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Impossible/No Thanks Trainer photo upload

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Normand, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. We all know that Pokemon X & Y allows us too customize our trainers to our hearts content, so why not add our custom trainer too the trainer cards we can make on Pokecharms? If your on Pokemon Global Link you already know that your photos you take with the photo guy are synced too Pokemon Global Link. So if we download that photo after logging in then it is possible a photo upload section can be in placed to the characters section of the trainer card maker category. I think this option would be a great way to show off how you can customize your trainer!
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  2. Teapot

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    Basically, it was decided long ago that any sort of custom asset upload would never be added to the TCM - for a number of reasons. For clarity, I'll list a few:
    1. Quality: Our trainer cards are the thing that defines us most - so we really want to keep the quality as high as possible. This means that we would always want to manually approve any assets available for use in the TCM in order that they all look as good as possible.
    2. Visual style: The trainer models would have issues fitting within the art style and dimension-based confines of the trainer cards right now. Adding the fact that they've got backgrounds we'd have to deal with, and it becomes difficult to manage.
    3. Ease of use: TPCi don't expose any sort of API for us to get the trainer portraits, so we'd have to provide instructions as to how to get them from the Global Link. In a tool that is supposed to be incredibly simple to use, this is just too complex.
    4. Decency: Because of the above lack of API, we have to allow any image of the right dimensions to be uploaded - which means we can't control what's uploaded. And that means that inevitably, some clown would upload a photograph of their penis as a trainer sprite. No thanks.
    5. Security: Allowing file uploads exposes security considerations for us - sure, they're fairly easy to deal with, but it's another thing for nasty people to attack.
    It is a shame - I'd love to add some way of getting your in-game character onto your cards. It'd solve a million problems we're suffering with. But right now, there's no feasible way of doing this that doesn't add loads of work to both the users of the TCM and us as moderating staff.
  3. Well thanks for the reply and explaining why this isn't possible. Maybe years down the road after this organization has seen all the clothing customization options on every trainer as well as his/her skin color and how they all look individually maybe with that knowledge future options could add something like a trainer customization feature for this community.
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