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Trainer Gender

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Valin, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Something I've been curious about is whether some people, when choosing what gender they want their trainer to be, picked differently than what they really are. Namely, a boy choosing to play as a girl trainer, or vice versa.

    In my case, I base my pick on the character design I favor more:

    R/B/Y/G/S: Not really much of a choice there...

    Crystal: Never owned it, but judging from the pictures I've seen, I probably still would have gone with Male...

    Ru/Sa/E: Didn't really care for either, design-wise, so I decided to go with Male once again...

    FR/LG: ... On the other hand, the FireRed/LeafGreen trainer designs were actually pretty good, but I liked Female a bit more.

    D/P: Decided to go with Female.
  2. When I first played Ruby I chose Male. But in LeafGreen I chose the female since I had played R/B/Y as the guy already.

    Emerald I played as the female for the same reason.

    Pearl I am male.
  3. I chose female on all the versions because I'm a girl and, I can't really make myself play a guy unless there isn't any choice (I have no idea why not, I didn't exactaly like Dawn, but meh). Like in Red Version or Colosseum, where there IS no choice.
  4. I always go with the guy, but the male choice in D/P almost changed that. I hate that beret and scarf. I hate it so much.
  5. lol Yeah, that's basically what influenced my choice in Pearl...
  6. After the introduction of 2 genders,the first time I play, I usually play as a guy, and the 2nd time, a girl with entirely different Pokemon. Either way, I keep the same name for the 2 trainers throughout all the games ^^
  7. I choose the guy because as it says in the manual, it is advised. Namely to avoid confusion later in life. New gay pick-up line: Hey guy, hear you played the girl in pokemon XD
  8. I generally pick a female character because, as a guy, I find the girls more appealing. I mean, if I get a choice of who I get to stare at for the duration of the game, I'll more than likely chose a girl. Although, I had seriously considered playing the guy this time around, what with the Wi-Fi and all, but I couldn't come up with a good name for him so I went with the girl.
  9. i almost always pick the guy, but in a few of the games where i didnt think i would be playing them that much(even though they became my main/only file) as in, leafgreen [originally firered was my main, then got lost] and Crystal[friend gave it to me] but i guess G_M has a point...though in d/p i didnt know which was worse, so the whole wi-fi thing made me decide
  10. I haven't played over Wi-Fi, but I plan to at some point. I really hadn't considered gender in that regard and I considered restarting as the male trainer, but my team was coming along pretty well and I didn't want all that progress to go to waste.

    At any rate, Poke'mon is all about just that: Poke'mon. Regardless of how you want to be represented in the game world, when it comes to real life competitions, the real trainer is YOU.
  11. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd be impressed if you'd managed to play as the girl in Pokemon XD :p.

    I only like to play as a male if I'm playing a specific character, such as Link or Ratchet. Otherwise, if I get a choice, I play as the female because I'm female. It bothers the hell out of me when you have a generic, non-descript, random character, such as the lead in Colosseum or XD, yet you can't change his gender. Grrr.
  12. In G/S/C I went with the male design. But for FR/LG I went with the female since I had already used the male in R/B/Y. R/S/E I again went with the male design, and I'm a male on Diamond.
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ever since the option was available, I've rotated between playing the male and female characters. If you look back through my Pokemon gaming history you'll see various males named Kenji and females named Katie (after myself), though I also have a Sky, Miles, Dizzy, Maria, etc. in the advanced generation.

    The choice is there, and I restart my games multiple times each generation, so I might as well use it ^^
  14. I generally choose the male character but, in my opinion, the character design for the male this time around was horrible. So, I'm playing as the girl character.
  15. I usually pick the girl, partially because I am one. :p But mainly because the guy's outfit is usually ugly... I don't mind the RSE guy's outfit too much though.
  16. Male 100%. I've had enough male crossdressers on MMORPGs, I'm not gonna start doing it on Pokemon.
  17. Male,every time.Probably cause im a boy,and 11>>
  18. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'll generally rotate the genders I use for my characters game-to-game. I always use the same 3 names for all my characters though - Alex/DrOak for males (DrOak being used initially on Colosseum and XD and so far, not used elsewhere) and Amber for the female characters.

    I don't really do it as some sort of "play as the opposite gender!!!!11!" thing, I just like to have my characters separate on my games for trading purposes etc.

    I used Amber for my Japanese copy of Pearl - so if I pick up the next game (probably the Predictable G/S Remake (TM) in Japanese as well, I'll probably go with male and use DrOak - and probably use Amber for the English version. Then with the third game to D/P, assuming I go Japanese import with that as well (though, with it likely being rather similar to D/P, I might not bother), I'd go with male and call him Alex and use DrOak for the English version - spreading them all across all 6 games equally.

    My system would be fucked if we got another Colosseum/XD affair though...>_>
  19. In Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold I had to be male. Crystal, Leafgreen, and Diamond I was female. Sapphire and Emerald I was male. I always use the names at the top. I never make my own name 'cause I'm horrible at picking names.
  20. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I understand the keeping characters separate for trading things. It gets awfully confusing to look at a pokemon and think "ok, original trainer h-l... but which h-l?". Unfortunately, I already went with naming my character in Diamond h-l. (I should have gone for h-l diamond symbol, as then I could have done h-l circular symbol for Pearl). So now my character in Pearl is called h-l*.

    Yay, originality ;).
  21. Ever since I've had the option I've picked female, since I myself am female. It doesn't really matter to me which trainer looks better; both Dawn and Lucas have their shortcomings in my opinion when it comes to appearance, really... but I picked female on Diamond because I am female. And I don't have any use for getting Pearl as well now that there's WiFi capabilities. ;D
  22. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Even though I am male, I usually find myself playing the female characters. I'm really not fond of most of the male character designs so far - R/B/Y/G/S/C and FR/LG were just boring-generic, and R/S/E's just fucking horrendous (THAT HAIR SCARES ME. x_X) - and while the females aggravate me somewhat (I mean, what's up with the miniskirts? I mean, seriously. You're hiking out there through rough terrain and potentially rather unpleasant conditions! Walking around with a -miniskirt- is asking for trouble. >>) they aggravate me less than the males, for some reason.

    Although I -did- use the Male character in Diamond. Looks much better than the atrocity we got as a female this time around. Bloody condom-for-a-hat. X_x
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Agreed. While I do use the same names over from gen to gen, I typically only have one trainer named a specific thing per generation (ie. one Katie, one Kenji, and so on). Things just make a bit more sense when trading between games, and then I can trace back which game they came from easier. Not really necessary, but it's fun doing sometimes when looking through my hordes of traded Pokemon :)

    That said, I had both a Kenji on my Advance GBA games and on Pokemon Colosseum ^^;
  24. ironically,i am probably one of those people you hate.I have both male and female characters

    why?Its a game,thats not me just the character i play :D

    that said,i used male in emerald (Male is just cool),female in DP (After playing for awhile i'd probably try male now,but before he just looked so stupid) and R/B/Y (I ADORE blue for some reason...she's adorable or somthing),and male in G/S/C (only C had female,and even then she looked really weird...besides that the male was cool looking)
  25. It all depends on what pokemon I plan on getting (well, on preferred genders of pokemon I'm getting).

    Mostly male pokemon,female trainer.
    Female pokemon, male trainer.

    I guess I like to feel like a pimp to my pokemon.
  26. Yeah, I know it's just a game, but it's kind of annoying when I have to second guess if the person I'm playing with really is a girl or not. (Could be some of the guys too, but that worries me less) Although I'm a hypocrite, since I have a few female characters on WoW.

    Seriously though, this gen was practically screaming at me to play a female, since Lucas has the worst fashion sense imaginable and Dawn is so cute.

    And also I like to keep variation on my team, male char = 50% male 50% female pokes. If it's a female char, my main poke is female and all the others are male.
  27. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Heh, if you're playing with someone over Wi-fi, just get them to leave the microphone on & chat to them :p.

    Why does it matter what the other player's real-life gender is? Do you treat girls differently than boys?
  28. OH! I have a story about something like that on WoW... So I made a Blood Elf chick 'cuz I was bored and I ended up talking to some guy. I guess it wasn't really apparent what gender I was, because he popped the question and I said I was a boy. I'm really a girl...but I wanted to see his reaction, people automatically think because you are a girl character that you're a girl. After I said that I was a boy, he ended the conversation by saying "Oh...I have to go do some quests and stuff... see you later" That was SSSSSOOOO funny!

    Ya know what's weird? I like the male characters better than the female characters in Pokemon but I can't bring myself to actually play them...>.> I really don't know why though...
  29. female trainer, both male and female pokemon
  30. I play female if I'm trying to beat the game, because I'm female, but sometimes before I'm very far in the game I play male, and I just trade my starter over to another game, then trade back so I can have all the starters. But that's only in Diamond/Pearl, I think the male looks kinda strange in the other games for some reason...
  31. I play female in all games, well of course if there is a choice, I really feel uncomforable playing male in R/B/Y, besides the girls' oufit is much better, especially D/P and FR/LG.
  32. In most of my games, I play as a girl. However, if I have two of a game in the series, I play as a boy and name him after a boy I know/like. For example, FireRed and LeafGreen. I have all 16 badges in my Silver Version and my Pokemon still aren't strong enough to battle Red. (I finally evolved my Eevee into Umbreon at level 53. It is now level 54 and now I'm working on getting my level 44 Scyther to level 50 something.) In LeafGreen, I play as the girl, name her Ashley (my name) and name Gary a different boy's name other than Gary.

    Out of every playable boy character, I like Johto's boy design the best. :) He's the only playable male who wore shorts instead of pants. (That's not the reason, though.) The boy who I liked the least was in R/S/E.
  33. Zak


    I've always chosen male characters, (even in sapphire, with that horrible hair (female's hair wasn't much better either)), but in diamond i NEEDED to choose the female character, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MALE ONE? He's like... awfully horrendous! Oh, I CAN'T look at him without feeling stomach ache.
  34. R/B/Y/G/S: No choice
    Crystal: Female
    R/S/E: Female
    D/P: Female
  35. In Pearl I seriously considered the girl. I'm really not keen on the boys design I think the girl looks better.
    However i did choose the boy, but I think Im gonna get diamond version so I might pick the girl with that!
  36. even though i'm a boy, i always pick the girl. i freakin love their clothes! especially the one from FR/LG! that hat is so cute! and her backpack...LOVE IT! OMG! XD in R/B/Y i was always a guy cause, well, i had to be...and i never played G/S so yeah... in Crystal, i chose the girl all the time. and in Ruby, Girl. never played Saphirre, though it would be the same. in Emerald, which my bro lent me, i chose once again the girl. i never played LG, but for sure, since it's the same as FR, i would be the girl. and now that i got to look at the characters for D/P, i would definetly be a girl!
  37. Ever since the option became available, I've played as the girl because I like playing as the same gender I am. I mean why should the boys have all the fun? Plus the girl designs always look better even in R/S/E with May's biker shorts, Brendon's design was just bad. But DP girl design is the best. Dawn has pink snowboots. w00t!
  38. I've always picked to be a girl (minus R/B/Y/G/S). I suppose it's because it's my gender and for the Gameboy Color games I've always been, unvoluntarily, a guy :p
  39. I always pick a male for the basic fact that i am a male. To me its more fun when you pic yourself in the game then someone else
  40. It doesn't really matter to me, but I always choose female, because I am a girl. The exceptions for me are R/B/Y, G/S/C, and XD.

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