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XY/ORAS Trading:Post offers and requests!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Trofl, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Hi, this is a little thread I'm making where you can trade! READ THE RULES!!!!!

    1.Respect others' offers- you could even give new people a tip or two!
    2. GIVE YOUR FC AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I am not responsible for anything outside of this thread. Therefore, if you get scammed because you gave away your FC, that's your problem.
    3. Do not spam! This is partly for people who dislike/ do not know how to use Miiverse! Miiverse is filled with spammers! This will not be!
    4. Do not advertise! e.g: Give me your FC for free shinies! That is not allowed!

    Thanks for reading, here are some tips:

    FC= Friend Code
    FT= For Trade
    LF= Looking For
    RA=Rarely Accept
    HA=Hidden Ability

    Here is my offers and requests:
    FT: Lvl 1 Skarmory, lvl 1 Charmander, lvl 1 Eevee, lvl 25 Corphish, lvl 1 Munchlax, Lvl 8 Phione, lvl 1 Tropius, lvl 19 Minccino, lvl 22 Umbreon(RA), lvl 22 Karrablast(sh), lvl 27 Snorlax, lvl 34 Sharpedo, lvl 31 Manectric, lvl 31 Rampardos, lvl 34 Feraligatr, lvl 39 Serperior, lvl 39 Ampharos, lvl 36 Tentacruel(sh)(RA), lvl 41 Crobat(sh), lvl 43 Avalugg, lvl 42 Weavile(RA), lvl 49 Avalugg(sh), lvl 46 Metagross(RA), lvl 58 Slowbro(sh), lvl 70 Slowking(sh), lvl 72 Steelix(RA), lvl 63 Machamp, lvl 100 Shiftry(RA), lvl 100 Dewgong(sh,RA), lvl 100 Porygon-Z(sh,RA), lvl 100 Golem(sh,RA), lvl 100 Mismagius(sh,RA), lvl 100 Zorua(RA), lvl 100 Swanna(sh), lvl 100 Braviary(sh,RA), lvl 100 Sudowoodo(sh), lvl 100 Eevee(sh).

    LF: Gen 6 Shinies, Azelf, Landorous, Victini, Moltres(sh), Zapdos, other shinies!
    DISCLAIMER: You may trade your shinies at your own will, but I will only accept other shinies/ events for mine.

    Thanks! :D

    If it says Gen 4, I mean Gen 6!
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