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Trainer Card Maker Community Update (March 2015)

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    We've updated the Trainer Card Maker today with the latest community-submitted assets - we've added 47 new character sprites, and 21 new banners. You can find a complete list by clicking Continue Reading.

    Enjoy the new sprites! :)

    Character Sprites

    [​IMG] Suicune (by @SkyewardDreamer)
    [​IMG] Lucario - Mega (by @SkyewardDreamer)
    [​IMG] Lucario (by @SkyewardDreamer)
    [​IMG] Yellow - Pokemon Adventures (by @Buttercheese)
    [​IMG] Yellow (Hatless) - Pokemon Adventures (by @Buttercheese)
    [​IMG] Leaf (by @Buttercheese)
    [​IMG] Sidney (by @CombuskenBrazil)
    [​IMG] Sailor Venus - Sailor Moon (by @BannedDOG)
    [​IMG]Vocaloid - Luka Megurine (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Vocaloid - Miku Hatsune (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Bard Nido (@Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Fighter Atma (@Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Knight Adrian (@Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Paladin Alexander (@Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Ranger Norfire (@Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Dungeons and Dragons - Rogue Lee (@Kyubeon)

    [​IMG] Eliza (by @ToxicSwamp)
    [​IMG] Helen (by @Kyubeon)

    [​IMG] Magical Girl @cloveria1215 (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Crystal (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Dinova (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Dwayna DragonFire (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @JadaStark2015 (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl Lyni (@Kyubeon) (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @MandyLandy62 (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Mr.RMA (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Ruko (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Shiny_Umbreon (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Shocari (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl @Teapot (by @Kyubeon)
    [​IMG] Magical Girl Voltradox (@Grant Alexander Scott) (by @Kyubeon)

    [​IMG] Mysterious Trainer Avalos (by @AvalosAltair989)

    [​IMG] Ponytail Girl - Dark Blue (by @Whimsical Totodile)
    [​IMG] Ponytail Girl - Light Blue (by @Whimsical Totodile)
    [​IMG] Ponytail Girl - Dark Red (by @Whimsical Totodile)
    [​IMG] Ponytail Girl - Light Red (by @Whimsical Totodile)

    [​IMG] Remei (by @Kyubeon)

    [​IMG] Trainer Erin (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Georgie (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Isla (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Lauren (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Lindsay (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Markiplier (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Skye (by @Strawberry Pikachu)
    [​IMG] Trainer Wade (by @Strawberry Pikachu)



    All of the above are by @Buttercheese.

    A huge thank you to all the creators who have submitted assets, and I hope you enjoy all the new TCM content!
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