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Open Trainers Academy - Sign Ups and Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, May 19, 2017.


Where should the school be set?

Poll closed May 22, 2017.
  1. Kanto

    1 vote(s)
  2. Johto

    1 vote(s)
  3. Hoenn

    1 vote(s)
  4. Sinnoh

    0 vote(s)
  5. Unova

    1 vote(s)
  6. Kalos

    1 vote(s)
  7. Alola

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-trainers-academy.16633/

    EDIT: I'm opening up one more place for experienced role players who will stay active. :)

    EDIT 2: That spot has been taken, more spots might possibly open sometime.

    The So, this Trainer Academy will be set in whichever region has the most votes. :) I'm going to accept at the most 9 other people into this RP not including myself.

    Contact me if you want to reserve a place

    1. @PrimrosePearl - Bonnie
    2. @Nebula-Newt - Jake
    3. @TeamPlasmaAdminLazuli - Isiodore
    4. @Starry Phantump - Ty
    5. @Charlespark - Tori
    6. @Crims0n - Lync
    7. @GreatGlo - Ryan
    8. @Yellow.anime - Ashley
    9. @Sarah316 - Rachel
    10. @Mobutt - Laura
    11. @Cryronn - Tommy

    Anyway, here are the rules:

    Swearing is allowed, but must be kept at a minimum
    Violence is allowed
    Romance is allowed
    Please don't force other OC to do anything
    Don't be rude or mean

    Follow all Pokecharms rules, and make sure you've read them

    You are not allowed to RP as a Pokemon
    Legendaries and Mythicals are NOT allowed
    Neither are Ultra Beasts, Z-Moves or Mega Evos
    You are to start with a maximum of 2 Pokemon
    Those Pokemon must be in first stage of evo

    Please make sure you've read my rules! :)

    Now, the fun bit!





    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Nickname (Optional):

    Moveset (Optional):
    Ability (Optional):

    Writing Sample (If I haven't role played with you before):

    Alright here's mine!


    Name: Bonnie Siilk
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Bonnie has light skin and dark brown hair. Her hair is straight and goes down to her shoulders, it is also quite fine.
    Her hair covers up one of her eyes, her right. She hardly ever reveals that eye to anyone, because that eye is blind. Her other eye is dark dark blue. She usually wears a white t-shirt, a navy blue long sleeve cardigan that goes down to her hips and black leggings, along with black leather boots. She also wears dangly earrings with pearls on them. She's quite tall and slim as well.

    Personality: Bonnie is quiet and a little bit shy. She doesn't really like interacting with people very much unless she knows them. She's quite intelligent and has very good hearing, better than average because of her eye. She loves to sing and play instruments.

    Goal: She wants to become a great musician

    Hometown: She was born in Hoenn, where she got her pokemon, but moved around constantly until she was 7. She's lived in every region except for Kalos. She now lives in Kanto and has been for the last few years.

    Skills: She has very good hearing and is a talented musician. She can play piano and the violin and is an alright singer.
    She doesn't battle very much.
    Likes: Music, Pokemon, Travelling
    Dislikes: Bullies, Avocadoes

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Ralts
    Gender: Female
    Nickname (Optional): Moon

    Moveset (Optional): Sing, Psychic, Psybeam, Magical Leaf
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  2. Trainer-

    Name: Ty

    Appearance: (just look at my avatar and that's what he looks like)
    Personality:cheerful,, curious,brave,and helps others any way he can
    Goal:to become a famous explorer
    Hometown: new bark town(jhoto region)

    Skills:very resourceful,and athletic
    Likes: adventure and challenges,and Pokemon
    Dislikes: bad people ,and bo

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: phantump (again just see my profile avatar )
    Nickname Danny
    Written sample:
    I don't know what you mean by written work
  3. Trainer-

    Name: Jake Acker
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Physical appearance: About 5ft 10 with a wiry frame, Knox strikes an intimidating figure considering his size. He has a short shock of dark brown hair and mauve coloured eyes that he often uses to give his standard piecing glare. He has a fairly standard white complexion. His eyebrows are on the thick size and only emphasize any look he decides to give somebody, good or bad. He has fairly thin lips and a very small amount of freckles dot the bridge of his nose.

    Clothing: A black trench coat that he wears over a dark blue shirt is his most common attire. The shirt itself has a single fuchsia line going down the very centre of it, all the way from the top to the bottom. Accompanying this is a pair of simple dark navy denim jeans and a pair of trainers the same dark blue as his shirt with fuchsia laces. The most important piece of clothing, at least in his opinion, is the black (Not quite the same black as his coat mind you, a little lighter) scarf he wears around his neck so that the two ends of it hand either side of the buttons on his coat. Each end is dark blue with two fuchsia spots that have an odd resemblance to the extra heads of a certain dragon type…

    Practically the definition of the strong silent type. Knox says little more than he has to and isn’t easily bothered by pretty much anything. His moral code is about as black and white as you can get, if you’ve done something bad you deserve bad things but if you’re a good person you deserve good things. That kind of stuff. The icy shell does occasionally break around what few friends he has acquired and he secretly enjoys a good laugh. His partner, Sirius, is a different story. The Deino is an emotional beast, highly protective of Knox and quick to anger when agitated. That being said he also has a kind side and will often show sympathy on the weak, broken and damned.

    Goal: To become a revered Pokémon trainer.
    Hometown: Opelucid city, Unova.

    Skills: Almost unshakeable composure, a calculating mind and a strange natural knack for knitting and cooking.
    Likes: Testing his skills, learning, relaxing and taking time to reflect on things.
    Dislikes: Arrogance, bullies, the fact he sometimes over thinks things.

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Deino
    Gender: Male
    Nickname (Optional): Sirius

    Move set (Optional): N/A
    Ability (Optional): Hustle

    Species: Swinub
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Daisy
    Move set: N/A
    Ability: Thick fat
  4. You're accepted, welcome to the academy!

    By written work, I mean a sample of how you write. At least a paragraph long.

    For example, a random scenario:

    Amanda walked through the thick swamp, the grubby water filling her shoes. "Ugh, when will this end" She complained. Her Kangashan, Duke, agreed. Finally, she could see a grassy field up ahead, along with a volcano? Nope, it was just a delusion, like it always was. "Kangashan!" Amanda said sweetly, "Would you mind giving me a piggy back???" Kangaskan sighed and bent down so that Amanda could climb on. "Thank you Duke!" She exclaimed, Duke just rolled his eyes.

    So something like that, but not that exact scenario. Get it?
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  5. Ok
    Ty was wandering a large grassy prairie with his Pokemon a small phantump with a scarf around his neck "looks like we made it"Ty spoke happily
  6. All right... I'll accept you. But don't let me down
  7. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I'll think of an OC other then Luca for the Academy this time...


    Name: Isidore Elston
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Isidore has Pale Skin, Short Platinum Blonde hair and Bright Blue Eyes. Isidore wears a Grey Hoodie and Denim Jeans. Isidore also wears Green Sneakers and a Black Cap. Isidore usually wears a watch and he has a Blue Backpack he stores items in when he goes out.
    Personality: Isidore tries to be friendly and is tries to be optimistic however it isn't hard for him to be filled with rage or sadness and he can get out of control easily. Isidore focus on keeping up with friends and to focus on the present. Isidore uses music or other ways to calm him down.
    Goal: Uncertain
    Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto

    Skills: Dancing, Okay with instruments, Isidore can also steal things easily
    Likes: Hanging out, Training, Music, Brawling (As in Punches and Kicks etc), Pokemon Battling
    Dislikes: People telling him how he is feeling and what is right and wrong, Mocking and imitation, Bullies, Arrogance and over confidence,

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Houndour
    Gender: Male
    Nickname (Optional): Nero

    Moveset (Optional): Bite, Ember, Beat Up, Roar
    Ability (Optional): Unnerve

    Will I need an Rp Sample?
  8. You're accepted, and I've roleplayed with you many times so no yo don't need a sample :)
  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I'm going to edit later, but this is just the basis // Shall I need an RP sample?


    Name: Lync Blitz
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Chesnut Spiked Hair, Fit Body, Amber Eyes, Grey Beanie, Green Sneakers, Grey Top, Green Plaid Button Up, Black Jeans
    Personality: Friendly and Kind, but easily Sensitive and Emotional. Easily submissive, but quite the social butterfly
    Goal: To become a good trainer/coordinator, just like everyone else
    Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

    Skills: Great at Cooking, Photography, and Memorization
    Likes: Males (bi, but leaning towards male), Beanie/Hats, Music, Socializing, Traveling
    Dislikes: Bugs, Cockiness, Failing, Scary Stories/Movies

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Togepi
    Gender: Male
    Nickname (Optional): Lucifer

    Moveset (Optional): Metronome, Secret Power, Hidden Power, Charm
    Ability (Optional): Serene Grace
  10. No you don't need one as I have RPed with you before. So, accepted
  11. Just letting everyone know that I'm editing my Pokemon that I have

    Also, we need some girls
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  12. Because I already have permission, I will be using my fan made Pokémon and also introducing my new mechanic for the roleplay. I have also included a lot more information on the Pokémon to supplement their needs.

    Trainer Information:
    Her name is Tori Cass.
    Age: She is about 13 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tori has pale yellow blond hair, blue eyes, and also has a skinny build. She wears a tan flatcap, while she has a green V neck shirt on; along with blue cargo pants. She wears brown leather sandals, and a red shoulder strap bag that contains some medicinal items and other items for other purposes. There is a picture of a green cross that bears resemblance to the addition sign on the center of the bag.
    Personality: Tori is soft-spoken and very compassionate around others; especially towards the young. She often babies around her Pokémon, as she can be rather overprotective of them sometimes. She is often overly cautious when it comes to dealing with time and pressure, since they can often leave her panicking if one runs out or if the other becomes too big for her to handle.
    Goal: Her goal is to become more skilled as a Pokémon caretaker and to also find out about Kaiser's and Axel's past that puzzled her.
    Hometown: Her hometown is Ankoria City, which is located in the region of Camtonia.
    Skills: She is adept in the field of Pokémon caretaking and medicine, as she is also able to reach out to younger Pokémon more easily than others can.
    Likes: She likes to shower her Pokémon in love, though often times she does this too much to them. She also loves hanging out with other Pokémon since she seems to have a liking towards their new characteristics that not a lot tend to notice within them.
    Dislikes: Unfortunately, she despises Pokémon battling; one of the key customs that one is supposed to grasp and always do three years prior to her age. She also seems to hate others that savor the satisfaction and amusement from intentionally ridiculing other Pokémon or even harming them to leech off of their well being.

    1st Pokémon Information:
    His name is Kaiser.
    Species: Neourk / Lil' Shark Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Type: Water
    Native Region: His native region is Vietbac.
    Age: His age is unknown, though he does look awfully young.
    Ability: Uprising (When the Pokémon deals damage in battle, the Pokémon recovers HP in proportion to the amount of damage dealt. The effects of HP recovery halt if the Pokémon has a major status condition however.)
    Solo Moves: ???, ???, ???, ??? (This will be revealed as time goes on or if they use it before the time has elapsed.)
    Twin Moves: ???, ??? (More may be learned later on and will be revealed when they use them.)
    Appearance: Neourk is a quadrupled, blue shark-like Pokémon, as his head to body ratio is slightly large. His eyes are light blue, as there is a curved fin on his head that is parallel to his body. He has a tiny nose with two nostrils, as his mouth is very small. Two small, pointed teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth. His arms and feet are stubby, as his arms lack claws while his feet each have one tiny, gray claw. His gills are located on his neck, while his upper body is mostly a darker shade of aquatic blue. The bottom of his body is sky blue, while his tail is short and tapered.
    Personality: Kaiser is rebellious when it comes to dealing with the authorities, as he often argues with others a lot as a result. He can be a crybaby at times, since he always likes things to go his way. His hot-headed nature can often land him in trouble since he is rather quick to anger.
    Backstory: [Currently redacted for the privacy of Kaiser as more will be uncovered in the roleplay. It seems to have a significant connection with Axel however.]
    Solo Moves Info: N/A at the moment!
    Twin Moves Info: N/A at the moment!
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Other: He wears a silver anklet around his left leg, as it has something etched on it.

    2nd Pokémon Information:
    His name is Axel.
    Species: Axovenio / Reefling Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Type: Water
    Native Region: His native region is Bajola.
    Age: His age is also unknown, but he appears to look rather young to even the trained eye.
    Ability: Militating Liquidity (The Pokémon gradually regenerates HP in sources of water when out of battle, while steadily lifting the effects of debuffs while in battle.)
    Solo Moves: ???, ???, ???, ??? (This will be revealed as time goes on or if they use it before the time has elapsed.)
    Twin Moves: ???, ??? (More may be learned later on and will be revealed when they use them.)
    Appearance: Axovenio is a small, amphibious, bipedal Pokémon that has a primarily light blue body with a battleship gray underside. His modest head has small, violet gills on his cheeks that are rather hard to see from certain angles, as his beady eyes are lightly black. His nose has the resemblance of two tiny nostrils, as his small mouth has no teeth whatsoever. There are straight, firm, pale red coral protrusions on the back side of his head that are secreted from a mysterious organ of his should they ever break off. His small hands have four fingers each, while his feet have three toes. His long, tapering gray tail fin has a black outer edge, while its inner gray area has some parallel slate gray stripes within the center.
    Personality: Axovenio tends to be stubborn around adults especially, since he tends to get into arguments and quite a bit of trouble at times. His unruly nature often lands him a one-way ticket with the staff which usually results in having to suffer the punishments dictated from the authorities, since he is notorious for using force to brutally rebel against others that dare harass him. He can be silly when it comes to his quirky habits, as he likes to put his right hand into his mouth to calm himself. Although he may seem like a young Pokémon full of malevolence at first glance, he can show his true, soft side if given some proper time and patience.
    Backstory: [Currently redacted for the privacy of Axel as more will be uncovered in the roleplay. It seems to have a significant connection with Kaiser however.]
    Solo Moves Info: N/A at the moment!
    Twin Moves Info: N/A at the moment!
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Other: He carries around an ancient guzheng, as its table frame and legs are folded for portability. The frame and legs can be unfolded to be set like a table on a flat flooring to offer an insight of stability from the primal times. He also wears a light red scarf around his neck for comfort.
  13. Accepted

    And THANK YOU for introducing another girl into this rp
  14. Alright! Looks like this RP will be set in Alola! It'll be based about a 15 minute walk from Hau'Oli City. It's a lovely academy surrounded by beach, ocean and forest. Along with Melemele Meadow not very far away.

    The school has a few large building holding all the classrooms, and a series of small cottages for the students to stay in if they'd like. It doesn't matter which region you're from but everyone in this roleplay will get a cottage.

    Making the thread in about an hour or so! I'll keep you guys updated. And spots are still available!

    @Starry Phantump

    Thanks all for joining!
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  15. If there is space may I bump in? here is mine

    Name: Ryan L.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Orange-red hair with sort of like trainer red's hairstyle. And a baseball cap. Orange jacket and red shirt. Denim jeans. Black flip-flops
    Personality: mix of funny/clownish and strict/bold
    Goal: Be the very best! Like no one ever was!
    Hometown: Kanto

    Skills: Extremely acrobatic, great gamer, and can run fast. Is a fire-type trainer.
    Likes: Pokemon. Games. Fun. Challenges. And some more.
    Dislikes: Nothing

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Charmander
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: None

    Moveset: Flamethrower, Ember, Bite, Flare Blitz
    Ability: Blaze

    Species: Growlithe
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: None

    Moveset: Flare Blitz, Bite, Outrage, Take Down.
    Ability: None.

    Sample: Ryan's plane from Kanto to (wherever this takes place) finally landed. Him and his Pokemon, Charmander and Growlithe, were excited for a new adventure. Ryan started to plug in his ear buds and turned on his IPod. He started to lip-sync:
    "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause..." Ryan started to dance-walk down the streets of the city. He saw numerous trainers and Pokemon he had never seen before. Ryan started for the nearest motel, he had a giant grin on his face. "Gotta catch em' all!" he shouted.
    (Here you go... Good?)
    (Sorry, had to edit this a bazillion times.)
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  16. If you don't mind, could you provide an RP sample? It's only because I haven't role played with you before

  17. Also I might actually put up the RP tomorrow, I'm kinda tired right now. Sorry for the delay!
  18. Yeah sure I can edit the Sign-up with the sample
  19. Accepted'
  20. You can join if you'd like :)
  21. Hmm, I was wondering if I could perhaps introduce a rival character into the roleplay. (Just as a quick heads up, this Pokémon has no trainer and he is my newest Fakemon that I have made. He also has his own exclusive forme that he is able to change into when the prerequisites are met, though things could get rather ugly if that happens in battle. Below is the Professor's notes on the Pokémon's form, as it has significant information about it.)

    "While we were carefully conducting our routine medical checkup on the Signita, we were prepared for his outbursts to come as he despised these vital health tests that we had to administer weeks ago. However, we were not exactly prepared for the unexpected, as the Signita had possessed an unknown power that was suddenly unleashed the moment when one of the doctors attempted to sedate him."

    "One of the nurses testified that the Signita's body was now as black as the night skies; his eyes were all red like blood and there was this mysterious energy that suddenly emitted from his small body."

    "She then continued on and said that the Signita unleashed an attack so powerful that it incapacitated all of the guards that attempted to pin him on the ground. Unfortunately, he allegedly got through our backup, but he did not escape from one guard fortunately enough."

    "After the Signita was pacified and had some lectures with the psychologist, we decided to carefully and closely examine the Signita for the mysterious power of his. It seems like it is triggered upon radical emotion, be it rage or even fear."

    "The power is so vast that it makes him into an uncontrollable beast, as he does not seem to have any control of himself while transcended into this form. He appears to be executing various attacks that are compiled of primarily a strange type of energy; we don't exactly know what this is even called, as I don't even think it even has a name to date."

    "The Pokémon's attacks are extremely dangerous to go against when faced against him, as one of the doctors reported the other day that the Signita unleashed a barrage of icy winds which then condensed into a ball of frosty snow the moment when it hit its target. The ball soon exploded into a flock of particles that was guaranteed to obliterate the well-known type that dominated his."

    "Fortunately, the good news is that we do have a counter against this Pokémon's form, but the bad news is that we don't exactly have an effective one yet. The only known counter we have managed to stumble upon was just simply trying to knock him out as fast as possible, but even that proved useless since he was resilient against most of our Pokémon that were equivalent to his size."

    "I suppose that there are indeed other counters against him, but it is up to you to discover them and utilize them should he attempt to obliterate all around him in this form. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me on my Poké Number, which is 18-0379-73."
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  22. Here is my info! *Ahem*

    Trainer -

    Name: Ashley "Ash" Crisp (special OC. I actually haven't used her yet, and I think this may be the only time I will.)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ash has long blond hair in a ponytail, that goes all the way down to her shins, but when she takes it out of a ponytail, it goes down to her feet. She wears a dark blue T-shirt, and tan cargo shorts. She has light brown eyes, and she wears black and white converse high tops, that hide her socks.
    Personality: Bubbly, tomboy, adventurous, curious, funny, kind, caring, easily irritated
    Goal: To catch every Pokemon in the world, using her skills gained at the Academy
    Hometown: Poni island (Don't know about any towns there!)

    Skills: Runs fast, quick thinker, has many supplies to help injured Pokemon
    Likes: To play video games, train Pokemon, and eat. A LOT!
    Dislikes: Snotty selfish know-it-all's, People who think they're better than others

    Trainers Pokemon/s: 2

    Species: Litten
    Gender: Male

    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Male
  23. RP up yet? Just wondering. Or are we waiting for 3-2 people to join. Not trying to rush
  24. I was wondering the same thing. Also, I can join, right? I'm not sure yet...
  25. Sorry, phone ran out of charge. Yeah, you're good to go!
  26. Putting the RP up in the next couple of hours,
    Maybe even right now
  27. Quite a few people haven't responded yet, if you guys could of that soon it'd be great.

    Here's the daily schedule

    Morning Fitness (15m)
    Pokemon Battling (60m)
    Pokemon Research (55m)
    Break (10m)
    Extra Curricular Activity - Music, Art, etc (45m)
    Pokemon Care (30m)
    Pokemon Performance (30m)
    Extra Curricular Activity - Music, Art, etc (45m)
    Break (45m)
    Afternoon Sport (30m)
    Pokemon Science - OPTIONAL (20m)
    Regular Subjects - English, Math, etc (20m)

    Then You have the rest of the day for free time and assignments
  28. That's a good schedule, thanks!
  29. Well, I might not respond as much since I've been rather weak as a result of surgery from about a week ago... so I might be like a Minun with red HP when it comes to my stamina...

    The other thing is that I am going to introduce another character, in case if anyone missed anything in my first post.

    (Also, I'd recommend to put the RP link in your first post since it'll save a lot of headaches and questions.)
  30. Oh yeah, sure
  31. Name: Rachel
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Dark skinned with short black hair and black eyes. Wears a yellow tank top with a matching skirt and white high heels.
    Personality: Quite and anti-social. Rarely speaks unless spoken to and seems to enjoy observing things. Much more open and easy going around Pokemon as opposed to people.
    Goal: To become a great Pokemon Trainer.
    Hometown: Iki Town, Melemele Island of Alola

    Skills: Drawing, dancing
    Likes: To draw, to dance, to read and to take care of Pokemon.
    Dislikes: Social interaction, physical activity, bullies and people who are mean to other people and Pokemon.

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-1

    Species: Alola Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Crystal
  32. Accepted!
  33. If I'm not bothering ya ;-; here's my bio!

    Name: Laura Jackson.
    Age: 15.
    Gender: Female.

    Appearance: Laura bears long, flowing hair with two very long ponytails-going to her ankles-that were all a dark, luxurious brown. She has long, striped gloves with a fleshy-pink and light-brown colors and a grey large bra-unsure of the certain name, so imagine a t-shirt mixed with a bra that covers about half of her stomach. Laura also wears long, light-brown shorts, fairly average sneakers, a pair of fluorescent goggles-the type in which it resembles a sci-fi gadget, only less futuristic-and a bow tie on her head.

    Personality: She has a very optimistic and active personality, always trying to go for more exciting options over boring ones. Laura is highly passionate about whatever she does and always makes effort to do the best that she can. While she is fairly arrogant and somewhat temperamental, Laura also possesses a fair amount of smartness and is a somewhat misunderstood, experienced battler.
    Goal: Surprisingly enough, one of her main goals is to not have a set goal-which is mostly because of her somewhat severe fear of loss and losing, failing to ever achieve her set goal seeming like a deathly scenario. But, in reality, her goal is to be the first one to discover ever piece of land there is on the earth-the greatest explorer ever.
    Hometown: She was born in Iki Town.

    Skills: Laura is an experienced battler and somewhat seasoned explorer due to her beliefs and her very few goals. She also bears a partial resistance to harsh environments and has a knack for general outdoor activities and the like. Also, she is fairly athletic.
    Likes: The outdoors, life in general, battling, Iki Town, exploring, delicacies.
    Dislikes: Set life goals, being bored, Legendary Pokemon, unfairness.

    Trainer's Pokemon/s-

    Species: Rowlet
    Gender: Male
    Nickname (Optional): Shadow

    Moveset (Optional):
    Confuse Ray, Astonish, Razor Leaf, Peck.
    Ability (Optional): Overgrow

    Writing Sample (If I haven't role played with you before):
    CRACK! That went the first bramble. SNAP! That went the second. Drop! That went one of many blood drops.

    How had Laura gotten stuck here again? Right-what was supposed to be 'the experience of a lifetime!' was in all actuality, the stupidest thing she'd ever done. When she made it back to that forsaken aeroplane, she promised herself that she was going to crack a few heads by the time she came back. The horrifying question on my mind was if she would even make it all the way back at all. Strength waning, heavily injured...

    Suddenly something caught her attention by sense of smell. An aroma wafting from-from something she guessed. Laura was far too distracted to think this through, and decided to inspect it. Anything smelling that good must be good itself, right? She found the scent of the utterly intoxicating smell and found out it was like a jug! Maybe something good lay inside! Laura carefully put a leg into the opening of the jug...

    And then it started digesting her foot.

    Losing an appendage wasn't a common occurrence for her-neither was digestion-so when both happened to her poor foot she was unsure how to react. "Help!" She called out, desperately trying to wring herself free from the hungry Victrebeel. Her body was getting ever so slowly sucked into the deep abyss that was it's mouth...
  34. Accepted! And that's everyone!

    Warning to everyone, If you don't respond for over let's say a week. Your spot may be reconsidered.
  35. People who haven't responded

    @Nebula-Newt @Starry Phantump @GreatGlo

    Also it's about late afternoon in the RP, getting onto evening. We eat dinner in the dining hall. Then tomorrow classes start.
  36. Sorry, but about the response week thing? I don't get the chance to be on often, in fact, after this, I may not be on a for a couple days, and I'm usually on all the time. Do you mind doing expansion time?

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