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Open Trainers in Alola!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun_and_moon_lover, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Your a trainer on a cruise, on your way to Alola, here is the bio template:

    Pokemon: (up to six)
    Special items: (if none, just put none lol)

    My bio:

    Name: Ella
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Appearance: long red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, pretty thin, usually wears a black cap, a black t- shirt and black denim shorts.
    Personality: hot headed, but kind deep down. Longs to have a friend.
    Pokemon: incineroar (name: flame level: 79), flareon (name: flare level: 56) and rockruff (name: rocky, level: 23).
    Special items: Z-ring and a fire Z-crystal.
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  2. Ella looked out over the ocean on the deck of the cruise ship, her eyes wide with excitement. "Rock, rock!! Rock, ruff!!" Cried rockruff, scratching at her leg. "Come here rocky!" She laughed, picking up the dog Pokemon.
  3. Name: Nathan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: white hair with green eyes. Has a black glove on his left hand and a white one on his right. Has a long sleeve black and white shirt and same color pants. He also has a fedora with the same colors.
    Personality: apathetic, quiet
    Pokémon: Drifblim, Froslass, Honchkrow, Mismagius, Houndoom, Weavil
    Special items: poke flute
  4. Name:Zach
    Appearance:Brown hair and eyes, usually uses a black and white shirt, and brown shorts.
    Personality:Attached to his pokemons, friendly, kind, curious and impatient.
    Especial itens:None for now
    Zach was waiting for the ship to get in alola, while playing with his mawile and riolu, as he found a small, sea cucumber like pokemon, in the mouth of his mawile."No Mawie!Throw down!" He said as he recovered the pokemon, and put a pokeball on him. "This is great!But still, when are we arriving?"
  5. Ella directed her eyes her eyes to the boy playing with two Pokemon. Just then, her rockruff ran over to him, barking at the riolu. "Rocky!! No!" She gasped, running over to him. "Sorry about this little guy!" She grinned.
  6. Name: Katana
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Looks: Her hair is pitch black, her right eye is blue with a scar going from her top eyelid to her forehead; her left eye is orange with a scar going down her cheek. She wears a black lab coat and a white t-shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers.
    Personality: Nerdy, quiet but not shy, happy, very hard to anger as she learned not to let people get to her.
    Pokémon: mystic a lycanroc midnight form, Uki a noivern, Magic an alolan raichu, Matrix the clefable, Razor a samurott, Zero the zoura
    Special items: none

    Katana ran after Zero who ran toward Zach. "Zero! Stop!" Katana yelled. Zero stopped and Katana returned Zero to his pokeball. "My Arceus...." katana muttered and Matrix came out and Katana smiled "hey matrix. It's okay I got zero in his pokeball... you can walk with me... unlike zero you don't run ahead!" Katana giggled.
  7. Name: Phlare
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black Tank Top With A Purple O On It, Black Trousers, Black Shoes And Ceo Glasses.
    Personality: Suspicious
    Pokémon: Sir Meows-A-Lot ( Incineroar ), Toothless ( Dragonite ), Chubby Wubby ( Alolan Raticate ) And Hampster ( Togedemaru )
    Special items: Z-Ring And Dragon Z-Crystal.
  8. Name: Alan Redwood
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Looks: Rusty red hair with crimson eyes and black glasses. He also has a small scar on his bottom lip from when he was a kid. He normally wears a red collared shirt with black slacks and sneakers.
    Personality: He is very introverted and prefers to keep to himself.
    Pokemon: Garchomp, Umbreon, Absol, Onix, Cubone, and a Rampardos
    Special Items: Garchomp Keystone

    (You don't mind if I double do you?)

    Name: Terry Redwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Looks: Dark brown hair with purple eyes. Terry usually wears a blue sun dress and a broad sunhat.
    Personality: She is the complete opposite of her brother, she is extroverted, and quite social. She can't stand closed up spaces and would rather be with her friends than alone.
    Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Fletchling, Starling, Hoothoot, Rowlet, Pikipek
    Special Items: None


    The sea was quite a beautiful sight, shimmering under the sunlight, sparkling like the stars at night. Quite calming in fact, Alan leaned against the railing allowing the salty breeze to touch his pale face. His eyes closed, he imagined the Islands, filled with so much green and sunshine, a vacation for him. He had been to many regions, struggling through Elite Fours and even occasional Showcases. Alan was ready to try something different, and the Alola region was for that. His sister, Terry, was joining him for her first region, she was definitely something. Ambitious, she was built for becoming a Pokemon trainer. She was a decent addition, at least Alan would have someone to talk to. He sighed, opening his eyes, the waters were endless and he couldn't help but smile when a family of Lapras greeted the passengers on the ship. To be honest, he was far more into Pokemon then he was battling. He researched them, in fact, he helped Professor Elm back home when he was only a kid. Well... Not exactly research, he fed the Cyndaquils, Chikoritas, and Totodiles while the professor was away. Alan smiled at the memory, he actually yearned to have that life back.

    Terry watched her brother for a split second, he seemed to be enjoying himself, after all this was a vacation for him. For her though, she was ecstatic. She was going to get her very first Pokemon, and she really wanted a flying type. Alola was the only region with a flying typed starter, and so that was why she followed her older brother here. To Alola. She glanced at the water before jumping, she turned to see two people mumbling apologetically. She wasn't about to say anything so, she simply returned to her spot on the railing next to her brother.
    "Brother, we are almost there!" She told him. "I can't wait."
  9. Katana sighed and Matrix her clefable waved at Terry and Alan happily. Matrix was katana's first Pokémon, Razor a close second. She grew up in Unova and was now, is going to Alola. Katana smiled a small bit "Matrix you wanna go see them?" Katana asked. Matrix nods and walks over quietly
  10. Alan chuckled at his sister.
    "Excited." He said, but his eyes noticed the Clefable. His eyes immediately lit up. "Ah! How cute." He was careful as it approached, kneeling down. Yes, he was more social to Pokemon at times than he was to other humans. He was calm as he spoke. "And who might this be?"

    Terry turned around again, losing his brother to a Pokemon. She eyed the girl.
    "Hi." She said. "Sorry 'bout my brother being a bit of a distraction." She then stuck out her hand. "I am Terry! That's my brother, Alan."
  11. "I'm katana. That's matrix my clefable." Katana said. Matrix smiled and Katana walked over and matrix hugged her trainer happily. "Clef!~" Matrix purred. Katana pet her clefable. "Heh. Matrix here was my first Pokémon. Got her as a cleffa in Unova." Katana said.
  12. "Cute." Alan commented. He shifted and lowered his backpack so he could open it. "I have something just for you..." Alan wanted to be a Pokemon Professor and even a Breeder, back in Johto, his father taught him how to make Pokemon food for each type. He knew just what a Clefable wanted. He picked up a can labeled with a Fairy type mark on it. "Unova! I've traveled there before. That's a very nice place to be."

    Terry made a face.
    "You've been everywhere Alan." She said. She lightly tapped her foot on the ground, she was getting anxious.
    "That's not true." He said. Terry scolded, but didn't respond. She smiled at Katana.
    "Is this your first time to Alola?" She asked.
  13. "Not exactly. I've visited once before." Katana said. Matrix tapped on one of Katanas pokeballs and a Lycanroc popped out. It had a strange collar on it. A translation collar that Professor Blossom gave her for Mystic as a prototype. Mystic rubbed her eyes and smiled "Hey Matrix!" Mystic said. Katana sighed.
  14. Alan nodded,
    "We haven't been." He said. "It'll be a treat. Sunshine. Ah that is what I need that is for sure. New Bark Town was always so cold and rainy." He curiously gazed at the Lycanroc, the translator was quite interesting. He asked. "So, is that what I think it is? A Translator isn't it? That technology I didn't think would be for decades!"

    Terry wrinkled her nose.
    "All this science stuff." She said. "You're going to lose me."
  15. "It was created by professor blossom with my trainers help!" Mystic smiled. She was holding back from pulling a Bonnie (Can you please take care of my trainer? XD) Matrix saw the look in mystics eye and giggled. Katana noticed it "mystic don't!" Katana said
  16. (lol xD.... You know how powerful Bonnie will be once the Zygardes come back>?)

    Alan paused for a moment, he simply chuckled, he tilted his head. "Helped out a Professor? Impressive. I was only allowed to feed the Pokemon. Professor Elm told me I was researching." He gave a smile when he realized what the Pokemon was trying to do. He didn't say anything, instead unclasping two of his pokeballs from his belt and said, "come on out!"
    "Garrrchomp!" Rumbled the blue Pokemon while the more danty Umbreon landed on his paws quietly.
    "Umbreon." He huffed at the louder Pokemon.
  17. Mystic smiled at the Umbreon "I don't know why Professor Blossom chose Katana. But Katana pulled it off!" Mystic said. Katana nods "Yep. No idea either mystic.." katana said
  18. "You must be bright then." He said. Alan shuffled through his bag as if he was looking for something. He grunted. "Garchomp, where is it?" Garchomp huffed, shifting. Umbreon grinned at Mystic before settling himself next to his trainer, watching with red eyes as he dug through his bag. "The mega stone... Ugh... Did we seriously leave it at home?"
  19. Katana dug around in her bag and got out a strange machine "Whatever the problem is.. SCIENCE WILL SOLVE IT!" Katana said.
    "Katana if we lived in Kalos you would definitely be dating clemont." Mystic sighed
    Katana blushed "...."
  20. "True true." Alan said, sighing. He chuckled. "Clemont the gym leader? Wouldn't that be the perfect fit?" He stood dusting himself off. "Smart choice." He laughed and stretched. "So any idea when this ship is supposed to arrive?"
  21. Zach saw a rockruff suddenly barking to his Riolu, and a girl running to it, apologizing."Oh!Uh, there is no problem.My pokemon does make trouble sometimes too."He said while giving a berry to his angry riolu, calming him down. "So, what is your name?Mine is Zach, and this is Mawie, my Mawile, i didnt decided yet the name im giving to my Riolu and Pyukumuku."
  22. Nathan went towards the front of the ship and started to stare into the water with a bored expression. He then looked up and looked toward where Ella and Zach were talking. As he started to walk towards them, his Froslass came out of her pokeball. Froslass then went over to mawile and rockruff and tried to scare them. " Hello my name is Nathan. Sorry that Froslass caused a bit of trouble, but it's part of her nature." Nathan said with no emotion.
  23. Terry returned to simply gazing out at the sea, she was quiet as she played with the ends of her hair. She was getting anxious to receive her first pokemon.
  24. "S-Shut up..." Katana stuttered. "I could easily pull a Bonnie here." Mystic snickered. "Don't you dare. Anyway, this machine can help us find your megastone. Just tell me which Pokémon and I'll find it!" Katana said regaining her composure after her slight freak out (like a certain team boss XD)
  25. "Really?" He mused. Alan studied the machine, pushing his glasses up his nose. He adjusted his collar and asked. "Does it detect the powers inside the stone or something? That is really amazing though." He motioned to Garchomp who already found his food inside Alan's bag and began eating. "This is Sharptooth, my Garchomp."
  26. "The names Mystic." Mystic said "My trainer nicknames all her pokemon." Mystic saidd. "Actually, that and the DNA in the stone!" Katana said pressing buttons on her machine. "The stone is in your bags front pocket dude." Katana facepalmed
  27. Alan almost fell over, he dug through the bag and picked up the stone sighing. "Great. Thanks." He grinned. "I do too." He motioned to his Umbreon. "This is Dasher." Dasher squeaked in greeting, waving his tail.
  28. Mystic smiled "You know Matrix already, but katana has Razor a samurott, Magic her alolan raichu, Zero the Zour, and Uki the noivern." Mystic said "And Uki learned to talk. Without a collar." Katana added. Mystic nods and katana's ultra ball wiggled. "Uki knows were talking about her!" Mystic said
  29. "Huh. Fascinating." Alan said. "I have as I said, Sharptooth the Garchomp, Dasher the Umbreon.. Then I have Soul the Absol, Sylvia the Onix, Beak the Rampardos, and my newest addition Bone the Cubone." He smiled. "You have a very interesting gang! A Noibat that can talk!'
  30. "Uki is a noivern but okay." Mystic said. Uki popped out "Mystic are you gonna pull a bonnie here?" Uki asked "If you don't I will." "Uki not you too!" Katana said. "Someone is a 150 percent tsundere..." Mystic muttered. "Your one to talk Mystic..." Uki snickered. "Uki I have no idea what your talking about." Mystic said. Katana took out a unfinished collar and began to work on it ignoring Uki and Mystics quarrel
  31. (Sorry that was an autocorrect Dx)

    Alan gushed and his mistake, he clammed up.
    "Sorry bout that." He said. "Errm... I guess I have to go.. Uh Terry."
    Terry looked at her brother skeptically.
    "Don't you want to make a friend, Alan?" She asked. "You don't want to travel alone do you forever??" Alan almost fell over, glaring slightly at his sister, he cleared his throat, ignoring her.
    "Well... Um.... What do you have planned. Trials I assume?" He asked. "I'm curious about them myself."
  32. "Yeah! I wanna check out the trial too!" Katana said. "Looks like Terry pulled one low key..." Uki said. "Pffffft." mystic snickered. "Crap... screwdriver..." Katana muttered. Mystic handed Katana a screwdriver and katana thanked her and got back to work
  33. Terry grinned happily to herself, she loved pushing her brother's buttons, it was relatively easy at times. Alan shook his head to rid his mind or the swirling gears in her mind. He watched her work, amused, "What are you doing anyways?" He asked curiously.
  34. "Making something..." Katana said. "She's making Magic a translation collar." Mystic said. "Yeah. Magic Is.... interesting..." Uki said. Magic popped out of her pokeball "Rai Raichu Raich Rai Raichu *I heard you talking crap.*" Magic growled. "I-In a good way!" Uki said.
  35. Dasher released a giggle. He was a young Pokemon, and he found these other Pokemon interesting.
    Alan chuckled.
    "Interesting." He felt one of his Pokeballs jiggle and Bone landed on the deck. He stared at the almost shiny object and he seemed interested. He was the baby Pokemon of the bunch. He waddled toward Katana and the collar.
    "Cu cu cu..." He said reaching out to touch the shiniest part. Alan caught him before he could and picked him up into his arms.
    "No no." He said. "Not for you."
  36. Katana gave bone a shiny coin "There you go. Magic return." katana held magics pokeball and magic was sucked in. Uki sighed "Magic isn't exactly the nicest one on the team. I'd give that reward to matrix." uki said
  37. "Cubone!" Bone's eyes sparkled at the sight. He began chewing at it in awe. He snuggled up into his trainer's arms. "Cu cu cu." Alan snuggled the little Pokemon to keep him warm.
    "At least you don't have a Pokemon that tried to headbutt you." He told Uki. "One with a very hard head too." He chuckled. "But you make the best of it."
  38. "Magic used to use thunder on Katana. I have no idea how shes still alive." Uki said. "Yeah... considering raichus can unleash more than 100,000 volts..." Katana said. Mystic nods "Uki you aren't exactly the nicest one either..." Mystic said. "Razor is the meanest when it comes to other trainers.." Uki said
  39. Alan grinned.
    "I get all that." He said. "It's quite amusing to be alive after all that." He sat down again, after realizing he was standing awkwardly. He rested Bone on his lap, tickling his belly, the little Pokemon laughed and tried to pry his fingers away. Dasher rushed up to his trainer to rest at his feet while keeping an eye on Sharptooth too as he finished eating..
  40. Katana was still working on the collar. Mystic sighed "Katana you need help?" Mystic asked. "No Mystic im fine..."Katana said. Uki and mystic started talking to each other planning in their natural Pokémon language
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