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Open Trainers in Alola!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun_and_moon_lover, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Bone was listening to the other Pokemon. Even though he didn't quite understand everything yet, he hopped from Alan's lap and waddled over to Mystic and Uki.
    "Cu! (Hawo)" Bone said. Alan was proud, Bone normally was too scared to even approach Terry.
  2. Mystic looked to Bone "Ly. *hi.*" Mystic said. "Noi vern nov ern vern noi *we are plotting to get Katana and your trainer together.*" Uki snickered.
    Katana sighed "Do I want to know what they are saying?" Katana asked Matrix. "Clef. Clef Clefable. *No. No you don't.*" Matrix sighed
  3. Bone tilted his head. What did that mean? "Cubone? *Together??*" Alan pulled out a field notebook from his back pocket. He pulled his knees to his chest and began sketching only looking up every so often to see that his Pokemon were at least somewhat behaved. Sharptooth was interested in this conversation. With a coarse voice he asked.
    "Gar? *What are you planning to do?*"
  4. "Ly Can canroc Lycanroc lycan *That's what we are trying to figure out*" Mystic said. "Noir Vern *as in dating*" Uki said smirking. 'Oh god not this again...' Matrix thought. "Welp back to work..." Katana muttered getting back to work on her translation collar. "Hopefully it doesn't blow up...." Katana said
  5. Bone did not understand so he waddled back to Alan and climbed into his lap again to stay warm and to continue nawing on his coin. He rubbed the baby's belly, amused when he squeaked happily. Sharptooth looked at his trainer in attempts to think. "Errg......"
    Alan sighed, saying.
    "when is the ship arriving again?"
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  6. She looked at him. "I'm Ella, and this is rocky.." she laughed, petting the dog Pokemon. "Sorry about him, he's only little.. aren't you rocky?.." she giggled as rocky licked her cheek. "So, why are you coming to Alola? I've already got two Alola Pokemon from my aunt who lives here, rocky and my incineroar, flame." She said, giving a kind grin.
  7. Alan continued to sketch, his pencil scratched against the paper making a small squeak every so often. He was quiet as he did so, Bone was still cuddled up on his lap, making it only slightly awkward, but he was used to it. He kept a careful eye on the Cubone as he knawed on the shiny object. After awhile, the Pokemon climbed off of Alan's lap and waddled away. Bone spotted Ella and he waddled over. "Cu!"

    The trainer's eyes shot up, "Bone! Leave people alone." Alan set aside his notebook and pencil before moving over to pick the baby Pokemon up. He winced. "Sorry about that.. Really."
  8. Ella turned to him grinning. "Ah, don't worry, my rockruff is always doing that.." she said, her eyes focusing on the cubone. "Living in the kalos region, I've never seen that before.." she curiously said, holding up her pokedex as it gave out information about 'cubone'.
  9. Alan smiled,
    "Well, I have the Kanto version of Cubone, Alola is completely different." He told her. "Bone is my newest addition, he hatched from his egg not longer than a week or two ago." He gave the gold coin back to Bone and gave a little tickle to his belly. "He hatched from my two Marowaks back home. In fact one is Alolan. This little guy wanted to come with me though."
  10. "Aww how cute!!" Giggled Ella petting Bone. Rockruff began to get jealous and pawed at her leg. "Don't worry, your still cute!!!" Smiled Ella, picking him up. "I'm guessing it's your first time in Alola then?"
  11. Bone giggled, wiggling his paws. Alan nodded.
    "Yeah," He said. "I spent most of my time in other regions helping Professor Elm in Johto. However this time it's on my own." He rubbed his forehead. "Even though I regret at times having to leave my other Pokemon."
  12. Ella raised her attention to Alan. "Why couldn't you bring them?" She asked, stroking rocky's fur. "I mean, my first Pokemon was litten, which I got from my aunt." She laughed nervously. "So I only have three Pokemon, stupid huh?"
  13. "I already have six Pokemon from my other travels." Alan explained. "I own a Pokemon Refuge, where all my Pokemon are instead of in a PC. I do research in the field too. I have over 100 different species, can't take them all even if I wanted to." He smiled. "Not stupid at all. Lots of Pokemon to see after all. It just takes experience!"
  14. "Over 100?!" Gasped Ella. "Geez, that's loads.. is there any Pokemon you really wanna get?" She asked, sending out her flareon. "Come here flare!" She beamed, picking him up and putting her face in his fur.
  15. "My goal is all 700." Alan said. "It would really help in my research." He adjusted his glasses. "Some of them I didn't catch at all though.. Some I bought off Bounty Hunters." He sighed. "Some of them had tough lives.... Ya know?" Dasher spotted the Flareon. Curious he trotted over to stand by his trainer so that he could see.
  16. Flare jumped down inspecting dasher. "Hm, I think there's more than 700 now that Alola has been discovered.. I think there's somewhat 800 now." She said, looking down at flare and dasher. She averted her eyes back to Alan. "I plan to become the champion of Alola!" She shouted, striking a powerful pose. Then as if she had thought nobody was there, she blushed and stood normally. "Ahem, I mean..." she sighed and then laughed.
  17. Alan clapped his hands together,
    "Fantastic! I am very excited to get to Alola." He said. "Oh? A champion you say?" He picked out a Pokeball from his belt. "How about a Pokemon Battle for good times sake? It will give you a lot of experience you know!" He grinned, he hadn't battled in a while and he was itching for one anyways.
  18. Ella grinned. "Id love to!!!" She said, her eyes glittering, but as she grabbed he raced incineroars pokeball, she heard a loudmouth honk. "LAND HO!!!!" Yelled the ferry drivers voice. "Aw really, we're here already?..." she sighed, putting the poke ball back in her bag.
  19. Alan paused, his sister was no longer anywhere to be seen. He chuckled.
    "When you lose a little sister." He said. He then grinned at Ella. "Perhaps we can have that battle later? Are you traveling with anyone across the region?"

    Terry was already off, full speed toward the door about to open any moment. She was so excited, that she left her brother behind.
  20. Ella nodded. "Sure!" She said to alan. "And, No, I'm not travelling with anyone, but I will be seeing my aunt, so it's cool!" She smiled, heading off the boat. "Ahh, finally, Alola!!" She beamed, stretching. "Come out incineroar!"She shouted, throwing the pokeball up in the air as the huge lion pokemon emerged. "Hey buddy!" She said, petting his head, even though flame was much taller.
  21. Alan picked up his pokeballs and said. "Return!" except for his Cubone, he continued to hold because he was still too tiny. He smiled.
    "Fantastic." He said. Bone squeaked happily.
    "Cubone!" He gazed out at the water,
    "It's beautiful isn't it Bone?"
    "Cu!" He agreed.
  22. Ella immediately trotted off to the Pokemon centre to meet her aunt. As soon as she went in, she saw her friendly face. "Hey aunt Mabel." Smiled Ella, giving her a hug. "I can see your litten has grown." Mabel chuckled, and Ella gave a grin. "Yeah he sure has!"
  23. Alan found his sister already far off. He had to go searching for her until he found her standing arms crossed in front of the Pokemon Center. He said.
    "Are you ready to get your first Pokemon? Professor Kukui is this way." Terry flushed.
    "I guess."
    "Are you nervous?" She nodded. "I'll be here with you!"
    She smiled.
    "Now come on."
  24. Name: Albert Sylun(Al)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, short black hair, glasses
    Personality: Extroverted and social
    Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix, Raichu, Jangmo-o,
    Special items: none
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  25. "Finally leaving Kalos." thought Albert. The world had seemed so wide, yet Kalos had it all. Al was heading to Alola, a much smaller tropical region. "Rai, Raichu!" yelped Raichu. They had been through so much together, Raichu and Al. It seemed like the Kalos league was nothing compared to what was coming. Al looked at all his loyal friends, Vulpix, the gift from his father. Then Jangmo-o, his newest member. "Jangmo thinks he is tough" replied Albert. His friend Tom was talking to him now. Tom was the one Albert lost to in the Kalos league, although there were no hard feelings. "Maybe he can prove it here, we just arrived!" Said Tom excitedly. Tom was so excited he took off running leaving Al behind. "Whatever you say." Al ran off after his friend.
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  26. After a boring chat with her aunt, Ella walked out of the Pokemon centre. "Hmm.. I've already complete my island challenge, so what's there to do..?" She asked herself. Flare nudged her leg. "Yeah what is it flare?" Asked Ella, smiling. Flare pointed to the Pokemon league on the map. "Of course!!!" Gasped Ella, and ran onto route 1 to find a flying Pokemon.
  27. Katana was walking toward route one enjoying the fresh air. "Matrix its nice out here huh?" Katana asks. Matrix nods "Clef!" Matrix says. A pikipek flew toward them. It was shiny but Katana didn't know. What Katana DID know was that all her pokemon would KO it. Katana smiled and kneeled down to the pokemon "Hey there...." Katana said. The pikipek approached carefully. Katana pet its feathers. "You wanna come with me?" Katana asked. The pikipek nods and katana taps him with a pokeball. One. Two. Three shakes. It was caught! Katana transferred Uki to a PC and kept the bird pokemon in her party.

  28. Albert looked around at the gorgeous site of Akala island. Heahea city seemed small compared to the towns in Kalos. “Look over there- and there- oh what’s that!?” Tom said. Albert was containing himself better than Tom, although he was just as excited. “Hey, Al!”, Albert looked around, but did not see who said that. “It’s me, your cousin, Luke!” Said Luke. “Ready for the tour?”


  29. “... And here is Tide Song hotel.” Informed Luke. “ I’m guessing this is where we will be staying tonight?” Guessed Albert. “Yes, well I will be going, see you around cousin.” Replied Luke. “I’ll be in my room.” said Tom.
    Albert sat on the bed in his room. It wasn’t the nicest room, but it would do. “Jang-jangmo!”Jangmo-o yelped. “Hello, buddy, you hungry?

  30. “Use gust!” Albert loved watching Pokemon battles on tv. Rookie Rumble was a good show, although the battles were slightly slow. “Al, you in there?” Tom said through the door. “Yes”
    “You know we are supposed to meet professor Kukui today, right?
    Albert walked through Heahea until he got to Hano Grand Resort. It was the nicest hotel he had ever seen. He was walking around when Kukui said “Welcome to Hano Grand Resort, shall I take you bags?”

  31. “Hey, Albert, Tom too!” Kukui said “Luke is already here so now you guys can pick your starter Pokemon!” . Albert glanced over at the table, which held three Pokemon. Albert recognized them from the video chat with Kukui before he arrived. There was Rowlet, the grass-flying type, Litten, the fire type, and Popplio, the water type. “So, what Pokemon will you choose?”


  32. “You did great in your first battle, Poppy” Albert had just chose his starter Pokemon, Popplio. Now he set up camp on route 6, ready to go battle Captain Lana. Albert planned to use Raichu and Popplio, which was hopefully enough to win. Albert had heard stories of a giant Wishiwashi living at the trial site. “You ready Poppy?”

  33. Katana was approaching Illimas trial. After training her pikipek it evolved into trumbeak. Katana heard they used normal type Pokémon. "Well Trumbeak lets do this!" Katana said. Until she was Stopped by team skull grunts.
  34. Ella saw a pikipek. "Awwww!" She gasped. She held up her pokedex and it revealed the Pokemon was only level 5. "Darn.. none of my Pokemon can bring it's health down low enough without fainting it.." sighed ella. She knelt down and it pecked her hand. "Maybe.." she held up a love ball. "Wanna come in here?" She asked, pointing to it. The pikipek tweeted and then Ella pressed the ball against its head, capturing it.

  35. When Albert got to Brooklet hill the water seemed purple. “That’s very weird” Albert was thinking to himself when he heard “MUK?!?” Albert ran down the lake until he saw captain Lana. “What’s wrong?”
    “Muk invaded the lake. Now the lake is completely uninhabitable.”
    “Hmm, I think I know how to get rid of it”
    “Back in Kalos a lake by my hometown had this same problem. The Muk loved the gentle currents. But when the currents started becoming bad, they all left, and haven’t come back.”
    “I like the idea but I can’t wait until windy season, and this lake does not get big currents.”
    “that is when we come in, we both have water types and they can create waves”
    “I have no other solution.”


  36. Albert’s idea worked. Most of the Muk left the lake when the currents got bad, the rest got a hydro pump to the face. “Thanks for the help” said Lana
    “No problem.”
    “Why did you come here anyways?”
    Albert had to think about it for a minute. “I am doing the island challenge”
    “Oh, you came to do my trial?”
    “Well this is the place, take the Lapras on your ride pager to the middle. The battle will be there.”
    Albert rode out to the middle of the lake. He noticed that Lana wasn’t coming out on the other Lapras. Albert looked back once more to be sure, and heard a sound in front of Lapras. “WISHI-WISHIWASHI!”

  37. Albert screamed as he sent out Raichu. Raichu used a strong thunderbolt, but it didn’t do much, it seemed that the Wishiwashi had been trained to resist electric moves.Wishiwashi countered with earthquake, which was enough to knock Raichu out. Albert sent out Vulpix out next with the same result. He tried Popplio, but it got a big fat thunderbolt to the face. All that was left was Jangmo-o, but it hasn’t been trained enough. Reluctantly he sent out Jangmo-o. Jangmo used scratch with little effect and got hit by aqua tail. Jangmo was almost down for the count when a blue mist surrounded him. Jangmo grew taller. Jangmo grew stronger. “Well than Hakamo-o, use dragon pulse!”
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  38. “Congratulations.” Lana said. Albert had beaten Lana’s water trial and earned Waterium z. “Thanks.” Albert replied.
    “I recommend going to Kiawe’s trial next.”
    “Why not?”
    As Albert went up the hill he saw a small pokemon. “I think that’s a Dewpider” Said Albert to himself. ‘I think I’ll catch this”.

    Bio Update
    Pokemon:Raichu, Alolan Vulpix, Jangmo-o, Popplio, Dewpider
    Special Items:Waterium Z

  39. Alan stood outside the Pokemon Center as his sister left him be to go and find her first Pokemon ever. He couldn't help but puff out his chest, he was a relatively proud brother! He suddenly then felt a rush of dread, he had treated her much more like a daughter than a sister. Their parents left them at a relatively young age, and Alan worked to pay for his Pokemon Refuge, a home they both loved. His eyebrows scrunched up for a moment but was saved when Terry came running back.

    "Look at this brother!" She said raising her Pokeball. "It is my first Pokemon!" He smiled,
    "So?? What did you choose?" She threw the Pokeball into the air.
    "Rowlet! Come on out!"
    "Row Rowlet!" She screeched. Alan smiled,
    "Wonderful choice, Little Red." He said, crouching down and giving its soft feathers a light scratch. "Did you name her?" Terry gushed.
    "No, not yet anyway... I couldn't think of anything." She said. "How about.... Green Arrow?" Alan nodded.
    "I like it!" He said. "Now. Are we ready to begin?" Then he realized, none of his newly made friends were there. He sighed, he figured that. He stood back up. Terry looked around.
    "Where is those two girls you were talking a firestorm to?" She asked. Alan simply shrugged and took the lead down the dirt pathway.
  40. Katana saw Alan "Oh hi Alan! I caught a pikipek and it evolved!" Katana said in a cheerful manner. "I encountered some team skull grunts but trumbeak crushed them." Katana chuckled. Trumbeak chirped as katana pet it
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