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Trainer's cards

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by luisinhoquilmas, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. The trainer cards dont work.... what is the problem. It cant download.
  2. it say FTP upload has failed (it's just a practice thought)

    Warning: ftp_put() [function.ftp-put]: 6143999 Kbytes used (99%) - authorized: 6144000 Kb in /home/docoak/public_html/trainercards/trainercardincludes/tc1.inc on line 249
    FTP upload has failed! Contact Doctor Oak About this problem.
  3. yeah, this is the problem
  4. so i can't get a trainer card or do a have to wait just a little bit longer?
  5. [quote author=Doctor Oak]
    As you may have noticed recently, the Trainer Card Maker's been spitting out a few errors of late. The problem has been pinned down simply as there being too many cards, not enough space, blah-blah-blah.

    I've freed up enough space to theoretically keep the TC Maker running properly for another couple of weeks, so in a fortnight I'm going to be deleting all the cards currently hosted to clean out the server and allow people to make new ones freely.

    So, consider this a two week notice - please save your cards and reupload them to photobucket/imageshack etc if you want to keep them. I'm also going to start encouraging people to do this more often to begin with with a notice on the final page of the TC Maker.

    We will continue hosting cards, of course, but I expect a purge like this to be necessary every 2/3 months - so please be aware of this fact when making cards from now on
    This is on pokecharms' front page.Does that explain it?
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    This should be in the feedback forum, where the question has already been answered. Moving and locking.
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