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Open Trainer RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DoctorFiraga, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Let us go over some rules before starting this.

    -No double-posting
    -No insults
    -No legendary or mystic Pokemon, unless you are allowed to have one
    -No godmodding or Mary Sues

    I am also going to mention the fact that you can RP as two characters. You may introduce your second character later in the story.

    Before joining this RP thread, please fill in the following grid of info below. (If you RP as two characters, fill one for each. If you're not going to show your second character if you have one, please fill up only one grid, no need to get useless place...used):

    Special Characteristics:

    Team :
    Likes and Dislikes:
    Other Pokemon:

    This should do the trick. Here are mine:

    Name: Elio

    Age: 14

    Special characteristics: Lazy, a bit asocial, brutal to strangers but caring to his friends, sarcastic and sometimes sadist. Very smart.

    Appearance: wears a black coat with crimson red stripes all over it, a white shirt showing off beneath it, black jeans with a silver chain around the right pocket, black shoes. has black hair. his right eye is red, the left eye is black. sometimes wears gloves, for special works for example.

    Region: Sinnoh

    Team: Infernape (named Burst, male), Roserade (named Fiore, female), Wishiwashi (named Carnival, male), Salamence (named Remilia, female), Electivire (named ElecTr1fy, male) and a Tyranitar (named Berg, male).
    Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Any sweet thing besides candies, fire, cooking, reading, listening to music. Dislikes: stupid people, jerks.
    Other Pokemon: Swampert, Rotom, Mismagius, Arcanine, Delphox, Hydreigon, Shiny Golisopod.

    Elio was sitting on the boat’s edge, holding a Cherish Ball in his right hand, and looked at the sea. He, and some other Trainers had been invited to the Hoenn region, to explore it and train. It was that simple, really. When he looked up, he saw Remilia, his Salamence, soaring above the boat. Elio smiled and simply looked at the other people on the boat, and sighed in boredom.
  2. Name: Marina
    Age: 14
    Special Characteristics: Uptight and intimidating, but acts more relaxed when with familiar people. Previous Kalos champion, but retired after a few months.
    Appearance: Brown ponytail. Black scarf, green shirt with brown under sleeves, brown boots, beige pants. Has blue eyes.
    Regions: Kalos, Hoenn
    Team: Blastoise (Mach, male), Blaziken (Crest, male), Chesnaught (Carius, male), Meowstic (no nickname, female), Luxray (Shex, male), Mightyena (Majora, female)
    Likes: Puzzles, chocolate, writing, candles
    Dislikes: People with poor work ethic and Sableye
    Other Pokemon: Florges, Graveler, Pidgeot, Steelix, Floatzel, Toxicroak

    Marina stared down at the waves on the side of the ship. "Hopefully nobody recognizes us." She commented to Carius, who simply nodded in response. The uneasy squawking of a Blaziken sounded from the back of the boat. Excited barks were an answer from down below, probably telling Crest to stop pacing around so much. She shook her head at the team's foolery while Carius stalked off to calm them.
  3. Elio's Salamence quickly glided down to her Trainer. As he rubbed his Pokémon's long neck, the Dragon made a cute purring. Elio held out an Ultra Ball, and said:
    "Alright, Remilia. Time to go in."
    A red ray of light instantly called back in the Salamence. Elio smiled, poked the Ultra Ball and put it back in his coat. He then looked at a girl staring down. "...Is she some Trainer that got called too...?"
    Elio walked towards her...
  4. Marina tensed and looked up when she heard footsteps approaching. Someone was walking toward her, but she could never be sure that it was her that person wanted to talk to. Instead of worrying about it, she cooly watched her Chesnaught leave.
  5. Elio arrived in front of the girl and put the Cherish Ball back in his pocket. He immediately thought: "Huh. She seems upset or something..."
    Elio stared a bit at her, and then greeted her with a friendly tone:
    "H-Hi. Are you one of those Trainers invited to Hoenn..?"
  6. "Huh? Oh, yes I am. Who are you?" She smiled at him and extended a hand to shake. In the background, her pokemon's noises slowly quietened until only a few low grumbles could be heard.
  7. Elio looked for a moment at the girl's hand, and then extended his own to shake it. He smiled, and replied in a serious tone:
    "My name is Elio. I am one of these Trainers invited to Hoenn too... Who're you?"
    He then looked in the background and thought: "... Did I just hear something...? Whatever."
  8. Marina stopped smiling. She glanced back at where the noise had been with a little concern as she replied. "Name's Marina." Her Blaziken stumbled into view and almost lost his balance until a psychic glow steadied him.
  9. "Marina? That's a nice name. But I have this feeling I already heard it somewhere..."
    Elio shrugged, as he looked at the Blaziken when it showed up. "Hey, is that... A Blaziken? Is it yours?"
    Elio asked, smiling a bit and let go of Marina's hand. He put his right hand in his black coat's pocket.
  10. "Um...yes, that's Crest." Marina frowned at the sick Blaziken. Meowstic peeked around the corner and waved to Elio, lifting her ears for the purpose of dragging away the fire type. Crest levitated into the air which made him more nervous, but he didn't struggle in fear of becoming even sicker than he already felt.
  11. "Oh gee. I can see it's seasick... Heh. I bet he'll be better once we get on hard ground..." Elio said with a frown, and then looked at the Meowstic. "Oh? You've got a Meowstic?" Elio waved back at the Meowstic smiling and then pulled out a Pokéball. "I guess I'll introduce you to my starter pokémon..." He mumbled, as he launched the Pokéball in the sky. "Come on out, Burst!"
    An Infernape came out in a bright light, and looked at the Blaziken levitating in the air. It smiled mockingly at it but still waved to him, friendly.
  12. Crest indignantly screeched at Burst and reached out a claw to punch the Infernape. Meowstic hissed and gripped her head from the sudden mental strain, doing all she could to hold Crest back and eventually succeeding. The Blaziken left in a bad temper. Meowstic chose to stay with the trainers, teleporting to stand next to Marina, since Crest would probably be angry at her for the rest of the day.
  13. Aon


    Name: Aon
    Age: 15
    Special Characteristics: Careless, but overall a nice person, will try to protect everybody he loves. Quite obsessed with being the best trainer.
    Appearance: Wears an open collar shirt, showing his rune shaped little tattoo on his neck. Has reddish eyes, his black straight hair is long enough to cover his eyebrows. He is quite short, a little bit slim. Always wears a black trouser and sports shoes.

    Team :
    Absol (Named as Dark, male.)
    Delphox (Named Aeties, female)
    Dragalge (Named Poison, female)
    Samurott (Named Leon, male)
    Garchomp (Named Drake, male)
    Salamence (Named Cole, female)

    Likes and Dislikes: Likes doing pokemon duels, and watching those. He dreams of finding legendary pokemons, witnessing their beautiful presence for at least once. He dislikes very few things, but especially people who treats bad to pokemons and ones who look down at others really annoys him.

    Other Pokemons: Charizard, Serpentine.

    Aon realized that there was something going on at the sail, it seemed like all other trainers started talking with each other and were getting along well. He decided on finding a few friends, and walked towards the boy and the girl, talking about something and showing their pokemons of. "Oh hello. Are you also invited to Hoenn? My name is Aon, by the way." He said smilingly.
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  14. Elio looked at the new boy, and greeted him: "Oh, hello there. I have been invited to Hoenn, yeah. Nice to meet you, Aon. My name is Elio."
    Elio extended his hand towards Aon, as the Infernape rubbed the Meowstic's head in a friendly fashion.
  15. Aon


    Just after shaking the other trainer's hand, Aon put both of his hands to his pocket. The expression on his face was still warm, as if it was his chronic expression. This, however, was still insufficient of hiding his anxiety. It was only a while back that he was invited to the Hoenn region, but he did not have good memories about this place. He sighed shortly. "Do you have any idea why they called this much trainers to this region?" he asked.
  16. The psychic cat took little notice of Burst petting her, instead locking her gaze on the newcomer. Marina nodded acceptingly at Aon. "It's just a few. They might want some more attention from tourists."
  17. Name: Jason
    Age: 13
    Special Characteristics: he knows many people who can use mega evolution and is getting a mega ring himself
    Appearance: tall, brown hair, wears a tie-dyed shirt and short pants and always has liked the ocean

    Region(s): Hoen
    Team: Volcanarona(female, no nickname) Metagross(no nickname) Alolan Ninetails (Cristal,female) Mimikyu (Male) Travant(Male) Trapinch (male)
    Likes and Dislikes: Likes the ocean and always dreamed about capturing the legendary Pokemon of water. Dislikes Pokemon trainers that are mean
    Other Pokemon: Scizor and Frostlas

    Jason walked down the port with his Mimikyu walking beside him, he glanced a Mimiky who looked a bit down " come little guy don't tell me you miss Alola, look we can visit it another time but you know this is my home to right" Mimikuy looked kind of happier.
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  18. Elio had been thinking and listening to Aon and Marina talking. "Indeed, why would they need Trainers in Hoenn...?", he thought. Elio then sighed and shrugged, before looking away. " Oh! We're almost there, it seems!". As he said that, he was looking at the land, slowly approaching from the horizon.
  19. Aon



    With the sight of the land all the attention Aon got focused there. He seemed like all his concerns were now gone with that specific moment, his eyes shining in excitement, thinking all those possible future adventures. He calmly waited for the ship to arrive at the land.
  20. At the announcement of land being sighted, Blaziken cried out in relief and clumsily ran to the front of the ship. His grudge against Infernape, and to a lesser extent Meowstic, was forgotten in the joy of seeing land on Hoenn again. "It's been a while since he's been here." Marina commented, watching him grip the rails eagerly.
  21. "I guess so... As for me, I have never been to Hoenn... So, I took this opportunity to come and see how it's like. The region, and its Trainers..." Elio had said this last part with determination. His Infernape, sensing his urge to battle, looked at the happy Blaziken and just let out a sigh. The boat was getting nearer and nearer to the land, and Elio just called back his Infernape in his Pokeball. "Let us see what Hoenn is made of..."
  22. Name: Jay
    Age: 14
    Special characteristics: Active, Optimist, and loyal when there friends. He favorite hobbies is to cook and travel.
    Appearance: black hair love to wear his lucky cap that was given from his dad. Wear a blue hoodie and black jeans. With blue sneakers. His left eye is blue and right eye is green.
    Region: sinnoh
    Pokemon: Lucario(male), Dragonite(female), kanto raichu(male), and marshstomp(female)
    (Other pokemon will soon be captured)
    Like and dislike: like cooking, sweet, plalying with any pokemon, battle
    Dislikes pokemon getting abuse and spicy

    Jay was on boat with other trainer who were invited to Hoenn. "Hey lucario are you excited to be in Hoenn and battle strong trainer" Jay said to his long companion lucario. Lucario respond by shaking his head that he is excited. When he was gazing around he bumped into a trainer with black and red eyes. "Im so sorry" he apologized the trainer.
  23. Aon


    Aon, getting hit to his back mistakenly by somebody, lost his balance for a second, but was okay. "Oh it is okay, I can't blame you, ship is shaking a lot." Aon said smilingly, giving his hand for a shake. "My name is Aon, you should be one another trainer invited to the island too." He then added, while stretching at the back of his head.

    Ship was almost going to reach at the island, and Aon was impatiently waiting for stepping onto this island. Looking from where he was, island was beautiful.
  24. "Hi.The name is Jay" he said with a greeting tone " and this pokemon right here is Lucario." he said introducing his pokemon. "You seem to be excited" jay said sarcastically.
  25. Meowstic waved in greeting at the Lucario, while Crest the Blaziken simply glanced back at Jay indifferently. "Meowstic, go get everyone else." Marina ordered, and the cat teleported away to find her teammates before the boat docked. "Everyone's excited." The trainer pointed out to Jay in an ironically calm tone.
  26. Elio looked at the newcomer and just greeted him.
    "Hello, Jay. I see you've been invited to Hoenn as well..."
    Elio smiled and started walking towards the boat's edge. "We arrived in Hoenn, it seems... Now's the time to get off, everyone."
  27. "Wow" he said " It have been a while that lucario and I been in hoenn." he said smiling. "So what are you all going to do" he ask.
  28. The boat finally arrived at the port. It was a very hot and sunny day, and Elio could just admire Hoenn. "Woah... It's like society and nature merged together...". In a corner, there was a sign saying " Lilycove City". Elio sighed and jumped off the boat, landing in a "pow".
  29. "Where the land ends and the sea begins. Good to be back, huh Crest?" The part fire type just jumped down after Elio speechlessly. Marina's team rounded a corner to come into view, the Mightyena in front yipping excitedly. She grinned at Majora's apparent enthusiasm as the group organized themselves to go down.
  30. Elio looked at the water and just giggled. "Speaking of sea..." After looking back to the ocean, a massive shadow could be seen in the water. Soon, a massive blue pokemon emerged. "I hope you enjoyed your little fun, Carnevale. Time to go back to your ball." The enormous Wishiwashi glew in light blue, and soon became a tiny Solo-Wishiwashi. Elio held out a Net Ball, and from it shot a red laser that called back the Water Pokémon in it. "That was my Wishiwashi. I think it was him who made these enormous waves that made your Blaziken seasick. Sorry..." Elio apologised to Crest before putting the Net Ball in his coat.
  31. "Well, he's clearly okay now." Marina pointed out as her Blastoise gracelessly jumped off the side and into the water, making a large splash. Meowstic chose a less dramatic way of getting down by simply teleporting after the water had settled. Mightyena fearlessly leapt down like Crest had, with Luxray following suit more carefully. All that was left was Marina and her Chesnaught, the grass type lowering himself down by first gripping the side of the boat with his claws then letting go to land in the water. Marina was let down by use of her Meowstic's psychic power, an amused look focused on the cat's irritated expression.
  32. Elio looked at Marina's Pokémon, amused and then sighed. A red flower bouquet was showing off timidly from one corner of the boat's deck, behind a wall. "Come on, Fiore. They're not threatening at all, and besides, you're pretty powerful yourself." A Roserade shyly walked on the ground up to Elio's side. She looked at the Chesnaught, and waved to it as she was a grass type too.
  33. Name: Kyle
    Age: 13
    Special Characteristics: Very bold and never backs down from a fight; likes to make comments about everything; a bit nosy
    Appearance: Brown hair, light skin, tall, blue/white striped t-shirt, red hat
    Region: Alola
    Team: Litten, Rockruff, Alolan Raichu
    Likes: Sweets, battling, reading
    Dislikes: Chores
    Other Pokemon: N/A

    As he got off the boat and took a step into the Hoenn region, with his Litten, Rockruff, and Raichu beside him, Kyle took notice of a large looking Pokemon in the water near the docks. He ran to it with wonder and spotted more Pokemon swimming about with their Trainers! He looked over the dock to get a glance at what they were doing, when suddenly, he tripped and fell into the water, dragging his Litten with him!

    Attached Files:

  34. Carius the Chesnaught waved back at Fiore solemnly, looking alarmed when a trainer fell into the water nearby and quickly led everyone in the water to solid ground. Marina's Blastoise swam over to offer assistance to the Litten and Kyle, with the rest of the team watching from land.
  35. Name: flame
    Age: 10
    Special characteristics: very firey, never backs down, always tries to make everything funny or a joke
    Appearance: orange hair, tan skin, medium, white shirt under yellow jacket,
    Reigion: kanto
    Team: squirtle
    Likes: video games, battling, food, fun, fire
    Dislikes: being bored
    Other Pokémon: N/A

    As he got out of bed he realized its time to start his journey with his new squirtle flame quickly rushed out the house but the first thing he sees is rival jake and flame challenged him to a battle but to his surprise jake chose bulbasaur and flame and his squirtle were quickly defeated and flame ran of to route one so he can catch his first Pokémon before jake can to be countinued.....
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  36. Elio worryingly looked at the newly arrived Trainer that fell in the water.
    "A-Are you ok dude? Why did you even get near the docks anyway? And... Who are you? Name's Elio."
    As he talked to the Trainer, Elio extended his hand for an handshake. His Roserade gave a small flower to the Litten, as if it was going to make it feel better.
  37. "I'm......fine," said Kyle. "I'm just a little.....scared of water. So is Litten!" As he beckoned to his fire cat Pokemon, who felt better with the help of Roserade's flower, Litten hopped into the air and purred, running to its Trainer.

    "Wow, thanks!" exclaimed Kyle. "By the way, I'm Kyle!"
  38. Elio laughed. "Hey, no problem. Fiore's a bit shy, but she's like a medic, you know. Since it's a Grass type, she knows everything about herbs and Berries." He then looked at the Litten. "I see you took a Fire type as a starter. Nice!" Elio smiled at the Trainer. "You didn't answer all my questions though. What's your name?"
  39. "Oh, sorry about that!" he exclaimed. "I'm Kyle! Nice to meet you!" As he stood up, Rockruff and Raichu came to greet him. "No need to worry, you guys! I'm fine!"

    Then, he turned to Elio. "Sorry to bother you, but do you know the way from here to Littleroot Town?"
  40. "Nice to meet you too, Kyle!" Elio greeted Kyle with a confident smile. "He seems nice, so no need to worry." He then sighed and muttered. "And... It's actually my first time here in Hoenn. I don't know anything about this region..."
    Elio reached out to his coat and took out a Pokéball. "Wanna see MY starter?" He smiled brightly, even more confident.

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