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Trainer Vs. Faces for Trainer Cards Feature

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Sand Attack, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Hey there! I just had an idea, but it's sort of a two-parter.

    Would it be possible to look into putting the Trainer Vs. Faces as an alternative to the full trainer sprite?

    Other than the Submission rule of 80x80 only, I'm not sure of the size/coding restraint on the card maker, but I honestly just thought it would be pretty neat to see it and it adds a more... 'ID' feel to the card-- and also presents a new artistic opportunity for custom sprites if people are really into spriting.

    The actual Trainer Vs. Faces seem a bit large, but with a bit of editing (or a crop feature?), it looks feasible. But that might be detracting from your main idea of your program, so I dunno-- hopefully if it's not even remotely possible, then it had inspired for another feature in its stead. =)

    Is there a way to code the program in such a way to allow trainer sprites to be uploaded into it? The standard Trainer Sprite submission is pretty typical-- same relative dimensions, yet still within the 80x80 standard, and transparent-- so perhaps there's a way to streamline the process into the actual program rather than posting it in a forum for you (The Admins) to pluck from.

    Who knows! I certainly don't (coding and making stuff like this -.-; ), but hopefully there's some insight regarding these types of features, or an idea born of my suggestion!

    Thanks! =)
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    The first idea most likely won't happen in the current incarnation of the TCM. We've experimented with this sort of thing and seeing how the backgrounds are all pixel-based, throwing in Sugimori-style art makes the whole thing feel incredibly disjointed - and seeing how this will basically force a certain art style on the TCM it would make sprite-replacement submissions from most of the community mostly impossible.

    The second idea is NOT going to happen and never will. We've already been asked this and our answer remains unchanged.
  3. I was looking at some of the B/W Trainer Vs. Faces and could have sworn they were the mostly 'pixel' style but I guess I haven't attempted to really see what they look like on some of the backgrounds. That and I sincerely meant it as an option. But something like that may just be for those interested in making their own Trainer Cards.

    As for the second thing, I'm not sure what the copyright infringement request thread for fully editing already established elements has in relation to what I asked-- What I suggested would mean that a user could upload a transparent sprite, just as they do now, except through the TCM itself. Everything would remain their respective property, and actual usage terms remains the same.

    I kinda see it-- the user in the thread you linked seem out of the maximum pixel requirement, but otherwise ( other than removing the credit which is huge) they added some game sprites and edited the trainer itself, instead of submitting through the proper channels to get their trainer approved.

    Editing cards in general outside the site, while one of those seemingly 'breakable', 'victimless' issues, is not kosher. This person, for a lack of a better term, ripped off the design and made it their own-- but I mean submitting a person's one item (the trainer sprite), as they do currently, and it then being packaged normally through the program, subject to the same Terms of Use as using the TCM and submissions as applied now.

    I just might be missing a part of the copyright jargon on this though, or maybe it just opens up another avenue for infringement? I'm not sure.

    Honestly, at this point I'm mad curious, so I apologize if it looks like I'm making waves or trying to push something on you guys nor advocating for any shenanigans!

    Thank you for your time!
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Bit of history: that thread was actually fissioned off from a series of posts made by the banned idiot in question in the sprite submission thread and the discussion also spilled into private messages, where he basically attempted to bug us about the whole 'hurr durr uploading custom sprites directly should be an option' and that he wouldn't have had to edit our cards if we made that an option and we shot him down - Teapot's last words on the post, stating that there would never be a custom art upload system in the TCM are the really relevant part of the thread. But I can see why you'd be confused about why I linked this now. Whoops. ^^;

    But yeah. Basically, the thing is this. The TCM sort of represents us as a community in other places on the internet. In order to be represented well we must make sure that the sprites available on it match a certain standard of quality and style - and more importantly, that they aren't stolen from people who don't want their stuff used without permission - two problems that are immensely common due to the massive idiot population online. This is the primary reason why we put so much control over which sprite submissions we actually let into the TCM and don't allow people to just upload their own, and never will.

    Besides, the TCM is an automatic generator designed to make creating trainer cards quick and easy. It will obviously not have all the advanced features that one could put on their card if they made it themselves - a feat that honestly isn't that difficult - so the way we see it, if people really want to make their own entirely unique trainer card, with their own sprites... well, they can make it themselves fairly easily. No need for the TCM.

    Also, I seem to have misunderstood you re: the VS portraits - I thought you were referring to the more current style of them in X/Y/OR/AS, (which is just plain Sugimori art rather than pixels). Re: Gen 5 style VS Portraits, I'm pretty sure that size constraints re: size and consistency conflicts with the full body sprites might throw a monkey wrench in that idea. But it's an interesting one, for sure.
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  5. Awesome, thanks for the in-depth reply! I totally see it now and that makes for complete sense. It's interesting to see the often overlooked aspects of terms of use, copyright, and permission. My idea would most certainly streamline for efficiency, yet cause these issues to worsen and have it more difficult to mitigate all around.

    And for the Trainer Vs. Faces; absolutely. They're a bit clunky, so I think I'll play with it myself and see if more than a tiny bit is doable.

    Thanks again!

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