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Ask to Join Trainer Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by chesnaught-z☆, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Post your bio in this thread, and you'll be accepted. Start whenever you want.

    Isaac was training his Pokemon, through battles amongst themselves, to practice new techniques and strategies. It was Vanillish and Sandslash vs. Abomasnow and Glaceon this time, and they were really going at it. It was the most heated battle yet, despite consisting of Ice-type Pokemon.

    Sandslash quickly avoided a sudden Sheer Cold dished out by Abomasnow. Vanillish followed up with Taunt, rendering Glaceon's Baby-Doll Eyes useless, and instead he went for Ice Fang. Abomasnow then brought down the Wood Hammer. After all this battling, it was the perfect time to take a break, so they all took a rest as Isaac used some Potions on them.

  2. Lucy was sitting on a tree and looking a boy who was training his Ice Pokemon. Her Braixen was sitting next to her with Eevee laying in her leap. "Wow, they are pretty strong Pokemon, what do you think Braixen?" Lucy asked her Pokemon. Braixen eyes sparkled when she saw Sandslash perfect avoiding of Sheer Cold of Abomasnow. "Should we go and meet him?" Lucy asked. Braixen and Eevee nodded. "Okay, Eevee climb on my shoulder." Lucy said and Eevee climbed on her shoulder. "Follow me Braixen." Lucy said and jumped from tree in bushes with a loud Oww because she didn't recognized that under the tree where she was sitting was a rose bush. Braixen jumped next to bush where Lucy landed and helped her get out of there. "I think I looked stupid right now..." Lucy said and cleaned her knees. "Are you okay, Eevee?" Lucy asked a Pokemon who was sitting on her right shoulder. Eevee was licking her left paw with her eyes full of tears. "Eevee!" Lucy said worriedly and put Eevee on the ground. Braixen kneeled to Eevee and looked at Eevee's paw. Braixen knew what was the problem with Eevee; she had a little thorn in her paw. Braixen pulled litte thorn slowly from Eevee's paw. Eevee only yellped some times. "Are you okay, Eevee?" Lucy asked and petted her Pokemon. Eevee nodded with relief in her eyes. "You will be okay." Lucy said. "Here...." Lucy went to the rose bush and picked some roses and made a flower crown from it and put it on Eevee's head. "Is it better now? Are you felling better, sweetie?" Lucy asked her Eevee. Eevee touched her crown and smiled to Lucy.

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