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Trainer Card Maker: Now With 74% More Pokémon-Amie!

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    For our second 'Charms Day announcement, we have a new Trainer Card Maker content update! We've got 45 new backgrounds and 84 character sprites for you today, fresh from our community – click through to see the full list!



    Generation 6 - Alpha Sapphire (by @StellarWind Elsydeon)
    Generation 6 - Omega Ruby (by @StellarWind Elsydeon)
    Generation 6 - X (by @StellarWind Elsydeon)
    Generation 6 - Y (by @StellarWind Elsydeon)

    Chesnaught (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Delphox (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Greninja (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Primal Groudon (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Primal Kyogre (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Xerneas (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Yveltal (by @Shiny Lyni)

    Chic (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Clouds - Blue (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Clouds - Pink (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Black (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Blue (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Brown (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Green (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Orange (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Purple (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Red (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Sunset (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - White(by @Shiny Lyni)
    Colours - Yellow (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Patterns - Checkered (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Patterns - Polka Dot (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Patterns - Punk (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Bug (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Dark (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Dragon (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Electric (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Fairy (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Fighting (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Fire (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Flying (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Ghost (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Grass (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Ground (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Ice (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Normal (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Poison (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Psychic (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Rock (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Steel (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Type - Water (by @Shiny Lyni)

    Character Sprites

    010 and 013 - Caterpie and Weedle (by @Icy Aaron)
    018 - Pidgeot (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    244 - Entei (by @Shiny Lyni)
    249 - Lugia (by @Aura)
    429 - Mismagius (by @JadaStark2015)
    509 - Purrloin (by @JadaStark2015)
    609 - Shiny Chandelure (by @JadaStark2015)
    634 - Zweilous (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    637 - Volcarona (by @Aura)
    700 - Sylveon (by @Strawberry Pikachu)

    Lorelei (by @[X5-452])
    Misty - Gen 1 (by @[X5-452])

    Kris (by @Shiny Lyni)

    Hex Maniac (by @[X5-452])
    Misty - Gen 1 (by @[X5-452])
    Phoebe (by @[X5-452])
    Sailor (by @[X5-452])
    Winona (by @[X5-452])

    Charon (by The iFlare)

    Fairy Tale Girl (by @Itsu)
    Wally - ORAS (by @[X5-452])
    XY Ace Trainer -Female (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Zinnia (by @The iFlare)

    Abigail (by @deadlyduel)
    Albert (by @The iFlare)
    Amy (by @Aura)
    Andrew (by @JadaStark2015)
    Aza (by @JadaStark2015)
    Blue Girl (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Cassandra (by @Aura)
    Cedara (by @JadaStark2015)
    Derek (by @The iFlare)
    Eli (by @The iFlare)
    Fernando (by @[X5-452])
    Francisco (by @The iFlare)
    Girl in Purple (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Green Girl (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Greg (by @[X5-452])
    Guy in Bunny Hat (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Hyperion (by @The iFlare)
    Juanito (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Larez (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Leah (by @The iFlare)
    Magical Boy Burgundy (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Boy FalChromiforme (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Boy GeneralHotSauce (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Boy Psycho Monkey (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Girl Azure (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Girl Exodus Blue (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Girl Kerauno (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Girl Sami (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Magical Girl Vaporeonn (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Minerva (by @deadlyduel)
    Misakina (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Mysterious Man (by @The iFlare)
    Nachary (by @The iFlare)
    Noire and Oceana (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    Nova (by @Aura)
    Purple Girl (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Ramiel (by @Aura)
    SenaxxHitoki (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Sergio (by @The iFlare)
    Sheree Chestnut (by @[X5-452])
    Song (by @JadaStark2015)
    Steph (by @The iFlare)
    Trainer Gwen (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    Trainer Luna (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    Trainer Mossa (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    Victoria (by @Aura)

    Misty (by @[X5-452])

    Pokemon Colosseum - Myth Trainer Eagun (by @The iFlare)

    Dangan Ronpa - Fujisaki Chihiro (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Dangan Ronpa - Maizono Sayaka (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Dangan Ronpa - Naegi Makoto (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Far Cry 3 - Vaas (by @[X5-452])
    Far Cry 4 - King Pagan Min (by @[X5-452])
    Final Fantasy V - Bartz Klauser (by @ToxicSwamp)
    Silent Hill - Nurse 1 (by @[X5-452])
    Silent Hill - Nurse 2 (by @[X5-452])
    Tales of Symphonia - Kratos Aurion (by @[X5-452])
    Undertale - Chara (by @Shiny Lyni)
    Undertale - Frisk (by @Shiny Lyni)
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