you're boat, though. I'm on St. Mudkip. They have some pretty good Malasadas. Hau would LOVE it!" Lillie said from the video call. Lynn was excited for this!
  11. Taking his smoke form (he basically turns into a cloud of dense smoke) he drifted through air vents, cracks under doors and windows, and keyholes making his way swiftly towards the captain's quarters. The journey was taking much too long for his liking. He finally arrived at the door of the captain's quarters and returned back into his normal shape. He knocked on the door and waited patiently. "Coming!" Karrid heard the captain reply as the captain stumbled towards the door. "Hello? What the-" At that moment Karrid struck him on the head knocking him unconscious. Causally taking the keys, Karrid strolled over to the wheel at turned off the autopilot. He sat down the the captain's seat on planted his foot on the acceleration. The boat began to move much faster. Placing a large book on the pedal, Karrid reclined his feet on the dashboard, put his hands behind his head, and hummed to himself as spray of water splashed over the bow.
  12. "Gah!! Wait, THAT'S NOT the captain! Who are you, you crazy maniac?!?" exclamined Lynn, hoping that whoever was driving the boat would hear her.
  13. Karrid chuckled to himself as he heard people yelling at him. He continued to hum to himself amidst the loud din of angry people demanding his identity.
  14. Lynn stomped up to the captain's quarters and opened the door. "Who are YOU?! Why are you about to make us crash?!" she demanded to know.

    "If I have to, we'll have a Pokemon battle. We'll make a bet. If I win, you'll have to get out of the captain's place. If you win, I'll leave you be. Alright?" she asked, leaving her hand out for a hand shake.
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  15. Karrid dramatically swiveled around in the captain's chair to face Lynn. "Remember me?" he asked with a smug sound to it. "You have to remeber me, who can't remember me as a matter of fact."
  16. Ella walked over to her aunts house, completely exhausted. She flopped onto the sofa, and there on the television, was a sight to behold! A cruise was about to crash. "Oh my arceus!!!!" She gasped. "Come on flame, we need to get down there!" She shouted, running out of the door with flame hot on her tail.
  17. Turning away from Lynn Karrid redirected his direction to the cruise ship. It had approached the island much quicker than he anticipated. At the speed it was approaching he would crash into the island. "No skin off my nose" he thought but then he remembered that he wanted to take the girl down personally, not for her to die in some cruise ship. Knowing that meant he would save the life of many passengers he sighed in pure annoyance and forcefully pulled back the brake on the ship.
  18. "Actually...Now that I think about it... I DO remember!" Lynn shouted at Karrid, finally rememvering that ol' crook. "You tried to destroy all of my friends! And even my own SISTER!!" she exclaimed at Karrid.

    (Lol srry)
  19. "Yes, that would be me. It's good to feel remembered. To know that my terrifying acts have been forever burned into your mind is truly comforting." he sighed as the ship quickly reduced it's speed. "Now what did you want again? On yes, a Pokemon battle, how amusing. After all this time you still believe you can defeat me. I am impressed by your determination but just because one is determined does not mean they will succeed."

    (XD Don't sweat it)
  20. "Pfff! Yeah, I'll WILL win!~ Wanna battle? Cuz I KNOW I'll win!!~" Lynn couldn't help but feel good about herself. "Remember, you can be 6 years old and still do a Pokemon battle, so although I'm 11 doesn't mean I'm too young!~"

    "Go, Decidueye!" Lynn shouted as her best friend stepped forward to battle with the other Pokemon. "Is it gonna be a double battle or normal battle?" Lynn asked, smirking.
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  21. Though it could not be seen from underneath his mask, Karrid smiled amused by the girl's confidence. He knew the more confident a person was, the more it shattered their souls when they lost. "A double battle, lets see how this Decidueye can stand against me. Reaper! Come on out!” He curiously did not throw any of the the Dusk balls that hung at his side, but waited patiently. In the doorway the Gengar stood, waiting for his master’s bidding.
  22. Hmph, what a jerk.. Lynn thought. "Alright, let's go, Mimikyu!" Lynn shouted as she threw her Love Ball out. "I know you can do it, Mimikyu, Decidueye!~" Lynn encouraged her Pokemon. Her Mimikyu turned around and hugged her. Decidueye plucked his feathers, ready to battle. "Let's go, Karrid."
  23. Karrid raised himself up off the chair, he clasped his arms behind his back gazing into the eyes of the girl reading her face. His only visible eye glowed brighter and brighter as he sensed determination in her heart. Determination was his worst enemy, it allowed his enemies to continue on and fight and resist. “A Mimiku and a Decidueye, both part Ghost types, perhaps you aren’t as worthless as you seem.” he spoke. “Because I want this to be a battle and not a waste of my time, I’ll allow you to make the first move.”
  24. "Hmm..I guess you're not so bad after all." Lynn smiled. "Alright, Decidueye- wait..where's you're second Pokemon?" Lynn asked, curiously looking at the Dusk Balls on his belt. "Aren't you gonna send another Pokemon?"
  25. "Just make your move, you'll see. Reaper is all I need." His hand to began to fidget with a hilt on his belt. "It doesn't even need to be a Pokemon to participate in a battle."
  26. "Alrighty, then...Mimikyu, use Shadow Claw on Reaper!" Mimikyu listened to it's Trainer and did so. The opposing Reaper had scratches on its body. "Decidueye, use Spirit Shackle!" Decidueye used it's '~Special~' move and the opposing Reaper couldn't escape.
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    And since this is a bit early in the RP, I can safely say - Thread locked, read the rules and try again.
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